View Full Version : What NOT to wear

4.21.07, 1:10 PM
High Waisted pants are not your friend:


4.21.07, 1:21 PM
She might have had a chance if it wasn't for those WTF bubble pockets! What the heck is going on there?

4.21.07, 2:50 PM
It looks like she might be storing golf balls in the pockets.

I think she was doomed no matter what. Unless you are as unendowed as say, me... I think waists that high are hard to pull off unless you are long waisted. It just seems to scrunch her shoulders in to her hips.

4.25.07, 11:23 PM
The self tanner isn't helping either. :) Oy.

1.21.08, 8:24 PM
Oh man! First off, high waisted pants on a petite like Jessica Simpson is just a big, fat NO NO! Second off, it's common knowledge that any kind of pleating in the front of pants will make you look big. It doesn't matter if it's pleating on pockets or on the pants itself, it just doesn't look right. Someone should slap the hell out of Jessica for wearing those pants...or her stylist. Tsk Tsk

11.30.16, 3:05 PM
I read some articles on a website 6th sense (http://www.6thsenseofstyle.com/) and it was written by a guy giving advice to us girls on what we should wear. And seriously- most of the things he listed - awessome. I think that when the girls wear pants like that - they dont have boyfriend that can suggest to them what type of clothes do they need to have in their wardrobe.

Joyce Sean
12.6.16, 1:09 AM
It's nice when a man give advice about clothes we wear. But, for petite girls, they may use layers in their outfit to fake a perfect fit.