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6.21.07, 12:42 PM
Anyone here watch it? A new season just started and I just finished watching 2 new episodes. Looks like this season is going to have some drama (what ever great soap needs.)

Here is the link:

6.21.07, 3:01 PM
ive been watching... hate that Juliard chick. If she wins I will already hate her.

6.22.07, 11:20 AM
I'm watching too. I'm glad the dude from last year's gone, but Juliard needs to go next. I agree, ridrfan, she's awful. Obviously she hasn't noticed that soap actors, for the most part, at least try to be gracious and pleasant. I bet if she got hired somewhere, she wouldn't be there for long. Her co-workers would revolt.
I think my favorite people so far are Ryan and Lauretta. I think Jessamyn is pretty talented and seems really nice too. I wouldn't mind her being on the show (would they let her keep her accent?), but I really like Lauretta's personality.

6.22.07, 11:22 AM
have not really decided who I want to get the job, just know who I dont want to get the job. Julliard. shes just so full of herself.

6.26.07, 4:50 PM
OH man I am not a big fan of her either she really thinks she is hot stuff. I like Jessamyn and Lauretta because they seem different but I am sure that will change.

They just put a new episode!

6.26.07, 4:53 PM
yea. I watched it earlier today. its not long enough. LOL. :-)

6.28.07, 4:04 PM
LOL That is exactly how I feel. You get right into it and then its over and you can't wait to see the next one! Well I can't wait for the next one, I just checked and it is not posted yet. I know they usually post them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I guess we have to wait till Tuesday.

7.5.07, 4:03 PM
new episode up and its a really good one. Looks like they are all going crazy this time around


7.8.07, 10:19 PM
I continue to despise Julliard more and more everyday. Does she think she's cute? or funny?

I think they're just keeping her around for now for controversy. There's no way they'd hire a psycho like that.

7.11.07, 11:01 AM
I know something has to be wrong with her. If they are keeping her around for dramatics then its working because boy she is crazy.

They just put up a new episode and they have to go to a screen test and within the first min of the show they tell her she looks like a street walker. I love it! This last episode really showed who was better than who!
I am officially a fan of Ryan.

7.13.07, 8:14 AM
New Episode is up and everyone and don't want to spoil it but man you are going to love it!!!!!! They let someone go and lets just say thing I was happy.

7.22.07, 8:29 PM
No, but I would like to...I just don't think of it...

Suzanne Lanoue

7.23.07, 8:43 AM
Well when you get a chance you should watch it! I love it, the episodes are short and straight to the point so they don't take up too much of your time. Since you have not watched yet it will be a great watch for you because you will get to watch all the way through to episode 10. I can't wait till Tuesday so I can get a new episode. I am just going to warn you now this show is addictive once you watch it once you will be hooked, at least I was:)

8.8.07, 12:36 PM
I voted for Dion. She did the best of the auditons I thought. Who did you guys vote for?