View Full Version : Update Your Birthdays!

4.24.07, 3:32 PM
Hi Everyone!
The old boards registration had a default birthday of January 1st, and as a result we have over 5000 January 1st bdays! Yikes! That's a lot of baby new years!

We'd love it if you can update your birthdays when you fill out your new profile form here. That way it will update the calendar and everyone can say "Yippee! Happy Birthday!"

OOPS! We didn't realize (silly us) that we have to reset your birthdays for you if they're wrong! So if your bday is wrong and you'd like it reset, please contact us using the contact button at the bottom of the page, PM me or email me at Oda@w3pg.com! Thanks and sorry about that!

4.26.07, 12:25 AM
How cool, my birthday carried over. :)

4.28.07, 1:01 PM
Made a change to the post above. We need you to contact us if you need a bday change. Sorry about that! Please see first post :)