View Full Version : Good morning everyone!

10.20.08, 11:31 AM
How's everyone doing? Hopefully all's well. We just don't get in here enough..do we? I am off work today..and have some errands to run, but in no hurry! I'm being rather lazy!

10.20.08, 1:40 PM
Good morning! Well I'm having a busy day, I'm going to go to pray time and then head out to get a few things before work. Busy busy! Hope you all have a great day!:winkq:

10.20.08, 5:26 PM
Welcome back! Sometimes its fun to have a day to be 'lazy", I like to just read and take a nap :) Today I had to work, we werent very busy today, but the Mall was crazy busy over the weekend.

10.20.08, 11:01 PM
Good to see you here Julie and Passionatic! I enjoyed my day..and I'm off tomorrow too. Gonna take advantage of the "down time". Some times..when I'm off..it seems I'm just running the roads or going to dr. appts..etc.

10.21.08, 12:20 PM
Well had a busy day yesterday another busy one later today since I get paid. Got to return a movie and go get a few things again before work. Dragsy can't seem to catch you online so you must be busy doing other things. Take care!

10.21.08, 11:39 PM
Well...Julie we finally got to chat didn't we? Enjoyed it!

10.26.08, 5:33 PM
Yep we finally did! Imagine that! LOL Well things still haven't slowed down for me yet. I'm going to take an afternoon snooze here cause I ate way to much good lunch cause my room mate is a good cook! And I worked the early morning shift. So now I'm ready for a nap lol Take care!:p