View Full Version : $800 Billion Bailout Passes in House

10.7.08, 3:18 PM
he US House of Representatives has voted by 263-171 in favour of a $700bn (?380bn) plan to rescue the US financial sector.More.. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7651060.stm)

10.7.08, 6:21 PM
Gads! Where will all this money come from?! I feel that my children and future grandchildren will be burdened with the effects from this. And I dont trust this Paulson guy...he used to work for Goldman Sachs! The Wall St. guys are not going to take any responsibility for this.

10.20.08, 12:27 PM
Who knew (gasp), that Bush would turn into a socialist in his last six months in office!! :D