View Full Version : Dragonmom how was the vaccation?

10.9.08, 4:41 PM
I hope you had lots of fun! Let us know when you are back so we know you got home safe and sound.

10.10.08, 3:34 PM
So sorry I'm just getting on here..and I'm leaving for work very soon. Got home Wed evening about 6 PM. We had a very nice visit with everyone! Long drive though..we are wiped out. I'll tell more later...sorry, have to go now. Thanks for missing me coffenut! I'll be back around soon I hope..and fill you all in on our visit.

10.14.08, 12:16 PM
Yes Dragsy you still haven't sent me that email! LOL Any ways hope to hear soon how it went and saw some pictures on the boards already so that helped a little bit! Take care!:winkq:

10.17.08, 1:56 AM
I'm so sorry ladies!!! I'm way behind on things. Coffenut..I can send you pics of our trip!

10.20.08, 2:42 PM
Don't feel bad Dragsy I haven't had time to post much either! Hang in there and just post or stuff when You can! Take care!:winkq: