View Full Version : Magic Tacks! Super cool!

10.6.08, 8:54 PM
Check out these awesome tacks (http://www.oxo.com/OA_HTML/xxoxo_ibeCCtpOXOPrdDtl.jsp?section=10039&item=67579&minisite=10024&respid=53057). I use corkboard all the time so I find these particularly handy. It's a pushpin but it's split in the middle and you actually use a magnet to hold your photo, or whatever it is you're hanging, in place.

10.7.08, 2:12 PM
OK, it took me a minute to figure these out, because I seem to be having one of those days :confused: but these are pretty cool. If I'm seeing things int he right order, you could avoid the holes in photo corners, right? Tack in cork, magnet, photo, magnet? Great, simple idea. And way better than the gummy things I have now that don't work well, and are, you know, gummy.

10.7.08, 2:24 PM
Yep, that's exactly how they work. I only wish I knew about them BEFORE I pinholed all my displayable photos. *sigh*

10.7.08, 7:31 PM
Ack! I think you were raised better than that ;)