View Full Version : Over the rainbow

6.21.07, 2:00 PM
Is it just my hormones or is this the sweetest thing ever?

A capella and pitch perfect. What a sweetie.

6.22.07, 1:30 AM
Super precious! I'm not sure I would have started crying watching her though, but I can definitely appreciate her purity. Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

6.22.07, 11:25 AM
It made me cry when I first saw it. She's fantastic!

6.22.07, 6:29 PM
Someone pass the tissues, what a beautiful moment. Thanks Annie.

6.26.07, 3:56 PM
I had the same reaction, tears. I wonder how come we cry when we see something that we like so much.

7.19.07, 6:56 PM
I'm awful about it. We used to go to a place called the Goodspeed Opera House in Ct. All they do is old musical shows, like High Button Shoes or Very Good Eddie and I would cry every single time, usually when they would have a dance part with a lot of people on stage. Nothing sad about it at all, just gobs of happy tears. Ry is stage managing South Pacific this summer and has a scene with 30 men singing Nothin Like a Dame... and she gets the same way. I'd love to see it.

8.1.07, 4:45 PM
She is so cute, and what a voice!

8.1.07, 7:24 PM
boo! It's great to see you over here!

9.3.07, 9:16 AM
Thanks Annie. I'm here for good now with all the gals from piers. I'm finding my way around.