View Full Version : Cate Foward or Konnie Halconari...

6.23.07, 1:42 AM
That little exchange with Sonny on Monday's show after the Father's Day picnic when she analyzed him? She scared me 'seeing through' Sonny like that. She was like a well dressed, coiffed Hannibal Lecter. Remember how he analyzed Clarice Starling in 'Silence of The Lambs'? I got that vibe from her LOL!

6.23.07, 6:14 PM
No way, imo, is Kate howard and Hannibal Lector anywhere near comparable. Yikes. I couldn't sleep for a week after seeing Silence Of The Lambs.

6.25.07, 3:06 AM
I love the way she gets under Carly's skin