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Saturday's Shocking SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day. . . . .
On the plane the flight attendant announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent into Harmony. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened and your seat is in the upright position.” In her seat by the window Beth says, “I hate seeing you like this, Luis.” Luis asks, “Like what?” Beth says, “So wound up, angry. I mean, I'm starting to think I just -- I made a mistake coming down to the islands and getting you to come home.” Luis calmly says, “You think that I would've stayed down there? Beth, you did the right thing, all right? Julian Crane is going to pay for what he did. Getting my sister drunk so that he can marry her? I'm going to kill him.”

As the plane lands and they are trying retrieving their belongings to exit, Luis comments, “The pig ruined my sister's life, and he's going to pay.” Beth tries to calm him, “You know, you don't know all the facts, Luis. I mean, maybe Theresa secretly, you know, wanted to marry him. I don't know.” Luis questions, “Wanted to? Beth, he's scum. Everyone in my family hates Julian Crane and for good reason, all right? You're way off. There's no way that Theresa of her own free will would ever marry Julian. She loves Ethan.” Beth begins, “I know it's unlikely...” Luis interrupts to correct her, “It's impossible, all right? This is just another typical Crane move. Julian with all his money and power and fancy lawyers -- he does this stuff time and time again and gets off. Not this time. This time he's going to pay. Julian Crane's a dead man.” They pick up their bags and walk off the plane.

At the door of the Crane mansion Beth tries again to talk some sense into Luis, “Think about it. Luis. If you do anything to Julian, who's going to be the one to pay?” Luis bangs on the door as he quickly answers, “Him, with his life.” Beth continues, “You will end up in prison. Ok, your life is going to be over. Think about it. You lost Sheridan. Do you want your family to lose you?” Luis replies, “If I let Julian get away with what he did to Theresa, my family will never respect me. I'll never be able to look at myself again in the mirror. Now, he's going to pay for what he did.” Luis bangs on the front door of the Crane mansion. As Luis bangs on the door, Julian and his attorney, Harper, walk into the living room. Harper leans over to Julian and comments, “Just thank God Luis isn't here.” Both Julian and Harper look toward the repeated banging noise at the door as Pilar moves to answer it. As she opens the door she is shocked to see who is at the door, “Luis. Mijo.” Luis runs through the door and toward Julian, “Bastard...” As Luis grabs him, Julian yells, “No.” Pilar yells, “Luis – no!” Shoving Julian over the couch, Luis yells, “I'll kill you!” Julian whimpers, “I urge you to reconsider.” Luis says, “Tricking my sister into marrying you. You have ruined her life.” Pilar yells, “Luis, please!” As Beth and Pilar try pulling Luis off of Julian, Beth says, “You're choking him.” Pilar adds, “He's not worth it -- not for you to go to jail.” Luis doesn't stop, “You are going to pay for what you've done.” Pilar cries, “Luis, no!” Luis tells Julian, “You got away with his with my papa, but not this time.” Pilar yells for Sam who is in the library with Ethan, Theresa and Whitney.

In the library Sam says, “That sounds like Pilar.” Sam goes to check out the noise, Ethan follows but tells Theresa to stay there in the library. After Ethan leaves the room, Theresa decides to go, too, because she is afraid that Julian may something to cause her to lose Ethan. As Whitney helps her to walk to the living room, she comments, “We should just thank God that Luis isn't here, Theresa.” Sam rushes into the living room and yells, “Luis!” Julian yells, “Get him off me!” Sam and Ethan manage to get Luis off Julian but as soon as they do, Julian pulls his gun on Luis and the whole room and says, “I hate you.” Theresa and Whitney scream as they enter the room and see the gun. Worried about Luis and Ethan, Theresa runs to stand in front of Ethan, “Oh, my God. Please, Ethan, Luis...” Pilar pleads, “Luis...” Sam demands, “Julian, put the gun away.” Julian says, “If you don't get the hell out of my home, I will shoot, I swear.” Luis lunges at Luis as he says, “You're a dead man.” Julian fires his gun and Theresa falls on the floor. Everyone looks at her in shock. Luis looks from Theresa to Julian, lunges at him and says, “You killed my sister. I'm gonna kill you.”

On the island in the cafe in her hotel, Liz sits with a drink at the bar when Doc walks in, “Liz, you never drink this early. Something bothering you?” Liz quietly says, “Doc, I feel like I've seen a ghost or at least some very weird coincidences. As Doc takes a seat next to her he asks, “What?” Liz replies, “The woman who owns the boat that Brian fixed, I can't believe where she wants it sailed back to.” Doc asks, “Why? Is it some unfriendly country?” Liz replies solemnly, “No, it's a small town called Harmony.”

At the docks, helping Diana step off the boat, Brian continues to try to convince her, “It's no coincidence that the guy that was supposed to sail this boat back to the states had to fly home suddenly. It's fate, Diana. You and I were fated to be together alone on this boat.” He puts his hands on her face, as she was distracted looking at the boat, and kisses her on the mouth. Diana pulls away and he tells her that he is sorry. Holding her hand up to stop him she says, “No, it's not you, Brian. I had the strangest feeling being on the boat just now.” Brian asks, “Did you get your memory back? Or what?” She looks back toward him and says, “Yes, I did.” She looks away again.
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In the Crane mansion living room, Luis and Julian struggle for the gun as Theresa is revived. She had just fainted. Ivy urges Luis to kill Julian but the others in the room try to talk him out of it.
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Eve arrives. She takes Theresa to the library to be examined.

Standing on the docks, Brian asks, “What do you remember about your past, Diana...your name, where you're from? What?” Diana shakes her head, “No, that's all still a blank. If only that guest from the states could have been someone who knew who I was so he could tell me who I am. What are the chances of that? I may never remember my name or my past but there is just something about this boat, from the first time we worked on it, it made me remember a time in my life that was so perfect, just heaven sent.” She has a flashback of being happy on the boat with Luis in Bermuda and that heaven sent time in her life...with Luis. She continues, “Being on the boat just now didn't bring back happy memories of being with the man I loved. It made me remember the terror of almost drowning alone at sea.” Brian says, “I'm sorry, Diana. It must have been the moment just before I pulled you out of the sea.” She looks over at him, “Must have been that. I don't remember much but what I do recall is so frightening. I'm so afraid of being out of sight of land right now. I'm sorry, Brian, I can't sail this boat back to the states with you.”
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She walks away as he looks like he can't believe his bad luck.

At the cafe, as Liz cleans off the tables, Doc says, “I know this is against the code of the islanders to pry into somebody's past, but it seems like you and Harmony have a connection.” Liz muses, “You think you've shut the door on your past, then suddenly when you least expect it, it flies open and smacks you in the face.” Doc thinks that there are really no coincidences because it is all mapped out by the extraterrestrials who monitor the Bermuda triangle. Liz walks outside into the courtyard and looking at the sky thinks about a place she said she once loved and wonders what if she stopped running and went back to Harmony.
On the docks Brian sits on a box where Diana joins him, “I know that you're disappointed that I can't sail the boat back to the states with you. I was looking forward to it, too.” Brian says, “Until you remembered almost drowning at sea.” She looks away, “It was horrible, Brian, just horrible.” Brian says, “I could kick myself. I should have been more sensitive. I'm sorry. It's way too soon for you to be on a boat out in the middle of the ocean.” She asks, “You're not disappointed?” Brian replies, “Not as long as I know you'll be waiting on me when I get back.” He kisses her on the cheek as she gives a small smile before she answers, “Yes, Brian, I will wait for you when you come back. St. Lisa's is my home now. You, Liz and Doc are all part of my life. I just have to stop hoping that every stranger that comes to this island might be someone who can tell me who I am and where I came from. I may never remember my name or my past but I do know that someday I will reconnect with the man I loved and lost.” Brian looks at her and asks, “He's dead, Diana. You said you remembered holding him in your arms when he died. How could you meet up with him again?” She wistfully looks out to sea, “I don't know. In Heaven, I guess. One thing I do know for sure is that when the love between two people is deep and passionate, it doesn't die just because they become separated. No, Brian. The love that I shared with that man will live on forever and someday, somehow it will guide us back together.” Brian looks away trying to figure out how to overcome that great love that Diana (Sheridan) shares with the man she loved (Luis).

Outside the hotel, Brian stops to face Diana, “I'll take it that you haven't run away is a good sign.” She giggles as he continues, “So, here's the deal. I'll take this boat back to the states, get the fee from the owner and fly back down here to the island ...and to you.” He touches her chin and she smiles before they walk into the cafe. Liz greets them, “Hey! You guys ready to set sail?” Brian looks at Diana and says, “There's been a change of plans. I'll be sailing back to the states alone.” Liz turns to Diana and asks, “What happened? I thought you were all excited about sailing?” Diana replies, “I was until I realized it was too soon after almost drowning to be off terra firma.” Doc steps up to the group and comments, “Sail through the Bermuda triangle as quickly as you can, otherwise you might get snatched up by the aliens and sent back to planet Corlan.” They all look stunned but none more than Diana. Brian replies, “Thanks, that's good advice, Doc. Exactly where am I supposed to go, Liz?” Liz replies, “It's a small port off the coast of New England.”

At the Crane mansion as Luis sits on the couch, he tells Ethan about his dreams of being on the Titanic with Sheridan and that he could swear that Sheridan came into his room and had given him a kiss. Ethan listens and looks at him to say, “Wow, that's quite a dream. What got you thinking about the Titanic?” Luis smiles, “Sheridan met a fortuneteller when she was a little girl and this fortuneteller told her that she had many lives with the man she loved. The last one was on the Titanic.” Ethan replies, “Well, I am not sure that I believe in past lives but I definitely believe in the power of everlasting love.” Luis looks at his hands before he replies, “Yeah, so do I. I know that I'll never have the kind of love with anyone like I had with Sheridan.”
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Behind him and listening in on his conversation, Beth looks upset by his admission. Ethan admits, “If something like that ever happened to Theresa, I'd feel the same way. I'd always love her forever.” Luis says, “Well, let's hope that nothing else does come between you. I know my sister has done some really crazy stuff but I don't think she'd do anything to jeopardize your love for her.”

On the island as they look over the instructions regarding the boat, Liz says, “That's the town where the owner wants her boat sailed back to.” Brian asks, “Harmony?” Behind the bar, Diana drops her coffee cup and coughs. Brian looks up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” She replies, “Harmony! I know a town called Harmony!”

To be continued...

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On the island in Liz's cafe, Diana stands behind the bar and asks, “Harmony? Are you sure that's the name of the place?” Brian points at a spot on the chart and says, “Yeah, it's right here on the chart.” Liz adds, “That's where Brian is sailing that boat back to that Number 9 came down here to pick up. It's a small town on the coast of New England.” Diana exclaims, “I remember! I remember Harmony!” Brian says, “Wait a second. What do you remember about Harmony? Did it spark something about your past?”

In Harmony at the Crane mansion, Sam tells Ethan and Luis that they should leave while Eve examines Theresa. He is afraid there will be another altercation with Julian. Both Ethan and Luis refuse to leave without Theresa. They go to check on Theresa who is in the library with Eve finding out that she is pregnant. They run into Julian on the way and do have another “discussion” with him but eventually leave to take a walk on the grounds while they wait for Theresa.

At Liz's cafe sitting at the counter, Brian asks, “So, what do you remember about Harmony, Diana? Have you ever been there?” Liz adds, “Maybe you're starting to get your memory back.” Doc shakes his head, “Stranger things have been known to happen.” Brian asks again, “What do you remember?” Diana who has been trying hard to remember, showing frustration says, “Nothing! Not a darn thing?” Liz looks at her, “But the way you reacted when you heard where Brian was headed, it was as if you recognized the name of the town.”
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Diana looks up and explains, “That's what it felt like to me, too. It's as if I was in a dark room and finally someone turned on a light but now it's gone. It's dark again. I can't remember a thing.” Doc explains that this is normal for someone with amnesia. She may get flashes of memory but not all her memory will come back at that point. He then tells the others that he is being paged and leaves. Diana looks confused, “The name tugs at me for some reason. Do either one of you know anything about this place?” Liz has a flashback to her recognizing the name when she opened the envelope from Beth, but she tells Diana, “It is a small town on the coast of New England.” Brian adds that it is a charming and picturesque town and goes on to describe the town right down to the new courthouse. Liz exclaims, “They built a new one!” Watching the scene from the window, Doc comments that both Brian and Liz seem to know more about Harmony than they are letting on. Diana accuses, “You both sound like you know the place. When Brian was describing it, you were nodding, Liz. Are you sure neither one of you have ever been to Harmony?” Brian and Liz look at each other for help.

Brian replies, “You don't have to visit a place to know what it's like.” Diana frowns, “But the way you described the steeples and the wharf?” Brian says, “Maybe I saw a post card of it somewhere.” Diana asks, “How did you know about the new courthouse then?” Brian says, “That's a good point. Maybe I read about it. I don't know. I know what it is...I probably passed through it on one of my skiing trips. They are known for their snow up there.” Liz agrees, “That's probably how I ran across it, too. I used to ski when I lived in the states.” Deep in thought, Diana says, “I don't know if I ever owned a pair of skis, much less why the name Harmony sounds so familiar to me. I'm just going to go take a walk, clear the cobwebs. See you later.” As soon as she leaves the cafe, Brian turns to Liz and they both agree not to ask each other about their pasts due to the unwritten law of the island not to do so. Then he asks Liz for the name of the owner of the boat. Liz replies, “Wallace, Beth Wallace.” Brian has a shocked look on his face and exclaims, “Beth?!?!” Liz asks, “Do you know her?” He turns away.

Outside the cafe in the courtyard, Diana stops in front of the rosebush to think. She has a flashback of trying to play football with Luis in the snow. They are so playful and fall to the ground and kiss.
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As she comes out of the flashback, she wonders if he has some connection to Harmony.

On their walk on the grounds of the Crane estate, Luis and Ethan stop at the gazebo. When Luis sees his father's name stamped in a corner of the gazebo, he asks Ethan, “Hey, did you know that my father built this gazebo?” Ethan answers, “Yeah, Sheridan told me. She said that this is one of her favorite spots on the estate.” Luis smiles, “Yeah, we had some good times here.” Luis has a flashback of trying to play football ... the same flashback that Sheridan just had on the island.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/113001-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=113001-02.jpg)
He smiles at the memory and as if he is embarrassed, he taps one of the posts and declares that the gazebo is as strong as the day his father built it. Ethan asks, “You still don't know what happened to him, do you?” Luis replies, “I will. I have some ideas.” Ethan asks, “You still think Julian and Alistair are behind it?” Luis says, “No doubt about it. You don't think so?” Ethan replies, “I'm not saying that, but in all the years I was included in Crane family and business discussions, I never heard a mention of Martin Fitzgerald.” Luis asks, “Really?” Ethan says, “I would tell you if they had.” Luis says, “I believe you.” Then Luis tells Ethan that he is sorry for misjudging him all those years. Ethan doesn't blame him and would have hated anyone with the Crane name himself. Luis also tells Ethan that he couldn't have asked for a better brother-in-law and Ethan says he feels the same day. Luis is happy that Ethan and Theresa are finally getting married.

In front of the rosebushes at the gazebo, Luis says, “My father planted this rosebush for my mother, then it became a symbol of mine and Sheridan's love, too.” Ethan says, “She told me that, too.” Luis looks back at the rosebush, “I miss her so much.” Ethan says, “I do, too. I can't imagine what it's like for you.” Luis turns to Ethan and says, “When I was down on St. Lisa's island, before Beth came down and told me everything that happened with Theresa and Julian, it was like Sheridan was there and she was nearby, alive.” Ethan says, “That's only normal. It's right next to Bermuda. That's where you were last with Sheridan.” Luis looks away but then looks back toward Ethan, “That's only part of it. It was like she was still alive. It was like every time I turned around, I expected to run into her, you know? Am I losing my mind?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/113001-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=113001-12.jpg)
Ethan responds sympathetically, “No, I don't think you're losing your mind. Look, you two were like soul mates. Everyone who knew you could see that. It's like you lost part of yourself since you lost her. But if there's one thing I believe, it's that even death can't break a connection of love that strong. What you felt down there was Sheridan's spirit which will always be with you.” Luis softly says, “Maybe.” Ethan continues, “We both want her back but we know that's not going to happen. Intellectually, we both know.” Luis softly says, “I know. I know in my head but my heart isn't buying any of it.”

At the cafe Liz asks Brian if he knows Beth. He doesn't admit it. She then asks when he wants to set sail because Beth wants her boat back in Harmony ASAP which is why she sent Number 9 down to the island to get the boat. Brian asks Liz to tell him the name of the guest who was in Number 9. As she cleans off the tables, she tells him that she never could remember which is why she called him Number 9. She remembers that his name began with an L and she tries several L names. Brian has a strange look on his face as he tries, “Luis?” Liz looks up and says that she is pretty sure that is it and asks how he knew. Brian says, “Lucky guess.” Liz walks toward the kitchen with the dirty dishes as Brian turns, covers his eyes and says, “No way. It couldn't be.” As Liz returns and Brian walks back to her side after watching Diana from the window, Brian tells Liz that he has changed his mind about sailing the boat back to Harmony. Liz wants to know why. He says he wants to stay there with Diana as he can hardly win her love if he is off sailing a boat to the states. Liz asks if that is really the reason or if it has something to do with Beth or her friend who stayed in Number 9. She asks if either of them is the reason that he doesn't want to go to Harmony or is it someone else she doesn't want to see.

To be continued...

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On the island in the hotel cafe, Liz asks, “Are you telling me the truth? Do you really want to stay here just to be with Diana, or is there another reason you don't want to go to Harmony? Is it this Beth or this guy Luis?” Diana enters the cafe, followed by Doc, she begins, “Ok. I've been thinking.” Behind her, Doc cuts in, “An excellent idea. If more people used their noggins, they wouldn't end up in the Bermuda triangle.” The others give him a funny look before Liz asks, “Diana, what were you about to say?” She continues her thought, “Well, for some reason, this town Harmony has a real hold on me. It's as if I'm being drawn to it.” Brian asks, “What do you mean exactly?”
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Diana turns to him, “Look, don't get mad at me, but I've changed my mind. I want to sail there with you after all.” Liz looks at Brian, “Diana, Brian has changed his mind. He's decided not to go.”

At the gazebo on the Crane grounds, Ethan says, “Look, I want to head to the mansion, see what's taking Dr. Russell so long to examine Theresa.” Luis replies, “Yeah I know she fainted because Julian fired his gun by accident but...well, it's not like he shot her. She should be up to signing those annulment papers by now.” Ethan asks, “You want to come with me?” Luis shakes his head, “Go on ahead. I'll be in soon.” Ethan asks, “This place reminds you of Sheridan, doesn't it?” Luis smiles, “Well, yeah. I mean, Ethan, this was sort of a special spot for us, you know? And I feel close to her here, connected.” Ethan tells him, “I'm sorry you're hurting, Luis. I mean, I can only imagine the pain I'd be feeling if something happened to Theresa.” Luis says, “Yeah. Well, hey, look -- just because it didn't work out for me and Sheridan -- I mean, doesn't mean it won't for you guys.” Ethan says, “Oh, yeah. Theresa and I went through a rough patch, but everything's going to be ok. Now that she's told me there's no more secrets, I can't conceive of anything coming between us.”

At the cafe, Diana turns to Brian, “You told me that you were excited to be out at sea again, that sailing the boat to New England would be a great trip, and that you needed the money.” Liz turns around and whispers to herself, “Ain't that the truth.” Diana continues to quiz him, “What happened to change your mind?” Brian shrugs, “The more I thought about it, the more i realized that it wasn't a good idea after all.” He looks over at Liz standing with Doc in front of the counter. Diana asks again, “Why?” Brian looks uncomfortable, “I can't put it into words exactly.” Diana asks, “Do you not want to take this trip because you found out you'd have to sail the boat back to Harmony? Look, is there someone or something you don't want to see there?” Liz and Doc stand in the background waiting for his answer.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120301-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120301-10.jpg)

Arriving at the gazebo, Beth calls out, “Luis?” Luis looks over, “Hey.” Beth says, “You've been gone so long, I was starting to worry.” Luis replies, “Yeah. I'm ok. At least I will be once Theresa signs those annulment papers. We can forget that she was ever married to Julian, and -- and Theresa and Ethan can get married just like they planned.” Beth says, “For once, a happy ending.” Luis angrily says, “No, I still hate that Julian took advantage of Theresa. Just the thought of him just touching her and putting that ring on her finger...” Luis walks across the gazebo away from her. Beth tries, “Hey -- why don't I get you out of here, you know, away from Julian?” Luis replies, “No. Theresa hasn't signed the annulment papers yet. (He looks around the gazebo.) And besides, you know, this -- this place reminds me of Sheridan. It was a special place for us. Sheridan always loved that my father built this gazebo for my mom when we lived on the estate and he even planted special rosebushes for her. Sheridan loved the fragrance of those rosebushes. We spent a lot of time here. I even asked her to marry me here. She said yes.” Beth looks down, “I'm sorry. I didn't know.” Luis smiles, “You know, I've just been standing here, thinking about all the good times we had together, all the plans we made and dreams we shared. Everywhere I look, you know, it reminds me of Sheridan. I just don't see that changing.” Beth begins, “You know, it's so soon after...” Luis softly says, “And I know Sheridan wouldn't want me to mourn forever. She'd want me to move on. I just don't see how I can. She's in my heart, my soul. She always will be. I love her. And I miss her.” Luis whispers, “God, miss her so much.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120301-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120301-11.jpg)

With Liz and Doc standing in the background waiting to hear how Brian will explain this one, Diana asks, “Well, Brian? Is there someone or something that you're trying to avoid in Harmony?” Brian replies, “No. It's just that since you decided not to sail back with me, I realized I didn't want to be away from you that long, so I decided to stay here instead.” Diana says, “But I want to go now. I don't know why, but I just feel like Harmony has some kind of link to my past. But I won't be able to find out until I see the place firsthand.” Brian replies, “It's just -- it's better if we stay here on the island, you know?” Diana asks, “Is there something more that you're not telling me? Because you were so excited before.” Brian says, “I know. I know I was, and I changed my mind, that's all. This woman, Beth -- she's just going to have to find somebody else to sail that boat back to Harmony because I'm not going to do it.” He walks off.

At the gazebo, Luis apologizes, “You know, I'm -- I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to sail your dad's boat back to Harmony for you.” Beth stops him, “Don't worry about it. I talked to Liz -- that woman that runs the hotel in St. Lisa's -- and she said she'd find some people to sail it back for me.” Luis smiles, “That's great. Just being on that island was so strange, though.” Beth asks, “How so?” Luis looks at her, “I know it sounds weird. When I'm in Harmony, I think about Sheridan all the time, but I know that she's gone. But when I was down there on that island, I didn't just think about her, I felt her, like -- like she was real, like I could reach out and touch her. And I wonder why that was. What was it that was down on that island that made her feel so close to me?”

Liz crosses the cafe to Diana's table to hand her a cup of coffee, Diana looks up, “Thanks, Liz.” Liz replies, “Sure.” She walks back to the counter and stands next to Brian, “You must really have a good reason for not wanting to go to Harmony. Look, I know it's taboo around here to ask about people's pasts. It -- it just seems like you're trying to avoid the boat owner, Beth, or her friend, Luis. I mean, why else would you tell Diana that you refuse to leave now that you know she's changed her mind and wants to go?” Brian says, “Well, swordfish isn't the only thing you grill around here, Liz.” Liz says, “Brian, I know you were looking forward to spending time alone with her on the boat. You were hoping she'd fall in love with you.” Brian replies, “She can fall in love with me here just as easy on dry land.” Liz says, “All right, look, everyone's hiding something here. That's how we ended up on this island. I'm just letting you know that - if you ever want to talk about why you don't want to go to Harmony, then I'm here.” Brian looks at her, “Right back at you, Liz. Only there's nothing to talk about.” He stands and walks off. Liz sighs, “Brian's hiding something. But, then, so am I.”

Brian walks over to the table where Diana is looking at the map, “You've been at that a while.” She sighs, “Yeah, I -- I felt looking at the map and the towns that are surrounding Harmony might spark a memory but it didn't.” Brian puts his hand on her shoulder, “I'm sorry.” She gives a small smile, “Me, too. Maybe Harmony sounds familiar because I -- I passed through there on a ski trip like you and Liz did. Maybe someone just happened to mention it one day. I don't know. For some reason, this Harmony strikes a chord with me.” Brian asks, “Going back to Harmony -- it means a lot to you, doesn't it?” She says, “Yes, Brian. It means the world to me.” Brian thinks to himself, “I can't do it -- not now. Not when Beth and Luis could be in the mix, but look at Diana. It'll break her heart if she doesn't go to Harmony. I couldn't live with myself for hurting her.” Out loud he says, “All right. Fine, I'll go.” Diana is surprised and asks, “What?” Brian says again, “We'll sail this Beth woman's boat back to Harmony.” Diana jumps up and gives him a hug, “Oh, Brian! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Brian says, “Yeah, anything for you, Diana.” She says, “You know, I don't know what this Harmony means to me, but I just have a feeling that it's the right thing to do by going there.” She smiles and walks back to the table as Brian says to himself, “I hope so.”

To be continued...

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On the island Diana smiles, “You really changed your mind? You're really going to sail back to Harmony with me?” Brian replies, “As soon as we get the boat loaded.” Diana hugs him, “Brian, thank you. Thank you so much. I don't know why it suddenly means so much to me to go to this town, this Harmony, but it does. I don't even know if I've ever been to this part of the country but for some reason I'm drawn to it. I don't know why but I have a feeling that this trip could change my life.” She happily walks back to the table to look over the map again. As he looks at her Brian says to himself, “I'm taking a chance going to Harmony but if that change in your life includes me, it'll be worth it.” Diana looks up at him and smiles. She is so happy to be going to Harmony.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120401-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120401-01.jpg)
On the Crane estate in Harmony, Ethan arrives back at the gazebo, “Luis. Where's Beth?” Luis looks up from his seat in the gazebo, “She left.” Ethan asks, “You ok?” Luis replies, “Yeah. I just feel close to Sheridan when I'm here. It's where I proposed to her.” Ethan says, “Yeah, I know.” Luis sighs, “You know, the strange thing is when I was down on the island, I felt even closer to her. Sometimes when I was down there, I -- I swear I felt like I could reach out and touch her.” Luis looks up at Ethan and laughs, “Maybe I'm going nuts thinking about her.” Ethan says sympathetically, “If something happened to Theresa, I could never stop thinking about her.” Luis replies, “The worst thing has already happened. Theresa married Julian, which is as bad as it's going to get. As soon as Theresa signs those annulment papers, she'll never have to look at that lowlife Julian again.”

Joining Diana and Brian in the cafe, Liz comments, “So you're going to take Diana and set sail for Harmony?” Brian smiles, “Her wish is my command.” Liz asks, “What is it about this town of Harmony, Diana, that seems to have a hold on you?” She replies, “I wish I knew. For some reason I just feel this -- I don't know, this pull to go there.” She walks back to the table and has a flashback of kissing Luis at the gazebo right after her asked her to marry him. Seeing her stop, Brian asks, “Diana, what is it?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120401-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120401-06.jpg)
She turns back to Liz and Brian and asks, “Do they have gazebos in Harmony?” Liz says, “I don't know why they wouldn't. I think they have gazebos everywhere.” Brian asks, “Why do you ask?” Diana replies, “I don' know. I just had this memory of the man I told you about, the man that died. I saw him standing in a gazebo.”

Sitting in that very gazebo across from Ethan, Luis smiles, “It's just that whenever I'm near the gazebo, I have such an overwhelming sense of Sheridan's presence.” Ethan replies, “I know how rough this is for you, Luis.” Luis stands and says, “Well, we should get back. I'm sure Theresa is ready to sign those annulment papers by now.”

As Luis and Ethan enter the front door of the Crane mansion, Pilar greets them and asks Luis if he is all right. Luis replies, “Yeah, I'm fine. I'm going to feel a whole lot better after Crane signs the annulment papers because I'm going to smash him in his face before the ink is dry.” Sam warns him against doing anything like that but Luis thinks that will make him feel better. Sam reminds him about his career as a cop. He and Pilar suggest that Luis needs to get out of the mansion for his own good. Ethan assures Luis that he will take care of Theresa. Pilar suggests he go call the island about Beth's boat and cool down. Luis agrees to go but says he will be back.

Luis again arrives at the gazebo and tells himself, “Just cool off, Luis. Everything's under control. Just do what Mama said -- check on the boat, see what's going on.” He pulls out his cell phone and calls Liz who has her hands full at that moment and shouts to Diana, “Hey, Diana, will you do me a favor and get that phone?” Diana gets up from the table and pick up the phone, “Oh, sure. Hello?” Luis says, “Hello?” With static on the line, Diana says, “I can't hear you...” Luis says again, “Hello?” Diana says, “I'm sorry. Hold on, it's a bad connection. Liz?” She hands the phone to Liz who taps it and he static stops, “Hello?” Luis asks, “Liz?” Liz asks, “Yes?” Luis asks, “Was that you who just answered the phone right now? I couldn't hear. It was a bad connection.” Liz smiles, “Diana. The guest you never met.” Luis says, “Oh. Oh. Look, I just wanted to call and say sorry that I had to run out like that. I had some family trouble.” Liz smiles, “Don't worry about it.” Luis smiles, “You know, I really appreciate everything you did for me, Liz.” Liz smiles back, “Hey, I loved having you here. I was just sorry you couldn't stay longer -- you know, meet Diana.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. That would've been nice.” Liz replies, “But Brian is sailing Beth's boat back to Harmony with Diana aboard. You'll have a chance to meet her when they get there.” Luis grins into the phone, “Oh, that's great. Look, tell them I'd like to have dinner with them. It'll be nice to finally meet her.” Liz says under her breath, “If you didn't meet her in another life.” Luis asks, “What?” Liz says, “Nothing.” Looking over at Brian and Diana, Liz puts her hand over the phone and asks, “Hey, guys. You want to have dinner with the guy that left before Diana got to meet him?” Diana smiles, “Sure, I'd love to have dinner with your mystery guest.” Liz says to Luis, “Looks like you got yourself a date for dinner.” Luis says, “Great. Maybe we can talk about why the island brought back such strong memories of the woman I loved and lost. Oh, that place had such a hold on me.” Liz replies, “Yeah. Well, Harmony seems to have a real hold on Brian and Diana, too.” Luis is surprised, “Really? Why? Were they ever here? Maybe I met them.” Liz looks over at Brian and Diana, “No, neither of them remembers being in Harmony. Maybe they passed through as tourists or something.” Luis says, “Well, if they do have a connection, they'll know it when they get here.” Liz smiles, “If the weather holds, they'll be there soon.” Luis replies, “I'm looking forward to it.”

At the table, Diana tells Brian, “You know, even though the connection was staticky, for some reason that man's voice sounded familiar.” Brian asks, “Familiar how?” Diana shakes her head, “I don't know. I want to talk to him again.” Brian says, “You know what? Now's probably not a good time. Why don't you wait till we get to Harmony?” Diana replies, “No. I want to talk to him now.” She gets up and walks to the counter. Liz smiles, “Listen, I'm counting on you coming back down here to visit again real soon.” Luis laughs, “First chance I get. Look, thanks again for setting up your friends to sail Beth's boat back up here.” Liz replies, “Glad I could help.” Luis says, “Well, I hope Brian and Diana have a safe trip.” Liz nods, “I'll pass that on. I'm just sorry you didn't have a chance to meet them while you were here. I really feel like you could've had a connection with Diana, seeing as how she lost the love of her life, too.” Luis replies, “Well, I will get to meet her and Brian when they get here. And maybe they can tell me more about the island, why I felt so close to the woman I loved and lost when I was down there.”

Waiting for Liz to finish talking to Luis, Diana says, “There was just something so familiar about that man's voice, even through the static. I have to talk to him, Brian.” Brian chides her, “You have amnesia, Diana. I mean, you want to talk to everyone, hoping that they'll be able to help you piece together your past.” She asks, “What's wrong with that?” Brian says, “Nothing, except that you're getting your hopes up for could just lead to a big letdown when you find out that this guy can't tell you anything.” Diana shakes her head, “Look, it's not that I'm so desperate to learn everything about my past. It's just that this man -- I'm just curious about him, that's all. Liz, are you done talking to him?” She walks over to Liz and takes the phone from her, “Can I -- please – hello? Hello? Look, I know that we've never met but there is just something about your voice, even through the static, that sounded so familiar. Hello? Are you there? He hung up.” She frowns as she hands the phone back to Liz who says, “Probably because I'd already said good-bye.” Diana looks sad, “I really wanted to talk to him.” Liz apologizes, “Oh, I'm sorry. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to talk to him when you get up to Harmony. He wants to take you and Brian to dinner.” Diana gives a big smile.

At the Crane mansion, Pilar tells Luis that everything is fine with Theresa. She has signed the annulment papers and Julian is signing now. Luis is happy about that. Pilar asks him, “Did you call the island about the boat.” Luis replies, “Yes. The boat is ready to be brought back.” Luis seems calm until he sees Julian stand next to a picture of Sheridan on the fireplace mantle and he goes after Julian again, “You damn hypocrite.” Luis picks up the picture of Sheridan and accuses, “You. You made Sheridan's life miserable, and now suddenly you've got some picture of her, pretending to love her? You never did! You never loved her for a second! It's your fault that she's dead.” Julian looks frightened that Luis may have actually figured out that he had Sheridan murdered.

At the cafe, Diana asks Liz, “That man In Harmony -- did he say why he wanted to take Brian and me out to dinner when we get there?” Liz shrugs, “Well, I'm sure it's to thank you for sailing his friend's boat back up. But he also said that there was something about this island, something that made him feel close to the woman that he loved and he lost at sea. He seems very interested in our little piece of paradise down here.” Brian says, “Well, I know everything there is to know about it.” Liz says, “Then you'll be able to answer his questions.” Brian smiles, “I'll try.” Deep in thought, Diana says, “There are things about this island that just go beyond facts and figures.” Liz agrees, “You got that right.” Diana continues, “Even though I can't remember who I am or where I come from, I've had so many memories on this island of the man that I loved, the man that I lost. Maybe that's why I'm so interested in someone else who lost the love of their life and had memories of her on this island.” Liz looks at her, “One way or the other, you'll finally get to meet.” Diana smiles again.

In the Crane living room, Luis accuses, “You did it, Julian. You're to blame for what happened to Sheridan.” Julian cowers near the fireplace, “I had nothing to do with her death.” Luis explains, “Well, maybe you didn't exactly kill her, but you sure as hell tried to wreck her life.” Julian defends, “I loved my sister.” Luis angrily says, “If you and your father hadn't tried to keep us apart, we wouldn't have been on that boat that exploded. We wouldn't have been caught in a hurricane. Sheridan would still be alive.” Sam approaches Luis, “Come on, Buddy.” Luis pushes Sam away, “No, I am telling you, Julian, I am not going to let you ruin my sister's life. Get off of me! From here on out, you're on notice. You stay far away from my sister.” Julian says, “You needn't worry about that. I have no intention of ever seeing Theresa again.” Luis spits out, “Good. Because if you ever hurt her again, i will kill you.” Luis collects Theresa and they leave the mansion.

Walking into the cafe on the island, June looks around and calls out, “Hello? Is anyone here?” Liz comes from the other side, “Hi. Can I help you?” June approaches, “Name's June. I'm looking for a job.” Liz tells her, “Oh, I'm sorry. I really wish I could help but unfortunately I don't need anyone right now.” June sighs, “Been hearing that a lot lately.” Liz replies, “Yeah, I bet. You know what? You should try your luck in Bermuda. They have a lot more job openings there.” At the mention of Bermuda, June has a flashback of making the deal with Julian to plant the bomb to kill Sheridan. Coming out of the flashback, June says, “I'd rather not go back to Bermuda.” Diana come in from the kitchen and says, “You should see what Brian is concocting in there, a seafood masterpiece.” Liz turns to face her, “Whatever it is, it is going right on his tab.” Diana says, “I'm going to go get changed for dinner.” She walks a few steps toward the door when she has a flashback of seeing June when she was on the boat in Bermuda. Suddenly Diana turns back, “I know you.” June looks shocked, “Me? No. I think you've got me confused with someone else.” Diana says, “No, I could swear.” June shoots back, “So could I. I've never seen you before.” Liz says, “Well, then, introductions are in order. June, Diana. Diana, June. Does it ring a bell, the name?” Diana shakes her head, “No. It's odd, though. I could swear that I remember you from somewhere.” June agrees, “It is odd.” Diana sighs, “Just wishful thinking, I guess. Sorry.” Diana walks off. Liz explains, “Diana's got amnesia.” June looks confused, “Diana? Amnesia?” Liz replies, “Yeah, she doesn't remember her name, where she comes from. She doesn't remember anything. She just picked that name out of the blue.” June asks, “So she doesn't remember anything?” Liz replies, “Just a handful of painful memories, you know. Recollections of losing the man she loved.” June then asks, “Does she remember how it happened -- losing him?” Liz shakes her head, “Only that she held him in her arms as he was dying. Good friend of mine, a fisherman out here, found her half-dead in his net.” June opens her eyes wide, “Really?” Liz nods, “Yeah. She's lucky she's alive. It's a miracle.” June replies, “Definitely.” Her eyes open wide as she looks away.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Luis, Ethan, Theresa, Chad and Whitney toast to Ethan and Theresa.

To be continued...

Screen caps thanks to Passions Central.

10.9.08, 12:03 AM
In Harmony having left the group in the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room celebrating Theresa's freedom from her marriage to Julian, Luis sits outside at a picnic table with his glass of champagne, “I can't stop wondering why I felt so close to Sheridan on that island. Maybe when Brian and Diana get here with Beth's boat they can help me figure that out. Not that it'll matter. Sheridan's gone. If only we hadn't gone out on that boat. She'd still be here. Damn it. So many "if onlys." If only the boat hadn't exploded. Why is it that the boat did explode like that?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/113001-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=113001-12.jpg)

In the Crane library, Julian is on the phone with the woman who planted the bomb Shuis' boat, “I don't know why you've contacted me. Our business was settled quite some time ago, May.” Sitting at the bar in Liz's cafe, June corrects him, “It's -- it's June.” Julian dismisses her, “Whatever. Fact is I paid you and your friend very well to destroy that boat, take care of my sister, Sheridan -- may she rest in peace.” In the background, Harper says, “Oh, you're some piece of work, Julian.” Julian asks, “So, what else could you possibly want? Sheridan is as dead as the days of disco.” June replies, “I have something to tell you, Mr. Crane, and I hope you're sitting down.” Julian tells her, “Let's cut to the chase, shall we? You should know very well that time is money. After all, I made your life quite comfortable after you completed your mission.” June replies, “We all do what we have to do for money. But, you know, blowing up that boat wasn't as easy as Basil and I thought it would be. Things come up that you can't exactly plan for. Success isn't guaranteed.” Julian responds, “Yes, well, funny you should mention that. As I recall, both Sheridan and her fiance, Luis, were to perish during their romantic excursion. But, alas, Luis is alive, well, and continuing to harass me on a daily basis.” June continues, “Well, I guess Luis was lucky. But Luis isn't the reason that I'm calling. I called to talk about your sister.” Julian is getting irritated as he says, “Look, it's -- it's really been charming conversing with you, dear, but that issue is dead. As dead as Sheridan.” June tries again, “I don't think so, Mr. Crane. The truth is ...” June stops as Sheridan comes to the bar to get a drink. Julian exclaims, “What -- this is ridiculous! I don't have time for these games! Oh, my God! What -- I know exactly why you called. It can't be.” Sheridan moves back to her table behind June to look at the map again.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard, Luis sadly asks again, “How long am I going to go on longing to hear Sheridan's voice, knowing I never will? I got to do something to clear my head.” He looks around the yard, then picks up an ax and begins to split wood when he hears Sheridan's voice calling his name. He stops and looks around.

Misunderstanding Julian's declaration, June says, “I'm surprised you figured it out so quickly, Mr. Crane. But, yes, it's true.” Julian angrily says, “Yes. Now that Sheridan's dead, you're going to blackmail me. Well, listen here, little miss, you're not getting another dime!” June raises her voice slightly, “You listen to me, Mr. Crane. I don't want your money. I just want...” Julian sarcastically says, “Oh, yes, let me guess -- gaudy baubles, perhaps a tacky little sports car. Well, you'll get no such thing.” June angrily says, “Hold on, you bastard! I'm calling to tell you that your sister isn't dead. Sheridan is alive.” Slamming down the phone, Julian exclaims, “Who does that brazen broad think she's dealing with?” Realizing that he has hung up on her, June says, “What a jerk. I should just tell her everything.” Walking up behind June, Sheridan asks, “What are you talking about? Is there something you want to tell me?” June turns around to stare at Sheridan. Sheridan again asks, “Do you have something you want to say to me?” June thinks, “I can't tell Sheridan who she is. If Julian Crane is willing to kill his own sister, God knows what he'll do to me. I just hope she didn't hear too much.” To Sheridan she says, “No. No, not you.” Sheridan apologizes, “I'm sorry. Your phone call was none of my business. It just sounded like you were getting upset.” June replies, “Oh, it's nothing. I was just trying to do a favor for an old boss, and he was too much of a fool to listen.” Sheridan says, “That's too bad. I'm sorry you went out of your way for nothing.” June thinks, “Trust me, honey, you shouldn't be so sorry.” Sheridan smiles, “You know, why don't i get you a cup of coffee? I was just about to pour myself one.” She walks behind the counter as June smiles, “Sure. That'd be great.” June asks, “Is everything ok?” Sheridan says, “I just can't shake this feeling that I know you.” June shakes her head, “You must have me confused with someone else. Like I told you, I've never seen you before.” Sheridan sighs, “I'm sorry. I'm just grasping at straws again. I'm just so anxious to remember my past.” She pours the coffee as June says, “It's probably best not to push it. Besides, you've got a good thing here -- a beautiful island, got good friends. It sounds like a whole lot of peace and Harmony to me.” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah, I guess you're right. Harmony. Hey, that reminds me. What do you know about a town called Harmony?”

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard, Luis hears Sheridan's voice calling his name. Luis looks around and calls to her, “Sheridan? Sheridan, is that you?” Luis expresses his disappointment, “Of course it's not you. Why do I keep hearing your voice as though you're alive?” Chad comes into the backyard and greets Luis, asking if he can use any help. Luis replies, “No. No, thanks. I -- no, I just thought I'd get some firewood together, make a fire for Ethan and Theresa. Nice mood.” Chad nods, “Hey, you know what? Let me go in and get the wood carrier.” He goes back inside. In the backyard by himself again, Luis has a flashback of being with Sheridan. In the flashback Luis is building a fire in the fireplace in the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room. He hears Sheridan call his name before she stoops down next to him in front of the fireplace and says, “Hi, there, handsome.” They kiss and Luis smiles, “I never want to be without you.” Sheridan gives him a big smile, “Well, the feeling's mutual. In fact, I'm going to show you how much I love you.” Luis lifts his brows and gives her that sexy grin, “Yeah? No one's due home for hours.” Sheridan grins, “Ooh, I like the sound of that. I'm going to go lock the door, then.” As she stands to go to take care of the door, Luis smiles, “Yes.” He watches her walk off. Coming back outside, Chad hears Luis call Sheridan's name as Luis comes out of his flashback. Chad looks concerned, “You ok, man?” Luis sighs, “Yeah. I know it sounds crazy, but I heard the door and I thought it was Sheridan.” Chad replies, “That don't sound crazy, man, because I know how much you miss her.” Luis looks around, “Yeah. It's -- I keep hearing her voice, you know, and I keep thinking that she's alive. I know it's just a dream. It'll never come true.”

In the cafe, Sheridan shows June the map, “That's the town – Harmony. You ever heard of it?” June says, “Doesn't ring a bell. Why are you going there anyway?” Sheridan replies, “: Oh, I'm sailing a boat up there with a friend. We're returning it to its owner. Harmony just sounds so familiar to me. I'm hoping when I get there something or someone will trigger a memory.” June says, “Well, good luck with your trip. Will you excuse me? I need to make another phone call.” Sheridan goes back to looking at the map and June picks up the phone again, “Better warn Julian Crane that Sheridan is alive and headed his way.” She hangs it up almost as quickly, “On second thought, why ruin the surprise? Julian Crane deserves everything he gets.”

To be continued...

10.10.08, 12:36 AM
On the island watching Diana through the window, Doc says, “Nice to see our Diana so happy for a change.” Arranging flowers in a vase, Liz replies, “Wish I could say the same thing about Brian. He wouldn't be sailing that boat back to Harmony if Diana hadn't talked him into it. If it were left up to him, he wouldn't go anywhere near that place.” Walking over to stand next to Liz, Doc asks, “Did he tell you why he had a problem with going?” Liz looks up, “If he did, it wouldn't be fair for me to tell you, would it, Doc? You know the unwritten law around here ...” Doc nods, “We respect each other's privacy. No one pries into anybody's old business.” Liz says, “Which is how we all get along so well, right?” Doc raises brows, “Works for me.” Liz nods, “Me, too. But I can't help but think that Brian's old business has something to do with that little New England town called Harmony. There is something or someone there that he is not eager to face.”

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Luis looks up as he hears Sheridan laughing and calling his name. Chad walks in through the back door and asks if he is ok. Luis replies, “Just can't stop thinking about Sheridan.” Chad nods, “Man, the woman you loved was snatched out of your arms with no warning. I mean, I'd have the same reaction, I'm sure, if that happened to me.” Luis looks at his drink, “I keep hearing her voice. You know, it's like she's talking to me. It's like she's trying to tell me that she's still alive.” Chad says, “You know, eventually you're going to have to let it go. I mean, people only come back from the dead in Stephen King novels. Luis -- Sheridan is gone.”

Arriving at Brian's table with an umbrella embellished drink, Diana smiles, “I made it myself.” Brian says, “Oh, I'm impressed. What's the occasion?” Diana smiles, “My good mood. I've been such a downer since I got here, I thought I would do something for you for a change.” Brian says, “You didn't have to do that.” Diana replies, “Yes, I did. Thank you for changing your mind about sailing to New England. I can't wait to see Harmony.” Brian says, “I bet you don't even know if you've ever been there before.” Diana replies, “True. But it's the first town I've heard of that actually strikes a familiar chord. I mean, I don't know why but I just had this feeling that if I see the town it might jog a memory. I mean, I might even remember who I am.” She smiles. Brian says, “Just don't want you to get your hopes up too high.” She can't contain her excitement, “I know they've crashed before, but this time I think there's a real chance. So, when do we set sail?” As Brian sits in front of the he replies, “Haven't got that far yet.” Diana asks, “Whenever you say the word, I'm ready. How long do you think it'll take to get there?” Brian says, “Depends on the weather.” Diana enthusiastically asks, “I mean, do you think days, weeks, what?” Brian snaps, “I don't know, Diana.” Diana says, “Sorry. Didn't mean to push so hard.” Brian replies, “No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you.” She asks, “What's wrong? Have you changed your mind? Do you not want to sail to Harmony now?”

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Pilar decides she has to tell the truth about Theresa being pregnant but she has a hard time doing it. Eve and Theresa try to talk her out of it. Luis enters the living room from the kitchen and shows concern for his mother who looks like she is going to have some kind of break down. Concerned about his mother's health, Luis pleads with her to tell him what is bothering her.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120701-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120701-10.jpg)

As Liz cuts flowers to arrange in vases, Doc says, “On the other hand, maybe you're making too much out of this. Maybe Brian's just nervous about the weather he'll run into between here and Harmony. Not to mention the triangle.” Liz looks at him, “Doc, Brian is not worried about the Bermuda triangle. He has captained all kinds of boats through the worst kinds of weather, and he's never been afraid of the elements. Come to think of it, I have never seen Brian show fear for anything. That is until now. There is something about this trip to Harmony that's got him all shaken up.” Doc looks thoughtful, “You know, maybe Brian will back out again, tell Diana he changed his mind.” Liz says, “No, he'll go. He'll go through the fires of hell for Diana.”

At their table, Diana asks, “So, is that it? You don't want to go to Harmony now? I know that you didn't want to go before and you changed your mind only because of me.” Brian begins, “Diana...” Diana stops him, “Just let me finish. I would feel terrible if I pressured you into doing something that you weren't up for.” Brian replies, “You don't know what you're talking about. Sailing this boat back to New England is just another gig for me. Lord knows I could use the money. Liz says the lady that owns the boat -- she's paying pretty good.” She asks, “You're not just saying that to make me feel better?” Brian assures her, “I have to take care of me, too, Diana. Being out on the ocean, getting away from here for a while, would be a good thing. I'm looking forward to it.” She says, “You sure could've fooled me.” She starts to stand but sits down as something dawns on her, “Wait a minute. I know why you've been going back and forth on this. I know why you don't want to go to Harmony.”

At the table in the cafe, Brian leans across the table, “Hey, weren't you listening to me? I am good to go wherever the pay is decent, be it Harmony, Paris, wherever.” Diana says, “It won't work, Brian. I can see right through you. You don't want to sail to Harmony because you're afraid of how it will affect me.” Brian begins, “You know, we've already been through this. I ...” She tells him, “I didn't believe you then, and I don't believe you now. You're afraid of how I will react being out at sea for such a long time after you found me there almost drowned, and I don't blame you after the way I freaked out the last time.” Brian asks, “Can you blame me for trying to protect you? I mean, I don't know what happened to you out there at sea but before I pulled you out of the water something very traumatic must've happened.” She says, “But I'm fine now. I honestly don't think I will have a problem out on that boat, so you don't have to worry.” He says, “It's soon for you to be thinking about a long sail like that. I'm telling you, it could get rough out there.” She pleads, “But I won't be alone. I'll be in very capable hands. Please, Brian. Please don't say no. I'm so desperate to go to Harmony to see if it's at all familiar.” Brian is not convinced, “Now, well, you say that now but i mean, what happens when we get out in the middle of the ocean? What if a storm comes up?” She smiles, “I know. I have a way to prove to you that I will be all right.” Brian looks at her, “Oh, yeah? What's that?” She says, “A trial run. We'll take a practice sail so that you can see that I will be fine. I mean, that's fair, isn't it?” Brian shrugs, “Yeah, I guess.” She smiles, “Thank you, Brian. You'll see that I will be just fine, and we'll be able to sail to Harmony without any problems.”

Later Liz and Doc return to the cafe to see Diana drying drinking glasses behind the counter. Liz asks, “Hey, where'd Brian go?” Diana replies, “His room. He wants to check out the weather.” Doc says, “Sounds like he's getting ready to take that trip you've been hankering for.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120701-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120701-03.jpg)
She smiles, “Not exactly. He's worried that I'll have a bad reaction to a long spell out at sea, so I made him a deal -- we'll take a practice sail and if I do all right then he'll take me all the way to Harmony.” Liz says, “I see.” Diana looks thoughtful, “I don't know why it is so important for me to visit Harmony, but it is. I just -- I have this hunch that something there will jog my memory.” Liz smiles, “I hope so, for your sake, Honey.” Diana says to Liz, “I can't stop thinking about that man that called earlier.” Liz asks, “The guy that was staying here that went back to Harmony?” Diana replies, “Yeah, I mean, even though the connection was staticky, there was just something familiar about his voice.” Liz smiles, “Like I said, he's looking forward to seeing both you and Brian when you get there. So I certainly hope it comes to pass.” Diana smiles, “Me, too.” Standing in front of the counter, Doc asks, “So, when are you and Brian heading out on this practice sail?” Diana raises her eyebrows, “Soon as he gets an all clear on the weather.”

In his room, Brian is on his computer doing some research on Harmony. He looks at pictures of Theresa's engagement party, then Luis in his uniform.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120701-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120701-05.jpg)

(It seems to me like he would have put two and two together and figured out that Luis, a cop, losing his fiancée at sea, might have some connection to “Diana”. Unfortunately, the man was totally clueless.)

To be continued...

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10.11.08, 12:46 AM
On the island in his room Brian sits in front of his computer doing research on Harmony. He looks at pictures of Theresa and Ethan's engagement party and one of Luis in his police uniform. Diana walks through the door and steps into Brian's room. She looks at what is on Brian's computer and exclaims, “Oh, my goodness. I remember.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120701-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120701-09.jpg)
She now has the biggest smile! Brian turns to her and asks, “You recognize the picture?” She crosses the room to lean over the desk looking at the computer, “It's amazing. Where is it?” Brian replies, “Harmony. I went on to check the weather for our practice sail tonight, ended up surfing the net, thought I'd check out some sights in Harmony.” She is so excited, “I knew Harmony meant something to me. I've been there before! That's why I recognize the wharf!” Brian warns, “Don't get your hopes up, Diana, because all those little quaint New England wharves -- they all look the same.” She replies, “Maybe.” She looks up as she has a flashback of Luis kissing her on the wharf when he was undercover and didn't want her to blow his cover.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/Pdc4675400201799443132.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=Pdc4675400201799443132.jpg)
Coming out of the flashback she is more excited than before, “I just -- no, Brian. I recognize that wharf because I have been there before. I saw it in a memory with the man that I loved. If a picture of Harmony can jog my memory, then I'm sure going there and seeing the places I've been and the people I knew will help me remember who i am, and I owe it all to you!” She grins and puts her hand on his shoulder.

As she walks across the room, Diana exclaims, “I am sure that Harmony holds a key to my past in remembering who i am!” Brian stands, too, “Diana, slow down, because I don't want to see you get hurt.” She states, “I've been on that wharf before. I know it! I had a memory of being there with the man I loved.” Brian says, “I know you think that, but maybe just because you saw the picture you forced this into something, you know, that's a memory that's really not real.” She thinks about that and sadly says, “Maybe you're right. What are the odds that I could have any ties to Harmony? It's like you said -- I want to remember so badly that I'm letting hope win out over reason. Well, if that's the case, then I probably shouldn't even sail to Harmony with you after all.” Brian looks at her rather oddly. As she walks around the room, “Maybe I want to remember who I am so badly that I fooled myself into having these false memories. I mean, maybe Harmony just sounds familiar because I want it to.” Brian says, “I don't want to bring you down, Diana. I just don't want you to get your hopes up and be all disappointed.” She looks hopeful again, “So you don't think my going to Harmony is a waste of time? Maybe I am forcing these memories, but I don't think so. I am sure that I have been on that wharf before.” She is smiling again. Brian nods, “Wouldn't that be something?” She says, “I know you're afraid that I'll be let down. But there's a chance that I won't, and that's a chance that I have to take. It's the only chance that I might have at remembering who I am.” Brian sees how serious she is, “You really want to sail back to Harmony, don't you?” She replies, “Yes. And with you there, what could possibly go wrong?” Brian smiles, “All right. All right, we'll do it.” She is so excited she hugs him again, “Thank you, Brian. I don't know what I would do without you.” He says, “'Well, first things first because we do need to do that practice sail to make sure you're ok for the ocean. Liz is packing up some food for us now.” She cheerily offers to get the food and meet him at the boat. She heads to the door but stops and turns her head toward him, “You know, I really hope I don't get frightened out at sea. I'm convinced that Harmony is going to change my life.” She leaves and Brian turns back to the computer. Looking at Luis' picture again, Brian says, “Harmony is going to change my life, that's for sure. I just don't know if I'm ready for it.”

On the deck of the boat out on the ocean, Diana is optimistic, “So far, so good. I'm not nervous at all.” Sitting a few feet away and controlling the boat, Brian says, “Yeah, but we're still close to shore. The water's calm. Let me see how you do when we get in the rough stuff -- you know, make sure you're ready for this trip. Because once we start going to Harmony, there's no turning back.” She turns around to face Brian, “Thanks for watching out for me. I think I'm ready to set sail to Harmony, maybe even find out who I am.” Brian says, “Aye, aye, mate.” She looks up at the sky, “It sure is a beautiful starlit night.” Brian looks up, “Yeah, it's beautiful.” She asks, “You know, I heard Liz and Doc saying that there's some sailors that used the stars to navigate.” Brian replies, “Yeah, some still do.” She looks at him, “Do you?” Brian shrugs, “Not really.” She then asks, “Did you used to?” When he doesn't answer and appears to be day dreaming, she asks, “Brian? Hey, what's wrong?” Brian replies, “Nothing. I'm just remembering a story my mom told me when I was just a kid. It's about leaving home, losing your way. She said that there'd always be a special star up there to help guide you back, back to the ones that love you.”

To be continued...

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10.14.08, 1:40 AM
On the boat in the ocean on the practice run, Diana looks up at Brian and asks, “Besides your story of that star guiding you home, you've never told me anything about yourself.” Brian says mater of factly, “Not much to tell.” She asks, “Do you have family back in the states?” He changes the subject, “Hey, you know, where's that food that Liz packed for us?” She stands, “I'll get it.” She stops at the door to the cabin and says to herself, “I wonder if you'll ever follow that star back to the people who love you. Back to your family.” Brian looks up at the North star as Pilar is looking out her kitchen window at the same star, “Antonio, your family needs you, Son. I pray you follow that star back home to us soon.” Sitting on the deck of the boat, Brian has a flashback of his mother and himself as a little boy. The mother says, “So no matter how long you're gone or how far away you go, there's always that special star in the sky to guide you home, lead you back to those who love you.” The boy says, “I love this story. I promise I'll always remember it.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/121001-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=121001-12.jpg)
The mother places a kiss on the little boy's head as she asks, “Will you, my dear Antonio?” Little Antonio replies, “Yes, Mama, I will.” Brian/Antonio looks at the star and whispers, “I still remember, Mama. I still remember.”

Sitting at the picnic table with snow on the ground in the Lo-Fitz backyard, Luis raises his eyes to Heaven, “God, thanks for Ethan and Theresa's love. I'm happy that they have each other. I'm happy that nothing can ever come between them. Wow. If only Sheridan were still here. If only we had that same kind of love, nothing could ever come between us. Nothing but death. Yeah. I wish you were still here.” Luis looks up at the star, as Antonio and Pilar are doing, “Well, at least Theresa's going to be happy with Ethan. I just -- I just wish you were here, Sheridan. Maybe you're out there somewhere, looking at the same star I am, wishing we were together.” Luis looks down sadly, “Yeah. I know. Got to face the fact that she's gone. It's just really hard.”

Sitting on the bow of the boat looking up at the same star that Luis is looking at, Sheridan/Diana says, “I hope Brian's story is true, that if you follow that special star, it will guide you home to the people that love you. I wish I could remember if I even had any loved ones. When I get to Harmony, I'll find the answers. I just have a strong feeling that Harmony holds the key to who I am.”

As Luis enters the kitchen through the back door, he sees Pilar at the window lighting the candles for Martin and Antonio as she does everyday. Luis has a flashback of himself as a little boy. In the flashback, young Luis sits at the table doing his homework, “I don't understand this problem. Mama says I have to work it out on my own, but I can't do it.” Young Antonio walks over to stand next to Luis at the table, “Let me see. Ok, what happens if you do this?” He writes on the paper and young Luis looks it over, “Now it makes sense. Thanks.” He smiles as Antonio says, “No problem. That's what big brothers are for.” Young Luis looks at him and says, “I hope you never leave home, Antonio.” Antonio says, “Don't worry, Bro, I'm not going anywhere.” Young Luis asks, “You promise?” Young Antonio smiles, “Luis, I'll be here. If you have a problem, you come to me. I'll always be here for you.” As the flashback ends, Luis crosses the floor and blows out the Antonio's candle which shocks Pilar, “Luis, why did you do that? That's the candle I light for Antonio every night.” Luis takes his gloves off, gets a beer from the refrigerator and replies, “Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry. I'm just not as forgiving of Antonio as you are, especially in times like this when we need him the most.” Pilar says, “I wish he were here, too, but until he comes home, I will continue to light that candle for him and pray for him.” Standing in front of Pilar, Luis angrily asks, “Don't you ever get mad? Antonio took off. He just picked up his stuff and left. And right after Papa disappeared. You could have used his help. You know, we all could have. He just left us, didn't tell us where he was going. I mean, hell, we still don't know where he is. And I'm sorry if that makes me mad that he did that to his family.” Pilar replies, “I don't understand it, either. But I believe that Antonio must have had his reasons and someday we'll know why.”

Crossing the boat deck to sit in front of Briantonio, Sheridan asks, “Hey, what are you thinking about? You seem a million miles away.” Brian replies, “Oh, I wasn't thinking about anything, really. I was just looking at the stars.” She asks, “You sure? You got awfully quiet after you told me that story that your mother told you as a child.” Brian shrugs, “I guess I did.” She asks, “Were you thinking about your mother just now?” Brian looks at her, “No, I told you -- I wasn't thinking about anything.” She asks, “You know, you've never really talked about your family or your childhood. Why not?” Brian says, “There's not much to talk about.” Sheridan is thoughtful, “I wish I knew if I had anyone out there. The memories I have were of the man that I loved, and even then I can't remember his name. And when I do remember, I know that he's dead. I don't even know if there's anyone else out there.” Brian smiles, “Doc said you'll regain your memory eventually.” She sighs, “I hope Doc's right. Do you have family somewhere?” Brian replies, “Yes.” She asks, “Do you ever see them?” Brian replies, “No, I haven't seen them in a long time.” She then asks, “Don't you miss them?” He replies, “I miss them every single day.” She then looks at him and asks, “Then I'm sure you must love them. Why did you leave, Brian? Why did you leave your family?” Brian looks away.

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Pilar raises her voice, “I feel in my heart that Antonio will come home someday. And I will continue to light that candle and pray for his safe return.” Luis says, “It's been too long. If he were coming home, he would have done it a long time ago.” Pilar replies, “No, Luis. You're wrong. Antonio will come home someday, and so will your father. I will never give up believing that God will bring them back home.” She turns and walks back to the candles and Luis looks away.

Sheridan asks again, “Why did you leave your family? Why don't you ever see them?” Brian replies, “It's complicated. It's hard to explain.” She asks, “Do you ever call them?” Brian says, “No, I haven't had contact with them since I left.” She then asks, “Why not? What happened to make you feel so estranged from them?” Brian replies, “Diana, just take my word for it, ok? It's better this way. If I try to contact them, if I try to show up back home, it's just going to make things worse. And besides, they've probably forgotten all about me anyway.” Sheridan softly says, “Oh, I'm sure that's not true.” Brian asks, “Well, how do you know? You don't know them.” She says, “Well, no, but I can't imagine any mother or father forgetting their own child. Have you forgotten them?” Brian says, “No.” As he looks away, she replies, “Well, then I'm sure they haven't forgotten you, and I'm sure that they miss you every day the same way you miss them.” Brian replies, “You know what? I hope they don't because they're better off without me.” She frowns, “Why would you say something like that? What did you do?” Brian looks at her, “I told you, Diana, it's complicated. Things are better off the way they are.” She sighs, “I'm not so sure about that. I bet your mother's heart is breaking over the loss of her son.”

In her kitchen, Pilar turns to face Luis then crosses the room to stand in front of him, “Luis, Mijo, you must find forgiveness in your heart.” Luis replies, “I'm sorry, but I don't have it in my heart to forgive Antonio. Look at what happened with Theresa, all right? I blame him for that.” Pilar asks, “How can you blame him?” Luis angrily replies, “Because if he had never left, it would have never happened. Things would have been different. When Papa disappeared he took off without even so much as saying a word. You had such a hard time trying to put bread on the table. And Paloma had to go live at Aunt Maria's, and now this whole mess with Theresa. I don't even know how you did it.” He walks to the other side of the room. Pilar calmly says, “I had my faith in God.” Luis says, “Well, I don't know how you held on to it.” Pilar walks across the room to stand in front of Luis again, “There were times when it -- when it was not easy. When I found out that Julian had married our beautiful Theresita, I was furious with God for allowing that to happen. But God did not desert me, Luis. He sent Father Lonigan to me when I was feeling the most despair. God has his reasons, Mijo. And we don't always know what they are, but we have to hold on to our faith and believe that God has a plan. And I am trying with all my heart to believe that right now.” Pilar is crying now so Luis tries to comfort her, “It's all right.” Pilar cries, “I'm just so worried about Theresa.” Luis says, “You heard what Ethan said. He said he still loves Theresa and he still wants to marry her. Things are going to be fine with them.” Pilar turns away from Luis before she softly says, “Sure, Son. I don't think so.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/120701-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=120701-10.jpg)

After Luis crosses the room to stand in front of Pilar, he says, “Mama -- I'm sorry I blew out Antonio's candle and that I spoke against him.” Pilar tells him, “I understand how you feel, Luis. When Antonio left, he left you with the burden of taking care of this family.” Luis shakes his head, “It never felt like a burden to me. I was happy to take care of us.” Pilar nods, “I know. But you sacrificed so much. You postponed living your life, getting married, starting a family.” Luis smiles, “No, I didn't. I never wanted any of those things until I met Sheridan. I was just waiting for God to send me the right woman.” Pilar says sympathetically, “Oh, Luis, you loved her so very much.” Luis nods, “I still do. I still wish she was here.” Pilar sighs, “I know, Son. I know. I know how difficult this is for you. Look, you may not want to believe this right now, but you will find love again, Luis. You will.” Luis shakes his head, “You didn't. And neither will I. Sheridan's going to be the only woman I ever love.”

On the boat Sheridan fusses at Brian, “Why are you so hard on yourself? What happened to make you think that you had to leave and stay away forever? Hey, whatever it is, I'm sure it's not that bad. I can see you don't want to talk about it.” She starts to get up until he says, “Diana, I haven't talked to anyone about this in all these years. In fact, I don't know why I'm opening up about it right now.” She replies, “I'm glad you feel that you can talk to me. I hope you know you always can.” She offers him a friendly smile.

Making it back on deck, Sheridan announces, “Dinner is served.” Brian smiles, “Good, because I'm starved.” She asks, “Still thinking about your family?” Brian admits, “Yeah. I haven't stopped thinking about them since we talked about them. I don't know why.” She says, “I do.” Brian asks, “Oh, yeah? Why is that?” She replies, “Because we're sailing back to Harmony. Sure. It's because we're sailing to Harmony. The idea of sailing to Harmony is why you're thinking about your family. It's stirred up memories of them.” Briantonio has another flashback about how he got his name. Pilar tells a young Antonio, “You have a very special name, Antonio Brian. Do you know how you got it?” Little Antonio shakes his head, “No, Mama.” Pilar explains, “Well, you were named after your two grandfathers. Brian is Papa's father's name and Antonio is my father's name.” Antonio looks up at his mother and asks, “Does that mean I will be like them some day?” Pilar replies, “Yes, my Son. That means that you will be kind and loving and strong, like all the men in the family before you.” Briantonio comes out of his flashback as Sheridan says, “I know why you can't stop thinking about your family. It's because your family is connected to Harmony.”

After a knock on the back door, Luis opens it and asks, “Yeah?” A delivery man says, “I have a package for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Luis replies, “That's me.” The delivery man hands Luis an envelope and says, “Sign here, please. Thanks. Have a nice evening.” Luis clutches the envelope as he closes the door, “Yeah, thanks a lot.” Pilar asks, “What is it, Luis?” As he begins to open the envelope, Luis replies, “I don't know.” Pilar asks, “Who is it from?” A shocked Luis replies, “Sheridan.” Pilar exclaims, “Oh, dear God. A letter from Sheridan? What?” A very excited Luis smiles, “Well, this can mean only one thing. My prayers have been answered. Sheridan's still alive!”

Standing Sheridan asks, “Your family's tied to Harmony, isn't it?” Brian asks, “Why do you say that?” She looks at him, “It's obvious. I mean, it's not exactly the town of Harmony itself. It's just going back to the United States. I assume that's where you're from. Where are you from, anyway?” Brian quickly replies, “Oh, all over. I mean, we moved around a lot.” Sheridan sits down, “That means you don't want to tell me.” Brian says, “No, it's not that. It's just like I said, we lived a lot of different places.” She asks, “Ok, Mr. Wanderer, I won't ask any more. But do you think you could at least settle down long enough to join me for something to eat?” Brian replies, “I think that can be arranged.” Then Brian thinks, “You're closer to the truth than you know, Diana. My family is from Harmony.”

An excited Luis grins as he says, “It's a miracle, Mama. This letter is from Sheridan! She must still be alive!” Pilar asks, “How can that be, Mijo?” Luis replies, “I don't know and I don't care. All that matters is that she's come back me.” Luis opens the letter, “Strange. There's a cover letter.” Pilar asks, “What does it say?” As his voice breaks Luis replies, “It's from Sheridan's attorney. Says that if something ever happened to her that she wanted this letter forwarded to me.” Pilar sadly says, “I'm so sorry, Mijo.” Luis sadly asks, “How could I have been so stupid? I should've known.” Pilar consoles, “Your love is very strong, Luis. It's only natural for you to hope for a miracle. Why don't I leave you alone to read the letter, huh?” She leaves as Luis sits at the table and pulls the letter from the envelope and begins to read, "My darling Luis, I hope you never get this letter. If you do, it'll be because I'm gone." Sheridan's voice continues reading the letter, "As I write this, my Darling, you are asleep in my bedroom. (As he reads this part of the letter he smiles.) I am so happy, so much in love that I cannot sleep tonight. I am bursting with excitement for our life together. Oh, Luis, I know our future is going to be filled with such joy but for some reason I was struck by the need to write this letter. I want you to know how deeply I love you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, the only one I'm meant to be with. I had to put this down on paper so that if anything ever happens to me, you will know exactly how I feel. But there's something else I want you to know, my Love. If you are reading this, it means that I'm gone. I know it will be hard, but I do not want you to grieve for long. I want you to move on, to find someone else to share your life with. You deserve that, Luis." Looking up Luis whispers, “Sorry, Sheridan. I can't move on. I'll never forget you for as long as I live.” He is on the verge of tears now.

On one side of the boat, Brian asks, “Do you want anything else before I put this stuff away?” As she lays back against the boat, Sheridan says, “No, thanks. I couldn't eat another bite.” She begins to sign a song in Spanish. As she sings, Briantonio has a flashback of Pilar singing that same song to him as a little boy. He asks, “Hey, how do you know that song?” She sits up, “I don't know. Must've heard it on the radio. I don't even know what it means.” Brian explains, “It's an old Spanish song about losing the one you love. It says that true love never dies. That even if you move on, the one you once loved stays in your heart forever.” Sheridan exclaims, “Wow. That's beautiful. Wait a minute. How do you know that song? Brian, where have you heard it before?” He replies, “Someone used to sing it to me when I was a kid. No big deal.” She asks, “Someone from your family? Ok, ok, I won't ask any more questions. But one thing I will say -- the song is right.” Brian looks up, “Yeah, about what?” She passionately explains, “Even though I may not remember much about my past, I do know that love never dies. Even if you lose someone you love, they're still in your heart. Love is always waiting for you, just like your family is waiting for you, Brian.” Brian replies, “Trust me, my family is not waiting for me.” She asks, “How do you know that?” Brian replies, “Because I have been gone quite a while. And I'm sure by now they forgot about me a long time ago. And besides, it doesn't matter, anyway.” Sheridan raises her voice, “How can you say that?” Brian says, “Easy -- I have everything I need. I have a beautiful ocean, peaceful island I live on, and good friends. I don't need my family.” She looks angry, “I don't believe you. And one more thing -- I think you're nothing but a liar.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis continues reading the letter. The letter is read in Sheridan's voice, “"I remember a song your mother once sang. It was an old song from her country about losing the one you love. (Of course, this is the same song that Sheridan was just singing on the boat with Briantonio.) She explained it means that true love never dies, that even if you move on, the one you once loved stays in your heart forever. I hope you will listen to the message of this song. Remember that it is ok to move on because I will still be in your heart forever. More than anything, I want you to find happiness again. Carry these words with you, my Darling, and please know that I love you with all of my heart and soul." As Luis finishes reading the letter, Pilar returns to the kitchen and sits down at the table with Luis. Luis informs her, “Sheridan wants me to move on, just find someone else.” Pilar sympathetically says, “Luis, I know it seems impossible right now, but there will come a time when you will be able to do it. Think of the gift Sheridan has given you. She has given you her blessing to move on with your life.” With tears in his eyes, Luis asks, “How? You know, how am I supposed to just move on? I'll never get over losing her.” Pilar explains, “You will never fully get over Sheridan, Luis. But with faith and God's help, you'll learn to carry on.” Luis shakes his head, “You never carried on after Papa. You never found anyone else.” Pilar again explains, “That's different, Mijo. I had a full life with your father. I already had children, a family. Besides, Sheridan is gone and she's never coming back. But I still believe in my heart that your father is still alive and that one day he and your brother Antonio will return to us.”

On the boat, Brian looks shocked as he asks, “What did you just say?” Sheridan replies, “You heard me loud and clear. I said you're a liar.” Brian says, “I don't understand.” She replies, “Well, you act like you don't care, but you are such an incredibly kind and caring person. My God, you've saved my life twice and you've helped me out so much.” Brian shrugs, “It's nothing.” She says, “I can see through this wall you've put up. And most of all I can see that you still love your family. You even said you think about them every day, so why don't you just call them?” Brian replies, “Because I can't. I've been gone way too long. If I tried to get back in touch with them, all it's going to do is upset them.” She softly says, “Don't you think that's a risk worth taking? You know what, Brian, you're lucky. You can call your family if you want to. But it doesn't matter if I want to or not. I can't just call my family. I don't even know if I have a family.” Brian looks away as he says, “I'm sorry.” She replies, “Look, don't be sorry. Just learn from it. Whatever the reason is that you left your family doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is reuniting with them.” Brian says, “Wish it were that easy.” She pleads with him, “It is. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. They're still your family. They still love you. Brian, you have to call them.”

To be continued...

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10.15.08, 1:02 AM
In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen Luis stands, clutches the letter from Sheridan to him, and says, “I know. I know that I have to accept that Sheridan is gone. But I don't think I'll ever share a life with anyone else.” Pilar also stands, “Your wounds are still fresh, Mijo, but time will heal the wounds.” Luis softly replies, “I don't know. My love for Sheridan was so strong. Just like your love for Papa. You never moved on.” Pilar sighs, “I told you, that's different, Mijo. There is still hope that your father and Antonio will come home to us.” Luis replies, “Well, I don't believe that. You know, Papa disappeared. And Antonio, he just left us. We're never going to hear from him again.” The phone rings and Pilar crosses the room to answer it, “Hello?” On board Beth's boat near the island, Briantonio replies, “Mama, is that you?” At that moment Luis picks up his jacket and says, “Bye, Mama.” As Briantonio holds on the phone, Pilar takes the phone from her ear and turns to deal with Luis, “Luis, please, don't leave.” Luis puts his jacket on while asking, “All right. Who's on the phone?” She replies, “I don't know. Whoever it is can wait. Right now all I care about is my son. Please stay and we'll talk. I'll be off the phone in a minute.” Luis says, “Mama, talk to whoever it is, all right? It could be important. Besides, I just want to be alone right now.” Into the phone Pilar says, “Hold on, please.” Pilar doesn't cover the phone this time and Antonio is able to hear what is being said between Pilar and Luis. Standing by the boat railing Briantonio turns to Sheridan and explains, “My mother's on the line, but I don't think she's heard anything I said. Something's got her tied up.” As Briantonio listens in on their conversation, Pilar says, “It's more than Sheridan that has you feeling this way tonight, Luis. It was our speaking about Antonio. And you must try to forgive your brother. Look, if you continue to hold this grudge, it will just eat away at you, Luis. Do not do this to yourself.” Luis replies, “Mama, you know how I feel about this, all right? Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Antonio walked out on all of us, and I'll be damned if I let him get away with that.”

On the boat Sheridan watches Brian and asks, “What's going on?” Brian says, “Nothing.” Sheridan asks, “Your mother didn't come back on the line?” Brian says, “You know, this is probably not a good time. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.” Sheridan urges him, “Think about it, Brian. If your family thought that you were lost or dead, think about the joy that it would give them to reconnect with you. I mean, if only...” She trails off and sadly looks away. Brian asks, “If only what?” Sheridan pleads with Brian, “If only I knew that there was someone out there waiting for me, someone that would be happy to hear from me. Maybe I'll never know. But, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. That would be the worst thing you could do.” Brian looks at her, “I know my mother would be happy, and I'm hoping that my younger sisters and brother would be, too, but I don't know about my other brother.” Sheridan replies, “What man wouldn't be thrilled to have his brother home? Please, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. This is the right thing.”

As Luis walks out the back door, Pilar puts the phone up to her ear, “Hello?” Briantonio asks, “Mama?” Pilar asks, “Miguel?” On the phone Brian replies, “No, mama. It's me. Antonio.” He has his back toward Sheridan (which, I suppose, is the reason that she doesn't know his name is Antonio until she returns to Harmony and regains her memory.) Pilar exclaims, “It can't be.” She gasps, faints, and falls on the floor, losing the phone. Brian asks, “Mama? Mama, are you there? Mama?” Coming back through the back door, Luis sees Pilar on the floor and rushes to her side, “Mama! Mama, what happened? Hey, Mama?” Luis continues to try to revive her. Coming around, Pilar murmurs, “Antonio.” Luis asks, “What?” Pilar tries to tell him, “It's Antonio.” Luis asks, “Mama, what are you talking about?” Pilar groggily says, “I heard his voice.” Luis shakes his head, “No, Mama, that's impossible. You just think you did because we were just talking about him.” Pilar insists, “No.” Luis is sure he is right, “Yes. It was all in your mind, ok? Looks like you hit your head. I mean, you'll have a little bump there in the morning, but I don't think it's serious.” Luis checks her head. On the boat, as Briantonio listens in, Sheridan asks, “What is it, Brian?”

In the kitchen, Pilar says, “Antonio's here. He spoke to me!” Luis gently lets Pilar's head back down on the floor, “What, here in this house? He better not be, that bastard. He isn't welcome here. I don't ever want to see him again. Don't move, all right? I'll be right back.” He gets up and walks away. Still on the floor Pilar asks, “Where's the phone? The phone? Antonio? Antonio?” Luis comes back into the kitchen with a cloth to wipe her face and holds her in his arms as she asks, “Antonio? Antonio?” Luis tries to comfort her, “Shh, shh. Mama, forget it, all right? Forget Antonio. He's not coming home. He never will. Mama, how many years have we waited for Antonio to come home at Christmas? How many years have we sat around the Thanksgiving table just waiting for a call? It's not worth the pain. It's not worth the hurt that he's caused his family.” On the boat Sheridan wonders what it going on again, “I thought you said your mother was there.” Brian turns to her, “She is. My brother's there, too. It's hard for me to talk to them right now. I caused them a lot of pain, Diana.” In the kitchen Pilar says, “No, Luis, your brother's come back to us.” Luis insists, “No.” Pilar demands, “Antonio's on the phone. Find me the phone!” Luis looks around and asks, “Antonio's on the phone? He wants to talk to me?” Pilar asks, “What?” Luis gets up and picks up the phone, “He's about to get an earful.” Sheridan takes the phone from Briantonio and speaks into it, “Hello? Are you there?” Seeing the shocked look on Luis' face, Pilar asks, “It's Antonio?” Luis looks at the phone, then to Pilar and replies, “A ghost. I heard a ghost.” Pilar nods, “Yes – Antonio.” Luis replies, “No. Sheridan.” Sitting on the kitchen floor with Luis, Pilar asks, “You mean you heard your brother's voice on the phone – Antonio?”

On the boat Sheridan tries again, “Hello? Is anyone there?” Brian asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan looks up, “Nothing. I don't think anyone's there.” Brian replies, “I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have called home.” In the kitchen, Luis smiles, “Sheridan.” He puts the phone to his ear but Pilar kneels next to him and grabs for the phone, “Give me the phone, Luis. I want to speak to Antonio.” Luis replies, “It is not Antonio, Mama, it is Sheridan! She's alive!” Pilar raises her voice, “Mijo, no! It's been a long time, but I know the sound of my own son's voice! Let me have the phone!” Luis argues, “No, you just want it to be Antonio because we were just talking about him a few minutes ago.” Pilar counters, “Luis, you want to hear Sheridan's voice so badly, you think that it's she. It's imposible, Luis. She is dead.”

On the boat Sheridan says, “Don't you dare take it back now, Brian. It was the right thing for you to call home.” Brian whines, “But you didn't hear what my brother said about me.” She tells him, “What's the difference? The important thing is that you tell your mother that you're all right and that you still love her. The rest will take care of itself.” Brian says, “Easier said than done.” Sheridan raises his voice, “Look, don't walk away from the opportunity of reconnecting with your family. Do you know what I would give to be able to talk to someone who loved me? Anything in the world. Please, don't throw this opportunity away.” Brian is increasingly agitated, “It's different for you, Diana. I'm sure whoever your family is that they loved you and they still do. My family hates me, and they have good reason. Look, I should have never let you talk me into calling them. Just hang the phone up.” In the kitchen Luis says, “You were confused, Mama. You hit your head when you fainted.” Pilar argues, “I fainted because I heard Antonio's voice.” Luis raises his voice, “Well, you couldn't have because it is Sheridan. I know it is!” Pilar then tells him, “Then speak to her. If she's there, go on, Son, talk to her.” On the boat Brian yells at Sheridan, “Do as I say and hang the phone up – now.” Now both standing in the kitchen Pilar tells Luis in a calm voice, “Go on. Go on, son. If it is Sheridan, you must have lots to say to her.” Brian demands, “Do as I say, Diana. Hang up the phone.” Sheridan is defiant, “No. I won't.” He yells, “It's my family.” Sheridan yells, “Which is why you should talk to them. Look, no matter how bad you think things are, I'm sure they want to talk to you, I'm sure they want you home.” Brian angrily says, “You know what? You're wrong about that.” Sheridan says, “Well, you know what? If you won't talk to them, then I will.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Pilar calmly coaxes Luis, “Go on, Mijo. Unless you're afraid you imagined Sheridan's voice.” Luis puts the phone to his ear and smiles, “No, I -- Sheridan, it's -- it's me. It's Luis. I love you.” Luis smiles and in an excited voice continues, “Sheridan, where are you? Because I will come get you wherever it is. Sheridan? Sheridan, say something.” Pilar asks, “She's not there, is she?” Luis yells, “Hello? Hello!” Pilar calls, “Son?” Luis cries, “The line went dead.” On the boat Sheridan yells, “Brian, give it back.” Holding the phone away from her, Brian replies, “It's too late. I already disconnected it.” She asks, “Why? You know you wanted to talk to your family.” Brian angrily replies, “Yeah? So what when they don't want to talk to me?” Sheridan tries again, “Look, whatever you heard your brother saying, I'm sure he didn't mean it.” Brian yells, “Oh, he meant it, all right. Look, Diana, no offense, this is my life, so why don't you back off, ok?”
Now sitting at the kitchen table Luis yells, “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it.” He slams the phone down on the table. Pilar tries to comfort him. She places her hands on his shoulders.

To be continued...

I didn't find any pictures to go along with this episode so I wanted to post some hott screen caps that I found of the New Mexico cabin scenes.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex2.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex2.jpg)

10.15.08, 11:59 PM
Sorry in advance because I have not had time to put a summary together today. I have not even had time to watch my tape of the next few episodes, much less transcribe them. I work for a nonprofit and our annual fundraiser is this Friday and we are all doing our best to put it all together with so much to do by then, which makes for long work days. I don't know if I will be able to post a summary for the next few days but I will do what I can, possibly only a picture, if I can.

Tonight's Shuis Picture of the Day is one that I found recently of Galen and McKenzie at a fan event, one of the NBC All Star parties. I love those beautiful smiles. They both have gorgeous smiles.


http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/shuis36.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=shuis36.jpg)

10.17.08, 1:44 AM
I love this SHUIS kiss. They could have given lessons on how do to it with heat and what chemistry they had! This kiss was during the ET engagement party. This is a great example of their undeniable "chemistry in spades".

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/etpartynight14.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=etpartynight14.jpg)

10.19.08, 12:56 AM
On board Beth's boat on Sheridan's practice run, after she turns away from him and stands at the rail, Brian apologizes, “Look, Diana, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.” Sheridan turns to look at him, “No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't have interfered in your personal life.” Brian says, “That's what I mean. I appreciate the fact that you're trying to help. I know that's what you're doing, but a reconciliation between me and my family -- it's not going to happen.” She replies, “But you hardly spoke two words to your mother.” He shrugs, “I could hear what my calling was setting in motion. The last thing I want to do is cause any friction between my brother and my mother.” She asks, “Are you sure you heard him correctly? I mean, the connection really wasn't all that clear.” He He answers, “Yeah, it was clear enough to understand what he was saying. And besides, I don't blame him for feeling the way that he does. If he'd have ran out on the family the way that I did, I'd probably feel the same way.” She softly says, “Even so, what about your mother? I'm sure she would give anything to talk to you.” Brian replies, “No, it would just set my brother off again. Look, Diana, I've caused my family enough pain. The last thing I want to do is cause them any more.” He walks off.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen Luis stands from the table and is visibly upset, “I know that that was Sheridan on the phone. Why the hell would the line go dead? Maybe Sheridan's in trouble. Maybe she was calling for help and got cut off. I've got to find her.” Pilar tells him, “Luis, listen to me, Mijo. You're not going to help anything by getting upset.” Luis shouts, “Upset? I'm a little beyond upset, Mama. Where could she be?” Pilar tries to calm him, “Luis, por favor, you're not being rational, Son. It could not have been Sheridan on the phone. She's gone Mijo.” Luis passionately says, “No. I used to think that, too, but, Mama, I've got this sense. Call it a sixth sense, whatever you want, but I've got this feeling that Sheridan is alive. And now I know it. Mama, it was Sheridan's voice. I know that I heard Sheridan's voice.” Pilar insists, “And I know that I heard Antonio's voice.” Luis questions, “Antonio? Why the hell would Antonio be calling here after all these years? He doesn't give a damn about this family.” Pilar says, “We don't know that. We don't know anything about the reasons why he left of why he's staying away. And perhaps he would have explained if I had been able to speak to him.” Luis looks at Pilar, “Mama, look, I'm sorry, all right? I know that you want this family to be the way that it was years ago. It's not going to happen. And I know that it wasn't Antonio on the phone because I know that I heard Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Luis, Mijo, I know that's what you want to believe, but you're a policeman. You deal in facts, and the fact is Sheridan died.” Luis replies, “Yeah. A few months ago, I would have believed that. But a few months ago, I hadn't yet looked into the eyes of real live demons. I hadn't seen my brother trapped in the jaws of hell. So I'm not such a stickler for facts anymore because now I know that real life can be far more unimaginable than anything the human mind could dream up. I know that Sheridan is alive. I can feel it. I just have to figure out where she was calling from.” Pilar asks, “Can you do that?” Holding the phone up again, Luis says, “Watch me.” He tries Star 69, “Damn. It's supposed to connect with the last person who called. It's not working. Wait a second. Got it. Operator, yeah, this is Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald of the Harmony P.D. I just received an urgent call. I need you to trace that caller and its whereabouts. Now.” Pilar gives him a smile.

On the boat, Sheridan stands and walks toward Brian, “Look, I don't know if I have a brother. But if I did, I can't imagine staying mad at him forever.” Brian says, “Look, let's not fight, Diana.” She agrees, “I don't want to fight, either, but you're being really pig-headed.” Brian says, “Yeah, so I've been told.” She says, “ I think you're just exaggerating about what you heard your brother say. So, he's mad at you for leaving the family. That doesn't mean that he hates you.” He thinks back to what he overheard Luis say to Pilar, then says to her, “I know what I heard, Diana. He told my mother not to waste her time talking to me.” She shouts, “Even after all these years? I'm sorry, but it sounds like your brother is as pig-headed as you are.” Brian replies, “Well, that could be. He always was a stubborn kid.” Sheridan asks, “Aren't families supposed to be about unconditional love and forgiveness and understanding? I mean, if your brother doesn't feel any of those things for you, then, I'm sorry, I don't know what kind of person he is, but he's definitely someone that I don't ever want to know.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis calmly explains, “Operator's going to call me back as soon as she traces the number.” Pilar tells him, “I just don't want you to get your hopes up.” Excited and upset, Luis explains, “Why not, Mama? That's all I have left. You'll see. As soon as the operator traces the number, we'll call Sheridan. We'll find out where she is. You'll see. I know what I'm talking about.”

On the boat Brian says, “Look, don't be so quick to pass judgment on my brother.” Sheridan shrugs, “I can't help it. If your brother really has no use for someone in his own family, then I don't know what kind of person he could be.” Brian says, “Look, I'm the one who walked out on him when he was barely more than a kid.” Sheridan shouts, “Yeah, but he's an adult now, isn't he? He should be grown-up enough to understand that sometimes people do what they have to do.” Brian smiles, “Thanks. Thanks for taking my side.” She says, “Who else's side am I going to be on? I know you, Brian. I know that you are a thoughtful and compassionate and caring person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.” Brian says, “I'm glad that you see me that way, but there are things that you don't know about me, things that happened between me and my brother. Now, he's got every reason to hate me.” Brian turns away from Sheridan and says to himself, “Some he doesn't even know about.”
In their kitchen, Pilar sits at the table with Luis, “You cannot make it ring by staring at it, Luis.” Still looking at the phone, Luis says, “I know. I know.” Pilar continues, “But when it does, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. The operator's going to give us Antonio's number.” Luis stands, “Ok. Let's just say for the sake of argument that you're right. Let's say Antonio did pick tonight to call out of the blue after all these years.” Pilar interrupts, “He did. I knew he would someday.” Luis continues, “All right. So when you fainted and dropped the phone, that's when Antonio got disconnected. And then Sheridan called.” Pilar shakes her head, “Oh, Luis...” Luis raises his voice, “Mama, I know it's a stretch, but that's the only thing that I can figure out. What's the difference? Only thing that matters is that I get Sheridan's number. Then I can call her and find out where she is.” The phone finally rings. Luis immediately answers, “Yes, operator? (He writes down the phone number.) I've got the number. Thank you. I got the number.” He is so excited as he dials the number. Luis impatiently says, “Come on, Sheridan. Answer the phone. Answer the phone.”

On the boat Brian's cell phone rings and Sheridan suggests, “Maybe it's Liz.” Looking at the phone's caller ID, Brian shakes his head, “No, I can see who the caller is. It's my mother's house.” She says, “See, I told you that they wanted to talk to you. Answer it.” Brian replies, “I don't know if that's such a good idea.” An exasperated Sheridan says, “Oh, Brian, come on. This phone call could change your life. All right, Chicken, if you won't answer it, then I will.” With the ringing cell phone in his hand, Brian looks up at her but doesn't answer.

To be continued...

I didn't find any caps to go along with this episode but am posting some very memorable ones from the cabin in New Mexico...
Luis keeping Sheridan warm with his body heat...
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex6.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex6.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex7.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex7.jpg)
Then the next morning Luis has fun trying to explain to Sheridan why they were naked in bed together. Too cute!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex3.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex3.jpg)

10.20.08, 1:49 AM
In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Luis tries to call Sheridan. As he paces the kitchen floor waiting for her to answer the phone, he impatiently says, “Come on, come on. Pick up. I'm gonna talk to Sheridan, Mama. I know it.” He is so excited. Leaning against the counter, Pilar looks doubtful, “Luis, I do not understand. I heard Antonio's voice but then you thought you heard Sheridan's voice.” Luis replies, “I did hear Sheridan's voice. Mama, I would know it anywhere.” Pilar reminds him, “Mijo, you know that Sheridan's dead.” Luis replies, “Mama, you asked me to pray for a miracle and I did. Maybe this is it.” He walks over to the refrigerator and takes a picture of Sheridan and he from a magnet there, he smiles, and whispers, “Maybe Sheridan's coming back to me.”

On the boat, Sheridan holds her hand out for the phone but Brian holds it away from her saying, “You're not going to answer it, Diana.” Sheridan sighs, “But what if it's your mother calling?” Brian says emphatically, “No. It's my brother calling and I don't want to talk to him. I told you what I heard him say.” Brian has a flashback of him overhearing what Luis said. Sheridan holds out her hand, “I still want to answer the phone.” Brian is adamant, “NO, just let it ring!” Sheridan tries again, “You said yourself that your brother had a right to be angry with you. So maybe all you need to do is apologize for whatever happened.” Brian angrily replies, “Well, it's not going to do any good. My brother hates me.” Sheridan insists, “You should at least try to talk to them. Even though I don't know who my family is, I can't imagine that they wouldn't want to talk to me. You've been gone a long time. Don't you think they want to have contact with you?” Brian says, “No, I don't.” Sheridan pleads, “Surely your mother does. Let me answer and find out.” Brian hands her the phone.

In the kitchen, as Luis smiles at his picture of Sheridan and himself, he asks, “Why doesn't she answer?” Pilar asks, “Luis, why would Sheridan be on the phone? I told you when I said hello, Antonio said, “hello, Mama, it's me Antonio.” Luis replies, “Well, you must have heard wrong because when I picked up the phone, I heard Sheridan's voice.” Pilar looks away confused, “Maybe it is her calling.” Luis again asks, “Why isn't she picking up? Where could she have gone?”

On the boat Sheridan opens the phone, holds it to her ear, and opens her mouth to answer but before she can, Brian takes the phone out of her hand and throws it into the ocean. Wide-eyed a shocked Sheridan exclaims, “Brian, why did you do that?” Brian replies, “Because I know it's my brother calling and I don't want to talk to him... EVER.” Sheridan just looks at the ocean with eyes open wide. Brian turns away. Now standing on one side of the boat, Brian says, “It doesn't matter how I feel about my brother. We are never going to see each other. It's over between us as a family.” Sheridan softly states, “I don't believe that.” Brian says, “Don't you get it? There is no hope for us, Diana.” She says, “There is always hope for brothers to reconcile. The bond between family members is just too strong.” Brian says, “Well, then you don't know my family.” Sheridan says, “All I know is if I had family there is no way I could completely cut them off.” Brian tells her, “You don't know what I did. My brother has every right to hate me.” Sheridan replies, “No one has the right to hate anyone.” She turns back to the rail then back again, “I don't understand what's happening right now but something about you talking to your family has made me start thinking. Maybe I'll connect with someone I love. I don't know why but I just have this feeling that something special is going to happen very soon.” She smiles.

In the kitchen, Luis yells, “Damn it!” Pilar asks, “Still not answering?” Luis replies, “No, it just keeps ringing. I don't understand. Why won't Sheridan pick up the phone?” Pilar shakes her head, “I don't understand any of this.” Luis says, “Maybe I dialed the wrong number.” He picks up the piece of paper with the phone number and looks at it, then calls the operator again, “ Let me check. Operator, hi, this is Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald from Harmony PD. I just called you a minute ago. Right. Can you give me that number again? (There is a pause.) Thanks. Yeah, that's what I have.” Pilar asks, “So it was the right number?” Luis replies, “Yeah, maybe I misdialed.”
On the boat, Sheridan still looks out to sea and smiles, “So strange! I feel something special so close...someone special.” Brian's cell phone is shown falling to the ocean floor and all the while still ringing. (LOL!)

In the LF kitchen, Luis paces with the phone to his ear, “Come on, Sheridan. Pick up the phone.” Pilar says, “Luis, whoever called is probably not going to answer.” Luis replies, “It was Sheridan, Mama. I know her voice.” Luis paces then stops and looks at the phone, then says, “I'm acting crazy, right? I'm actually trying to call my dead fiancée.” Pilar states, “You were so sure you heard her voice.” Luis looks at her, “As sure as you were that you heard Antonio. We were both wrong.” Pilar insists, “IO now my own son's voice. It was Antonio.” Luis replies, “Ok, Mama. So, if you heard Antonio and I heard Sheridan, and they were on the same line, that means that they were together. How could Sheridan and Antonio be together?” He looks questioningly at Pilar.

On the boat, Sheridan leaves the rail and tells Brian, “I am sorry. I know you are hurting. I'm not trying to make this about me.” Brian says, “It's all right. Feel however you want to feel.” She sits on a bench at the opposite rail, “It's just when I get these feelings, and since I can't remember who I am or where I come from, they hit me pretty hard.” Brian says, “I understand. I know it must be hard feeling lost the way you do, not knowing about your past. But I just wish there was a way to tell you that it doesn't really matter but I know that's impossible.” He looks down. Sheridan looks up at him from her seat, “I just remembered something?” Brian looks up and rolls his eyes as if he is saying...here we go again. She asks, “Why did you call yourself Antonio?” Brian looks away, “Did I?” She continues, “Yeah, when you spoke to your mother you said, “hello, Mama. It's me...Antonio.” Brian looks away but replies, “Because that's my other name. I was named after both of my grandfathers. My mother calls me after her father.” Sheridan says, “That's so sweet. I could tell by the way you spoke to your mother that she means a lot to you. You must really miss her.” Brian sighs, “It doesn't matter because I'm not going to see her again.” Sheridan exclaims, “Please, don't say that! Your brother will get over his anger. I'm sure your mother is aching to see you.” Brian replies, “I'm sure my mother misses me very much.” Sheridan replies, “Well, then you should try.” Brian insists, “It will only cause her more pain.” He looks at his watch, then says, “It's getting late. We should head back to shore.” As he walks off, Sheridan says to herself, “Why does Brian talking to his family make me feel as if there is someone out there waiting for me?” She wears a faint smile.

In the LF kitchen, Luis tells Pilar, “There's no way Antonio and Sheridan are together. Mama, that's just crazy.” Pilar replies, “It is ... unless...” Luis asks, “Unless what?” Pilar looks up at him, “Unless they're both dead.” She begins to cry and Luis hugs her to him, “No, shh... Don't get all emotional, all right? Look, I'm sure wherever Antonio is, he's alive and well.” Pilar cries, “I pray so.” Luis says, “I'm sorry I was so rough on him earlier but he did abandon us.” Pilar replies, “I know, Mijo, but he must have had his reasons for leaving.” Luis replies, “Yeah, whatever. Look, I hate him for what he did to us but I don't wish him dead. Maybe you did hear him on the phone earlier.” Pilar replies, “I did. I know I did but I think you're mistaken when you thought you heard Sheridan's voice. Maybe Antonio has a wife of girlfriend who sounded like Sheridan.” Luis replies, “Maybe. I guess I just wanted to hear Sheridan's voice so badly, I just imagined it. I don't want to believe she's really dead. She is. (He swallows hard and looks so sad.) I'll never see her again.” Pilar says, “Sorry, Mijo.” She puts her hand on his shoulder, “I know how hard you prayed for a miracle.” Luis replies, “Yeah, I don't have the faith that you have. I don't believe in miracles anymore. Sheridan came back to me once and it's not gonna happen again.” He shakes his head sadly, “I'm never gonna see her again.”

At the hotel on the island, Sheridan and Brian walk down the hall to her door. She says, “I can see that you are still upset about what happened when you called your mother.” Brian replies, “Oh, I'm okay. I just want to apologize to you for acting like a jerk.” She opens her door and says, “Hey, you weren't acting like a jerk and the good news is that I did fine on my trial sail. So, I can sail all the way to Harmony with you.” Brian agrees, “You did fine, too.” Walking into her room, she asks, “Why don't we forget about everything else and look forward to the trip?” He smiles, “That sounds good to me.” She smiles, “I'm really excited about going to this town, Harmony. Maybe there is something that will change my life forever.” She now has a beautiful big smile!

On the island in Sheridan's room, Brian stands in the open doorway to the balcony. Sheridan walks to a chest of drawers, “Look, Brian, a candle. I bet Liz put it her.” Brian turns to look, “Yeah, probably.” Sheridan picks ups a match and lights the candle. She watches it as Brian turns his back to the room and has a flashback from when he was a teen watching Pilar light the candle for his father. As the flashback ends, Sheridan comes up behind him, “Brian, what's the matter? You look sad.” Brian replies, “The candle just reminded me of something. My father disappeared when I was young.” Sheridan frowns, “Disappeared? You mean, just vanished?” Brian replies, “Yeah, the police couldn't find out what happened to him.” Sheridan says, “That's awful!” Brian adds, “My brother foul play and a wealthy family in town were involved. He just couldn't figure out why Papa would voluntarily pick up and leave his family. Anyway, my mother used to light a candle and put it in the window and pray for my father and his safe return.” Sheridan says, “That's lovely. I bet she lights a candle for you every night, too.” Brian replies, “Yeah, she probably does, although if I know my brother, he probably blows it out.”

In the LF kitchen, Pilar stands in front of her candles in the window. She lights them, “I know you don't believe it, Luis, but I believe that lighting these candles every night is important. It will some day bring home my husband and my son safely to me.” Standing behind her, Luis admits, “I admire the faith you have, Mama. I guess I just don't have it.” Pilar turns to look at him, “You used to, Son. When you were younger, you had more faith than anyone I had even known...even more than I.” Luis shrugs, “I guess I lost it somewhere along the way. Maybe it was after Papa disappeared, or Antonio ran off, or after I lost Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Maybe you just need to try to get your faith back, Son.” Luis sighs, “I don't know how to do that.” Pilar replies, “You have to pray. You need to pray the way you did when you were younger. You used to say the rosary every day with such passion, Luis. Maybe if you prayed that way again, your faith would return.” Luis shakes his head, “Mama, look, I don't mean to be disrespectful but I don't see that happening. Just the way I don't see miracles happening.” Pilar says sternly, “That's not true, Son. Miracles do happen.” Luis replies, “Well, I prayed real hard for a miracle to happen with Sheridan and it hasn't.” Pilar looks into his eyes, “Maybe that's because you didn't really believe when you prayed, Son. Luis, if you truly believe in the power of prayer, miracles can happen. Son, you have to believe and maybe you'll find the miracle you need.” Luis looks at Pilar but say nothing.

Luis sits alone at the kitchen table when Pilar returns to tell him, “I'm going to bed, Mijo. Good night.” She kisses him on the temple as he says, “Good night, Mama.” Pilar says, “I hope you'll think about what I said and that you'll pray again like when you were younger.” She kisses him on his temple again and leaves the room. Luis looks toward the candles in the window. He gets up and opens the cabinet, taking out a purple candle which he places in the window next to the other two. He lights the candle and says in a husky whisper, “I don't know...it's crazy. I can't let go of you, Sheridan.” He shakes his head then gets down on one knee, folds his hands, and prays, “Please, God. I'm begging you. I'm begging you for a miracle. Please bring Sheridan back. Please bring her back to me.” As Luis bows his head in prayer, the flame of the candle shoots up very high. At the same time, the flame of the candle in Sheridan's room does the same thing. Sheridan turns from the window just in time to see it, “Brian, did you see that? All of a sudden the flame got bigger.” She walks toward the candle as he replies, “No, I didn't see it.” Brian looks at his watch, “I gotta go take care of some stuff on the boat before we take out trip.” Without turning around, she says, “Ok, see you later.” He leaves the room. Sheridan can't stop watching the candle as she says, “Maybe someone is lighting a candle for me tonight.” She smiles. Then the screen goes to a beautiful split screen of Sheridan looking at the candle and Luis praying in front of his candle.

To be continued...

This is a beautiful picture of Shuis after Sheridan was buried alive and before Dr. Eve told them that they could not engage in any strenuous activity. LOL! I love the way they are looking at each other here. Wow! That is what I call chemistry, red hot chemistry!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/romantic1.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=romantic1.jpg)

10.22.08, 1:15 AM
Pilar walks through the front door of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Miguel greets her, “Mama, let me help you with that.” Pilar gratefully says, “Thank you, Mijo.” Miguel comments, “It looks like you bought out the whole store.” Pilar smiles, “Well, it's Christmas and we are going to have a big celebration.” Miguel looks around the room, “You must have got up at the crack of dawn to get all of these decorations out.” Pilar happily replies, “That's because I want every corner of this house to be filled with the Christmas spirit.” Miguel smiles, “I've never seen you like this. I mean, you've always been into Christmas but this year you're like going all out.” Pilar can't contain her happiness, “Oh, this year is special, my son. This is going to be the most wonderful Christmas ever.” Miguel asks, “What do you mean?” Pilar has a big grin on her face, “Miguel, after all these years, your brother's coming home. Antonio will be home for Christmas.” Miguel stands looking at her with his mouth open.

In his room on the island, Antonio is having a dream. He dreams that he has gone home for Christmas and is now watching the rest of his family through the window of their home. Standing around the tree, Theresa calls out, “Mama, hurry up with the egg nog.” Heading out the door, Luis calls out, “I'll get some more firewood.” As Luis walks outside he sees Antonio and utters his name in surprise. Antonio steps up on the sidewalk and says, “It's me, Luis, your brother. I've come home.” Luis just stares at his with his hands in his pockets.

In the kitchen in front of the window with the candles, Luis thinks back to what happened the night before. He remembers hearing Sheridan on the phone. Luis says to himself, “No, Sheridan. Sheridan, I was so sure I heard your voice on the phone. I'd do anything to hear that. And I prayed for a miracle like mama said. Didn't work. You're not here.” As he leans forward to blow out the candles, he hears Sheridan behind him. She says, “Don't do it, Luis. Don't blow out the candle. You did get your miracle. I'm here. I've come back to you.” Luis turns and sees her standing in the doorway. He asks, “Sheridan, is that really you?” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, it's really me.” Luis smiles, “I hoped and prayed that you'd come back to me. I didn't know how I would go on without you.” Sheridan says, “You don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm here.” Luis smiles, “Oh, I've missed you so much. I love you.” As he walks forward to hold her, she says, “I love you, too, with all of my heart and soul.” Luis puts his arms around her only to have her disappear. Angry with himself Luis sighs, “She's not coming back, Luis. She's gone. No miracle's bringing her back.”

In the living room as Pilar takes her coat off, Miguel asks, “Antonio's coming home for Christmas?” Pilar replies, “Yes.” Miguel smiles, “That's fantastic. I mean, I was so young when he left I barely even remember him. When's he coming?” Pilar replies, “Well, I'm not sure, Mijo.” Miguel stammers, “How did all this happen? When did you hear from him?” Taking a seat on the couch, Pilar says, “Well, Antonio called last night. But when I heard his voice, I fainted. And I dropped the phone.” Miguel replies, “I don't blame you, you must have been shocked. I mean, you've been waiting to hear from Antonio for years.” Pilar excitedly says, “I know.” Miguel states, “Since he left you've lit a candle every night praying for his return.” Pilar smiles, “I know and now my prayers have been answered.” Miguel nods, “Tell me, Mama, what did he say?” Pilar replies, “Well, I really did not get to talk to him. Luis picked up the phone after I dropped it but Antonio was no longer on the line, someone else was.” Miguel asks, “Who?” Pilar replies, “Sheridan.” A shocked Miguel asks, “What?” Pilar explains, “I know. I know it sounds strange but Luis said it was Sheridan’s voice on the phone.” Miguel looks skeptical, “Mama, that's impossible. Sheridan's dead.” Pilar replies, “I know, Mijo, but Luis was certain it was Sheridan. And he even got the number from the phone company and called back but he couldn't get through.” Miguel states, “Mama, don't get mad at me for saying this but are you sure it was Antonio calling?” Pilar nods, “Yes. He said it was Antonio.” Miguel counters, “Maybe it was somebody else named Antonio like a telemarketer or something.” Pilar is adamant, “No, Miguel, I know the sound of my own son's voice. It was Antonio.” Miguel frowns, “It just doesn't make any sense. You know, how could Antonio be on the same phone call as Sheridan?” Pilar admits, “I don't know.” Miguel says, “Maybe you and Luis wanted to hear their voices so much that you imagined it.” Pilar insists, “No, Mijo, it was Antonio and he's coming home.”

In his bed on the island Briantonio continues to dream of going home for Christmas, “It's me, Luis. I've come home.” Luis replies, “Yeah, so I see. So why now? Why after all these years?” Antonio says, “I know it's been a long time.” Luis mumbles, “Yeah.” Antonio continues, “I've missed all of you. I thought about you every single day since I left.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, I'm sorry if I find that hard to believe.” Antonio replies, “It's true. I missed all of you.” Luis asks, “So why did you wait so long to come home? Why didn't you ever even contact us?” Antonio begins, “It's complicated. There's a woman in my life now, a very special woman. She convinced me that it didn't matter how long I was gone that my family would always be there for me.” Luis asks, “Really? Well, she's wrong. You walked out on us years ago. Mama has lit a candle every night praying for your return. Phone call, post card, anything. What did she get? Nothing. Broke her heart.” Antonio pleads, “I never meant to hurt Mama. I had to go.” Luis asks, “Why, Antonio? What could be more important than your family?” Antonio looks down, “I can't tell you.” Luis replies, “You haven't changed a bit. Yeah, you couldn't be honest then that same way that you can't be honest now. Just tell me this. You planning to stay?” Antonio shakes his head, “No. No, I can’t.” Luis angrily tells him, “Then you better listen to me. Don't you dare do this to Mama. And don't you dare come back and break her heart again. She doesn't deserve that.” Antonio pleads, “I just want to see her, that's all.”

Walking to the window, Luis says, “Yeah? Look. And now you've seen her now leave. Don't you ever hurt Mama and this family again.” Antonio watches his mother from the window as he says, “Goodbye, Mama. Goodbye.” He turns and walks away. As he walks off, the dream ends, he wakes, sits up and sighs, “Luis was right. I caused my family enough pain. I can't go home. It's only going to make things worse.”

Walking into the cafe on the island, Sheridan tells Liz, “That trial sail Brian and I went on went really well. I wasn't scared at all out at sea.” She sits at a table. Next to her Liz smiles, “Good. Does that mean that you're ready for the big trip back to Harmony?” Sheridan excitedly replies, “Absolutely. I can't wait. There's just something so familiar about Harmony. I sensed it from the moment I heard the name. I felt even stronger when I saw pictures of it on the computer.” Liz joins her at the table, “I hope Harmony has the answers that you are looking for.” Sheridan smiles, “Believe me, so do I. I just keep thinking that when I get there something will help me get my memory back. You know, last night I even had a dream about my past.” Liz leans forward, “Really? What happened in the dream?” Sheridan explains, “Well, I was getting ready for the trip and I answered the phone. This is really you. Is this really the man I love?” Luis replies, “Yes, it's me. I've been looking everywhere for you.” Sheridan asks her love on the phone, “But I don't understand, I thought you were dead.” Luis replies, “No, I'm alive but I've missed you so much. I can't live my life without you.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm going to be leaving for Harmony soon, my love. We can be together again.” He replies, “I'll be waiting for you. From now on, nothing will ever separate us again. We'll be together forever.” Sheridan tells Liz, “I know it was just a dream but it sure felt real. That's impossible, though.” Liz tries to cheer her again, “Maybe it's not so impossible, Diana. Maybe the dream is trying to tell you something.” Sheridan softly says, “But the man I love is dead. I remember holding him in my arms when he died.” She stands and walks to the bar. Liz follows, “You know, honey, maybe your memory is wrong. You know, maybe this guy is really out there somewhere. And right at this moment he's thinking about you and wondering where you are.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Luis at the table with the candle in front of him. He says, “I know you're gone, Sheridan but I can still feel you here with me.” The door opens and Pilar walks in, “Mama.” Luis stands and takes some of the bags from his mother. Pilar says, “Oh, thank you, Son.” Luis looks in the bags, “You've got enough food to feed an army. What is all this?” Pilar replies, “Have you forgotten it's Christmas? Besides I have a feast to prepare and this is going to be the biggest celebration we've had in a long time.” Luis asks, “Oh. Corn husks. Masa. Are you making Tamales?” Pilar nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis smiles, “You haven't made tamales in years.” Pilar says, “Well, they were Antonio's favorite.” Luis then asks, “Mama... And what's all this? All these are ingredients for Crème Brulee, that's Sheridan’s favorite dessert.” Pilar looks up as she is unpacking the grocery bags, “I know, I was hoping -- I am praying for a miracle, Son.” Luis sighs, “Mama.” Pilar stops what she is doing and looks at him, “Luis, I am trying to put as much energy as I can into showing my faith. Antonio will be home for Christmas and I'm praying that Sheridan will come back to us, too.”

As Pilar continues to put the groceries away, Luis says, “Mama, Mama, we've got to stop doing this. I want to believe in what you're saying. I want to think that Sheridan is coming back. She's not.” Pilar looks up at him, “Well, how do you explain last night's phone call, Luis?” Luis takes a breath, “You know maybe we both wanted to hear their voices so bad that we imagined them. I don't know. But what I do know is it wasn't real.” Pilar says, “You told me last night that you were certain that you heard Sheridan’s voice.” Luis nods, “Yeah.” Pilar then asks, “Now tell me, Luis, would you ever mistake Sheridan’s voice?” Luis gives and emphatic, “No!” Pilar shouts, “Well, I wouldn't ever mistake Antonio's voice. He said his name.” Luis tries again, “Mama, how could it possibly be? How could it possibly be that Antonio and Sheridan were on the call together?”

On the island as she sees Brian walk into the cafe, Sheridan hops up from the table, “Brian, I'm glad you're awake. I want to leave for Harmony right away.” She follows him across the room, which makes him ask, “Right away? What's the hurry?” She says, “I'm just anxious to get there and see if Harmony holds the key to my past. I really think this trip is what I need. And I think it might also be what you need.” Walking up behind them, Liz asks, “Really? Why do you say that?” Sheridan answers, “Well, Brian’s family is in the United States I thought that once we get there he could go see them.” Liz asks, “Your family? In all the years on this island, you never once mentioned your family.” Brian shrugs, “It's not that important.” Sheridan says, “Of course it is. It's Christmas. Your family would be thrilled to see you. In fact, I bet even your brother would come around.” An unsmiling Brian says, “I doubt that very much.” She says, “Trust me, Brian. Once you're home, it won't matter why you left, only that you're back.” Brian replies, “Well, that won't matter since I'm not going home. I plan on sailing the boat and coming right back down here so...” Sheridan says, “That's too bad. I hope you change your mind. Listen, why don't I get you something to eat while you think about it?” She goes off to the kitchen. Standing next to Liz, Brian says, “I see that look in your eye, Liz. Go ahead, say what it is you have to say.” Looking at him, asks, “You're running from something having to do with your family, aren't you? What is it?” Brian replies, “I don't want to talk about it.” Crossing her arms in front of her, Liz says, “Whatever it is it's kept you away from your family for a very long time. So I'm guessing it must be big.” Briantonio thinks to himself, “If you only knew.”

Liz stands by his table with her hands on her hips, “I know I'm right. Whatever caused you to leave your family must have been a big deal.” Brian sits down at the table, “Come on, Liz, I don't ask you about my past and I don't want you asking about mine. Isn't that the unspoken rule about this island?” Liz also takes a seat at the table, “I know. And I'll back off, Brian. It's just I'm concerned about you.” He replies, “Well, don't be.” Liz says, “I can't help it. Now I know all this talk about your family has gotten to you. You've been acting strangely ever since I asked you to sail that boat back to Harmony. Wait a minute. That's it, isn't it? Brian, your family's in Harmony. That's why you've been so reluctant to go back.” Brian scolds, “I thought you said you were going to back off.” Coming back from the kitchen, Sheridan says, “Brian, I want to apologize for bringing up your family. I didn't mean to upset you. I just thought that after speaking to your mother you'd want to see her again.” Liz looks at him again, “You spoke to your mother?” Sheridan takes a seat, too, “I convinced him to call her but they really didn't get a chance to say much to each other.” Liz looks at Sheridan, “Why not?” Sheridan Sheridan continues, “Well, Brian heard his brother in the background and he was upset with Brian for leaving. I even got on the phone and tried to talk to his brother but Brian here grabbed the phone and threw it into the water before I could even say hello.” Brian interrupts, “Look, there's nothing more you could say. My brother's right, I just need to stay away from my family.” Sheridan says, “I'm sorry but I just don't believe that.” Brian angrily says, “Well, it's true. It's best for everyone if I just don't see my family again, okay?” He gets up and walks away from the two women.

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis asks, “Mama, it couldn't have been Antonio and Sheridan on the phone. Why would they be together? How could they be together?” Pilar replies, “I don't know. Not everything can be explained logically.” She gets the candles out again, “But what I do know is that I heard Antonio on the phone last night and there's no doubt in my mind that he is coming home. Well, I'm going to light another candle for your brother. And I intend to keep one lit morning and night until he comes home. What about you, Son? Will you light a candle for Sheridan?” She hands a candle to Luis who looks at it trying to decide what to do. Pilar asks him again, “Will you light that candle for Sheridan?” Luis puts the candle down on the table and walks toward the door, “No, Mama. I can’t. I have to start accepting that Sheridan is gone and she's not coming back. And you have to start accepting that Antonio's not coming back either.”

On the island, sitting at the bar, Brian tells Sheridan, “Everything looks clear, no storms are brewing on the horizon.” A very happy and enthusiastic Sheridan claps, “Great. That means that we can leave right away. There's nothing keeping us from going to Harmony now.” Brian says, “It looks that way. We can leave any time.” Sheridan smiles, “This is going to be such a great trip. I just know it. I have such a strong feeling that Harmony has something in store for both of us.” She puts her arms around his neck and hugs him. Brian thinks to himself, “That's exactly what I'm afraid of.”

To be continued...

No screen caps to go with this episode, so I am posting one of the memory that Sheridan has over and over making her believe that the man she loves, Luis, is dead. Shuis in the vault.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/vault4.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=vault4.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/vault6.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=vault6.jpg)

10.23.08, 1:42 AM
Once again, no time tonight to get a summary together so I am posting onw of the early Q&A's with Galen and McKenzie (mostly Kenzie). The answers are quite interesting and very cute. Also, I recognize and remember quite a few of the posters who asked the questions but most of them haven't been on the board in years except on a Shuis reunion day or something like that. Enjoy!

20 Questions with Galen and McKenzie
from Coffeerooms board originally posted
on February 14, 2000

Posted by kepas
Do you like working together?

McKenzie: I love working with Galen! He’s incredibly easy going and has quite a sense of humor. We have a lot of fun together!

Galen: Mac is great to work with. A very warm and giving person and that's certainly helped us make a certain chemistry come to life.

Posted by smarti84
Do you get nervous when you have to do certain scenes with each other?

McKenzie: I really don’t get nervous – Galen is so easy to be around, that there is nothing to be nervous about.

Galen: Not really. It is actually quite kinda cool.

Posted by KandyKane
How strenuous were the water scenes in New Mexico?

McKenzie: The water scenes were tough but fun! The underwater stuff was the hardest because the water was freezing!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex5.gif (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex5.gif)
Galen: They were exhausting, physically and emotionally.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/newmex4.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=newmex4.jpg)
Posted by starrzone
When doing scenes together, do you ever try to make each other laugh?

McKenzie: We laugh constantly, with out trying…
Galen: We always laugh. It keeps the energy up at the end of a long day.

Posted by fadedrose
I wondered how much say J.E.R. had in hiring the actors…what’s he like?

McKenzie: Honestly, I’ve never personally met him but he is obviously an incredibly brilliant writer. He brought Sheridan to life.

Posted by passions4ls
Does either of you mistakenly confuse real life & your character?

McKenzie: I do tend to be a little bit more dramatic now in real life than I used to be! Sometimes I can be a drama queen-just ask my parents!

Posted by katelyn
What has been the most memorable moment for you on Passions?

McKenzie: Going to Paris to tape and getting to do the Tango with Galen!
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0130.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0130.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0133.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0133.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0135.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0135.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0143-1.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0143-1.jpg)

Posted by TiffanyNicole
What episode have been the most fun to tape so far?

McKenzie: One funny episode was when Sheridan finally put Julian in his place for the first time and of course---the Tango! As far as bloopers go, I would have to say the basketball scene was the worst for me! I had to make the basket and when the camera wasn’t rolling I could do it, but as soon as the cameras were rolling, I just could not make the basket. That scene must have taken about 30 takes! The whole crew was laughing & I just kept apologizing.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/Pdc4675432376878235387.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=Pdc4675432376878235387.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/08210b5a.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=08210b5a.jpg)
Posted by padi
Who chooses the clothes for you to wear on the show?

McKenzie: Julie Rae Engelsman our costume designer, designs Sheridan's wardrobe.

Posted by kepas
Are you two friends in real life?

McKenzie: Definitely.

Posted by padi
Do you have friends on the show, people you work with?

McKenzie: The only time we have hung out after work, is if someone is throwing a party! I am still trying to get together with Eva Lemus (Pilar) to go running sometime.

Posted by PassionsGal
What are your favorite thing about acting on a daytime soap?

McKenzie: Getting to wear great clothes, get your hair and make-up done everyday, and getting to kiss some hot good looking guys!

Posted by Neurogirl
What are your ambitions career wise?

McKenzie: I would like to be on Passions for quite a while & then some day do feature film & Broadway.

Posted by redgirl
Do you have advice on how someone could end up on a soap opera like Passions.

McKenzie: Study, study, study! Go to different acting school and learn as many different styles as possible!

Posted by hollys
Have you been working longer hours than you did at first?

McKenzie: No. We create an hour of television each day.
Some days are very long…it just depends on how the scenes go.

Posted by brenna
What is your favorite scene?

McKenzie: Hard to choose, I have so many favorites.

Posted by LandS
While taping the Tango scenes did you dance to music or was the rhythm just counted out and the music over laid in the final tapes?

McKenzie: We were able to listen to the music while we danced.

Posted by syl in wisc
Was that specific dance designed for competition? How long did you practice?

McKenzie: The dance was specifically designed for the show by a woman named Christy, we practiced for about 2-3 hours before.

Posted by kepas
What is the hardest scene you two have to do?

McKenzie: I have trouble keeping a straight face whenever I am doing a scene with both Galen and Dalton. When the three of us get together we constantly laugh! I also have a lot of fun with Ben Masters-he is very funny.

Posted by brenna
If you could choose one character to portray on Passions who would it be and why?

McKenzie: I would love to play Fluffy! No, Just kidding….I love portraying Sheridan & I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Posted by Catho6
Do you ever try to figure out what’s going to happen with your story line and others?

McKenzie: No, I just run with what they give me.

Posted by passion girl
Will Luis and Sheridan be a couple anytime soon? And is Hank or Beth going to be a problem in their developing relationship?

McKenzie: You’ll have to tune it to see!

Posted by Mrs. Travis Schuldt
McKenzie, would you prefer Luis over Hank?

McKenzie: Luis all the way! Hank is a great guy, but he’s no Luis!

Posted by hollys
Do either of you have any bad habits that drive each other crazy?

McKenzie: Bad habits, us???

Posted by CarrieUA20
Do you get-on-line often?

McKenzie: I do once in a while just to see how you guys & girls are liking the show and if you have any suggestions.

Posted by padi
Do you read our discussion board?

McKenzie: Again, once in a while

Posted by SHUIS Fan
If you do scan through the Coffeeroom Boards, which posts attract your attention?

McKenzie: Obviously-anything to do with Luis and Sheridan!

See you tomorrow night hopefully with a new SHUIS summary.

10.24.08, 2:01 AM
Standing in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Luis puts the candle he holds in his hand down on the counter, “I'm not going to light this candle for Sheridan, Mama. Sheridan is gone! All right? She's never coming back. She's dead, I have to accept that. The same way that you have to accept that Antonio’s never coming home.” Pilar is adamant, “Luis, I believe in miracles, and I have faith in the power of prayer.” Luis replies, “Well Mama, this isn't about faith.” Pilar says as firmly as she can, “I'm never going to give up hope, and I have this feeling that your brother will be coming home to us, soon. Antonio will be home for Christmas.” Coming through the back door, a surprised Hank asks, “I did hear right? Antonio's coming home?” As Luis stands against counter with his arms crossed over his chest, Pilar replies, “Yes, he called me last night after all these years.” Hank smiles, “I can only imagine what that must have meant to you, Pilar.” Pilar continues, “And that's not all, Hank. Luis heard Sheridan’s voice.” Hank looks over at Luis, “What?!” Pilar replies, “Yes. I believe that there's a chance that Sheridan may be coming home, too.”

On the island in the cafe, Sheridan smiles, “Well, the weather report says that it is calm and clear all the way up the coast. So there is nothing stopping us from going to Harmony now. And maybe once we get there, you'll change your mind and get in touch with your family.” Drinking his coffee, Brian says, “Yeah, we'll see.” So upbeat and smiling Sheridan says, “Anyway, I really feel that Harmony holds something for me. I mean, it could be the key to getting my memory back. Going there could change my entire life!” A very jubilant Sheridan walks to the table to pick up the dirty breakfast dishes. Walking up to Brian, Liz says, “I think it could change your life, too, Brian. That's what you're afraid of, isn't it?”

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Miguel and the gang are decorating for Christmas. Miguel tells the group about his mother receiving a phone call from Antonio and about Luis hearing Sheridan's voice. He tells that she is sure that they are both coming home for Christmas. Reese comes up with an idea that Sheridan may not really be dead and that possibly an evil witch cast a spell to take her away from Luis... like an evil spell to separate two lovers, to tear 'em apart. Outside looking through the window, Tabitha says, “Oh, damn than Ross. He'll foul everything up! When I think of all the spells I cast down through the centuries, trying to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, dooming their relationship in every lifetime they've had, I'm exhausted just thinking of all the work I've put in.” Timmy asks, “Does princess really think it was Sheridan on the phone?” Tabitha replies, “No. Even if it were, it doesn't matter. Luis and Sheridan’s relationship is still finished. Remember? I added an extra player to the mix back when those two were on the Titanic.” Timmy thinks, “That ship's officer.” Tabitha smiles, “Yes. A man who'll ensure that Sheridan and Luis stay apart. A man who'll always be there to come between them. And this time it'll be a little more interesting, because I added a little twist.” Timmy asks, “What does Tabby mean?” Tabitha says, “The man's identity.” She giggles, “Oh, it's almost too delicious, Timmy.” Timmy frowns, “Why? Has Sheridan met the man in this lifetime yet?” Tabitha replies, “Oh yes. Oh, yes, she's with him now even as we speak.” Timmy asks, “Who is this man, Tabby?” Tabitha claps her hands together, “Antonio Brain Lopez-Fitzgerald. Luis' brother!”

In her room packing her suitcase, Sheridan comments, “Well, even though I don't have that many clothes, I guess I should take everything.” Brian asks, “Why?” She replies, “If everything goes the way I hope it does, I won't be coming back here again. I'll stay with my family. Or my loved ones. If I even have a family. It's such a strange feeling, Brian.” Brian asks, “What, do you mean having amnesia?” Pacing the floor Sheridan sighs, “Yeah, who am I? Where do I belong? Why do I have this sense that going to this town, Harmony, will put the missing pieces of my life back together? I mean it could change everything for me!” She stops her pacing which causes Brian to ask, “What is it?” Sheridan looks at him, “I'm nervous. Excited but nervous. What if I'm wrong? What if Harmony doesn't mean anything to me at all?” Brian replies, “Look, Diana, we'll just have to wait and see. I mean...” Sheridan sadly replies, “I still won't know who I am or where I belong. What then?” Brian tells her, “You'll always have the island. And you'll always have me. I promise, I’ll always be here for you. Always.” She gives him a little smile.

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Hank asks, “You didn't just say -- I mean, how could that be Sheridan’s voice on the phone?” Luis replies, “I could have sworn that I heard Sheridan’s voice. All right, how can that be? How can that be possible? Sheridan is with my brother? It doesn't make sense. Any of it.” Hank begins, “Unless...” Luis finishes, “Unless we wanted to hear them so bad that we imagined it that what you're going say?” Hank says, “Yeah.” Luis looks up, “I thought of that, too. And it makes sense. But still, it...” Pilar replies, “I don't believe it. I told you, it's a miracle.” Hank looks at Luis and asks, “You agree with her, Luis? Is it a miracle?”

On the island, Brian holds her hands, “I know you're hoping things “will work out for you in Harmony. But if they don't, you still have me.” Sheridan softly says, “You've been so wonderful, Brian. I'll always be grateful to you. Liz walks into Sheridan's room, “Hey. Anyone up for a sea voyage? What's going on here? You both look so serious.” Sheridan looks at her, “I was just thinking about what if I get to Harmony and it means absolutely nothing to me.” Liz smiles, “Oh, come on. You can't give up hope now. Look, the way I figure it, you and Brian will hit Harmony around Christmas. And Christmas is the time for miracles. So who knows what'll happen.” Sheridan smiles, “You're right. I should be optimistic.” Liz replies, “Yeah. The glass is always half full, Honey. Half full.” Sheridan laughs, “I have to remember that.” Liz turns to Sheridan, “Oh, I got what you asked me for.” She hands a package to Sheridan, “Thank you.” She turns to Brian, “Actually it's not for me. It's for you, Brian.” Brian asks, “For me?” Sheridan nods holding out the package, “It's a Christmas present. For your mother. I'm hoping that when you get to the states you'll see her. Because I know she would love to see you.” Brian says, “I don't think that's such a good idea.” Sheridan asks, “Why not?” Brian replies, “Because I told you, when I called the house, I could hear my brother railing me in the background. Look, last night I also had dream. A dream that my brother told me that if I came home, I was only going to break my mother's heart again.” With her hands on her hips, Sheridan replies, “Well, don't listen to your brother. Even in your dreams. He's just a judgmental jerk. And you know, if I ever see him I'm going to tell him exactly what I think of him!” Brian says, “Yeah, well you're not going get that chance.” Sheridan insists, “Well you never know. You might change your mind. You should not let someone like your brother keep you from seeing your mother.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Hank sits at the table across from Luis, “Don't you believe in miracles, Luis?” Luis replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do. But this is beyond miracles. This is impossible.” Standing next to the table, Pilar pleads, “Luis, think back to last Christmas when you thought Sheridan was dead and then she wasn't. And then when she was in the hospital. What did the doctors tell you?” Luis replies, “The doctors didn't hold out much hope for her.” Pilar continues, “Right. And then at Christmas Eve in the church she came to you, Luis.” Luis nods, “Yeah. Yeah, I remember very well. It was the first time I told her I loved her.” Pilar smiles, “That was a miracle, Son.” Luis replies, “But, Mama, this is a totally different situation. Sheridan wasn't really dead. The FBI wanted to take down the drug cartel and they faked her death. This time she is dead. She was cremated.” Pilar asks, “Was she?” Luis nods, “Yes. Her fingerprints and dental records match, and I have to accept the reality.” Pilar shrugs, “Well, who knows what's real. I need to put these in the recycling bin.” She picks up the newspapers. Luis starts to get up, “I'll get it.” Pilar stops him, “No, I don't mind, really. Besides, I want to get some air.” When Pilar leaves the room, Hank says, “I've been sitting here, listening to everything. You know what a realist I am. I never believed in spiritual or mystical stuff. But if there are such things as miracles, then who better for them to happen to than your mother and Sheridan? Pilar is the most selfless person I've ever known in my life. And Sheridan, Sheridan was a kind, loving woman. I'm not saying I believe that she's alive or that there's any hope of Antonio coming home. But if there is a miracle in the works, then your mother and Sheridan are the kind of people they happen to.” Luis smiles.

Walking back into the cafe in his windbreaker, Brian asks, “Diana's not here?” Behind the counter getting the table settings and napkins ready, Liz replies, “No, she went outside. I think she's still nervous about making the trip.” Brian leans on the counter, “That's understandable, considering she's almost drowned twice.” Liz asks, “And you're nervous, too, aren't you?” Brian looks toward her, “Me?” Liz nods, “Yeah. About seeing your family. Diana doesn't know that they're in Harmony, does she?” Brian replies, “No, and I don't want her to know.” Liz asks, “Brian, whatever you're running from, isn't it time you stopped? Come on, this is a perfect opportunity to end it. Fate is sending you to Harmony for a reason.” Brian asks, “Fate? I'm returning some woman's boat, Liz.” Liz faces him, “It's more than that, and you know it.” Brian insists, “Look, I'm happy here on this island. My life is fine.” Liz replies, “No it isn't, Brian. You want more. We all do it. Nobody wants to be away from the people they love. Go see your family. See what happens. Brian, you never know.” Outside the cafe in the courtyard, Sheridan prays, “Dear God, please, help me find out who I am. If I belong in Harmony. Who I belong with.” She smiles.

At the window with the candles , Luis looks at them and thinks about what Pilar and Hank have said to him about miracles and Sheridan. Luis picks up the candle for Sheridan again, lights it, and puts it back into the window. Outside looking in the window, Pilar sees him and says, “Have faith, Luis. Have faith.” Luis closes his eyes to pray, then says in that husky emotional voice, “Sheridan, I’ll always love you.” Pilar closes the back door as she enters the kitchen. Luis looks up, “Hi.” Pilar gives him a sympathetic look, “Never give up hope. Miracles do happen.” Luis replies, “I don't know, Mama. I just don't know.” Pilar says again, “Just have faith. I'm going to go check on the kids.” Luis says, “Okay.”

When Luis hears a knock on the back door, he opens it, “Beth, hey.” Beth gives him a kiss on the cheek, “Hello.” Luis asks, “What's up?” Beth replies, “I just talked to Liz, you know, the lady who owns the hotel down in the islands?” Luis asks, “And your boat?” Beth replies, “They're setting sail tonight. So the people bringing it up should be here for Christmas.” Luis smiles, “That's great. Look, I really apologize for not being able to bring it back myself.” Beth says, “Forget it.” Luis looks thoughtful, “I don't know, it's just that I felt strange down there. You know? I... Kept sensing Sheridan’s presence everywhere. You know, it was like she was alive. I know, it sounds crazy...” Beth says, “No, it's okay.” Luis thinks, “I just wish I knew more about the island.” Beth smiles, “Hey, well we're still on for dinner with the two people bringing the boat back. So maybe they'll have the answers you're looking for.” Luis raises his eyebrows.

Standing before Brian in the cafe, Liz announces, “I just spoke to the woman who owns the boat.” Brian looks around, “Yeah, so what's the deal?” Liz says, “Well she's not sure if she's going to be in town when you guys arrive, so she gave me the name of someone to contact when you get there.” Brian asks, “Yeah, who's that?” Liz looks down at the piece of paper and reads the name, “Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Brian's jaw drops in shock. Sheridan enters the cafe again, “All ready to set sail. Do you have the exact location of where we're supposed to take the boat?” Taking the paper from Liz Brian turns toward her, “Yeah. Yeah, I know the location.”

To be continued...

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10.25.08, 12:36 AM
On the island Sheridan walks into the cafe and approaches Brian, “Well, what are we waiting for? You have the name of the person to contact when we get the boat to Harmony.” Brian replies, “Yeah, you're right. There's nothing keeping us around here.” Sheridan excitedly says, “Great! I can't wait to push off. I don't know why I'm so excited but about going to Harmony. It's not like I'm sure I've ever been there but there's something so familiar about the name. It rings a bell with me.” She can't help but smile as she speaks. Brian says, “Well, we'll find out soon enough. Are you almost ready to go?” Sheridan smiles, “There's just a few things I need to grab.” She grins, kisses Brian on the cheek, and heads for the door. When she sees Doc coming into the cafe, she giggles and throws her arms around his neck giving him a big hug before she leaves the room. Doc turns to watch her leave as he asks, “What was that all about? Not that I mind.” Liz replies, “Our Diana is feeling pretty good about the trip to Harmony. I wish we could say the same about our friend Brian.” Doc looks toward Brian, “Brian, I think I've got just the thing for you. One of my interplanetary communicants beamed me an excellent recipe for pre-travel jitters.” Brian replies, “Actually, Doc, I think I'm ok.” Liz then asks, “Well, if that's so, then you wouldn't mind explaining the look on your face when I told you to return the boat to Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald? Brian, what's with you and this guy? Do you know each other?” Brian looks away, of course.

In front of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Luis walks with Beth, “So, are you sure you're not mad at me for not sailing your boat from St. Lisa's island like I said I would?” Beth replies, “Stop it, Luis. If that was anyone's fault, it was mine for going down there and telling you about your sister's marriage to Julian Crane.” Luis smiles, “Yeah? Ok, so we're even? I'm just sorry you have to pay someone else to sail your boat back. I just hope they're not charging you an arm and a leg.” Beth shakes her head, “I can handle it. Besides you're the one who's gonna have to cough up the big bucks when they get here.” Luis grins like he knows that she is teasing. Beth continues, “Don't forget, you have to take them to dinner, okay?” With his hands in his jacket Luis replies, “I don't mind. I'm actually looking forward to talking to people from St. Lisa's island...strange place.” Beth asks, “Because it reminded you of Sheridan?” Luis shakes his head, “It didn't just remind me of her. It was like she was there. It was like she was there and like if I turned the right corner, she'd be standing there. I know I have to get over her, all right. I know she's dead.” He looks so sad and Beth turns away.

Hiding behind a bush next to the Lo-Fitz house, Tabby laughs as she listens to Luis, “Timmy, remind me to send a thank you note to Alistair and Julian Crane. I want to commend them for killing Sheridan, or at least making it look like she's dead. The pain it has caused Luis! I could watch that man mourn all day.”

On the island in the cafe, Doc places a drink on the bar in front of Brian. Next to Doc behind the bar, Liz asks again, “Out with it, Brian. What do you and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald mean to each other?” Standing at the bar, Brian says, “Come on, Liz! What makes you think I know the guy? And besides, what kind of cockamamie last name is that, anyway?” Liz warns, “Don't try to change the subject. Ever since I told you the name of the guy who stayed in number 9, you've been acting weird.” Brian brushes her off, “Your imagination is working overtime, Liz. Diana is waiting for me and I have to make a final check of the boat before we set sail. So...” He picks up his duffel bag, waves to the others, and walks outside. Walking around to the front side of the bar, Doc says, “He's hiding something, Liz. I can feel it.” Still behind the bar, Liz replies, “Oh, aren't we all, but this is something major. I have a feeling that when Brian and Diana meet with Luis in Harmony, all hell is going to break loose.” Liz walks to the door and looks out into the courtyard to see Brian checking what Diana has packed.

In the Lo-Fitz front yard, Beth tells Luis, “I am so sorry.” Sitting on a bench Luis replies, “You know, my mother thinks that if I just pray hard enough for a miracle, it will happen.” Beth sits on the bench next to Luis, “You mean she thinks Sheridan could actually come back to you?” Luis nods his head, “Yeah, I told her I heard Sheridan's voice on the phone.” Beth gives him a strange look, “I don't understand.” Luis tells her, “She thought she heard Antonio.” Beth asks, “Your brother who left home years ago?” Luis nods, “Yeah, when I got on the line, it wasn't him. It was Sheridan. We got disconnected before we could have a conversation so I called the operator and she gave me the number. I called it back.” Beth asks, “What happened?” Luis stares off across the yard before he replies, “No answer.” He pauses a bit before continuing, “You know, it's like my head is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another. I just can't stop hoping that she's still alive and that she's gonna come back to me.” Luis looks sadly down at his hands.

On the island outside the cafe, Sheridan calls out, “Liz, thanks for everything.” Liz shouts, “Good luck.” Sheridan says, “I'll miss you, Doc.” Doc replies, “I'm sure we'll see each other again, another time, another place, another planet.” He waves good bye from the door. Sheridan smiles, “I can't believe it! We're finally doing it. We're finally on our way to Harmony.” Brian says, “Let's go.” They both pick up their bags and walk toward the boat. Liz and Doc walk back into the cafe. Doc says, “Maybe you're over reacting, Liz. It seems like Brian and Diana are gonna have the time of their lives on their trip to the states.” Liz replies, “That's what I'm afraid of, Doc, a time neither of them bargained for.” Outside, Sheridan turns back to look at the place she called her home for the past few weeks. She takes a deep breath and heads off for her adventure.

In the Lo-Fitz front yard, Luis says, “I shouldn't be laying all this stuff on you.” Beth replies, “Why not? We go way back. Besides, it's the holidays and everyone is feeling everything much more intensely right now.” A shout is heard from inside the house. Pilar shouts, “Mijo, NO!” Luis looks at Beth and asks, “What was that?” Beth looks back at him, “Sounds like someone's fighting in the house.” They both hop up and run into the house to see Miguel and Hank fighting over Charity. Miguel thinks that Hank was flirting with Charity. Zombie Charity was actually provoking a fight.

On the boat, with Brian at the wheel, Sheridan brings him a cup of coffee, “Truce” Brian takes a sip of his coffee, “I am not mad with you, Diana, and I never was. The question is, can you forgive me for snapping at you?” Sheridan replies, “There's nothing to forgive. I pushed too hard about you going to see your family, although I still think it's a good idea.” Brian begins, “Diana...” Sheridan continues, “Would you just think about it? Please. Even if your brother is mad at you, there's no reason why you shouldn't see your mother.” Brian says, “I just want to cause her any more pain than I already have. Is that really so hard to understand?” Sheridan sighs, “I guess not. I'm a little nervous myself about what's gonna happen when we reach the mainland. I keep feeling like I've been to Harmony, like I've been there with the man I love, before he died.” She looks sadly out to sea. Brian asks, “Are you still having flashes of him?” Sheridan smiles, “Yeah, of the two of us together on a pier. But you know, I don't even know what's real anymore or what's not. For all I know, I've never even been to Harmony or any pier there.” She suddenly says, “You know, when you think about it, I could have everything mixed up in my mind. The man I love might not have died at all after all. He might be there and when I get to Harmony I might even find him.” She smiles and looks out to sea.

After Miguel and Charity have gone to the back yard to work things out, Pilar and Luis walk into the kitchen. Pilar begins taking out pots and pans and ingredients to begin cooking. Luis looks at the ingredients and asks, “Oh, you're making flan now?” Pilar answers, “Yes, why not? You always loved flan.” Leaning against the kitchen table, Luis continues, “We all know that's Antonio's favorite food in all the world, too. Why are you making a Christmas feast of all his favorite foods? He's never coming home, not really.” Pilar angrily replies, “Please, Luis, do not say that! He will. I will continue to act as if it will happen. And you of all people should understand because your heart will not let you give up on Sheridan any more than I will let my heart forget Antonio. So, let's hold on to our slender hopes because they are the only thing we have of the people we love.” Pilar walks to the other side of the kitchen. Luis looks like he feels sorry for what he said to his mother. He swallows hard as Pilar walks off.

On the boat, Sheridan thinks about what she has just said, “What am I doing? I have no business fantasizing that the man I love is still alive. The one thing I do remember is of him dying in my arms. But you, Brian, you know that your family is still living and you even got to hear your mother's voice on the phone. I really wish you would go see her when we get to the states.” Brian asks, “Even if my brother is gonna try and throw me out the door when I get there?” Sheridan smiles, “Wouldn't it be worth seeing your mother again?” Brian shrugs, “I guess if my showing up causes problems, I can always go back to St. Lisa's and live out the rest of my days.” Sheridan grins, “I can think of worse things.” Brian agrees, “Yeah, me, too. Listen, I know you probably won't believe this but I really do hope you are able to find your family. I hope you're able to piece your past together, even if it means I have to go back to that island alone.” Sheridan shocks him by saying, “Don't say that! I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you.” Brian looks very hopeful.

Brian asks, “You mean you'd actually care if you never saw me again?” Sheridan replies, “Are you serious? You saved my life, Brian...twice. I don't know how I would have gotten through my time on the island without you. You mean a lot to me.” Brian smiles, “Thanks. You know how I feel about you.” Sheridan says, “Even if going to Harmony means I find out who I am and what my life was before I met you, I don't want to lose you. I couldn't bear it.” She begins to cry. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Brian says, “Hey, I'm not going anywhere. There's nothing that I'd love more than to be a part of your life for as long as you want me around.”

Luis steps out the back door into the yard. He looks up at the sky and sees the Christmas star, “Maybe Mama is right. You gotta believe to make miracles happen.” Looking to the star and wishing, “Well, if there's any chance that Sheridan's out there, bring her back to me. Please. Bring her home.”

Standing at the rail on the boat, Sheridan looks up at the sky, Brian asks, “Are you cold?” Without looking at him, Sheridan replies, “No, actually looking at that star, I suddenly felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket.” Brian informs, “Well, that's the Christmas star.” Sheridan smiles brightly, “Really?” Brian replies, “Yeah, it appears once a year before Christmas. They say that every wish made on that star comes true.” Sheridan's eyes shine and she is smiling so brightly. She turns to look at him briefly before she turns back to look at the star, “Let's try it. We don't have to tell each other our wishes. It's better that way. Otherwise, they won't come true. Ready?” Brian says, “Yeah, whatever you say.” Sheridan closes her eyes to make her wish. Behind her Brian thinks to himself, “I won't ever let anyone take you away from me, Diana...EVER.”

In Harmony, Timmy also sees the Christmas star and makes a wish, “Please, Mr. Star, make Timmy's wish come true to be a real little boy with a real heart.”

To be continued...

This is another picture of Shuis from a promo that aired about the time of these episodes. I love those smiles. They are the most beautiful couple on any soap.
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I am sorry not to have a summary tonight but I kept losing the parts that I typed so finally gave up for the night. LOL! I hope to type it up all over again tomorrow so hopefully, I will have one tomorrow. In the meantime, this is a beautiful picture of a very sensual SHUIS kiss, as they all are but some even more than others. Love this one taken while they were dancing at the ET engagement party...
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10.26.08, 11:52 PM
Sitting at the table in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Pilar serves Luis and Beth hot chocolate. As he takes a sip of the hot liquid, Luis smiles, “You make the best hot chocolate in the world.” He quickly looks at Beth and continues, “No offense to that stuff they serve at the Book Cafe.” Beth nods, “I agree. Her hot chocolate is the best.” Standing in front of them, Pilar smiles, “Thank you, Beth...and Luis.” Beth says, “I always hoped you would share your recipe with me, Pilar. I would even give you a commission.” Luis turns in his seat to look at Pilar at the stove. He and Pilar both laugh, “I'm flattered. Really, I am, but the recipe is a family secret.” Luis says, “You made it tonight because you think Antonio's coming home, right?” Taking her seat at the table, Pilar replies, “Well, it was one of Antonio's favorites.” Luis lowers his head and quietly says, “I know. I know how much it would mean for you for Antonio to suddenly show up before Christmas. I haven't forgiven Antonio for abandoning his family after Papa disappeared.” Pilar replies, “Luis, I understand your anger. I do, but the church teaches forgiveness.” Beth leans forward, “Luis told me about the phone call you got. He said you heard Antonio's voice?” Pilar replies, “I heard him clearly.” Beth continues, “And then Luis got on the phone and heard Sheridan's voice.” Luis looks up, “Well, it wasn't Sheridan. We all know Sheridan's not alive.” Pilar shakes her head, “It just doesn't make any sense. How could I have heard Antonio's voice on the same call Luis heard Sheridan's voice? How could they be together?” Luis softly says, “They weren't. Mama, it's wishful thinking.” Pilar smiles, “Maybe it's a sign. Maybe it's a sign they're coming home. I pray that real soon Antonio will walk through the front door and bring Sheridan with him.” Luis raises a brow, “That would definitely be a miracle.” Pilar replies, “I believe in miracles, Luis. I can almost sense them getting close. I can almost sense them getting closer to home.”

On the boat, Brian comes from the cabin bringing Sheridan a cup as she sits looking out to sea at the rail. Sheridan looks up as he approaches, “That smells like hot chocolate.” Brian replies, “That's exactly what it is. My mother's secret recipe.” Sheridan takes a sip, “Oh, my goodness! This is fantastic. It's the best I ever tasted.” Brian smiles, “I'm glad you like it. She uses a secret ingredient.” Sheridan quickly replies, “Cinnamon.” Brian looks shocked, “How did you know that?” Sheridan laughs, “I don't know. How do I know anything? I have amnesia.” Brian says, “I'm glad you can laugh about it.” Sheridan smiles, “I can't spend every day of my life whining.” Sheridan has a flashback of being in the Lo-Fitz kitchen with Pilar serving hot chocolate to Sheridan and Luis. As Sheridan comes out of her flashback, Brian asks, “Diana, what is it? Did you remember something else?” Sheridan smiles, “Yeah, I just had another memory. I was with the man I love drinking hot chocolate with his mother in the kitchen. It was so real.” Sheridan is so excited. Brian says, “You seem to be having more and more memory flashes lately.” Sheridan smiles, “I know. It's the closer we get to Harmony, the more memories I have. Maybe it does mean something to me. Maybe the key to my past is in Harmony.” She has the biggest smile on her face.

On the boat, Brian can't help but notice Sheridan's excitement, “You seem convinced you will learn something about your past in Harmony.” Sheridan grins, “I don't know why. I just hope my feelings are right. Maybe I'll remember my family there.” Sheridan has another flashback of Luis and her standing on the wharf after the ET engagement party just before they go to “Luis' Bar and Grill”.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/pic25feb5.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=pic25feb5.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/pass2200108.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=pass2200108.jpg)
As the flashback ends, Sheridan is so excited. She sighs, “I just had another memory of being with the man I love on the wharf in Harmony. I'm really convinced that Harmony could open up my memory. Maybe I'll even find my family there.” Brian says, “Yeah, well, I hope so.” Sheridan reaches out to touch his hand, “You know, I know you're not as hopeful as I am about seeing your family. I really think that you should be.” Brian replies, “We'll see. Now that my brother still hates me.” Sheridan says, “Whatever you decide to do, I know it'll be for the best.” Brian says, “I hope so.” Sheridan smiles, “Remember, it's Christmastime and Christmas is the time for family. Maybe the holiday spirit will soften your brother's heart towards you and he will be able to forgive you.” Brian replies, “I don't know about that. In fact, I don't think that'll ever happen.” Sheridan says in a coaxing voice, “We both made wishes on the Christmas star. I really hope our wishes come true.” Brian says, “Yeah, I do, too.” Then he thinks to himself, “I hope our wishes come true too, Diana. I hope nothing ever takes you away from me.”

In Tabitha's attic, the scroll is showing what is happening in the Lo-Fitz kitchen. As Timmy sees this, he asks with disappointment in his voice, “This is the story it wants to tell, that Beth and Luis are having hot chocolate?” Tabby quiets him, “We don't want to make them (the evil that sent the scroll) angry. We're just going to watch.” Tabby and Timmy take their seats to watch. In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, as Luis sees Pilar putting her coat on, he asks, “Mama, are you going to work now?” Pilar replies, “Just for a little while. I want to make sure the Christmas decorations are put up properly at the mansion.” Luis then says, “I still don't understand how you can work for Ivy Crane after she attacked Theresa.” Pilar replies, “Well, Son, a wise person once said, 'Keep your friends close to you and your enemies closer.' Unfortunately, Ivy has become Theresa's enemy.” Luis says, “Yeah, you coming home late?” Pilar says, “Not too late.” Beth gets up during this exchange and goes to the counter to put her cup there. She sees the letter from Sheridan there and picks it up to read.

In Tabitha's attic, Timmy asks, “What's Beth looking at?” Tabby replies, “It's a letter from Sheridan. It was sent to Luis by Sheridan's attorney after her death. She wrote it to make his life easier but in fact, it will make his life more difficult and more complicated.” The screen shows the kitchen again as Pilar gives Luis a kiss on the cheek and turns to leave. With the letter in hand, Beth tells Pilar good night. At the stove, Luis turns and sees Beth reading his letter, and calls her name. Beth replies, “I'm sorry. It was just sitting right here. I couldn't help noticing that it was a letter from Sheridan.” Sounding upset, Luis says, “Yeah.” Beth crosses the room with the letter still in her hand to stand in front of Luis, “She said she wanted you to move on with your life if anything ever happened to her. Are you ready to do that? And will I be a part of your moving on?” In Tabby's attic, Timmy comments, “That Beth is some nervy chick!” Tabby replies, “She's going after what she wants. I like that.” Timmy asks, “What's he going to do? He still wants Sheridan.” Tabby replies, “He's in a pickle, isn't he? He truly believes the love of his life is dead and now his old girlfriend wants to start up their relationship again. Oh, Timmy, these mortals and their foolish fragile hearts.”

The picture on the scroll changes to the boat, “Look, it's Sheridan sailing straight for disaster.” On the boat, Sheridan smiles as she sits at the rail looking out to sea, “I can't wait to get to Harmony! Maybe I'll remember more about my past.” In the attic, Timmy asks, “Sheridan can't remember her past?” Tabby laughs, “No. She has amnesia. And that's not all, my little stuffed potato. The man she is sailing with is none other than Luis' brother Antonio.” Timmy says, “No way!” Tabby laughs, “Yep, and they're sailing straight into Harmony. Of course, Luis has no idea that his brother has fallen in love with Sheridan. Oh, Timmy, when those two arrive in Harmony, it's going to be like a Molotov cocktail exploding. Everyone’s lives are going to be turned upside-down. And I, for one, can't wait.” She laughs.

Tabitha comes back to her chair with popcorn. Taking her seat again, Tabby says, “So much pain and suffering awaits Luis and Sheridan. Isn't it marvelous!” Timmy isn't happy and replies, “Timmy doesn't get such a kick out of it.” Tabby replies, “Well, I do. For centuries I have been trying to break up Luis and Sheridan over so many different lifetimes. This is the lifetime that they will be finally torn apart...forever.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis softly says, “I'm sorry. I'm not ready to move on with my life and I don't know if I ever will be.” Beth lowers her head, “Of course. I understand. I just thought with Sheridan giving you her permission, almost urging you to move on might make a difference to you.” Luis replies, “No, it really doesn't. I was just telling my mother that I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to get on with my life. Beth, you and I have had this conversation before.” Beth replies, “I know. I'm not trying to push you here.” Luis says, “Look, hey, if I do decide to move on, you'll be the first person to know, okay?” In Tabitha's attic, she says, “Don't hold your breath, Baby, because Sheridan is heading back to Harmony full speed.”

On the boat Sheridan asks, “What's wrong?” Brian replies, “The wind just died.” Sheridan asks, “Why? It was fine a minute ago.” Brian replies, “I don't know. The sea is calm. If the wind doesn't pick up, we'll never make it to Harmony.” In the attic, Tabby stands, “Oh no! They can't stop now. They have to be in Harmony by Christmas. That's my Christmas present to myself, seeing all the pain and suffering when Sheridan and Antonio arrive.” Timmy asks, “What are they going to do then?” Tabby replies, “I don't know. There's nothing I can do.” She remembers something and suddenly announces, “They need wind. I will give them a bit of wind.” Timmy asks, “But how?” Tabby leans over and whispers to Timmy.

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis quietly says, “I'm sorry Beth. I don't want to hurt you.” Beth smiles, “No. Don't worry about it. I may not always like the things you say, but at least I know you're honest. I always know where I stand with you. Listen, I better go. Thanks for the hot chocolate.” She kisses him on the cheek and heads for the living room door. Before she reaches it, she turns back to Luis and says, “There's actually one thing I need to do before I go.” Luis asks, “What's that?” Beth looks up, followed by Luis, to see that mistletoe is placed right over his head. Beth gives him a kiss. In Tabby's attic, Timmy watches, “That is some kiss!” Tabby covers his eyes as she says, “I can see I will have to put child-proof locks on all the magical video devices in this house. There are some things a doll shouldn't see.” Timmy pleads, “Timmy won't look.” Tabby says, “Good! Did you do what I asked?” Timmy walks to a wooden tub, “It is full of water.” Tabby replies, “Thank you, Lad.” She puts a small sailboat into the tub. Timmy asks, “What's Tabby doing?” Tabby replies, “I'm going to give Sheridan and her captain some wind.” Tabby begins sprinkling dust (or something that looks like that) over the boat and the water. Timmy asks, “What's that stuff?” Tabby replies, “I picked it up last time I was in the Crane mansion. Watch the screen, Timmy. Watch the screen.” The screen shows Sheridan and Brian on the boat. Both standing on deck, Sheridan pleads, “Brian, there must be something that we can do.” Brian replies, “Unless you have a line to Mother Nature, we can't go anywhere without the wind.” As Tabby watches, she says, “You want wind, Baby? I got you wind right here.” She blows on the boat in the tub. Sheridan and Brian fall against the boat rails from the wind gust. Sheridan asks in amazement, “Where's that wind coming from?” Brian looks around, “I don't know. Maybe you do have an in with Mother Nature!” Sheridan laughs. In the attic Tabby informs them, “It came from right here, Antonio, chap. Now get yourself right back into Harmony so I can see some real pain and suffering.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, as the kiss ends, Beth reminds Luis, “I'm here for you, Luis. I will always be here for you.” She turns and leaves the house. Luis turns immediately to the refrigerator and takes down the picture of Sheridan. He sits at the table with the picture in his hands and says, “Sheridan, are you really gone? If you are, will I ever be able to forget you?” From her perch in front of the scroll in her attic, Tabby gleefully says, “Not bloody likely, Luis, especially since very soon you're going to see the girl in the flesh. And just wait until you see who she's with, your long lost brother, Antonio. Oh, this is going to be a blast!” Timmy sadly says, “Everyone's going to be hurt...Everyone!” Tabby says, “Of course they will, Lad. That's the fun of it.”

On the boat, Sheridan is at the wheel as Brian mans the sails, “At this rate, we'll be in Harmony in no time.” An excited Sheridan smiles and says, “I can't wait. I can't wait to see what Harmony has in store for me.” At the same time, Luis sits at the kitchen table with the letter from Sheridan. He looks up at the candles. At this point there is a beautiful split screen showing Sheridan on the boat on her way home to Harmony and Luis at his table in Harmony thinking about Sheridan, the love of his life.

To be continued...

10.28.08, 12:18 AM
On the boat sailing to Harmony, Sheridan comes out on deck, “This wind is unbelievable!” Brian looks up at the sky, “Yeah, it is. If it keeps up like this we'll be in Harmony tonight.” Sheridan smiles, “That's great! I think.” Brian looks at her surprised, “Don't tell me you don't want to go now.” She quickly replies, “Oh, I still want to go. It's just that now that it's in reach, I'm getting a little nervous. I did exactly what I promised myself I wouldn't do. I've gotten my hopes way, way up.” Brian asks, “You still think that Harmony could play a part in your life before you lost your memory?” She replies, “It must have. Why else would it sound so familiar?” Looking back at him, “That is not the only reason I want to go to the states though. I'm really happy you decided to look up your family.” He says, “I'm not making any promises. My brother would just as soon never see my face again.” She replies, “I don't know why anyone would feel that way towards you. Just so long as you say you will give it a try, I really have a feeling that this trip is going to resolve things for at least one of us.” She smiles and looks out over the sea.

Luis stands in the Lopez-Fitzgerald back yard, looking at a picture of Sheridan that he carries in his wallet, “It's not fair. Sheridan loved Christmas more than all the holidays put together.” He looks through the window into the kitchen to see his mother sitting at the table praying, “I wish some of Mama's faith would rub off on me. She believes anything is possible if you pray hard enough.” Inside the kitchen, Pilar turns when she hears Luis close the door, “I was just saying a prayer.” She stands as Luis asks, “For Antonio to come home, right? Sorry to interrupt.” He removes his coat. Pilar says, “It's okay. I'm sure the good Lord has heard enough from me for one day.” Luis gives her a kiss on the cheek and exclaims, “Oh, God, it smells great in here. Just like when we were kids.” Pilar tentatively says, “So you are not angry that I'm making all the food Antonio likes?” Standing in front of the stove, Luis smiles, “No, no way. Look, even if Antonio doesn't come home we're going to have a feast, just like the old days.”

At the Lo-Fitz kitchen table Martin serves the tamales, “Two for Theresa. Two for Luis.” He turns to Antonio and says, “Ah, but only one for Antonio.” Antonio protests, “But that is my favorite.” Pilar laughs, “Your father is only teasing. I made yours extra special.” Passing more tamales to Antonio, Martin says, “For my wonderful first born son. I'm so proud of you.” Pilar corrects, “Your father and I are proud of all of our children.” On the boat, Briantonio comes out of his flashback. Sheridan asks, “What is it?” He looks up toward the sky, “I was just thinking about Christmas at home a long time ago.” Sheridan smiles, “I wish I could do that. Close my eyes and imagine what my life used to be like. Tell me about the Christmas you remember.” Briantonio tells her, “It was perfect. Lots of food, laughter, teasing. Always my mother's favorite time of the year. She always made such a big deal about it. We always went along with it because it meant so much to her. We didn't have much money but it didn't matter because it was always great. Because back then we were all together. She always made sure we looked out for one another, no matter what.” Sheridan smiles, “She sounds wonderful.” Brian agrees, “She was. She is.” She says, “Must be so hard for your mother to not know where you are. I can't imagine what it would be like for a mother to lose one of her children.”

Looking at Sheridan, Brian says, “Look. I'm not making any promises, but maybe when we get to Harmony you can meet my mother, if I go and see her, okay? I remember my brothers and sisters used to bring all their friends over to the house because my mother was so welcoming. She treated each one of them like they were one of her own kids. I remember there was this one little girl in particular, she was like a second mother to.” She asks, “Really?” Brian smiles, “Yeah. Just typical poor little rich kid. My mother used to work for her family. I think when the little girl was very small her mother passed away. And well, the rest of the adults in the family didn't really know what to do with her. Didn't know what to do with a kid at all and they were kind of very distant and cold people. They tried to send the little girl off to boarding school to get her out of the way.” Sheridan looks sad, “How sad. She must have been so lonely.” Brian nods in agreement, “She was. Until my mother took her under her wing and showered her with tons of affection. I think my mother was the only adult that really loved her.” Sheridan smiles, “She was lucky. The little girl, whoever she was.” Brian admits, “I used to find strands of hair on my mother's coat when she would come home from work. I couldn't believe the color. It was like spun gold. What a crush I had on that little girl. Unfortunately, so did my brother.” She asks, “You fell in love with her hair?” He laughs, “Hey, it was beautiful hair, what can I say? Anyway, it was kind of funny because my brother and I would get into fights about who the little girl liked more.” She tries being persuasive again, “You know, I bet if you and he talked about this now you would both laugh at the memory.” He says, “I wish. Unfortunately, after hearing my brother bad mouth me the way he did during that phone call to my mother, I doubt very much that we will ever share anything with each other ever again.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen as Luis and Pilar light the candles, she says, “I wish I could give you some of my faith.” Luis puts his candle in the window and turns back to Pilar, “So do I. No matter what happens, I am so lucky to have you. And Miguel and two sisters. (He smiles.) Everyone's happy and doing great. Mama, do you have any idea how much I admire you?” She asks, “Me?” Luis replies, “Mama, more than anyone in the world. I know we have been through a lot. Papa disappeared, Antonio ran off, but you have always been there for us.” Pilar smiles slightly, “I try. I just don't know how well I have done.” Luis smiles, “Well, Mama, how can you even doubt. Look at Miguel, he's doing great. Theresa, I know how hard it was to keep her feet on the ground but all her dreams are coming true. She will be Ethan's wife and you better get ready to play grandma.” Pilar looks away and utters, “If only I could.” Luis asks, “What is this about not being able to play grandma?” Pilar looks at her hands, “I just meant that -- I was thinking about Antonio, that is all.” Luis replies, “Oh, Mama. I think I understand. You are wondering if Antonio already has children, children you never got to meet or play grandmother too.” Pilar steps away from Luis and says, “Yes, I wonder about that all the time. That is only one of the reasons that I hope Antonio comes home with yeah, well, come on, don't worry about that. Because I'm sure Ethan and Theresa are ready to start having kids soon.” Pilar shakes her head, “I don't know about that.” Luis smiles, “Well, just between you and me, I think that guy is almost ready to have kids. He called here earlier looking for Theresa. He wanted her to go with him to the orphanage. He definitely wants kids.” Pilar says, “But Theresa was not home.” Luis says, “He was really intent on finding her. I bet they are at the orphanage right now. Mom, come on, how about some cider?” Luis goes to the refrigerator. Pilar picks up her coat and purse and says, “No, thank you. I just remembered I forgot something at the store. I will be back in a little while.” She hurries out the back door.

Walking around on the Harmony wharf near the town Christmas tree, Luis looks out at the sea, “All my life you (the sea) have given me comfort, peace, serenity. Now I can hardly look at the sea even though it was the last place I saw her. Please, bring Sharon back to me.” He looks toward Heaven.

On deck of the boat sailing to Harmony, Brian points toward the shore, “There it. We're about to make land.” Sheridan asks in an excited voice, “Is that Harmony?” Brian states, “That's it.” Sheridan smiles in excitement, “Wow! What are all the twinkling lights on the dock?” He replies, “I don't know. Are you cold, you want my jacket?” Without turning away from watching the land from her spot at the railing, She happily says, “No. I just got the feeling that someone is there, someone is waiting for me in Harmony.” Brian watches her and is worried.

To be continued...

This would have been a great memory of a Harmony winter snow and being with Luis, the love of her life...
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http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/011601-07.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=011601-07.jpg)
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10.30.08, 12:57 AM
Luis looks at the picture of Sheridan that he carries in his wallet as he stands on the wharf near the town Christmas tree, “Is my mother right?” He asks himself, “You really hoping for another miracle this Christmas?” He answers himself, “I'm trying to have faith. Trying to believe that Sheridan might come back to me this Christmas, just like she did last year.”

On the boat, Sheridan stands looking toward shore and the town of Harmony with such hope and such excitement, “Look, there it is. There's the Harmony wharf and the giant Christmas tree. There's someone standing next to it.” Sheridan has the flashback of standing on the wharf with Luis after the ET engagement party. She smiles as she remembers the man she loves. Noticing how quite she is, Brian asks, “Diana, are you okay?” Sheridan replies, “Yeah. I just had that memory flash again. The one of seeing myself on the wharf with the man I loved. The man I remember dying. It looked just like this wharf.” Brian reminds her, “There are thousands of wharfs on the eastern seaboard that look exactly like that one in Harmony.” Sheridan shouts over her shoulder, “I have a feeling about this one, the feeling that coming to Harmony will change my life. There's something waiting for me there, the key to my past.” She watches the shore near with such excitement.

On the wharf, Luis looks at his watch, “I better get to the church in time for midnight Mass.” As he heads off to church, he sees the railing of the wharf where he carved his and Sheridan's initials. He remembers carving the initials, then saying, “Now the whole world will know about our love. From now on to the end of time.” Sheridan laughs, “Or at least till the termites get it.” The both laugh and share a kiss. As the flashback ends, Luis smiles at the initials.

A little beyond Luis at the dock, Beth's boat approaches. A local Harmony man helps Brian with docking the boat. The man asks Sheridan as she stands on deck, “How long have you been at sea?” At the railing, Sheridan replies, “Long enough. It will be good to be on dry land again.” While Sheridan and Brian are still on board the boat, the man asks them how long they are going to be in port. Brian replies, “I'm not sure, but the boat stays.” As Sheridan hears the church bells ring, she looks at Brian, “It's almost time for midnight Mass.” Brian replies, “Yeah, I hear.” Sheridan asks, “Should we go?” Briantonio has a flashback to walking to church with Pilar as a little boy. He shakes that off and says, “I'm going to get the boat docked up and locked. I'm not sure we'll make Mass.” The man offers to take care of the boat for them which prompts Sheridan to exclaim, “Great! We can go to church.” She steps off the boat and points, “First I want to check out that Christmas tree. Isn't it beautiful?” Brian replies, “Yeah. It's a beautiful tree.” As Sheridan walks away from the boat, she smiles, “For some reason, I'm drawn to this tree.”

As Luis stands on the wharf on the other side of the tree, he wonders, “Why do I feel you're so close by?” Sheridan walks down a couple of steps toward the tree and exclaims, “Oh, my goodness.” Coming up behind her, Brian asks, “Diana, what is it?” Sheridan looks around in awe and excitement, “It looks just like the wharf in my memory flashes. Maybe I have been to Harmony before.” Brian says, “I can understand you're excited. It's like I told you, there are a thousand towns on the eastern seaboard that have a wharf that looks just like this one.” She replies, “I know you keep telling me that but for some reason I feel connected to this wharf.” The man who helped tie down the boat finds them and tells Brian, “Excuse me. The Harbor Master needs you to sign these papers.” Brian tells the man, “All right.” Then tells Sheridan, “I'll be back in a second.” Sheridan replies, “I would really like to go to midnight Mass.” Brian replies, “I'll try to make it quick.” He leaves with the man as Sheridan turns back to the wharf. She sees the initials carved on the railing and says, “I hope that wherever they are, this couple is still as happy as the day they carved their initials.”

As Luis approaches the church, he stops and thinks, “Maybe lightning will strike twice. Sheridan came back to me at the church last year. Maybe she will this time, too.” A choir sings outside the church. Luis enters the church, stands in front of the statue, and remembers the SHUIS Christmas miracle the Christmas before.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0153.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0153.jpg)
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http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0158.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0158.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0167.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0167.jpg)
As the flashback ends, Pilar comes up behind Luis at the statue and says, “I know what you're praying for.” Luis replies, “I'm praying for a miracle. Praying for Sheridan to come back to me.” He looks back up at the statue.

Brian meets Sheridan as she walks around the wharf area. When she sees him, she asks, “How's it going? Boat all taken care of?” Brian answers, “Yep.” She smiles, “We can go to Mass then.” Brian replies, “I don't know about that, Diana.” Sheridan replies, “I guess you want to contact the guy who's handling the boat for the owner, make sure he knows we're here.” Briantonio has a flashback of Liz telling him that it is Luis who will be receiving the boat if Beth isn't around, then a flashback of what he heard Luis tell Pilar about Antonio on the phone. As he comes back to the present, Briantonio replies, “Actually, no, we can wait on that.” Sheridan smiles, “Great. So, we can go to midnight Mass then.”

In the vestibule of the church, Pilar tells Luis, “I know how special this spot is to you. It is to me, too. So many times we gathered here before going into Mass.” She has a flashback of herself with her children before entering the church. Briantonio has the same flashback. Sheridan notices Briantonio's resistance to going to church and asks, “Brian, do you have a problem going to church?” Brian replies, “No, no problem at all. Let's get changed and we'll go to midnight Mass.” She says, “We have to ask someone directions on how to get to church.” Brian looks at her, “You know what? I'm sure we will find it if we just follow the sound of the church bells.” Sheridan smiles, “I don't know why but I just have a feeling something is waiting for me in Harmony.” As she boards the boat to change, Briantonio says to himself, “What's waiting for you is nothing compared to what's waiting for me when I get to church.”

At the statue in back of the church and with tears in his eyes, Luis prays once again for Sheridan's return, “I know lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, but I can't bring myself to give up on Sheridan. So if she's out there, bring her back to me. Please.”

Approaching the church door, Sheridan asks, “Hey, you all right?” Brian replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.” Sheridan smiles, “All right. Well, let's go inside. I can't help but think there's something waiting for me here.” She steps inside the church, looks ahead, and smiles.

To be continued...

10.31.08, 12:46 AM
In back of the church in front of the statue, Luis finishes praying and stands. He looks around, “I guess I didn't get my miracle. Sheridan didn't come back to me like she did last year.” He has a flashback of the Christmas miracle from 2000.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0156.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0156.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0164.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0164.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0165.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0165.jpg)
As the flashback ends, Luis sighs, “I don't understand. Sheridan felt so close t me just before Mass began.” Outside the church, Sheridan walks back to where Brian stands outside. Sheridan says, “Brian, I thought you were going to go to midnight Mass with me but when I turned around, you were gone. Why don't you want to come inside?” He turns and walks a few steps away from her. Standing behind him, Sheridan asks, “Brian, what is going on? Why don't you want to go to church with me?”

Luis walks up to Pilar in the church. When she sees his face she asks, “Sheridan didn't come back to you?” Luis replies with a crack in his voice, “I tried, Mama. My faith was strong and...” He sighs before he continues, “I even believed it was possible, knowing that Sheridan’s dead. The miracle I prayed for didn't happen.” He looks devastated once again. Pilar tries to comfort him, “I know, Son. I also believed that a Christmas miracle would happen. I sensed your brother Antonio close by and Sheridan, too. And I thought God had done the impossible, you know that he had brought them back home to us.” Luis gives a small smile, “Yeah. I felt Sheridan’s presence, too. I guess it was just wishful thinking.” Sighing, Luis adds, “Well, Antonio and Sheridan are no where near Harmony.”

Outside the church, Sheridan says, “Let's go inside.” She smiles, “I'd really like to say a prayer that somehow I’ll find my family, get my memory back. Please?” Brian replies, “All right. If Mass is over by now everyone must be gone.” Sheridan confides, “You know, I felt drawn to this church all night. Now we're finally going to get to go inside. I keep feeling like there's something in there for me. Something that will change my life.” She walks back to the church door while Brian follows. At the door to the church, Sheridan asks, “Did anyone else have this much trouble getting you to go to church?” Antonio has a flashback of Pilar trying to get him to hurry to church when he was reluctant to go. As the flashback ends, he says, “Come on, Diana, let's go.” They walk into the church and stop in the back, the vestibule. Inside the church near the altar, Pilar tells Luis, “I'm sorry Sheridan didn't come back to you, Luis. But I still feel her close by. Antonio, too.” Pilar smiles, “This church holds many happy memories for me. Many happy memories.” She has a flashback of being proud of Antonio serving as an altar server in the church. Briantonio has the same flashback as he stands looking toward the altar. He moves to one side, an alcove area, in the back of church and stands with his back toward Sheridan. She moves to stand behind him and asks, “Brian, hey. You all right?” Briantonio replies, “Yeah, I just need some time alone to think.”

At the front of the church, Pilar looks up at Luis, “I just thought of something. Antonio could be home waiting for us.” Luis shakes head, “No, Mama. Antonio knows we'd be at midnight Mass. He would have come here to find us.” Pilar adds, “Yeah, but what if he got to town too late? Luis, I still feel your brother close by. I'm going home to find him.” Luis begins, “Mama...” Pilar has already walked to the back door so Luis can only follow.

In the back of church near the statue, Sheridan stands behind Briantonio as he has several flashbacks about his years in the church with his family. She asks, “Brian? Hey, is there something wrong?” As the flashbacks end, Brian quietly says to himself, “I let you down, Mama.” Sheridan asks, “I'm sorry, did you say something?” Brian turns around and tells Sheridan, “I need some time to be alone, to think.” As they reach the church yard, he asks, “So I’ll meet you at the boat. Do you think you could find your way back to the dock?” Sheridan replies, “Yeah. Hey, what's that in your pocket?” Brian shrugs, “It's nothing.” She says, “Yes, it is. It's the gift I got you for your mother.” Brian looks down at his pocket and the gift, “Yeah, I must have forgot it was in my pocket, huh?” Sheridan says, “I just hope you take my advice and get in contact with her while you're in the states. Christmas is a perfect time for family reunions. You know, maybe you should open it first. I want to make sure that it's appropriate.” Brian sighs, “No, I'm sure it's fine.” She says, “Fine, see you later then.” As Sheridan walks off, Brian pulls the gift out of his pocket and unwraps it to check it out. He finds a necklace with a medal inside and he is surprised, “Lady of Guadalupe (the medal). How could Diana have known? It's perfect.”

In the vestibule of the church, Pilar tells Luis, “I'm going home to see if Antonio’s there.” Luis replies, “Why don't you go on ahead? I'll meet you at home later. Mama, it's time I moved on with my life. I realize that Sheridan’s not coming back.” Pilar leaves the church as Luis looks again toward the statue.

Standing in front of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Antonio looks around and seeing that no one is home or is asleep, he reaches in the flowerbed for the key. As he retrieves the key, he says to himself, “Some things never change.” He walks to the front door, unlocks it, walks into the living room and whispers, “Home.” He walks into the kitchen where he sees the lighted candles in the window and comments, “Mama used to light a candle for Papa every night before I left. One of those must be for me.” Antonio turns, leaves the kitchen to walk down the hall to stand outside Pilar's bedroom door where he listens to her prayer, “Despite everything, I haven't given up hope, Lord. I still pray for Antonio’s safe return. And I trust that wherever he is, he knows that I love him. That I will always love him and this will always be his home.” Pilar finishes her prayers, turns out the light and gets into bed. In the hall, Antonio utters, “Mama.” Antonio enters Pilar's room and kneels beside her bed, “Please forgive me, Mama. Please forgive me.”

At the wharf Luis looks at the town tree, “There's no Christmas miracle this year. Sheridan didn't come back to me.” Sheridan arrives back at the wharf and stops near the tree, “Oh, thank goodness. I never thought I would find my way back here.”

To be continued...

11.1.08, 11:47 PM
At the town tree, Luis sighs, “No Christmas miracle this year. Sheridan didn't come back to me.” Making her way back to the wharf, Sheridan stops a few feet away from Luis to look over the railing, “Oh, thank goodness. I never thought I would find my way back here.”

In Pilar's bedroom, as Antonio kneels at her bedside, he daydreams about what his homecoming would be like by imagining how happy Pilar would be to see him, then he looks down at the sleeping Pilar and whispers to her, “Sorry I can't stay, Mama, but if I did it would only hurt you more. Most of all, I'm sorry I had to leave all those years ago. I hope one day you'll be able to understand why I had to go and why I have to stay away. I never meant to break your heart. I hope one day you'll be able to forgive me. I hope one day I’ll be able to forgive myself.”

As Sheridan stands on the wharf she turns around and sees Luis' back as he stands next to the Christmas tree which leads to a flashback of the wharf kiss.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/Pdc4675400201799443132.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=Pdc4675400201799443132.jpg)
She looks toward Luis again, “There's something so familiar about him. Could it be? Could he be the man I love?” She smiles as she looks out over the railing to the sea.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Antonio places his gift on Pilar's nightstand, “Goodbye, Mama, goodbye.” He stands bending over Pilar to give her a kiss when the door opens to Ethan and Theresa who have come to investigate a noise. Ethan rushes in and tackles Antonio.

On the wharf, Sheridan says to herself, “I have to find out if it's him.” She turns back to find Luis gone, “It can't be. He's gone. Oh, it couldn't have been him anyway. The man I love is dead. I still got the strangest feeling though. Something familiar, a sense of belonging, comfort. What does it mean?” Walking down the wharf away from the town tree, Luis stops, “That's strange. That same feeling I had down in the island. Sheridan near me. That can't be. Sheridan's gone. It feels like she's so close.” He turns around and walks back toward the tree, “Well, Mama keeps saying that miracles happen around Christmas time. Just have to wait to see if she's right.” Now standing on the wharf in front of the boat, Sheridan turns and says, “There it is again. That feeling. It's like I'm on the verge of getting my memory back.” She walks to the steps to board the boat and stops, “I feel like I'm about to remember something.” On the other side of the town tree, Luis stops when his cell phone rings, “Lopez-Fitzgerald.” He listens for a bit and says, “An intruder in my house? My mother and sister are there. Look, I'm on my way. Sheridan's gone, right. It's just wishful thinking.” He puts his phone away and rushes home. In front of the boat, Sheridan smiles, “I feel like I'm close to something. But I don't know what. Oh, it must be nothing. Just wishful thinking.” She walks back to the boat.

In Pilar's room as Ethan wrestles with Antonio, he escapes by jumping through the window. Theresa is relieved to see that Pilar is all right because he could have hurt her to which Pilar replies, “No, Teresita, he just wanted to see me.” Ethan and Theresa don't understand so Pilar explains, “It was Antonio. My son. My son was here to see me.” Running around to the front of the house, Antonio says, “I knew it. I knew I should have never come home.” As Luis enters her room, Pilar says again, “It was Antonio. He came to see me.” Luis replies, “Mama, it couldn't have been Antonio. Look, I'm sure it was a break- in. Cops see plenty of these this time of year.” Pilar insists, “It wasn't a break-in. I sensed him.” Luis says, “Mama, look, I know that you thought that Antonio was coming home for Christmas but he didn’t. This wasn't him.” Pilar is adamant, “Listen to me, Luis. There is a bond that exists between a mother and a child that cannot be explained. You feel it the minute that baby starts growing inside of you. I felt Antonio here tonight. I'm sure of it.” Luis shakes his head, “Mama, I don't want you to get your hopes up because you're going to find out that it wasn't Antonio and you're just going to be hurt.” Pilar insists again, “I know in my heart it was my son and you must believe me.” Luis gives in somewhat, “All right, look, I don't want to argue with you. I'm gonna go get something to cover this up and we'll have someone come and repair the glass tomorrow.” He and Ethan leave to get something to cover the window.

Sitting on a bench on the wharf, Briantonio says, “Look, I'm sorry this trip hasn't worked out the way you wanted.” Sheridan sighs, “Me too. I really hoped I’d remember something.” Brian says, “Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.” Sheridan smiles, “You know, that's the strange thing. My head keeps telling me that I should let this feeling about Harmony go but my heart keeps telling me that there's something here for me. I'm somehow connected to Harmony. Maybe things will be different for us tomorrow. Maybe we'll both find what we're looking for.”

In her room, Pilar asks, “Luis, I do not mean to pry but where did you go tonight after midnight Mass?” Luis replies, “I took a walk. I needed some time alone to think.” Pilar asks, “About Sheridan?” Luis smiles, “Yeah. I was hoping there would be another Christmas miracle. Sheridan would come back to me like she did last Christmas. I even felt her presence down at the wharf. That's ridiculous.” Pilar says sincerely, “I don't think it is.” Luis sighs, “Mama, if Sheridan was back in Harmony, she would come back to me. I've got to stop letting my hopes and dreams get in the way of reality.” Pilar accuses, “That's what you think I'm doing, isn't it? I'm not, Luis. Antonio was here tonight.” Luis shakes his head sympathetically, “I'm not gonna deny how you feel, Mama. But I'm a cop. I deal with evidence. I mean, what proof is there that Antonio was here?” Pilar states firmly, “I don't need any evidence, Luis. I know what's in my heart and besides, what kind of evidence could there be?”

To be continued...

11.2.08, 11:24 PM
Sorry, but no summary tonight. I haven't been home long enough this week-end to get one together for tonight. I am posting an article with picture from one of the soap magazines at the time that Luis received the call from Sheridan.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/Sheridan-calls-from-beyond.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=Sheridan-calls-from-beyond.jpg)

11.4.08, 12:11 AM
As he naps on the boat, Briantonio has a dream about going home to see his mother only to have Luis answer the door and turn him away. He calls out in his sleep. “No!” Sheridan calls to him, “Brian, hey. You okay? You were calling out in your sleep.” Sitting up he asks, “Did I say anything?” Sheridan replies, “Nothing I could make out but you sure seemed pretty upset.” He states. “It's a bad dream.” Sheridan asks, “Brian, look something is bothering you. What is going on with you?” Standing next to him on the boat, she demands, “Talk to me, Brian. What is it that has gotten you down like this? Look, we're friends. I trust you. Look, I want you to feel like you can trust me, too.” He replies, “I do trust you, Diana. It's just that... It's kind of difficult for me to talk about.” He picks up his coffee cup and takes a sip as Sheridan softly says, “It has to do with your family, doesn't it? At least I assume it does. I knew that once we got back to the states you'd want to see your mother again. And I’m sure she would give anything to see you. Because no matter how much time has passed or how long you've been gone, you're still her son.” He replies, “It's not that simple, Diana.” She replies, “But it is. Look, once we get this boat back to its owner we'll just jump on a plane and go to your family.” He says, “We don't need a plane.” She counters, “All right, then we'll rent a car.” He states, “They're here.” Sheridan asks in surprise, “What?” Brian states again, “My family's here.” Sheridan asks, “Here in harmony? Well, then you've got to go see them right away.” Briantonio replies, “I did see them. Well, I saw my mom anyway last night.” An excited Sheridan asks, “What happened? What did she say?” He replies, “I left before she could say anything. She was asleep. She never even knew I was there.”

In the kitchen, Pilar stands in front of the window with the candles. Luis walks into the kitchen, sees Pilar with the lit candles, and asks, “A candle? It's morning.” Pilar turns to face Luis, “I told you I’m going to continue to burn a candle day and night now that I know Antonio is coming home.” Luis says, “Mama, you don't know that.” Pilar states, “He was here last night, Luis. I’m sure of it.” Luis sighs, “Haven't we been through this?” He goes to pour some coffee. Pilar insists, “It wasn't a burglar, Luis.” Luis replies, “I bet my badge on it.” Pilar reminds him, “I sensed Antonio in my room last night. Look, a mother knows her own child.” Luis sighs, “Mama, I know that you wanted to see Antonio so bad but you imagined it.” Pilar again insists, “No, Luis, I did not imagine it. And it wasn't wishful thinking.” Luis replies, “Mama, look, I know this can't be easy for you, all right? But if Antonio was coming home, he would've done it years ago. Why now? There's no reason.” He turns and leaves the kitchen. As soon as Luis is out of the room, Pilar says to herself, “There is a reason, Luis. and maybe Antonio senses it. His sister's in terrible trouble.”

The Lopez-Fitzgerald family plus Ethan are gathered around the table for breakfast. Theresa asks Pilar, “You really believe the man in your room last night was Antonio?” Pilar stands in front of the table between Luis and Ethan, “Yes, I do.” Looking up at her, Luis says, “You didn't even see his face, Mama.” Pilar answers, “I know it sounds strange but I didn't need to see his face. I know in my heart that it was him.” Theresa happily asks, “Wouldn't it be amazing if that was true? I mean, it's been so long since we've seen Antonio. I wish he would come back home.” Looking at her. Luis explains, “Theresa, Antonio walked out on this family. It broke Mama's heart. He never called, he never wrote, nothing. All right? So as far as I’m concerned Antonio is no longer a member of this family and I hope he stays away for good.”

On the boat, Sheridan stands with folded arms, “So you saw her? You went to your mother's house last night?” Briantonio explains, “I slipped in after she was already asleep. I left her the gift you gave me for her.” She sits down at the table as she asks, “Why didn't you let her know that you were there?” He takes a seat next to her, “Because I told you the things I heard my brother say about me over the phone when I called her that day.” She asks, “So what, your brother's more important than your mother?” He replies, “No. No one is more important to me than my mother. That's why I can't stand the fact that she may be hurt again.” Sheridan angrily says, “You know, if I were you, I would just ignore your brother because he has obviously got problems.” He replies, “No, in many ways my brother is right. I have hurt my mother. I've hurt my whole family.” She uses a softer tone, “I’m sure she's forgiven you by now and would give anything to see you.” Briantonio replies, “Well, she almost did. I got this close to being caught last night. I just barely got away. That's when I realized that this whole thing is a mistake. I have no right coming back into my family's life, Diana.” She shouts, “You have every right.” Brian looks down, “No, I don't. I have no place with my family anymore. I mean, what I want to do, I want to take this boat, I want to turn it over and I want to get out of here before I cause them anymore pain.”

Sitting at the table on the boat, Sheridan tries to be persuasive, “Brian... If you leave Harmony without talking to your mother, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You'll always wonder what could have been. You really love your family, don't you?” Brian says, “That's not the point.” She pleads, “If you didn't, you wouldn't feel this strongly, you wouldn't have gone to your mother's house last night. I know she must love you. I’m sure they all do. You know, Brian, you've got people who love you. I would give anything to have that. To know that there are people out there who care about me. This is just too important. You cannot walk away from this. You have got to go back to that house and face your family. And I know that it's going to be hard but if there's one thing I've learned about you is that you are not a coward so you've got to do this.” Brian tries to explain, “It's not that simple, Diana. There are reasons I left Harmony, reasons that my family don't even know about. If they ever found out, all it's going to do is hurt them more than I already have.” Sheridan sighs, “I know what I would do if I had a family. I would give anything to be with them.” Brian stubbornly says, “Well, I wouldn't. It's not worth it.” She pleads, “Please, Brian, would you just give it some more thought?” He replies, “No. I’m going to transfer this boat and I’m going back to the island. It was a mistake for me to come back to Harmony.” Sheridan says with voice raised, “But you did. You came here. Liz could've gotten someone else to sail the boat but for some reason you came here.” Brian angrily says, “Yeah, for you. I came here to help you. You thought this place meant something to you before you had amnesia, you thought it might bring back some memory for you.” She raises her voice again, “Yes, you wanted to help me but there's more to it than that. There was a part of you that wanted to reconnect with your family and that's the part that you have to pay attention to.” She gets up from the table and walks off.

Luis answers the phone as it rings in the living room, “Hello?” Briantonio replies, “Hello, Luis? It's me, your brother, Antonio.” A shocked Luis replies, “How dare you call here, you bastard.” Then he asks, “What are you calling for, Antonio?” Antonio replies, “I understand why you're mad, Luis.” Luis replies, “That's really generous since you ran out on Mama and the rest of us when we needed you most.” Antonio says, “I didn't call to fight with you. I just want to see Mama.” Luis adamantly replies, “Just stay the hell away from us!” Sitting next to Antonio, Sheridan asks, “What's going on?” Briantonio puts his hand over the phone, “My brother doesn't want me anywhere near the family.” She encourages him, “Well, keep trying because your family's too important.” He takes his hand away from the phone and states, “I wanna see Mama.” Picking up a picture of Shuis, Luis replies, “You listen, Antonio, this family's been through a lot of pain lately and we don't need you adding to that. We've already lost enough.” Antonio concedes, “You know, you're right. You're absolutely right about everything. I was selfish, but now I wanna make amends.” Luis says, “You're not listening, Antonio, it's too late for amends.” Brian insists, “Look, I wanna see Mama and I'm pretty sure that she wants to see me. Now am I wrong about that?” Luis admits, “No, but -- look, it's just not a good idea, all right? I don't want you hurting her again.”

Walking into the living room, Pilar asks, “Luis? Who are you talking to?” Pilar asks again, “Who's on the phone, Son?” Luis puts his hand over the phone, “Where are Ethan and Theresa?” Pilar replies, “Ethan left, um, Mrs. Crane is having a party at the mansion, she asked me to work and she invited the whole family.” Luis replies, “Huh, what, me at the Cranes? I don't think so.” Pilar sighs, “I understand. Though it would mean a lot to me to have some of my children near me on New Year's. I have to change, if I don't see you, Happy New Year, Son.” Luis hugs her and replies, “Oh, Happy New Year, Mama.” He takes his hand from the receiver again, “You still there?” Antonio replies, “I heard Mama, can I talk to her?” Luis replies, “No, she's already gone. Look, I know Mama wants to see you, so, uh, if you wanna see her, you can.” Antonio says, “Thank you.” Luis says, “Don't thank me.” Antonio replies, “Okay, tell me when's a good time.” Luis replies, “Well, there's a party at the Crane mansion tonight, she'll be there.” Antonio is surprised, “Wait, she still works for them?” Luis replies, “Yeah, we needed the money. Look, we're all invited so I guess that means that you can come.” Antonio says, “Oh, uh... Well, I...” Luis asks, “What? Well, what, are you gonna go to the party and see Mama or not?” Antonio replies, “To be honest, I don't know.” Taken aback, Luis replies, “First you wanna see her and now you're not sure. Boy, you're some piece of work, brother. You know, I'll tell you something, I'm gonna go to this damn party tonight just in case you show up, because I wanna be there for Mama, wanna make sure you're not gonna hurt her again.” Antonio asks, “What, you think I'm gonna hurt her on purpose?” Luis says, “You listen to me, all right? I'm not gonna have you playing with her emotions again, building her up and then knocking her down. Now you can see Mama if you wanna stay in her life forever. If you're not gonna do that, then you just stay away, Antonio. All right, you just stay away.”

On the boat as Briantonio hangs up the phone, Sheridan stands and asks, “Well? You gonna see your mother?” He replies, “I keep thinking about what my brother said. I don't wanna hurt her again.” Sheridan stands behind him, “Brian, you won't. She wants to see you and you're dying to see her, but you've gotta take the first step.” Briantonio says, “Okay, I'll go.” She says, “You're making the right decision.” He looks at her, “But I have a favor to ask of you. Will you go with me to the party? I could use some support.” She smiles, “Of course I'll go.” He thanks her. Sheridan smiles, “You know, even though there wasn't anything here for me in Harmony, at least I'll get to see you reunite with your mother and I'll get the chance to give your brother a piece of my mind.”

To be continued...

Here is a cute picture of Shuis on the Titanic as Susan and Liam.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/titanicpassions.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=titanicpassions.jpg)

11.5.08, 1:14 AM
Pilar greets Luis as he arrives at the Crane mansion, “I'm so glad that you changed your mind and decided to come.” Luis replies, “Yeah.” Pilar asks, “You're thinking about Sheridan, huh?” Luis nods, “I passed her cottage driving in and everything just came back.” Pilar says sympathetically, “Yeah. How I wish that the miracles we prayed for, to see Antonio and Sheridan again, had somehow come true.” Luis gives his mother a smile, “Right, um, listen, Mama, I just, just want you to be prepared for tonight.” Pilar asks, “What do you mean, Son?” Luis replies, “You know how these Crane parties are. Strange things always happen and I just don't want you to be surprised.” She brushes that comment off, “I've worked for the Cranes many years, Son, nothing surprises me anymore. I'm going to go into the kitchen and see what needs to be done. I'll see you in a few minutes.” Luis gives her a kiss, “Okay.” As he watches his mother walk away he says, “Antonio damn well better not hurt Mama.” When he turns back to the room, he “sees” Sheridan at the door, “Sheridan?!” Sheridan exclaims, “Luis! Oh, Luis!” Luis realizes that she isn't really there, “Why can't I just let her go? Just get her out of my mind.”

Aboard the boat, Sheridan smiles, “You've made the right decision, Brain. You won't regret seeing your mother. I know you won't.” She walks off. He says to himself, “Ironic, isn't it? My mother at the Crane mansion.” He opens a drawer and pulls out a gun, “The reason I left Harmony, the person responsible is at that mansion and when we meet up again, I wanna be prepared. No. No, I'm gonna see my mother after all these years and I don't need to take a gun.”

Entering the gate to the Crane estate, Sheridan stops and looks around, “This place... It all seems so familiar. Could I have been here before?” Inside the mansion, Luis stands in front of the French doors and can be seen from outside. As he stands in the Crane living room, he looks around, “Sheridan, you feel so close. It's this place, so many memories. Gone, forever. I need some air.” He moves away from the door to get his coat.

Outside at the front gate, Sheridan looks around in wonder, “This place, why does it all seem so familiar to me? No, it's impossible, I, I've never been here before.” Without looking at him, she says, “Come on, Brain, let's go.” She moves to walk toward the mansion. Brian doesn't move and says to himself, “Well, Diana, I have been here before, and I regret every second I spent on these grounds. I never would have left Harmony or Mama if it wasn't for the Cranes. Damn Julian.” As Sheridan walks up the path to toward the mansion, she exclaims, “Sounds like a great party going on in there.” Also walking on the grounds of the Crane estate, Luis looks at the picture of Sheridan that he carries in his wallet, “I have to get over you, Sheridan. Maybe if I emerge myself in all the memories, maybe I'll feel all the pain I can feel, then maybe I'll be able to heal. Maybe I'll be able to let you go. I know you're not coming back. I know you're dead.” He walks further away from the mansion as Sheridan makes her way closer to the mansion, just missing each other (once again!).

Antonio still stands near the entrance gate, “Damn Julian Crane! He's the reason that I had to leave Harmony so many years ago. He's the reason that my brother hates me. He's the reason I had to leave everyone that I love.” He thinks back to his run in with Julian when he was a teen. In Julian's library, a teen aged Antonio stands in front of Julian's desk. Julian shouts at him, “If you know what's good for you and your family, you'll get out of here. You'll leave Harmony and never come back or your whole family will be destroyed. Their lives will be ruined because of you.” Antonio shakes his head back to the present, “The Crane family has caused so much pain for so many people in Harmony. I'm surprised that somebody hasn't already killed that bastard Julian!” He shakes his head, “I have to stop thinking about Julian Crane. I'm here to see Mama and I'm here to show Diana a good time for New Year's Eve. I wonder what Mama is gonna say after all these years. And Luis. I don't know how he's going to react. I already know that he hates me.”

Sitting on a bench on the Crane grounds, Luis looks up to see Sheridan walk by. He exclaims, “Oh my God. Could that be...?” He stands and follows her. In front of the Crane mansion, Antonio reaches out and puts his hand on Sheridan's shoulder causing her to exclaim, “Brian, you scared me.” He says, “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I was just coming to tell you that I'm ready to go inside now and see my mother.” She smiles, “That's wonderful. So let's go.” She begins to walk toward the door but is stopped by Brian, “I don't want anyone to see me, I'm afraid that, you know, somebody might see me and tell my mother that I'm here and spoil the surprise.” Pulling her aside as party-goers pass, he says, “I think we should wait a bit longer, maybe.” Sheridan looks up, “No, you, you're right, you wanna surprise your mother.” Brian says, “Yeah.” Looking up at him she asks, “So, should we just wait here?” He replies, “I guess. We haven't even said, "Happy New Year" yet.” Sheridan smiles, “You're right, we haven't.” He looks at her, “Happy New Year, Diana.” She smiles, “Happy New Year, Brian.” He leans down and kisses her just as Luis walks up to the mansion and sees them kissing, but not believing that they could be Sheridan. He looks away and chides himself, “What am I thinking? Sheridan's dead, she's not on the Crane grounds kissing some guy. I'd give anything to kiss her tonight.” He sadly turns and walks away.

As soon as Luis turns away, Sheridan ends the kiss and says, “I have a feeling this is gonna be a good year for both of us.” Brian asks, “Oh yeah?” She smiles, “Yeah. You know, I'm so glad you came into my life. You're a wonderful man. Any woman would fall in love with you.” Brian smiles, “I feel the exact same way about you.” She smiles, “You know, a reunion with your mother would be a good thing for you.” Brian says, “As long as you're in my life, everything will be good. You know what, why don't we get away from the house for a while? Talk a little walk, let things quiet down, and come back.” She replies, “Okay.” They walk off.

Stepping into the gazebo, Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, isn't it beautiful!” She twirls around as she looks it over. Antonio tells her, “My father built this gazebo.” She sounds surprised, “He did?” He states, “He used to work here.” She exclaims, “It's amazing.” She stops causing him to ask, “Diana, what's wrong?” Sheridan stands with her back toward Antonio, “I just had a, a weird memory flash. Like I've been in this gazebo before.” He replies, “Well, most gazebos do look the same.” She turns to face him, “No, I, I remember someone else telling me that their father built a gazebo. Who could that be?” Antonio looks like he is thinking about who it could be (and it seems to me that he would have wondered if it might have been his brother that she spoke of! Like you, Chip, I thought that he must have known, must have put the many, many clues together, and must have figured out that Luis was the man who was “Diana's” lover. However, the show never told us that and he will forever remain clueless.)
Still walking the grounds, Luis thinks, “I gotta come to grips with the fact that Sheridan's dead. Go over part of these grounds where I had times with Sheridan. I'll relive those times and... Maybe then I'll be able to move on.” He thinks about proposing to Sheridan at the gazebo and decides, “I'll start at the gazebo. If I can get over the memories of Sheridan there, I can get over them anywhere.” He walks toward the gazebo but stops before he makes it there, “No, I, I should start at the cottage. That's where it all happened, that's where we lived, we made love.”

At the gazebo Sheridan asks, “Who could have told me that his father also built a gazebo? Course I didn't see a face, I just had a memory of someone telling me that...” She remembers Brian and turns around to face him, “Oh, Brian, I'm sorry. Here I am thinking about myself and you're here to reunite with your family and I know that you're nervous. So what can I do to help?” Brian replies, “Nothing, I'll be all right. You know, I'm gonna go back to the house, see if it's a better time to see my mother.” Sheridan asks, “Do you mind if I wait here?” He says, “No, no, I'll come back for you, okay?” She smiles, “I'll be here.” After he leaves, she has a flashback of saying good bye to Luis when he had to leave to go back to DC with Agent Freeman. She sees them kissing good bye and wonders, “Why am I suddenly remembering my lover? If only I could find that house, that cottage. Where is it?”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/358cb2be.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=358cb2be.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/leavingNY2.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=leavingNY2.jpg)
Luis arrives at the cottage, enters the front door and walks down the entry steps and looks around.

Looking through the window into the Crane living room, Antonio exclaims, “Oh my gosh, it's Theresa with Mama. She's so grown up, so beautiful. They're so close. Theresa's life seems to be perfect.”

At the gazebo, Sheridan has a flashback of that “most romantic night” and thinks, “I feel as if I'm so close to him, so near! God, I wish I could remember my past!”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0101-1.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0101-1.jpg)
She then has a flashback of the night when she and Luis first came together after “I love those feet.” Sheridan hugs her shawl close to her and says, “I feel as if the key to my past is just around the corner and my lover's there, too.” At the cottage, Luis sighs, “We shared so much here in your cottage, Sheridan. But... I have to accept that you're gone, I'll never see you again.”

Looking through the window into the Crane living room, Antonio says, “Now isn't the time to try to see Mama. Soon, maybe. I just hope Luis doesn't ruin everything. I just wanna talk to Mama.”

To be continued...

11.6.08, 1:17 AM
At the gazebo, Sheridan has a flashback of kissing Luis after they decided to forget about her hearing that he was using her (actually an impostor said that).
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/Pdc4675416506155414541.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=Pdc4675416506155414541.jpg)
She is so confused by the memory flashes of her lover, “Why do I keep seeing myself with the man I love in some cottage? Did I live there? Did we live there together? Maybe that cottage is nearby. Maybe Harmony does hold the key to my past, after all.” She smiles. At Sheridan's cottage Luis paces the floor as he looks at everything and remembers his time with the love of his life, “If I have to say a final good bye to you, it should be here at the cottage. It's where we first fell in love. We had such happy times planning our future together.” Luis sighs, “Why can't I do it? Why can't I just let go? Why does my heart keep telling me you're still alive?” Luis lifts his head and looks up in thought.

Looking through the window into the living room of the Crane mansion, Antonio says, “Oh, my gosh. It's Theresa with Mama. She's sure grown up. She's beautiful. They're so close. To be this near to my mother and sister after all these years and not tell them I’m here. I wish I could turn back the clock. Do it all over again. Damn those Crane's for running me out of here all those years ago.” He walks off down the path.

Walking around in the gazebo Sheridan has a memory flash of Luis proposing to her in the gazebo. She sighs, “Could that have happened here? Maybe I’m about to remember who I am. Maybe if I just wander around the grounds something more will come back to me.” She walks away.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/3e4d8d91.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=3e4d8d91.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0192.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0192.jpg)
At the cottage Luis sits on the arm of the couch as he has a flashback of proposing to Sheridan on the couch in their robes when he gets down on one knee and says, “I know now what I have to ask you. Do this right.” Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, Luis.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/hi21.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=hi21.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/3a5b4774.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=3a5b4774.jpg)
When the flashback ends, Luis sighs, “Back then I thought we had all the time in the world. Why God? Why did you take her away from me.” He sighs, looks up to Heaven.

Outside walking the grounds, Antonio remembers being in Julian's library as Julian tells him, “If you know what's good for you and your family you'll get out of here. Leave harmony. You will never come back or your whole family will be destroyed. Their lives will be ruined because of you.” Then Antonio swears at that image, “It's all his fault. Damn Julian Crane to hell.” All of a sudden Julian comes rushing out of the mansion to avoid being killed by TC when he runs in to Antonio, “My God, you watch where you're going.” Antonio says, “Sorry, sir. Well, what do you know, it's Julian Crane.” Julian looks at him and asks, “Who the hell are you?” Antonio asks, “You don't remember?” Julian haughtily replies, “No, and if you don't identify yourself this instant I’m going to call security.” Antonio says, “You really don't know me. That's strange considering I've hated you with every breath in my body all these years.” Julian says, “Oh, please not another Harmony local green with envy over the disparity in our lives.” Antonio tells him to shut up. Julian declares, “I've put up with enough insolence on my own property for one evening.” Antonio says, “Oh, there's a lot more where that came from. Why don't you take a good look at me, Julian. I want you to look at me and I want you to think hard. I see I’m going to have to give you a little hint. You tried to ruin my life.” Julian laughs, “You call that a hint? Join the club. Read my lips, if you don't leave my property this second, I will have you arrested.” Antonio faces him, “I’m not afraid of you anymore, Julian Crane or your threats.” Julian declares, “You're still talking as if I’m supposed to remember who you are. If you're some disgruntled former employee, take your grievance to the workman compensation panel or whoever it is who handles that sort of thing.” Antonio looks him in the eye, “You really don't remember.” Julian replies, “I most certainly do not. And I have much more important things on my plate this evening if you will excuse me.” As Antonio grabs Julian's arm, Julian shouts, “Take your hands off me!” Antonio tells him, “I was a kid. A kid who knew way too much. Does that ring any bells for you?” Julian says, “No, it does not.” Antonio says angrily, “Oh, see, I’m going to have to jog your memory a little bit more. Your free ride is over, Julian. It's time for you to pay the piper.”

Now sitting on the couch in the cottage, Luis sighs then hears a noise at the door. He turns to look at it. He asks, “Who's there?” The door opens and Sheridan walks in smiling in a beautiful red evening gown. Luis is overjoyed. He stands and rushes to her. They rush into each others' arms and Luis exclaims, “You came back to me.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, Luis, it's you. It's really you.” She caresses his face lovingly. Luis hugs her, “Oh, my God. Sheridan. My mother said if I hoped and prayed, oh my God, I prayed that it could happen that you would come back and you did. I'm never going to let you go again.” She laughs, then looks up into his face and they hug again. Luis wakes up on the couch where he had fallen asleep. He looks around, stands, goes to the door to look out to find Sheridan, then sadly says, “I cannot let it go. Why?”

At the gazebo, Sheridan paces, “I can't go snooping all over some stranger's estate looking for keys to my past. Besides I said to Brian I would wait for him right here.” She sighs, “Maybe he's forgotten the time because he's caught up in a wonderful reunion with his family.”

Across the estate grounds, Antonio is facing Julian, “When I was a kid I used to sneak over to your mansion late at night and wait for my mother.” Julian asks, “What was your mother doing in my home?” Antonio replies, “Working harder than any person I've ever met. See, she used to leave our family early in the morning to go work for yours all day. Sometimes till late in the night. I used to sneak out of bed because I didn't like it that she had to walk home in the dark all by herself. So I’d come over to your place and wait until she had to leave. Well, then when she'd leave I'd follow her home. And then when I knew that she was okay I’d scramble all the way back in my bed before she'd come in to kiss me goodnight.” Julian laughs, “That's quite a heartrending tale but I really couldn't care less.” Antonio continues, “See, she never knew that her oldest son was watching her and watching you. I saw a lot of things back then, Julian .” Julian laughs again, “If I give up, will you tell me who you are and then get the hell off my property?” Antonio looks at Julian with hate in his eyes, “No. No, I’m not leaving until you pay for what you did to me and my family. I’m Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Julian looks stunned.

Julian exclaims, “What in blazes brought you back to harmony?” Antonio asks, “Is it against the law for me to pay a visit to my mother?” Julian shrugs, “No, does the law even know that you're in town?” Antonio replies, “That's none of your business. Well, you look shocked, Julian . But I guess you never expected to see me back in Harmony, did you?” Julian smiles, “Most certainly did not.” Antonio says, “To tell you the truth, I never expected to come back. Life's kind of funny that way, huh? But now that I am back, well, it's time for you to get what's coming to you. Time for you to get what you deserve.” Julian swipes that away, “All that nonsense was years ago. Don't tell me you're still holding a grudge?” He laughs. Antonio says, “A grudge, no, I wouldn't call it a grudge. See, a grudge is something you can get past and forget. You stole my family from me and for that I’m going to take your life.” He shoves Julian who looks afraid. Julian commands, “Don't be hasty, boy, you think about it before you do something rash.” Antonio sneers, “Oh, I have thought about it. I've thought about it for years. And it's true, I might have never acted on it if I hadn't come back to Harmony after all these years but now that I’m here...” When Julian falls back, Antonio pulls him up to face him. Julian shouts, “Just hold on, you don't want to do anything you'll regret in the morning. God!” Antonio grits his teeth, “You think I'd regret ending your life? It would be the best thing I've ever done with my own.” He punches Julian who whimpers and falls to the ground.

At the gazebo Sheridan tries to keep warm, “Come on, Brian, where are you? It's getting cold.” She picks up some snow and makes a snowball. As soon as she throws it, she has a flashback of being in the show with Luis and throwing snowballs, “You know I may not have built snowmen as a kid but I was a champion snowball thrower.” Luis laughs, “We'll see about that.” As the memory flash ends she smiles, “We were so happy and so in love. If only I could remember who you were.” At the cottage Luis looks out the window at the snow and remembers throwing snowballs with Sheridan, “Oh, so you want to play dirty, do you?” Sheridan grins, “Oh, give me your best shot, Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Luis laughs, “You shouldn't have said that.”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/011601-07.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=011601-07.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/011601-10.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=011601-10.jpg)
As the flashback ends, Luis walks away from the window. As he passes her desk, he picks up the picture of Sheridan and him, “We had our whole lives ahead of us, Sheridan.” He exhales as he looks up from the picture.

To be continued...

11.7.08, 12:41 AM
Sheridan wanders around the gazebo as she has a flashback of being with Luis at the cottage on the night that they decided to forget what Sheridan thought she heard about him using her.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/love2.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=love2.jpg)
After the memory flash, she asks herself, “Why do I keep having these memories? Why do I feel so close to the man I love? Have I been on this estate before?” She walks right by a big heart drawn on a wall with her initials and his. At the cottage Luis sits at the desk in the living room looking at a picture of himself with Sheridan.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/normal_ggmw-shuis-pub0035.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=normal_ggmw-shuis-pub0035.jpg)
He has the same flashback that Sheridan just had. Luis looks around, “I'm getting that strange feeling again. Sheridan's close by. It's not because I'm here in the cottage. It's more than that. Just like I felt down on the island.” He looks around, then back at the picture of Shuis. He thinks, “When am I going to be able to stop hurting? When am I going to be able to accept that you're dead? I'll never see you again.”

Outside the mansion in the snow, Julian yells, “No more, Antonio, please.” Antonio replies menacingly, “No, there's a lot more where that punch came from. See, I'm gonna make you pay. I'm going to make you pay for forcing me to leave Harmony and for all those years that I lost with my family.” Julian pleads, “Surely we can discuss this like civilized men.” Antonio grabs Julian's lapels and pulls Julian toward him, “Discuss? Discuss what? I'm going to tear you apart. See, not only for me but for all those people in Harmony that you Crane's have ruined their life. You're going to pay, Julian. And you're going to pay with your life.” Julian exclaims, “Oh, God.”

At the gazebo, Sheridan waits, “Maybe I should go find Brian. No, he'll come back for me. Besides, this estate is huge. You might get lost or fall in the brook behind the guest house. How did I know there's a brook behind the guest house? Unless I've been on this estate before.”

At the cottage sitting at the desk, Luis looks at the picture of Shuis, stands, then walks to stand in front of the couch. He suddenly sees an image of Sheridan in the gazebo.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/the20rung.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=the20rung.jpg)
He sighs, “Did I just have one of those visions or premonitions like Charity has? What have I got to lose? At the gazebo maybe. Maybe Sheridan’s there waiting for me.” He rushes out the door.

On the grounds of the Crane estate, Julian asks, “Oh, God, wait, you couldn't have come back to Harmony just to kill me. Why are you really here?” Antonio replies, “I came to see my family, my mother. Finding you, that was just an added perk.” Julian then asks, “What brought you back? After our last conversation I thought you'd never see this area again.” Antonio replies, “I didn't plan on coming back. I'm here because of a woman.” Julian laughs, “People... People say I think with my zipper.” Antonio rushes at him and grabs Julian again, “Hey, shut up, Crane. She is a nice, kind-hearted person.” Julian sneers, “You sound just like your mother and your brother describing my sainted sister.” Antonio shouts, “Enough talk! It's your time. Prepare to die.”

Julian chides, “Oh, that's right. Go ahead, do it, kill me. Do the noble thing for you and your family. Harmony's a wonderful place to reunite with Mama and your siblings.” Antonio shoves Julian away, “You ruined my life. I hope you burn in hell.” Julian reminds him, “If you stay in Harmony, you'll ruin the lives of your whole family, is that what you want? I'm tired of you locals pushing me around. It's time that you and your kind remember the power of the Crane's, power that we will not hesitate to use to crush those who forget their place.” Antonio turns back to look at Julian, “You're a nasty piece of work, Crane.” Julian comes back, “Oh, indeed I am. That's all the more reason to remember the threats that I made before you departed Harmony years ago and I promise you, I’ll make good on each and every one of them.” Antonio angrily says, “I hate your stinking guts.” Antonio turns his back on him. Julian shouts, “Say whatever you like. Yes, do whatever you like. Come back to Harmony. See your familia. And know that you'll be opening a whole can of worms, a can I dare say you want kept shut. I'm right, aren't I, Antonio? Because who do you think that that can of worms will destroy if it's opened? We, the almighty, all powerful Crane's or you, the lowlife, loser, Lopez-Fitzgeralds? Is that what you want? Do you want to destroy your life and the lives of your loved ones?” Turning back to face Julian, Antonio replies, “As much as I hate to admit it, Crane, you're right. Being here in Harmony and seeing my family, it would only cause them more pain.” Julian smiles, “Well, you're smart to see that, Antonio, just as you were smart to leave town all those years ago. Well, it seems the coast is clear for me to return to my library perhaps it's time for you and this woman who brought you back to Harmony to return from whence you came.” He turns and walks off leaving Antonio to stare after Julian with hate in his eyes, “Now's not your time, Crane, but your time will come and soon. I'll swear I’ll make you pay.”

Sheridan walks out of the gazebo just as Luis enters from another side. Luis sighs, “I thought Sheridan would be here.” He pushes into a chair, making a noise which causes Sheridan to look, “Maybe that's Brain.” In the gazebo Luis says to himself, “Luis, what are you doing? Just stop wallowing in your sorrow over Sheridan. Just think about someone else for a sec. Mama. Isn't that why you came here in case Antonio showed up and he needed your help? All right, I’ll go back to the mansion and check on her.” Sheridan walks back into the gazebo just after Luis leaves on the other side, “Brian? That's odd. I thought I heard him. Oh. Oh, my past, I felt like it just swept by me like a shadow in the night.” She shivers and pulls her shawl closer around herself.

Later Antonio arrives at the gazebo. Sheridan turns when she hears him arrive, “Brian, I have been so worried about you. So are you ready to see your family?” He sadly replies, “No. Not tonight, maybe never.” She asks, “Why? What happened to change your mind?” Antonio replies, “It's a long story, Diana. I never told you before but my leaving Harmony has something to do with this estate and the people who own it. They are heartless, evil people.” Standing next to him, she says, “They hurt you, didn't they?” Antonio replies, “Yeah, I just ran into the main person who's responsible for me leaving this town. It really threw me for a loop so I -- maybe now's not the time for me to reunite with my family.” Sheridan sadly says, “I'm so sorry.” He replies, “Yeah, me too.” Sheridan asks, “What do you want to do now?” Antonio exhales, “I don't know. Head back to the boat. Then figure out what to do next.” Sheridan smiles, “Whatever you say.” She begins to walk away but Antonio calls her name, stops her and kisses her on the cheek. She smiles, “What was that for?” He replies, “I just want to thank you for being the complete opposite of evil. I'm so happy to have you in my life. You're the best thing that's happened to me since I left Harmony.”

Luis arrives at the mansion to be with his mother. He looks around and mutters, “Tabloid reporter? What's going on?” He sees Theresa and Ethan, who informs him that Theresa is pregnant. Luis is upset at first because they are not married but quickly smiles, hugs Theresa and tells them they will be getting married the next day. The Tabloid reporter again tries to tell them some more news...that Theresa had an abortion (she did not but Ivy believed that she had).

Back aboard the boat, as Antonio puts bullets in his gun and puts it into his pocket before Sheridan comes up behind him and asks, “I'm going to make some sandwiches, you hungry?” Antonio says, “That sounds great.” Standing behind him, she says, “I'm sorry you had such a rough time tonight. I had no idea that mansion held so many bad memories for you. I just hope you don't give up on reuniting with your family. Maybe you're right, tonight just wasn't the right time.” She walks back to the steps down to the cabin and stops. Antonio agrees, “Yeah, yeah, you're probably right.” Sheridan turns to look at him, “Ham and cheese okay?” Antonio replies, “Yeah.” Sheridan goes down the steps to the cabin. Antonio says to himself, “Damn you, Julian Crane. Maybe it's time I do what I should have done a long time ago. Rid the world of you.” He takes the gun out of his pocket to look at it.

In the mansion living room, the Tabloid reporter announces that Theresa had an abortion. Everyone is stunned.

To be continued...

11.9.08, 12:02 AM
Standing on the boat, Antonio remembers his run in with Julian a little earlier that night. He tells Julian that he is a nasty piece of work and Julian threatens that he will do what he told him he would do before Antonio departed Harmony years ago. After Antonio tells Julian that he hates his guts, Julian sneers, “Say whatever you like, yes, do whatever you like. Yes, do come back to Harmony, see your familia. And know that you'll be opening a whole can of worms, a can I daresay you want kept shut. I'm right, aren't I, Antonio? Who do you think that can of worms will destroy if it's opened? We, the almighty, all powerful Cranes or you, the lowlife, loser, Lopez-Fitzgeralds? Is that what you want? Do you want to destroy your life and the lives of your loved ones?” As the flashback ends, Antonio says to himself, “Damn, Julian Crane. You've destroyed my life and you've hurt my family.” As he finishes, Sheridan comes from the boat's cabin with sandwiches and beer, “Well, here's what's left of the beer. A little bit more festive than tea. We're still ringing in the New Year, aren't we?” He turns as she hands him a beer, “Yeah, beer sounds good, Diana.” She says, “Sorry things didn't work out for you tonight. I mean, that you didn't get to see your family.” He shrugs, “Well, it's like I said. It's probably for the best, I'd only end up hurting them more.” She says softly, “Maybe things will be different someday.” He replies, “Maybe. I mean, I hope so. In fact, I'm planning on it.”

Sitting on the deck of the boat drinking their beer, Sheridan comments, “It must feel strange for you up in this cold weather after living so many years down in the tropics.” Antonio replies, “No, it feels good. I've missed the seasons, actually.” Walking up to the boat, Liz calls out, “Well, then maybe you shouldn't come back to the island.” Sheridan asks, “Liz?” Antonio asks, “And Doc? What are you two doing here?” Doc replies, “Well, we decided you were probably having a hard time without us around so we decided to come check up on you, make sure you were all right.” As they board the boat, Sheridan smiles, “It's so wonderful that you're here.” Liz thanks her. Antonio says, “Yeah, we're surprised.” Sheridan exclaims, “You know what? You must be freezing in just those jackets. Why don't you come with me, I'll get you a heavier jacket.” Liz smiles, “Oh, thank you, Diana.” Sheridan goes down to the cabin. Doc turns to Antonio and asks, “So how are things going, Brain?” He replies, “Not great.” Liz looks toward him, “I'm sorry to hear that. I guess that means that Diana didn't have her big memory breakthrough.” Antonio replies, “No, not really.” Sheridan comes back on deck with the jacket, “Hey, why don't you come in here and get warm?” Liz smiles, “Thank you.” Sheridan hands Liz the jacket, “There you go.” Liz accepts it, “Oh, thank you so much. Brian, we've been worried about you. Did you get in touch with your family?” He replies, “No.” Liz says, “I know that you have a very good reason for wanting to put so much distance between you and your family. And I know you don't want to talk about it.” Antonio nods, “Well, you're right.” Liz demurs, “I understand.” Doc adds, “We both understand.” Liz acknowledges, “It had to have been hard to come here at all. Doc and I know what it's like not to want to face your past.”

At the Crane mansion, the tabloid reporter tries to tell Ethan and Luis that Theresa had an abortion. No one believes him. Luis and Ethan try throwing him out but he finally shows them some pictures of Theresa going into the women's clinic where he thinks she had an abortion.

In the boat's cabin, Sheridan, Liz and Doc sit at the table while Antonio stands, “So I talked to my brother on the phone, he told me to stay away. But I snuck into my mother's room and I saw her sleeping.” Looking up at him, Liz asks, “But you didn't wake her up?” He replies, “No, I don't know what I would've said anyway. I mean, I can't tell her the reason I left home so many years ago.” Sheridan cuts in, “I keep telling him that his mother would understand whatever the reason.” He replies, “Yeah, and I keep telling you that I've caused her a lot of pain. And if I come back, I'm only going to cause her more.” Sheridan says, “But we went to the party so that we could talk to her. You were ready to see her in person.” Doc asks, “What happened?” Antonio replies, “I... I just realized that now is not a good time. I would end up hurting everyone.” Liz asks surprised, “So you left again without talking to her?” He replies, “Yeah, that's right.” Liz says, “Brian, I can tell that you really do want to see your family but there's something or someone that's stopping you.” He replies, “Yeah, Liz. I want to see my family more than anything but I can’t. There's someone very powerful that's stopping me from seeing them.” Doc asks, “Who is it? And why?” Antonio replies, “All I can say is that he's powerful enough to hurt my family very deeply. He could tear their lives apart. I mean, this person, they've done something so horrible, it's just caused my whole family to suffer.” Doc looks at Antonio, “Sounds like a monster.” He agrees, “Yeah, yeah, he is. He's the reason I had to leave Harmony. He's the reason I can't come back.” Liz shakes her head and looks up at Antonio, “Brian, if suddenly, if suddenly this person disappeared, I mean, if they were out of the way, would you be able to go back?” He replies, “Yeah, absolutely. If this person was out of the way, I could go back to my family.”

Sheridan asks, “Well, is there anyway you could do that, Brain? Somehow get this horrible person out of the way, maybe you could convince him to leave your family alone?” Antonio insists, “No. No, there's no convincing this guy of anything. And it's not only the horrible things that he's done to me, it's the things that he's done to my whole family. Things that they don't even know about. Things that he could potentially do. He uses people for his own good and then when he's done with them he just throws them away.” Doc says, “He sounds like someone the world would be better off without.” Antonio agrees, “Yeah. A lot of people would be better off. Killing him would be a blessing not a sin.” He walks to the other side of the cabin. Sheridan is surprised, “Brian, I've never heard you talk like that. You don't mean that, do you?” Looking back at her, he replies, “I'm sorry, Diana, but there are some evil people out there.” Liz adds, “I guess we all have someone like that in our past. Someone who if he were destroyed life would be better.” Antonio agrees, “Yeah, life would be better.”

At the Crane mansion, when Ethan asks Theresa to tell him that the pictures are not true, she says that they are. He blames himself for putting her under pressure with his talk of waiting to have a family until they have money. Theresa tries to explain but Ethan thinks that she thought that he didn't want the baby. She finally blurts out that the baby is not his. Both he and Luis look shocked.

On the boat, now standing Liz puts her coat back on, “Well, I guess we should find a hotel for the night.” Antonio says, “I'm really sorry we don't have anymore room on the boat.” Doc shrugs, “Oh, that's all right. It's a little cold for my blood anyway.” Sheridan smiles, “It's so wonderful you're here.” Antonio agrees, “Yes, thank you guys for coming. You're really good friends.” Sheridan and Doc begin to walk up the steps to the deck while Antonio and Liz remain behind in the cabin, “Brian, look, in all the years I have known you, I've never known you to be so upset by something. If there's anything I can do...” He says, “Really, Liz, it's all right. I just want to get the keys to this boat back to the owner and then head back to the island.” Liz asks, “Can you really go back now after drudging ups all these memories and feelings? Can you really just leave that all behind?” Antonio replies, “It's a very good question, Liz. The one I don't have the answer to.” Antonio and Liz climb the stairs to the deck. Liz tells them, “Well, goodnight.” Sheridan smiles, “Goodnight, we'll see you tomorrow, won't we?” As they step off the boat, Doc says, “You can count on it. Goodnight.” She says good night again, then turns to Antonio, “Well, Doc's right. It is pretty cold out here on the water. I'm going to head down below.” She heads down the stairs as Antonio looks out to sea in deep thought. He says to himself, “Maybe I do know the answer. (He pulls out the gun and looks at it.) I'm not going to run anymore. It's time I put my past behind me.”

At the mansion Ethan asks, “What are you saying?” Theresa replies again with tears in her eyes, “It's not your baby.” Luis asks, “Theresa, what are you talking about? Whose baby is it if it's not Ethan’s?” Then Ethan asks, too, “Theresa, who's the father?” At that moment Julian walks in wondering why everyone is still there. With truth dawning, Ethan speaks one word, “Julian.”

To be continued...

This is the dress and wrap that Sheridan wore to the New Year's Eve party and is still wearing in this episode on the boat.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/normal_mini-mckenzie_westmore11_29_.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=normal_mini-mckenzie_westmore11_29_.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/normal_mini-mckenzie_westmore11_-1.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=normal_mini-mckenzie_westmore11_-1.jpg)

11.10.08, 12:47 AM
On the boat, looking at his gun, Antonio swears, “Damn you, Julian Crane. You're the reason I had to leave Harmony and the reason that I can't come back. You robbed me of all that time with my family. But all that's going to change now.” Approaching the boat again, Liz calls out, “Hey, stranger, long time no see.” Antonio puts the gun away and spins around, “Hey, I thought you guys were going to go and try to find a place to stay.” Liz smiles, “Oh, well, Doc forgot his bag and you know, Doc, he'd lose his head if it wasn't attached.” Coming up from the cabin, Sheridan hears what is going on and heads back down to get the bag, saying, “I'll be right back.” She comes back with the bag and hands it to Doc, “Well, I guess we won't have to worry about this cold weather anymore.” Doc asks quizzically, “Why? Is Harmony going to experience an unseasonable heat wave?” She laughs, “No, I just mean that we're going to contact the person we're returning the boat to tomorrow and after that we're heading back to the island. I have to admit though, I'm still kind of hoping that something will happen before we leave.” Liz asks, “Oh, you're still hoping that you'll remember everything?” Sheridan wraps her scarf tighter around her, “I just have this strong connection to Harmony. I was hoping that by being here it would jog my memory.” Doc replies, “It still might. Maybe you just haven't found that one thing that will help you remember your past.” Sheridan sighs, “I sure hope you're right because I can't shake this feeling that there's something still waiting for me here.” She looks over at Antonio.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa has told Ethan and everyone else there that it is true that Ethan is not the father of her baby. It dawns on Luis and Ethan that the father has to be Julian. They both run to attack Julian and threaten to kill him for getting Theresa drunk, marrying her, having sex with her, and getting her pregnant. Julian acts like he doesn't know what they are talking about. Pilar and Chad try to talk Luis and Ethan out of killing Julian. They will ruin their lives if they do. Neither of them seem to care at the moment. Julian tries one last time to explain that if he and Theresa had made love, they were married and on their honeymoon. Julian then makes an even bigger mistake by accusing Theresa of seducing him. Luis grabs Julian by the lapels again and shoves him. Julian begs them to stay away from him! Julian runs off and they all chase after him.

In the boat's cabin as Sheridan washes the few dishes, Antonio says, “Hey, hey, I'll take care of that. Why don't you go to sleep, it's late.” Sheridan replies, “It's been a long day for you, too. Are you gonna go to bed soon?” Antonio replies, “No. I don't think so. I can't sleep. I want to take a walk, you know? Clear my mind.” Sheridan faces him, “Look, I know this trip didn't bring you and your family back together but for some reason I just have this feeling that everything is going to work out... for both of us.” She smiles. Antonio says, “Yeah, goodnight, Diana.” She tells him good night and walks off to go to bed. Antonio goes back up on deck and steps onto the wharf where he remembers what Liz said earlier, “Brian, I can tell that you really do want to see your family but there's something or someone that's stopping you.” He replies, “Yeah, Liz. I want to see my family more than anything but I can't. There's someone very powerful that's stopping me from seeing them.” Liz then asks him, “Brian, if suddenly, if suddenly this person disappeared, I mean, if they were out of the way, would you be able to go back?” He replies, “Yeah, absolutely. If this person was out of the way, I could go back to my family.” As he comes out of the memory, he thinks, “Everything would be different if Julian Crane was out of the picture. Maybe its time that I did something about it.”

On the grounds of the Crane mansion, Pilar runs after and stops Luis, “Luis! Oh, thank God I found you. Please come back to the house with me.” Luis replies, “Don't try and stop me, Mama. God, I failed as a brother.” He blames himself and looks so sad. Pilar pleads, “No, Mijo.” Luis continues, “No, I did not protect Theresa when she needed it most. Mama, I cannot sit back and let Julian get away with what he's done.” Pilar begs, “Luis, please! Don't blame yourself for what that animal did.” Luis responds, “An animal, that's exactly what Julian is. When I get my hands on him...” He shakes his head as Pilar tries again, “Luis, look, I understand your anger, Son, I do believe me. I get furious when I think of what that pig did to Theresa. But you're a policeman, Son. Let the law handle this.” Luis shouts, “Mama, the law cannot do anything about this. Julian is going to continue to run around a free man. And in the mean time the Crane's are going to spin this whole thing so that Theresa looks like a whore. You heard Julian in there. He's already trying to blame Theresa saying that she tried to seduce him. Mama, that's my sister I'm talking about.” Pilar pleads, “I know. I know it's awful but don't let Julian ruin your life. He's ruined so many lives already.” Luis replies, “That's exactly the point. Julian has gotten away with hurting people time and time again. He's hurt Sheridan. And I know in my gut that they're responsible for Papa's disappearance. And now look what's happened to Theresa.” With tears in his eyes, he continues with conviction, “No more. Julian is not going to live to hurt anyone ever again.”

Liz finds Antonio on the wharf and warns him not to use the gun that she caught sight of earlier. She begs, “Please, Brian, don't try to carry out this vendetta.” He turns to look at her, “I've been running too long. It's time for me to get my life back.” Liz asks, “What can I say? What can I say or do to make you stop this?” He replies, “Nothing. You can't say anything. I've already made up my mind. Can you do me a favor and stay here with Diana while I'm gone? I don't want her to be alone.” Liz looks pleadingly at him, “I wish you wouldn't do this, Brian.” He replies, “Liz, if it makes you feel any better, I don't want to have to use this gun but I'm going to do whatever necessary to make sure that my family isn't threatened again.” Liz shakes her head and says, “It doesn't exactly make me feel better, Brian.” He responds, “Liz, let me tell you something. I saw my mother and my sister at this man's house tonight and I have a funny feeling that somehow or another this man is threatening them, especially my sister.” Liz lets out a breath, “Okay. I can see there's no use in arguing with you about this.” He replies, “You're right. If I find out that this man is threatening my mother or my sister, I will destroy him.”

On the Crane grounds, Pilar is still trying to convince Luis to give up his vendetta. She says, “Please, Mijo. If you kill Julian, your life will be over.” Luis replies, “Mama, my life is nothing without Sheridan, okay? The best thing I can do is giving Julian the punishment he deserves.” Pilar cries, “Luis! Please!” Luis says, “Mama!” She begs, “Don't do this!” Luis replies, “Listen to me, the best that thing I can do is find Julian and when I do I'm going to kill him.” Pilar calls out his name as Luis runs off in pursuit of his prey.

Entering the Crane grounds, Antonio pulls out his gun and says to himself, “We're going to have a little talk, Julian, and this time you're going to listen.” At the same time, Liz arrives at the boat and looks up to the heavens, “Oh, Brian, I hope you're not getting yourself into more trouble than you bargained for.” As Liz finishes her thoughts, Sheridan comes out on the deck of the boat, “Oh, hey, Liz.” Liz greets her, “Hey.” Sheridan asks, “Where's Brian?” Liz steps onto the boat and replies, “He went for a walk. I guess it's just us girls. What are you doing up?” She replies, “I was asleep but I just had a nightmare. I woke up feeling panicked like I was out of breath.” Liz stands behind her and asks, “What was your nightmare about?” She replies, “This is going to sound crazy but I sensed there was someone out there ready to kill another person.” Liz then asks, “Do you remember anything else about your nightmare?” Sheridan pulls her coat tighter around herself before she replies, “No. It's just a feeling but this person that's about to be killed has done some terrible things. I don't know what those things are but they are definitely horrible.” Liz is very interested, “The person who is ready to kill, do you know who it is?” She replies, “I do. It's the man I love.” (And Luis is out looking to kill Julian.)

Luis and Ethan run into each other on the Crane grounds, when Ethan asks, “Luis, have you seen Julian?” Luis replies, “No, but I'm going to find him.” Ethan says, “Look, I know you're a cop, Luis, but I'm telling you when I find Julian, I'm going to kill him.” Luis replies, “No, Ethan, I am not a cop tonight, all right. I'm a brother that wants revenge. And you listen to me, none of us are responsible for what happens tonight. Make no mistake about it, Julian Crane is a dead man.” Luis pulls out his gun and they walk off together in search of Julian.

To be continued...

This is an early publicity photo of Shuis...
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/d78b8b27.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=d78b8b27.jpg)
Here is a cute picture of Galen goofing around with Ben Masters and James Hyde during a fan event. They look like they are having fun!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/7.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=7.jpg)

11.11.08, 12:37 AM
In honor of McKenzie's new gig on AMC, here are some pictures of her from the last few months. We will be back to the SHUIS summary tomorrow but I just got home and will not have time to write one tonight.

Here is the beautiful and talented McKenzie...
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/81508536.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=81508536.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/1-1.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=1-1.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/55794576jeannelw9212008103341PM.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=55794576jeannelw9212008103341PM.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/83112655.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=83112655.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/3.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=3.jpg)

11.11.08, 11:46 PM
On the snow covered grounds of the Crane mansion, Julian continues to wander and try to escape while several of the others who had been attending a New Year's Eve party chase him to teach him a lesson, if not kill him. Antonio arrives at the estate, enters the gate, looks at his gun, and remembers his run in with Julian earlier that night. He promises to kill Julian.

Also on the grounds, Luis and Ethan talk about the terrible things Julian has done and how they are going to make him pay. Hearing a noise, Luis pulls him gun out and says, “got him!”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/NYElookingtokillJulian2.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=NYElookingtokillJulian2.jpg)
He moves forward with his gun in hand to see who is behind the column. They find TC, who puts his gun away before Luis sees it, instead of Julian. Luis leaves the group to continue his search alone. He sees a man standing alone and believing the man is Julian, he jumps him from behind. The two men fight until Luis realizes that the man is not Julian. It is Antonio. Luis asks, “Antonio? You really came back, huh?” Antonio replies, “Yeah, I'm here.” Luis shakes his head, “Well, we don't want you so why don't you do the whole family a favor? Why don't you just get the hell out of Harmony and never come back?” They both have a hurt look on their faces.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/NYElookingtokillJulian.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=NYElookingtokillJulian.jpg)

Antonio approaches Luis, “Look, Luis. I can understand you being angry but you don't know the whole story.” Luis angrily replies, “I know that you left your family when we needed you most. Papa had just disappeared, for God's sake! You just took off. You abandoned us. You left us to fend for ourselves. You know, Mama had to send Paloma to Aunt Maria's because she couldn't even afford to support all of us.” Antonio begins, “I'm sorry. I didn't know.” Luis stops him, “Save it. I don't want any apologies. Just don't cause this family any more pain.” Antonio nods, “There's one thing I don't understand.” Luis sarcastically asks, “What? How can I make it any clearer?” Antonio stops Luis, “No, this is about Julian Crane. Why are you after him? What did he do to make you so angry?” Luis explains, “Don't worry about it, all right? Our family has always suffered at the hands of the Cranes. Now Theresa...” Luis breaks off causing Antonio to ask, “Theresa what? What about her?” Luis replies, “Like I said, I'll take care of it, all right? Would you just get the hell out of Harmony? We learned to live without you. We sure as hell can keep doing it now. Just go on...go and never come back.” Luis suddenly turns and says, “I'm going to go get Julian.” He walks off and Antonio turns to watch after him, muttering to himself, “Julian Crane took me away from my family. He hurt them even more after I left. He doesn't deserve to live and he won't when I find him.” He then takes off again looking for Julian.

Antonio catches up to Luis. They argue again. Antonio tells Luis that he has unfinished business but Luis yells, “You've been gone for over a decade. I've taken care of this family since the day you packed it in. I don't need your help. Just go back to where you came from. Leave us alone. We don't need your help.” Luis walks off again in search of Julian. Antonio watches him leave, gets out his gun again, and says, “Sorry, little brother, I'm not leaving till Julian gets what he has coming to him for what he's done to our family.” He joins the search party, too, but remains at a distance from the others.

Luis, Ethan and TC meet up on the grounds, then head off together to make another sweep of the grounds. Antonio continues to follow behind them, vowing to kill Julian himself.

As Tabby watches in a mirror in the Crane mansion, she sees everyone searching for Julian Crane. Luis, Ethan and TC continue the search together with Antonio close behind them, hoping to find Julian first. Julian is trapped in the garage with an angry Ivy who calls out to Luis for help when Julian sees Luis searching around outside the garage with the others, all of the men having converged on the garage. Julian calls Alistair for help but Al refuses, telling Julian that he better start acting like a man. Julian jumps in one of the cars and drives through the closed door knocking the men outside to the ground. Julian speeds off right past everyone trying to kill him. As the men run after the car, Julian crashes it into a tree on the estate. He recovers and runs off on foot. Luis, Ethan, TC, and Antonio were chasing Julian from the beginning. They were soon joined by Eve and Ivy. That group is now joined by Pilar, Theresa and Rebecca. Everyone now has guns, Tabby having “magically” provided guns for those who came unprepared, and they are all on the snow covered grounds chasing Julian all the way into town. Julian makes his way to the wharf and finally ducks into the cannery. LOL!

To be continued...

11.12.08, 10:48 PM
In the cannery someone hidden in the shadows takes aim at Julian as he stands on the catwalk. All of a sudden the gun is fired and Julian grabs his chest where the bullet has lodged. He thinks about each of the suspects and why they would want to kill him. The faces of Ivy, Ethan, Theresa, Antonio, Pilar, Luis, Sheridan, Rebecca, TC, and Eve each flash through his mind as he tries to balance on the catwalk. Julian loses his balance and falls off the catwalk. He grabs onto a raised chopping machine and hangs onto it as he thinks about all of the people he has hurt and why they would want to kill him. Julian can no longer hang on and drops into the vat of tuna which is slate to be chopped by the machine hanging over head.

Antonio arrives at the wharf visibly upset, stands at the rail and throws his gun into the water. Sheridan also stands at the railing out of his site, wrapping her coat more tightly around herself. Pilar drops her gun down a well as Luis comes up behind her. She is startled when he asks what she is doing out there. Luis says, “I'll walk you back to the house.” Pilar stops, “Wait, I thought you were looking for Julian.” Luis looks away, then back at her, “Right. Yeah, Julian. Well, I guess I've just calmed down a little now.” Pilar counters, “But you were so angry before.” Luis replies, “We were all angry. I guess we're both a little calmer now.” He puts his arm around Pilar's shoulders and they walk off toward the mansion. Each of the suspects gets rid of their guns in different ways and each acts very suspicious.

Antonio arrives at the boat as Liz walks off the boat onto the wharf. Seeing him, Liz asks, “Brian, are you all right? You left here in such a state and you had a gun.” Antonio replies, “Yeah, I'm fine, Liz.” Liz sees Sheridan walking toward them and rushes to meet her, “Diana, what are you doing our here? Where've you been? I didn't even know you left the boat.” Sheridan replies, “I'm not sure where I was.” Standing next to Liz and facing Sheridan, Antonio asks, “Well, are you all right?” Sheridan shrugs, “I think so.” Antonio asks, “What do you mean, you think so?” She replies, “I must have been sleepwalking. I was below deck trying to go back to sleep. The next thing I know, I'm standing here on the wharf. I must have walked here in my sleep.” Liz says, “That's weird. Diana, you smell like fish. Actually, Brian, you do, too. Now, where would you two have gone to smell like that?” Antonio replies, “It's probably just the heavy mist here on the wharf.” Liz looks skeptical as she says, “Fishy mist!?! OK!” Sheridan pulls her coat closer around herself for comfort as she softly says, “I don't know if I was having a memory from my past or what but when I was on my way back to the boat, I kept having these flashes of myself seeing someone dead and feeling as though I had killed them.” They all look at each other with shock on their faces.

Luis and Pilar find Theresa kneeling in the snow crying. They hear her say, “What have I done?” They ask why she said that. She is dazed but replies that she just meant that she has ruined all of their lives. She was so afraid that Luis and Ethan would kill Julian and ruin their lives because of her and it would be her fault. Luis comforts her, “Don't worry, Sis. Julian is never going to bother you ever again.” Theresa stares over past Luis as she says, “I know he won't.”

On the wharf Antonio moves to stand behind Sheridan and puts his arm around her shoulder. She continues her thoughts, “I saw someone dead. I don't know if it was a memory from my past or something that I saw tonight while I was sleepwalking. I don't even know if I have a history of sleepwalking, but not knowing what happened tonight scares me.” She looks frightened, of course. Liz tries to comfort her by saying, “Diana, you know, maybe it's connected to the nightmare you had earlier about someone getting killed.” Antonio exclaims, “What?” Sheridan turns toward him to explain, “I had a nightmare that the man I loved was looking for someone, wanting to kill them.” Liz continues her thought, “Maybe it's the same dream. You're seeing someone getting killed, then seeing them dead.” Antonio smiles, “You know what? I'm sure that's what it is. You've had so much stress put on you not knowing who you are has really taken a toll. Not to mention the fact that you came to Harmony hoping that somehow it would bring your memory back. And you've been trying so hard to remember. Your mind's working overtime. That's all.” Liz offers, “Why don't I go below and make you a cup of herbal tea? It'll help you relax.” Sheridan takes Liz's hand, “Thanks, Liz.” Liz turns and walks back to board the boat. Antonio turns his back to Sheridan. She turns to him, “Hey, you seem preoccupied since I got back.” Antonio turns back to face her, “I was worried about you. That's all.” Sheridan says, “No, it's more than that. Where were you when I was sleepwalking?” Antonio replies, “I was confronting my past.” She looks up at him, “Did you?” He replies, “Yeah, in a way.” She asks, “How did it go?” Antonio turns toward the boat looking for Liz, “I wish Liz would hurry back with your tea.” He walks away from Sheridan. She turns to him and says, “I get the feeling that you don't want to talk about it.” Antonio says, “No, Diana. I don't want to talk about what happened tonight...not now, not ever.” He turns away.

Luis, Pilar and Theresa arrive at the mansion and are greeted by the other “suspects” who are gathered there. They all talk about Julian being dead or not having to worry about ever seeing him again. They all look and sound guilty. Tabby and Timmy comment on that as they watch the group in the reflecting pool in Hecuba's lair.

On the wharf in front of the boat, Liz comes down the steps with Sheridan's tea in hand. Sheridan thanks Liz and tells the others that she is going to go back to the boat to get a scarf. Liz offers to get it but Sheridan declines and walks off to get the scarf for herself, leaving Liz and Antonio alone to talk. As soon as Sheridan is out of sight, Liz turns to Antonio, “So, Brian, did you find the guy you were looking for, the man who threatened you and your family?” Antonio replies, “Liz, did you ever find yourself so upset that you were capable of doing something that you otherwise never thought you could do?” Liz looks shocked, “Brian, you're scaring me. Tell me what happened tonight.” Antonio says, “Tomorrow I'm going to turn the boat over and get out of Harmony as soon as I can.” Liz turns and whispers, “Leave and run away.” Sheridan returns and asks, “So, have you gotten in touch with the person you're supposed to leave the boat with?” Antonio turns toward her, “No, not yet. But that won't be a problem. You see, the guy I need to contact is my brother.” Sheridan replies, “Oh, well, I'm definitely going with you when you turn that boat over. There are a few things I want to say to your brother, like what an unforgiving jerk he's been for not accepting you back in the family.” Antonio says, “No, Diana, you really don't have to do that.” She angrily replies, “Are you kidding? After what your brother has done to you, I can't wait to see your brother's face.”

At the Crane mansion Luis comforts Theresa as she stares into the night. He leaves to get her some water as Ethan approaches but Theresa is too upset to talk to him. Tabby and Timmy continue to watch everyone and wonder which one of the ten suspects killed Julian.

To be continued...

Cute picture of Shuis as Susan and Liam on the Titanic...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8d0e_3.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8d0e_3.jpg)

11.16.08, 1:29 AM
In the morning, Luis and Miguel walk through the front door of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Pilar jumps up from her seat on the couch when she sees them enter the house. She says, “Luis, Mijos, I didn't realize you were out. Luis replies, “I couldn't sleep...too much on my mind.” Miguel informs her, “Luis told me what happened last night.” Pilar says, “The world will be a better place without Julian Crane in it.” Luis and Miguel take their coats off. Luis is in his uniform ready for work. Miguel says, “Luis just said that he had gone missing, but you sound like he's dead.” Luis looks suspiciously at Pilar as she replies, “No, we don't know, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if we'd seen the last of that man. So, I guess you know about your sister then?” Miguel replies, “Yeah.” Luis reaches down and picks up a tabloid from his coat on the chair and says, “So does the rest of the world.” He hands the paper to Pilar who reads the headline, “Another Crane Scandal: Housekeepers Daughter Pregnant by Julian Crane.” At that moment Theresa rushes into the room looking for Ethan. She tells them that she thinks she had a nightmare...until she sees the tabloid in Pilar's hand.

On the boat Liz arrives and makes her way down the steps and into the cabin where she is greeted by Sheridan and Antonio. Sheridan is seated at the small table and Antonio stands nearby drinking his coffee. Liz shows them two bags of coffee as she comments that it looks like no one slept so they could all use jolts of caffeine. Antonio says, “Way too much on my mind.” Sheridan tells her, “I was scared to close my eyes after I found out I'd been sleepwalking all over town. It was the weirdest feeling.” Liz asks, “You dreamed you saw someone die?” Sheridan replies, “Yeah. It was so vivid. I'm still not one hundred percent sure it wasn't real. How could that have been?” Antonio replies rather flatly, “It wasn't, Diana. Just let it go.” As Sheridan moves over for Liz to take a seat next to her, she says, “No offense, Brian, but how would you know? You were having quite a dream yourself last night.” Antonio looks over at her, “Was I?” Sheridan replies, “More like a nightmare, actually. I went in to check on you because you were yelling our in your sleep.” Antonio asks, “What did I say?” She looks up at him, “It was hard to make out because you were so agitated. You were talking about killing someone.” Liz looks quickly at Antonio but he looks away from the ladies and takes another sip of his coffee.

Antonio looks toward Sheridan and Liz and replies, “I wish I could help you guys out but I don't know what I dreamed last night.” He pours himself more coffee at the counter. Sheridan looks toward him again, “Strange, isn't it? Me sleepwalking and thinking I saw someone die and then you having a nightmare and yelling out in your sleep about killing someone. Why are we both dreaming about death?” Antonio replies, “Who says it has to do with anything like the death of a person?” Liz asks, “What does that mean?” He turns back to face the ladies, “Don't the head doctors always say our dreams are more symbolic than literal? Diana and I have both had our hopes smashed lately. Maybe out subconscious minds are just mourning the death of our dreams.” Sheridan says, “Makes sense to me.” Antonio asks, “Yeah, why would she be out sleepwalking and I be having nightmares like that? We just got a lot on our minds.” Sheridan nods, “Yeah, I guess you're right.” She turns to Liz, “If you'll excuse me, I'm a little chilly. Be right back.” Liz gets up and let's Sheridan out. Sheridan goes into the other area leaving Liz and Antonio to talk. Liz asks, “So, Brian, do you really believe that bunk you just spouted out about subconscious minds?” He replies, “Yeah, why wouldn't I?” Liz says, “Brian, you left here last night with a gun and were hell bent on getting revenge on the man who separated you from your family all those years ago.” Antonio says, “I never should have said anything.” Liz replies, “Well, you did. Now, I'm gonna ask you, did you find him? Did more happen last night than what you're saying?” She waits for an answer.

In the living room of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa apologizes to her family for not listening to what they were trying to tell her and for disgracing the family. Luis and Miguel both tell her that they still love her and always will. They also tell her that this is not her fault, but Julian's. When Luis comforts her by saying that they won't have to worry about ever seeing that man again, Miguel asks how he knows that.

In the boat's cabin, Liz says, “If I'm wrong, just say so. What happened when you left with that gun?” Antonio tells her that he is not going to talk about it now or ever. He's going to turn the boat over and leave Harmony. He doesn't want to think about this anymore. She comes back into the room wearing a sweater and scarf. She is coughing. Antonio tells her that he is going to go out to make some calls and make flight arrangements for them to go back to as soon as they can today. Sheridan asks, “So soon?” He replies, “Yeah, I told you I was gonna turn the boat over this morning. After that's done, there isn't much reason for us to stick around any longer.” Sheridan hangs her head, “Guess not.” Antonio says, “Look, Diana, I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way you hoped.” She replies, “I was just so sure that Harmony held the key to my past. Must have just been wishful thinking.” Liz walks across the room to pick up her purse, then tells Antonio, “While you're at it, make reservations for Doc and me, too. My island hotel needs me and it is freezing here.” Sheridan replies, “No kidding. I think I'm coming down with a cold.” As soon as Liz leaves, Antonio turns back to Sheridan and tells her, “I really am sorry.” She says, “So am I. I really thought there was something here for me. How could I have been so wrong?” She smiles.

In the Lo-Fitz living room, Miguel asks Luis again how he can be so sure that they'll never see Julian again. Luis replies, “I can't be sure...just going by what it looks like. Even the paper couldn't reach him for comment.” Luis figures Julian won't come around any of them in Harmony again. He is too much of a coward. Pilar sends Luis and Miguel off so she can talk to Theresa alone. Each of her brothers give Theresa a hug and kiss and tell her they love her before they leave the room for the kitchen.

As Miguel and Luis finish breakfast, Miguel asks what Theresa will do without Ethan. Luis doesn't know if Ethan can ever get past what has now happened. Miguel asks if you aren't supposed to accept someone mistakes and all if you love them. Luis replies, “Well, yeah. That is the ideal, but we're not saints. Sometimes someone hurts you bad enough that you have no choice. If she had just leveled with him, things might have been all right. I'm not sure Ethan can get past this one.” Miguel and Luis then talk about love in regards to himself and Charity. Miguel wants to know what happened to all of them...Luis and Sheridan, Ethan and Theresa, and Charity and himself.

In the boat's cabin, Sheridan says, “I just wish I knew why Harmony had such a pull on me.” Antonio asks, “Does it still?” Sheridan nods, “Even more so. Even though nothing has come back to me, I can't shake this feeling that this town played some part in my life before I lost my memory.” Antonio says, “Maybe it's just wishful thinking.” Sheridan sighs, “Maybe. I was just so sure that once I walked around, saw the buildings, looked at the people, it would ignite my memory and it would all come flooding back to me.” Antonio hugs her and says, “It will come back to you, some place, some time.” Sheridan sighs, “I just had such high hopes. But you know what, I'm not gonna give up yet. We still have a few hours before we have to leave and anything can happen before then.” She smiles.

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis tries to explain that he doesn't know why things happen. He looks toward the candles in the window with a picture of Sheridan next to them. He is still having a hard time accepting that Sheridan is gone. Miguel says, “You know what Mama says, if you have enough faith, miracles can happen.” Luis replies, “Well, Sheridan and I have had our miracle and I'm not expecting another one in this lifetime.” Miguel looks toward the candles, “I don't think Mama's gonna get her miracle either. I told her that there was no way Antonio was going to be coming home.” Luis looks around and Miguel asks, “What?” Luis lowers his voice and leans closer to Miguel, “If I tell you something, you gotta swear not to tell anyone, especially Mama.” Miguel says, “I swear to God.” Luis confides, “Antonio is in Harmony.” Miguel is surprised, “What? Where is he? Why didn't he come by the house?” Luis replies, “I told him that if he didn't plan on staying here, not to let Mama see him. Now, he's already broken her heart once, I'm not gonna let him do it again. I told him if he gave a damn about her, just leave her alone.” Miguel smiles, “You know what this means, Luis? Miracles can happen! If Antonio can come back, then so can Sheridan.” Luis holds his hand up, “Just stop right there. OK? Now, I appreciate what you're trying to do but I have to face reality. Sheridan is gone and she's not coming back.

Antonio walks back into the boat's cabin, “How you doing?” Sheridan replies, “I'm almost packed. I'll be ready to go whenever you say.” Antonio says, “Good, I just have one last errand to run. I have to find out where my brother wants me to drop off these keys.” She replies, “Good, maybe your mother will be home and you'll get to see her after all.” Antonio says, “Well, it's probably best if she doesn't know that I was here. My brother is a cop so I'll just drop these off at the police station, I guess.” Sheridan asks, “Can I go?” Antonio replies, “If you want.” She angrily says, “I do. I can't wait to meet your brother and tell him what a jerk he's been to resent you all these years.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Miguel asks, “What did Antonio look like? Did he seem happy with his life? What did he say? Tell me everything!” Luis puts down his newspaper, “There's nothing to tell. To be honest, I didn't give him a chance to fill me in.” Miguel states, “You still hate him for leaving us, don't you?” Luis replies, “Miguel, come on, it was different for you. You and Theresa were just kids. I did the best I could to take care of...” Miguel interrupts him, “I know. It wasn't fair, but I always figured he had a good reason for leaving.” Luis replies, “Well, if there was one, I don't know what it is. He broke Mama's heart once and I'm not gonna let him do it again. Hopefully I got through to him and he's long gone from Harmony by now.”

To be continued...

This picture comes from the cover of a SOW during the mine shaft storyline. Sheridan is wearing the dress from "the most romantic night" while Luis is wearing the clothes that he dressed in to leave later that night with Agent Freeman and when he found Sheridan "dead".
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/Media24.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=Media24.jpg)

11.19.08, 12:44 AM
Walking on the wharf in Harmony, Liz runs into Ethan who is contemplating his woes with Theresa and his loss of his confidant, Sheridan. Ethan has taken pictures of both of them out of his wallet and is looking at them when Liz invades his space. He tells Liz about losing his aunt recently and now his lady love. He turns to leave, putting the pictures in his pocket and drops one of them on the ground. Liz picks it up and gasps. She asks who the woman in the picture is and Ethan tells her it is his fiancée, once again no one sees Sheridan who can recognize her. As Ethan talks with Liz, Antonio and Sheridan walk along the wharf, too, on their way to drop off the key at the police station. Antonio asks, “Isn't that Liz down there at the end of the wharf?” Sheridan looks in the direction Antonio indicates and asks, “Where?” Antonio points, “Right down there through the gate.” Looking around, Sheridan says, “I see Liz but she's alone.” Antonio comments, “The guy she was talking to just took off. Must have been asking directions or something.” Sheridan turns back to Antonio, “Well, you want to go and say hello?” Antonio shakes his head, “No, we'll catch up with her later. I just want to take care of this thing with my brother...get it done and over with. You want to stay here while I drop the key off? You might be able to remember something.” Sheridan says emphatically, “No. No, I don't want to miss the chance to meet your brother. There are a few things I want to say to him and late or not, his is going to listen.” They head off down the wharf to Harmony Police department.

Luis walks into the police station and is greeted by a rookie at the HPD. When the rookie hears Luis' name, he tells Luis that someone called wanting to know if Luis was at work. The rookie didn't get a name but told the caller that Luis would be in shortly. The caller will be in to see Luis. Luis moves to stand behind his desk and picks up a picture of Sheridan and himself. He sets it down on his desk and asks the new guy if the man who wanted to see him said anything else. The rookie says no, turns to walk away and drops all of the books he is carrying. Luis tells the new guy to relax and to call him Luis instead of “sir”. Outside the police station, Sheridan and Antonio stop just short of the front door as Antonio points it out to Sheridan, who replies, “All right. Let's go meet this guy so I can give him a piece of my mind.” They walk on down the sidewalk.

Inside the police station, Luis says he wishes that guy who called would show up. The rookie apologizes again for not getting a name or more information. Sheridan and Antonio stand outside on the sidewalk in front of the police station. Antonio turns to Sheridan, “Well, I guess I should go get this over with.” Sheridan smiles, “I know it's not easy to face your brother.” Antonio grimaces, “I just want to go inside, give him the keys to the boat, get out of here, and head back to the island.” Sheridan says sympathetically, “I know you're anxious to leave. At least you got to connect with your family. I still don't know who my family is. I don't remember anything before you fished me out of the ocean.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012102-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012102-04.jpg)
Antonio replies, “I know you hoped coming to Harmony would help you remember but it hasn't, has it?” Sheridan smiles, “No, but you know what? I shouldn't be thinking about myself, especially when you're so nervous about seeing your brother again.” Antonio looks away, “I'm not looking forward to it.” Sheridan says, “I can't wait to meet him and to tell him what a wonderful person you are and no matter what happened in the past, he should just forgive you and start over because he's your brother.” Antonio turns his back to her to look in the window of the Harmony Police Department (HPD).

Standing in front of the HPD, Sheridan has a flashback of Luis at her cottage when he had to have her sign a statement before she left for Paris.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/other1.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=other1.jpg)
When the memory ends, she tells Antonio, “It's strange. I just had a memory of the man I love in a police uniform.” Antonio folds his arms over his chest, “Really? Do you think your man might have been a cop?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. Probably not. It's probably just because we're talking about police and we're here at the police station.” Antonio looks at her, “Yeah. Well, we're here.” He walks back to look in the window and smiles, “Look at him in that uniform. I always knew he'd make something of himself.” Sheridan comes up to his side and looks in the window, too. Luis has moved out of view, “I can't see him.” She turns back to Antonio, “You know what, Brian, that's the first time I've ever seen you smile when you talked about your brother.” Antonio replies, “Yeah, well, let's go inside and give him the keys so we can split.” He begins to walk to the door but Sheridan stops him, “Wait a minute. Which one is he? Point him out to me.” He walks back to stand behind her and points, “He's right there.” Sheridan says, “That's him? I wish he would turn around so I could see his face. There's something very familiar about him.” She continues to watch Luis back through the window. Sheridan turns to Antonio again, “I wish he would turn around.” Antonio tells her, “Well, you'll see him as soon as we go inside.” Sheridan smiles, “Let's go in. I guess he seems familiar because he's your brother, similar build.”

Inside the police station, the rookie police officer tells Luis that he has another call. Luis answers the phone to find someone from the tabloid calling about Julian's murder, or suspected murder. Luis tells him not to print anything about Julian. As he hangs up, Luis tells the rookie that he needs to find Chief Bennett. He leaves through the back door just as Sheridan and Antonio walk through the front door. The rookie cop asks if he can help them. Antonio tells him that he called earlier looking for Luis. The new guy tells them that Luis just left but he will see if he can catch him. He runs off but quickly returns to tell them that he just missed Luis. He tells them that Luis should be back shortly if they would like to wait, telling them to help themselves to coffee. Sheridan walks over to the coffee pot to pour them each a cup of coffee. As she turns to walk back to sit in front of Luis' desk, she spills some of the hot coffee on her hand which causes her attention to be focused on her hand instead of letting her see the picture of herself and Luis that is on the edge of his desk now. She sits almost directly in front of the picture on his desk but never really sees it while Antonio checks her hand. Sheridan says, “I wonder where your brother is?” Antonio replies, “I don't know but he'll be here soon.” She says, “Good. I am anxious to tell him what I think of him treating you the way he has all these years.”

Luis arrives at the Bennett house to warn Sam about the tabloid reporter's call and what might happen. He is needed at the station. Sam and Luis head back to the station, stopping on the sidewalk to discuss the possibility of Julian actually being dead. Luis says he'll believe it when he sees some physical evidence. Sam agrees that it is probably too good to be true. Luis then tells Sam that the new guy took a message for him about someone wanting to come in to meet with him. Luis wonders if the guy might be in there now. They continue their walk to the station. Sam turns back to Luis and tells him that the Cranes have given him nothing but trouble all of his life. Luis says there is a long list and his family seems to head it. Sam agrees that the Lopez-Fitzgerald family has had a really bad year and that he knows how much Luis is still grieving for Sheridan. He puts his arm on Luis in a sign of comfort. Luis sighs, “I still feel her presence and I guess it's because I still love her but I just can't seem to let her go.” Luis looks sadly away.

To be continued...

11.19.08, 11:36 PM
Inside the Harmony police station, Antonio asks the rookie police officer if the officer they are waiting to see has called in. Rookie tells Antonio that it shouldn't be long because the officer just went to get the Chief. Sheridan sits in front of Luis' desk as Antonio paces. She stands now and tells Antonio to just relax. She is sure his brother will be back soon and, “We'll just give him the keys to the boat and we'll be on our way.” Antonio replies, “I can tell you one thing. He's not gonna be happy to see me.” He has a flashback of Luis telling him to leave Harmony when they met on the Crane grounds. Antonio then turns to Sheridan and states, “We'll be out of Harmony soon, Diana.” Sheridan says, “Not till I have it out with your brother and give him a piece of my mind.” Antonio shrugs, “I don't know if that gonna go over too well. He doesn't take well to being yelled at.” Sheridan replies, “Oh, I won't yell at him. I'll just calmly tell him that I don't approve of the way he's treated you. In fact, he sounds like a real jerk.” Antonio turns away, “Yeah, he's just gonna eat that up.” Sheridan shrugs, “Too bad cuz I can't wait to tell him off.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012202-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012202-03.jpg)
Sheridan walks back to Luis' desk and sits in front of it again. She hugs her arms tightly around herself as she says, “I just had another one of those weird feelings as if something, some key to my past is really close by. Outside on the sidewalk in front of the police station, Luis tells Sam, “I know that Sheridan is dead but in spite of that, sometimes she feels so close. It's like I can reach out and touch her. That's how strong her presence is.” Sam tells Luis that is just how it is with him and Grace. He can sometimes sense which room of the house Grace is in, even when he is at work at the police station. The talk turns to Grace, David and John.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012202-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012202-04.jpg)
In the police station, Rookie answers the phone, puts it down and asks Antonio if his name is Brian. He hands the phone to Antonio who talks with Liz. He puts the phone down and tells Sheridan that Doc has gotten tickets for all of them on the next flight. They will now have to hurry back to the boat, pack and make it to the airport. They don't have much time now. Sheridan replies, “I just hope I have enough time so I can have it out with your brother.” She looks at Antonio and waits for a reply. Outside in front of the station, Sam and Luis continue discussing Grace, David and John. Sam tells Luis that at times it seems like there are evil forces after Grace and him. They decide to go into the station to check on developments on Julian Crane.

As Sheridan walks down the hall, Antonio stops Rookie and tells him that they can't wait any longer for Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald. He asks Rookie to give Luis a note telling him where the boat can be found and the key. Antonio catches up with Sheridan as she finishes pouring two cups of coffee. She hands one to Antonio as he states, “Just a few hours and we'll be on the island, huh?” Sheridan holds her cup and replies, “Yeah, I'm a little disappointed though. I was looking forward to meeting your brother.” They walk off down the hall to the door at the same time that Luis and Sam enter the front door of the station. Sam asks about any news on Julian while Luis asks if the guy who called earlier ever showed up. Rookie tells Luis that he did show up and just left but left a key and note for Luis. He hands the envelope to Luis. As soon as Luis takes the note, he gets a funny look on his face, “I got that feeling again, you know. Sheridan was just here.” He looks around. Outside on the sidewalk, Antonio says, “We're gonna have to hurry if we're gonna catch that flight.” Sheridan, who is walking a little behind Antonio, slows down and comes to a complete stop as she looks around like she has sensed something or someone.

At the police station, Luis holds the envelop while he thinks. Sam asks him what he is thinking. Luis explains, “I'm just trying to put something together. The boat is Beth's. The boat was brought up from the islands. I went down to the islands to sail the boat back but I had to come back here before I could sail the boat back.” Sam looks concerned, “Luis, where are you going with this?” Luis replies, “Sam, when I was down in the islands, I felt Sheridan's presence so strongly, same as I'm feeling it now. Look, I know it's crazy, all right? But maybe Sheridan was the one who sailed the boat back to Harmony. Maybe she's here in Harmony.” Sam looks skeptically at Luis, “Luis, you listen to me...” Luis interrupts, “Sam, I know that you think I'm nuts. I'm not gonna blame you for that. Maybe I am nuts. But I gotta find out. I gotta put an end to this once and for all.” Sam nods, “You just go ahead.” Luis nods, “Thanks.” He grabs his coat, keys, and rushes off.

On the wharf as they reach the boat, Antonio walks with his arm around Sheridan and tells her, “Traffic is worse than I thought. We're really gonna have to hurry if we're gonna make it to the airport on time.” Sheridan nods, “Okay.” They step on board the boat and Antonio hurries down to the cabin but Sheridan stops, looks back at the wharf and has a flashback of kissing Luis (the famous wharf kiss!). As the flashback is over all too quickly, she sighs, “I really thought Harmony would be the key to my past, to my family, to my lover. I guess I was wrong.”

Luis is walking down the wharf toward the boat. Sheridan is still on the deck of the boat when she has another flashback of arriving at the stake out when Luis surprised her with the big kiss. She comes out of the memory flash and looks out over the wharf once again, as if expecting Luis to come up to the boat.

To be continued...

11.21.08, 9:09 PM
Doc and Liz arrive at Beth's boat to pick up Sheridan and Antonio to go to the airport. When they ask about Brian, Sheridan tells them that he is below tidying up the cabin. Doc says they need to hurry in order to make it for their flight. Liz tells Doc that she thinks they should go help Brian and speed him along. Sheridan tells them that she will be down in a minute. Standing on deck she has a flashback of her and Luis at the cottage when had to get her to sign a statement before she left for Paris.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/other3.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=other3.jpg)
She again wonders, “Why do I keep remembering my dead lover? I was so sure that coming to Harmony would help me remember my past. Except for a few odd feelings I had on the estate, there is nothing or anyone that has rung a bell. Not even that cop that Brian and I turned the keys over to recognized me as someone from around here.”

Walking along the wharf to the boat, Luis stops as he still tries to make sense of his feelings. He says to himself, “That rookie cop is new to Harmony. Sheridan could have been the one to drop off the keys to Beth's boat and he wouldn't have had a clue. I know it sounds crazy but I gotta find out if Sheridan's alive and back in Harmony.” He hurries on toward the boat but slows down when it is in sight, “I know it would take a miracle. What if Sheridan is on that boat?” He walks on toward the boat as Sheridan walks down the steps to the cabin, “I guess I'll go below and finish packing.” After Sheridan leaves the deck, Luis approaches the boat, “Permission to come aboard.” No answer so he yells, “Hello. Is anybody there?” He steps on board the boat and knocks on the door, “Hello.” As he kneels next to the door heading to the cabin, Luis smiles, “Oh, my God. It's you.”

As Luis looks shocked, Liz smiles in surprise, “Hey, what are you doing here?” Luis replies, “Well, I heard a beautiful woman dropped off keys for the boat at the station.” Liz replies, “You heard right.” Luis shakes his head and stands, “Man, I'm losing it.” He walks off the boat and down the steps. Liz follows, “Hey, listen, what do you mean?” Luis explains, “I thought maybe the beautiful woman could have been my fiancée. I know she's dead, but I just had this strange feeling down at the station, the same one I had at St. Lisa's island.” Liz nods, “I remember.” Luis shakes his head, “I'm sorry to ramble on. It is good to see you.” He gives her a hug. They both smile as she replies, “You too.” He says, “I didn't even know you were coming to Harmony.” Liz replies, “I hadn't planned to, but things happened...” Liz is interrupted by the ringing of Luis' cell phone, “Sorry. I have to take this. Sam, what's up?” Sam replies over the phone, “I need you to meet me at the cannery. We may have a break about what happened to Julian Crane.” Luis replies, “All right. I'll be right over.” He hangs up and turns to Liz, “I have to go. Police business. I'll see you.” She replies, “Okay.” She turns and begins to think, “Luis told me about his lost love back on St. Lisa's. I wondered then if it could have been Diana. Now he feels her presence after Brian and Diana drop off the keys at police headquarters?” She turns around and tries to follow him, “Hey wait! There's something I have to tell you!” Antonio and Sheridan appear on the wharf next to Liz and Antonio asks, “Did I hear you talking to somebody?” She turns to face him, “Yeah, your brother.” Sheridan asks with surprise, “Brian's brother is here? I want to give him a piece of my mind for the way he's treated his brother.” She rushes off after Luis. Antonio shouts after her, “Diana, wait. You're wasting your time.” Liz turns to Antonio, “Brian, you thought I was crazy but isn't it possible that Diana could be your brother's fiancée?”

As Sheridan runs after Luis, she comes to a halt until she sees a man in the distance, “Where is Brian's brother? You're not getting away this time.” She tries to follow the man. On the wharf in front of the boat, Antonio tells Liz, “There's no way Diana can be my brother's fiancée. She's not even from Harmony.” Liz asks, “How can you be sure?” Antonio replies, “Not one person has recognized her, not even a local cop from the station house.” Doc comes up on deck and shouts to Brian, “Better finish packing, Brian. We have to leave for the airport soon.” Antonio walks back aboard the boat and Liz is deep in thought, “I feel Diana and Luis are connected.” Sheridan comes to a dead end, “Shoot. I lost Brian's brother. No time to track him down. We have to get to the airport. I hate to leave Harmony but I guess there's nothing here for me after all.” She turns around and heads back to the boat. A few feet away from Sheridan, Luis has a flashback of kissing Sheridan on the wharf when he was on his stakeout. As the flashback ends, Luis shakes his head, “There it is again, that feeling that Sheridan's close by.” He looks like he is going to turn around to investigate but his beeper goes off. He looks at the message, “Sam's waiting for me. I have to get to the cannery.” He continues on his way to meet Sam.

Coming back off the boat with suitcases, Antonio asks Liz, “So, you still think Diana is my brother's fiancée?” Liz replies, “Yeah, I do. In a way it all fits.” Antonio says, “Except for one thing.” Liz asks, “What?” Antonio replies, “I remember you telling me a while back on St. Lisa's that my brother's fiancé died and once the body was identified they cremated her, right?” Liz replies, “That's what Luis said, yes.” Antonio says smugly, “There's no way that Diana can be my brother's fiancé, is there?” Liz replies, “No, there isn't.” She is still thinking as Antonio walks off, “Unless...”

Luis arrives at the cannery and asks, “So, is there any credible evidence that something happened to Julian?” Sam replies, “We found his jacket. It's in the processing vat directly under the gate from the catwalk.” Luis asks, “You're saying Julian was here last night? He fell into the vat and got chopped up.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012302-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012302-11.jpg)
Sam replies, “It's a definite possibility.” Luis says, “Until we rule it out, we have to handle this place as a potential crime scene.” Sam nods, “You got it.” Sam adds, “We need more than this jacket. If I find new evidence, I will go after them. Nobody kills someone on my watch and gets away with it, even if it is Julian Crane.

On the airplane after finding their seats, Doc exclaims, “St. Lisa's here we come.” Taking a seat next to him, Liz says, “I cannot wait to get back.” From across the aisle, Sheridan sadly says again, “You know I really thought Harmony held the key to my past. Things just didn't go the way I hoped they would. I still don't know who I am.” Liz tries to comfort her, “Diana, everything happens for a reason. When it's time to know your past, you will.” Sheridan replies, “I can't shake this feeling that I'm leaving Harmony having missed something. Something that could have changed my life.” She turns and looks sadly out the window.

At the cannery, Luis says, “Besides the jacket, it doesn't prove Julian was here.” Sam agrees, “Someone could have taken it from him and dumped it in the vat. All we know for certain is Julian is missing. Where do we go for proof that he's actually dead?”

To be continued...

Some of the Shuis pictures are from Passions Central. Thanks to PC.

11.22.08, 11:45 PM
Liz walks down the aisle of the airplane to her seat. Before she takes her seat, she looks at a sleeping Sheridan and asks Antonio how she is doing. He tells her that Sheridan has been talking in her sleep but he couldn't make out what she was saying. Liz says that she will be better once they get back to St. Lisa's. Antonio says that will make two of them because the family reunion wasn't what he thought it would be. He has a flashback of Luis telling him that they don't need him and for him to get out of Harmony and not come back. Antonio tells Liz that he doesn't want to talk about it. Back in her seat, Liz look questioningly at him, “Who said anything about you? I was thinking more about Diana and the man she loves.” Antonio tells her not to start again about Sheridan being his brother's lost love. He tells her that there is no way that she could be Luis' dead girlfriend. Brian angrily tells her that the man Diana loved is dead so don't talk about it again.

At the Harmony police department Luis comments that they didn't get much from the cannery guys. Sam says that they are afraid that if they say anything they will be fired if Julian isn't really dead. But he does agree with Luis that they still have nothing but a jacket that Julian could have dropped into the vat himself...nothing to prove that Julian is indeed dead. The rookie cop asks about the broken latch on the gate on the catwalk. Sam tells him that is a good point but they still need more physical evidence. Tabby and Timmy walk into the police station. Sam gets up to greet her. She tells him that she has the physical evidence he needs. She tells Sam and Luis that she found it earlier in a can of tuna that she was going to feed Fluffy, her cat. Tabby hands Sam a plastic bag containing a signet ring with some initials on it. Sam looks at the ring and comments that the initials are JC, so it could be Julian Crane's ring.

From across the aisle, Liz looks at Antonio, “You don't need to bite my head off, Brian.” Briantonio looks at her and says, “I think you are obsessed with the idea that her past life had something to do with Harmony. Obviously it did not. Even she knows that now.” In her sleep, Sheridan calls out, “So many things lost. It is all my fault.” Liz raises her brows, “Are you sure about that, Brian?” Sheridan again mumbles, “It is all my fault.”

At the police station, Luis sits at his desk talking on the phone while Sam questions Tabby about the ring and how she came across it. Tabby finally leaves after Sam and Luis finally believe Julian must be dead. They decide to make a list of the suspects. Sam says, “Okay. The list should start with everyone at the Crane bash last night with means, motive and opportunity.” Luis folds his arms and replies, “That is going to include a lot of people we know.” Sam agrees, “It doesn't matter. We're cops, Luis, we have to be thorough.” Sam begins with TC as he writes TC's name on the chalkboard. Sam turns back to Luis, “Ethan had to be furious with Theresa when she found out she -- he found out she slept with Julian.” Luis objects, “That's your son, Sam.” Sam replies, “I still have to put him down as a suspect. I guess Theresa would be next.” Luis grabs Sam's arm before he adds Theresa's name to the board, “Wait a minute. Look, I know that Theresa was upset but she would never resort to violence.” Sam turns back to look at Luis, “Luis, I told you this was going to be tough but we have to put down everyone that is a potential suspect. If I can put down my best friend and son on that board, I am afraid I will have to add Theresa's name to the list, too.” He turns around and adds her name to the board. Luis is exasperated, “Sam, this is crazy. I know my sister would never have killed Julian and neither would my mother.” Sam asks, “Is there something you want to tell me? Something you haven't told me yet about the disappearance of Julian?”

Luis has a flashback of he and Ethan going after Julian. As the flashback ends, Luis replies, “I don't know any more than you do, Sam.” Luis folds his arms across his chest again, “Okay. Let's get on with it. The sooner we clear those names, the sooner we can get them off of the board.” Sam agrees, “That's right. Well, I guess Ivy and Rebecca should be next.” He adds their names to the board. Luis and Sam stand back and look at the growing list. Sam says, “I guess we should add Eve to the list.” Luis asks, “What is her problem with Julian?” Sam replies, “She loves her husband. She was just as furious as TC when she found out Julian cost TC his dreams not to mention his father's life.” Sam walks back to the board and adds Eve to the list then turns back to Luis, “Everybody on this board had motive and opportunity to kill Julian last night. Now can you think of anyone else that I should add to that list?” Luis remembers his run in with Antonio that night.

On the airplane headed to Bermuda, Sheridan calls out in her sleep, “So many things are lost. Something had to be done.” She unbuckles her seat belt and stands. Antonio tells Liz, “She is sleep walking just like last night in Harmony.” He stands, too. Sheridan says, “I did it.” The flight attendant walks up behind her and asks, “Are you all right?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012402-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012402-11.jpg)
Antonio warns, “Wait a minute. I think she will wake up on her own.” Sheridan says angrily, “He stole everything from me so I took everything from him.”

Standing in front of the board, Sam asks again, “Can you think of anyone else I should add to that list?” Luis replies, “Why don't you just say it, Sam? You know that I was at the Crane estate last night and had both the means and the opportunity to kill Julian Crane.” Sam asks, “You really think I would consider my close friend and number one officer a suspect in a murder investigation?” Luis replies, “Thorough is thorough, that is what you have always taught me.” Luis takes the chalk from Sam and writes his own name on the board. Sam asks Luis, “Do you have any information of the disappearance of Julian? Wait... If you do have pertinent information, I suggest that you hire yourself a lawyer.” He walks away from Luis.

Grace enters the police station and comes to a stop before she reaches Sam, “Oh, there you are.” She moves further into the room and comes to a stop again in front of the chalkboard, “What is that?” Luis returns to his desk and begins looking through reports as Sam replies, “A list of suspects we're compiling in the Julian Crane disappearance case.” Grace says, “You have Eve and TC up there, I mean, ...” Sam replies, “That is what we do in any investigation, Sweetheart. Put down anyone and everyone that could be involved.” Grace sighs, “Well, I just can't believe that one of our friends could be a ...” Sam continues for her, “Murderer. I am sorry, Sweetheart, facts are facts. Could be someone we know killed Julian Crane and it is up to me to narrow down that list until I find out exactly who it was - exactly who it was.”

On the airplane, still sleeping, Sheridan angrily says, “I took everything from him, everything.” The flight attendant asks, “Do you know what she is talking about? She seems upset about something she did.” Antonio replies, “I don't know what she is talking about.” The flight attendant says, “Whatever it is, it is freaking me out. I get the feeling she did something really awful.” Sheridan again mumbles, “It is all my fault.”

At Tabitha's house, she sprinkles some magic dust on her martimmy. The faces of the suspects in Julian's murder appear, one at a time, in her glass.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012402-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012402-12.jpg)
Tabby smiles with excitement, “Oh, a new face. Sheridan Crane, what a spectacular array of suspects. Oh, how marvelous to be able to ruin so many people's lives when actually only one person is guilty. Oh, life is good, life is good.” She claps her hands together.

To be continued...

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11.24.08, 1:03 AM
Aboard the flight to Bermuda, Sheridan says emphatically in her sleep, “I did it. I took everything away from him, but he deserved what he got.” Standing behind her, the flight attendant says, “Sleepwalking's one thing, but her face, her tone of voice -- it's like she's capable of doing anything.” Doc stands at his seat, “Hey, I heard the commotion. What's going on?” Liz explains, “Diana's sleepwalking, saying she took everything from someone.” Doc says, “She might be reliving an event. Did Diana experience any kind of emotional trauma in Harmony?” Briantonio replies, “She told Liz and me she had a bad dream last night.” Liz says, “At least she thought it was a dream.” Doc shakes his head, “No, she must have done something she's reliving. Whatever it was, it's eating her away.”

At the Harmony police department, Grace comments to Sam, “So many of those people are our friends.” Sam replies, “Grace, I hate this as much as you do, but someone's responsible for Julian's disappearance. If it turns out that he is dead, someone's responsible for his murder, maybe someone here in Harmony. I just hope whoever has any information comes forward voluntarily, or else this case could turn ugly.” Sam looks over at Luis who is thinking about he and Ethan telling Julian that they would make him pay for hurting Theresa. Sam turns back to the chalkboard and laments, “To think I have my own son listed as a suspect.”

Tabby stands in the entrance hall of her home. She looks up at the mirror and sees Julian's face surrounded by all the suspects reflected there. She laughs.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012502-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012502-01.jpg)

At the police station, Grace offers to get them all some decent coffee. She drops her purse and Sam sees the pictures that David took of the people at the Crane New Year's Eve party. They discuss their friends TC and Eve and their reasons for wanting Julian dead. Standing near the chalkboard Luis remembers his run in with Antonio on the Crane grounds. When his memory ends, he looks up thoughtfully and thinks, “No one knew my brother was in Harmony.” Tabitha arrives to find out what is going on with the Julian investigation. They all turn to look at her, making her ask if they think that she is a suspect. She is relieved when Sam tells her that she is not one of the suspects. Luis and Sam leave to interrogate the suspects.
On the airplane, the flight attendant stands asks, “Is it ok to wake her now?” Doc raises his hand, “No, it's very dangerous to wake anyone who's sleepwalking.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012502-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012502-02.jpg)
The flight attendant walks away. Sheridan again says, “It's done. He's paid for all his crimes. He's dead.” Sheridan and Antonio are seated again when the flight attendant comes back to stand in the aisle between them and Liz and Doc. She says, “I should tell the pilot about your friend talking about someone being dead.” Antonio looks up at her, “No, no, no, it's ok. See, Diana, she's an actress and she's just trying to prepare for her role.” Across the aisle, Liz adds, “Right, a part on a soap.” The flight attendant grins, “Oh. Congratulations. Good luck.” She walks off. Doc leans toward her, “Good save, Liz Do you remember the night that Diana was sleepwalking on the island?” Liz nods, “Yeah, and then again on the wharf before we left Harmony. I wonder what awful things could have happened in her past to make her be so upset.” Antonio leans across the aisle to tell them, “I don't know what happened, but I can tell you what's going to happen in her future. I'm going to love her and I'm going to protect her from anything bad ever happening to her again.”

Kneeling in the aisle next to Antonio's seat, Liz asks, “How's Diana doing?” Looking over at Sheridan, Antonio replies, “She's still asleep, but I can tell she's having bad dreams. I hate seeing her in turmoil like this, not knowing who she is. I'd die if I could get her past back for her, take all that pain away.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012502-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012502-11.jpg)
Liz looks up at him, “You really love her, don't you?” Antonio begins, “Liz...” Liz interrupts him, “No. No, Brian, it's all right. I've always known that Diana was different for you, that she was the one. You knew it, too.” Antonio looks back at Liz, “Liz, what you and I had, it was special, but we were younger then. We were both looking for someone, you know, when we left the states.” Liz smiles, “Excuses, excuses.” Antonio looks back at Sheridan who stirs in her seat, “Diana?”

Walking up to the mansion, Sam informs Luis, “Look, this won't be easy. But starting with Ivy, I think, is as good a place as any.” They stop in their tracks as they hear yelling from inside the mansion. First Ivy's voice, “How dare you threaten us!” Then Rebecca yells, “Go back to the barrio where you belong.” Sam looks at Luis and says, “That sounds like Ivy and Rebecca.” Luis agrees. Then Pilar's voice is heard, “Do not speak to my daughter that way!” Luis adds, “And mama.” Luis and Sam walk faster and enter the front door of the mansion. Rebecca is heard saying, “Your daughter is a two-timing tramp.” Ivy adds, “And you knew all along!” Theresa yells, “Leave Mama alone. Your fight is with me, and I say bring it on!” Rebecca yells, “We're going to crush you like the cockroach you are!” Entering the living room, Luis yells, “What is all the shouting about?” Theresa continues her tirade, “My baby will get everything from the Cranes because it is a Crane. It's Julian's baby!” Looking rather shocked Luis turns to Theresa and asks, “Theresa, what did you just say?” Theresa replies, “Luis.” Pilar explains, “Mijo, Theresa didn't have the abortion.” Theresa continues, “No, I couldn't go through with it, Luis. Even though it's Julian's baby.” Rebecca huffs, “Says you. The father could be any man from here to Bermuda.” Theresa shouts, “Oh, you're one to talk, you gold-digging witch.” Rebecca shouts back, “Oh, listen here, you little fajita ...” Luis interrupts, “Rebecca, I'm warning you ...” Ivy suggests, “Why don't we just call Alistair. He'll take care of Theresa.” Luis warns, “Yeah, over my dead body.” Sam jumps in, “People, enough.” Rebecca shouts, “ (overused derogatory adjective) .” Theresa shouts back, “Bitch.” Sam warns, “I said that's enough. Now, Luis and I are here on police business.” Luis agrees, “That's right. We're investigating the murder of Julian Crane.” Theresa shouts, “I can tell you who did it. Ivy or Rebecca, or both! Rebecca pushed the wheelchair and Ivy pulled the trigger.” Ivy snips, “If I were going to kill anyone, Theresa, it would be you for hurting Ethan.” Theresa prompts, “Ask them where they were last night, Chief Bennett. I bet my late husband's fortune that one of them killed Julian.”

Sam says, “Theresa, relax. We don't need a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations made in anger.” Luis agrees. “We just need to know where everyone was last night.” Ivy makes a face, “Good God, what is that smell?” Luis apologizes, “Sorry, we were just at the cannery and ...” Ivy interrupts, “The cannery? What were you doing at the cannery?” Sam replies, “It's part of the investigation.” Luis turns and asks, “Rebecca, where were you last night?” Rebecca in turn asks, “Why don't you ask your sister. She was as livid with Julian as the rest of us.” Ivy adds, “You even said you would kill him for what he did to you.” Pilar defends, “Theresa would never kill someone.” Rebecca asks, “But what about you, Pilar? When you disappeared last night, your red-hot blood was boiling.” Pilar asks, “Me? Please. I'll have you know that the staff reported that the dress you wore last night smelled strongly of fish when it was taken to the cleaners this morning.” Ivy turns to Rebecca, “Is that true, Rebecca?” She replies, “Look, the only thing that is fishy around here, Ivy, is your whereabouts last night. In fact, the maid told me that your wheelchair left a trail of fish guts in the elevator after you wheeled in there after doing God-knows-what.” Once again Sam tries to gain control, “Now, ladies, this isn't getting us anywhere.” Theresa repeats, “I told you they did it, Chief Bennett. They killed Julian and left me a widow. His pregnant widow.”

Seated across the aisle from a sleeping Sheridan and Antonio, Doc comments, “Brian's really falling for Diana.” Liz replies, “Has he ever.” Doc whispers, “You know, you should say something to him before he gets in any deeper.” Liz shakes her head, “He wouldn't listen.” Doc suggests, “Then maybe you should try investigating Diana's past, find out who she really is, if there's someone out there waiting for her.” Liz replies, “Diana thinks her lover's dead.” Doc shrugs, “Well, what if he isn't? What if he is alive and he thinks she's dead?” Liz asks, “What difference would it make?” Doc replies, “Could make the difference between you having Brian back or Diana winning his heart for good.” Liz looks at him.

In the Crane mansion living room, Sam says, “Now, I've heard enough of you ladies yelling at each other.” Rebecca snipes, “Theresa is no lady, she's a tramp.” Luis demands, “Stop insulting my sister.” Sam shouts, “I said that is enough! Now, I'm going to talk to each one of you and find out exactly where you were last night.” Rebecca asks, “Why don't you ask Luis? He was furious with Julian. Why don't you ask him where he was last night?” Sam replies, “Luis is going to make a statement. And for that matter, so will Ethan. No one gets preferential treatment in this case. No one. Now, as much as it pains me to say this, each one of you are going to have to answer some very serious questions.” Everyone in the room looks worried.

At the police station, Tabitha and Grace stand looking at the list of suspects on the chalkboard. Tabby comments, “Murder in Harmony. And of a Crane, no less. I wonder who did it. Pretty Theresa? Handsome Ethan? An angry T.C. Russell? Or maybe noble Dr. Eve Russell. A fed-up Ivy could have done the deed. Or was it Rebecca, tired of being played for the fool? Maybe Pilar finally snapped. Or her hotheaded son lost his cool. Of course, someone whose name isn't even on the list could have killed Julian.” Grace replies, “You know, Tabitha, I just -- I can't talk about this anymore. I need to get some fresh air.” Tabby replies, “Oh, yes, dear, deep breaths, deep breaths.” Grace hurries out of the police station leaving Tabby sitting on one of the desks smiling, “What a wonderfully wicked day. I got revenge on the Cranes and the Standish women all in one brilliant stroke. And once Julian's murderer is finally revealed, Harmony will be shaken, rattled, and rocked like never before.” She laughs.

To be continued...

Shuis screen caps thanks to Passions Central.

11.25.08, 12:03 AM
Tabitha stands in her hallway looking at pictures of the suspects in Julian's murder that she has pinned on her wall. As she looks at them she asks, “So, could it be Theresa? Or Ethan? Luis? Pilar? Ivy? Rebecca? Or TC? Or was it dear Dr. Eve? Each and every one of them is a perfect suspect and then of course, there is Sheridan and Antonio, Luis's brother. Chief Bennett doesn't even know about them yet. But either one of them could have done it as well.” She moves to look into the mirror, “So, who put this murder and mayhem into motion? You lovely old witch, you.” She laughs when the mirror cracks, “There's seven more years of bad luck for Harmony.”

On the airplane, an announcement comes over the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting our approach into Bermuda international shortly. Please return to your seats and secure your seat belts. Thank you.” Looking at the sleeping Sheridan, Liz asks, “How is she doing?” Antonio whispers, “She is still asleep. I am sure she is still dreaming.” Liz says, “At least she's not sleepwalking again. What do you think she could have been dreaming about to get her so upset?” Antonio whispers, “I have no idea but she was definitely upset.” Liz replies, “Maybe she was talking about what she said she took everything away from someone. Then she said it's over, he's dead. What could she have been talking about?” Antonio leans toward Liz across the aisle, “I don't know. She has amnesia. She doesn't know anybody.” Liz replies, “I got to tell you, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when she said, he's dead. The way she said it. Who in Diana's past deserves to die?”

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca complains, “Before anyone starts questioning me, I would like to know where Theresa and Pilar disappeared to last night.” Rebecca, Ivy, Pilar and Theresa continue their sniping until Sam yells, “All right! That is enough. Now I don't want to hear another word out of anyone.” Standing next to Sam and writing in a note pad, Luis adds, “Ladies, just trying to investigate a possible homicide here. We need your help.” Sam explains, “Julian might have been murdered and I am going to get to the bottom of this no matter what I have to do. Now I need to know where each one of you was last night.” Ivy asks, “Sam, are you saying that we're all suspects?” Sam replies, “That is right. Until we can figure out what happened to Julian, everyone is a suspect.”

Sheridan opens her eyes and stretches in her seat. Antonio leans over and touches her arm, “Are you okay?” She replies, “Yeah. Just dreaming.” Liz says, “We know. Must have been a pretty bad dream.” Sheridan sighs, “Yeah, it was awful.” Antonio asks, “What were you dreaming?” Sheridan frowns, “It was horrible. I was filled with this terrible guilt. I felt like I had taken something from someone, almost as if I had taken someone's life. Oh my God. I also dreamed that I was walking around on the plane. Was I sleeping walking again?” Doc tells her, “Yes, but we were with you.” She sighs, “Oh, dear.” Antonio explains, “We explained it to the stewardess. The other passengers hardly noticed.” Sheridan says, “I hope not.” Antonio asks, “Who were you dreaming about? Who were you dreaming that you took something from and trying to get revenge on somebody?” She frowns, “I remember someone but it is all so vague. You know what? It was someone who had hurt me, hurt me badly.” Liz asks, “Can you remember who?” Sheridan replies, “No. No, I can't remember. You know what though? I do remember something very clearly.” Antonio asks, “What?” She wrinkles her nose, “The smell of fish, a strong smell. I remember the smell of tuna.” She looks at Antonio questioningly.

In the living room of the Crane mansion, Sam announces, “All right. Ladies, I'll question you one at a time and no more accusations. Now, I just want to know where each one of you was last night.” Each one of the suspects in the room thinks back to that night when they were searching for Julian to kill him. Sam asks, “Now who wants to go first? Ivy? Pilar? Who wants to tell me where they were last night after Julian left the party? What is the problem? Either you have an alibi for last night or you don't.” Everyone looks around guiltily. The women begin arguing again until Sam again has to yell, “All right. That is enough. Okay. That is it. This is not going to work. All right. (Sam turns to Luis.) You take Ivy and Rebecca into the other room and I'll stay here and talk to Pilar and Theresa.” Ivy and Rebecca refuse to be questioned by Luis since he is also a suspect. Sam then tells them, “All right. I'll question you two, Luis you stay here with Pilar and Theresa.” Ivy and Rebecca can't believe that Sam is going to let Luis question his mother and sister but Sam tells Ivy that he is going to question Ethan. He tells Ivy and Rebecca to wait in the library for him. They leave the room as Sam has a chat with Luis.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012802-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012802-02.jpg)
Sam tells him, “This isn't going to get any easier, all right. We have to question everyone.” Luis replies, “I know.” Sam says, “It is probably a waste of time since there are dozens of people that we don't even know that wanted Julian dead.” Luis replies, “I know. I am having a hard time believing that it is someone we know.”

On the airplane, Doc and Liz watch Antonio holding Sheridan's hand. Doc comments, “I don't remember Brian ever being that attentive with you, Liz.” Liz gives him a dirty look, “Oh, thanks a lot, Doc. Got any more salt to rub in my wounds.” Doc says, “I'm sorry but it kills me to see you standing by doing nothing while Brian falls harder and harder for Diana.” Liz sighs, “What am I supposed to do?” Doc replies, “I don't know but if you don't do it fast you will lose any chance of getting Brian back. They will be so closely bonded you'll never get them apart.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012802-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012802-04.jpg)
Across the aisle, the flight attendant asks Sheridan, “How are you doing?” Sheridan looks up at her, “Fine. Thank you.” The flight attendant comments, “You must be a wonderful actress. I am sure you will get that part.” Antonio replies for Sheridan, “Thank you. We're sure she will, too.” As the flight attendant walks away, Sheridan asks, “What is she talking about? Part?” Antonio explains, “When you were sleepwalking we told her that you were rehearsing a scene for a soap opera.” Sheridan sighs, “Rehearsing a scene, great.” The flight attendant comments, “It must be a very dramatic one, too. So real it gave me the chills like you had really killed someone.” Antonio replies, “Thank you. Are we going to be landing soon?” She replies, “We're on approach right now.” Sheridan turns to Antonio, “Did I really say those things?” He replies, “You were just dreaming. Don't let it upset you, okay.” Sheridan looks worried, “Maybe that's why the dream seemed so real. Maybe I did kill someone.”

Retuning to his seat, Antonio repeats, “You are going to be okay, Diana.” She nods, “Yeah. It had to be a dream. How could I kill someone in why would I?” Antonio nods, “There's no way that you could have.” Sheridan agrees, “No, it just has to be the fact that I can't remember my past. I was just so sure that there would be some sort of clue for me in Harmony, that it would open some sort of window.” Antonio says, “Hey, sorry things didn't work out.” Sheridan sighs, “Yeah. You know the thing is that even though I didn't find out anything in Harmony, I still had this nagging feeling that there's still something there for me. As if I left something behind, something very close to my heart.”

In the living room of the Crane mansion, Luis sits across from his mother and sister and prepares to question them in the Julian Crane investigation. Luis explains, “Look. I know this is pointless because I know neither one of you could have killed Julian. This is my job. I have to do it.” Pilar nods, “Of course you do, Son. Luis, Sam can't be serious about considering you a suspect, too.” Luis replies, “Well, Mama, everyone that was at the party here last night is a suspect. It's a start, okay. Now, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian and that is why he ran off. Mama, Theresa, look, I can take you both off the suspect list, just tell me you calmed down and went home, that you didn't chase Julian. You did go straight home, didn't you?” They both look away and can't answer. Finally Pilar says, “No.” Then Theresa says, “I went look for him. I tried to find him.” Luis asks, “Why? What were you going to do if you found him?” Theresa admits, “I wanted to kill Julian.” Luis scolds, “Theresa, do not say anymore.” She asks, “Why not, Luis? It's the truth. I wanted to kill Julian and that's why I left the party.” Luis leans forward in his seat, “You listen to me. You cannot say this to anyone, do you understand me?” Pilar then shocks him, “I also wanted to kill him.” Luis says, “No. Please, just tell me that you went straight home.” Pilar admits, “I went after Julian. He had hurt my children and I wanted him dead.” Luis insists, “Please. Don't tell me this. I know neither one of you killed Julian but when you say these things it makes you sound suspect.” Pilar tells him, “It is true, Luis. We both left the party looking for Julian, to find him.” Luis gets up and paces. Theresa looks up at him, “Luis, we weren't the only ones. Ivy and Rebecca were just as furious.” Pilar adds, “And Ethan and TC and Eve and even you, Son. We all wanted to kill Julian and anyone that says otherwise is a liar.”

Luis again takes his seat across from Pilar and Theresa, “Mama, please. Don't incriminate yourself for no reason. Now you, too, Theresa. Yes, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian but we don't even know at this point if he was murdered. However, until we have evidence to the contrary we have to assume that he's dead. And any one of those people that hated Julian could have murdered him. Okay.” Pilar looks sad, “I'm glad that Antonio didn't come home after all. He might have been a suspect, too.” Luis comments, “I don't think we have to worry about him.” Pilar says, “No. We know for sure that Antonio wasn't involved in whatever it is that happened to Julian.”

In the hallway of Liz's hotel in St Lisa's, Doc exclaims, “It is good to be home, isn't it?” Sheridan agrees, “It is.” Putting her bags down in front of her door, Antonio asks, “Are you going to be able to sleep okay?” She sighs, “I am exhausted but afraid to go to sleep. I am afraid I'll start sleepwalking again.” Antonio replies, “No. Everything will be fine. Okay. Tomorrow is a new day, wake up and the sun will be out, everything will be okay, I promise.” She smiles, “You know, I feel so safe with you, and just as long as you are around, my troubles seem so small.” He replies, “Then we shouldn't have troubles. Now, I'm going to hit the hay because I'm going to get up and go fishing in the morning. If you need anything, just knock on the wall. I'm right next door, I'll come running.” She gives him a hug, “Thanks, Brian.” He says, “Good night.” Sheridan says, “Good night, All.” Liz and Doc tell her, “Good night.” Liz turns to Briantonio, “Really starting to depend on you, isn't she?” He replies, “Just want her to know that I'll be there for her.” Liz comments, “So different than when we were together. The last thing you wanted was a clinging vine, no need for a woman depending on you.” Antonio replies, “That was a long time ago, Liz. Things were different then. You are in a different place emotionally.” Liz agrees, “Yeah.” Antonio says, “I'm going to go to bed now, maybe we can talk about this another time, okay.” Liz agrees, “Sure. Fine.” Antonio looks toward Doc, “Night, Doc.” Doc replies, “Night.” Doc turns to Liz, “Liz, remember what I said earlier. Diana's fiancé may not be dead. She might even have a husband. The point is she really doesn't remember anything. So you could find that person from her past. Brian and Diana would have no future and maybe you and Bryan might.”

In the Crane living room, Luis continues the interrogation, “I have to ask you this question even though I already know the answer. Did either of you have guns last night? Theresa? Mama?” Neither of them reply but look away suspiciously. Luis continues, “Are you telling me that you both had guns last night? No. How? How did you two get guns? Forget that I asked, okay. If you did have guns, I don't want to know about it. I am telling you I expected a very different answer from both of you.” Pilar looks up, “We all know what a horrible man Julian Crane was and what he did to our family was unforgivable.” Luis says, “Yeah, I know. I am still convinced he and his family are the reason for Papa's disappearance.” Theresa adds, “Look what he did to me. Got me drunk, slept with me, got me pregnant, and made me lose Ethan.” Pilar stares off, “Rebecca is right. Each and every one of us is a suspect. Even from the grave, if that is where he is, Julian Crane has a chance to destroy our family.”

On the island, Antonio gets into bed in his room. In her room, Sheridan sits up and remembers what Antonio said about knocking on the wall because he is right next door. She gets out of bed and walks into his room. When Antonio realizes she is there, he sits up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” She replies, “I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.” Sheridan sits down on his bed and leans in to kiss him. (YUCK!!!)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012802-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012802-12.jpg)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps.

11.26.08, 12:29 AM
In the Crane mansion living room, Luis sits in a chair across from his mother and sister, “I'm not telling you to lie.” Pilar asks, “Well, what are you telling us?” Luis replies, “Just don't volunteer that either of you had guns last night, okay. All it is going to do is bring you unwanted and, what I think is unwarranted, attention in this investigation. Now I know that neither of you killed Julian. If anyone finds out you had guns you are going to be prime suspects, like me. It is no secret that I hated Julian and I wanted to kill him for getting Theresa pregnant.” Pilar says, “But I know that you didn't kill Julian. You couldn’t, Luis.” Luis replies, “It would still be considered, I had a gun.” Pilar shakes her head, “Even if they never found out Theresa and I had guns, we would still be suspects just like many other people like Rebecca and Ivy and Ethan.” Theresa jumps in, “Ethan didn't do it.” Luis asks, “How do you know that?” She replies, “I know that. I know that Ethan didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “Well, that means that you know who did? Theresa, do you know who killed Julian?”

On the island, Liz walks out in the hotel garden and runs into Doc who is looking at the stars through a huge telescope, “I'm afraid it's one of those nights.” Liz turns and smiles, “Okay. I'll bite. One of what nights?” Doc comments, “The powers of the Bermuda triangle are amplified, extended all over the world.” Liz laughs, “You and your crazy theories, Doc.” Doc looks at the skies as he says, “You can't argue with the stars. They tell me that the triangle's powers are so strong tonight that people all over the globe will have their lives turned upside down, not to mention what could happen on the island.” Liz turns back to look at him, “Go ahead. Mention it.” Doc scolds, “Laugh all you want, Liz, but mark my words, strange things will occur, strange and terrible things.” Inside the hotel, Diana walks through the door and into Antonio's room. Antonio sits up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” Sheridan walks to the bed and sits down, “I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.” She leans in and kisses him. He pulls away and asks, “Are you sure?” Sheridan smiles, seeing Luis smiling at her instead of Antonio, and replies, “Yes. Make love to me. Make love to me right now.”

In the Crane living room, Theresa answers Luis' question, “The reason I know that Ethan didn't murder Julian is because ...” Luis holds up his hand to stop her, “Never mind. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to know.” Theresa asks, “Why not, Luis?” Luis replies, “Don't tell me anything. I want you both to keep quiet. Just don't volunteer any information.” He stands and walk over to a table where he picks up a picture of Julian, “Damn you, Julian. Damn this whole family, caused us nothing but pain and suffering for years. Papa disappeared and you slaved for this family your whole life.” Pilar says, “I had a family to support.” Luis adds, “Theresa became Ivy's personal assistant, caught that pig Julian’s eye. He bided his time to take advantage of you.” Pilar agrees, “Julian is -- was ...” Luis continues, “Then there's Ethan.” Theresa defends him, “Ethan is not a Crane.” Walking across the room, Luis says, “We know that now.” Theresa walks over to stand next to Luis, “It doesn't matter to me whether or not Ethan is a Crane. It never did. I love Ethan with all of my heart. He is everything to me. Just like Sheridan was everything to you. She was a Crane.” Luis whispers, “Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Sheridan was a Crane in name only. She was nothing like the rest of them.” Luis nods, “Oh, I know that. Theresa and I both fell in love with Cranes and we both ended up with broken hearts.” Luis begins to rant, “You warned us, Mama. For years, you told us to stay away from the Cranes because they cause nothing but destruction. Damn that whole family. If we never met them, never come in contact with them, we would be fine. We would be safe. We wouldn't be suspects in a murder case. Damn them. Damn the whole family.” Pilar jumps to her feet, “What are you saying, Luis? You wish you had never met Sheridan, never fallen in love with her?”

On the island Liz says, “That is just a bunch of old wife's tales.” Doc shakes his head, “Science. Unnatural, maybe but it is still science.” Liz states, “No. The Bermuda triangle has no power.” Doc tells her, “The night sky and the stars prove otherwise. The triangle will play with so many lives, make that which is real, unreal and that which is unreal, real.” Liz widens her eyes, “You know, sometimes you go right over the deep end.” Doc replies confidently, “You'll see." Liz begins to walk away, “I am going to go get a cup of coffee. You want a cup?” Liz turns back toward him, “Doc? Where are you? What happened? How did I get here? These gardens.” Liz hears a voice, “Why did you decide to come, Liz?” Liz shouts, “You bastard!” Inside the hotel in Antonio's room, he kisses Sheridan. She looks at Antonio but sees Luis smiling at her. She smiles, “I love you.” He replies, “I love you, too, so much.” Sheridan smiles at Luis, “Then show me. Show me right now.” She kisses him again.

Standing in the Crane living room, Theresa asks, “Is that what you are saying, Luis? That you regret meeting Sheridan, falling in love with her?” Luis replies, “Well, who would want to go through the pain that I have been through?” He walks over to the fireplace and looks at the picture of Sheridan, “I feel like part of my heart has been torn out. Who would want to be hurt like that? You would have to be a masochist to go out with a Crane. To hell with all of them.” He lifts his hand and swipes it across the mantle, knocking some of the pictures to the ground, including Sheridan's. Pilar exclaims, “Luis!” Luis stoops down and picks up the picture of Sheridan. He has a flashback of him and Sheridan saying good bye before he had to leave with Agent Freeman for his debriefing. He is so sad, “I'm so sorry. What was I thinking? I would go through all this pain to be with you, hold you, touch you, and kiss you.” He hugs the picture of his true love to his heart. Theresa moves to stand next to him for comfort, “You can never deny your love for Sheridan no more than I could deny my love for Ethan.” Luis agrees, “I don't regret being with Sheridan even if it means going to the electric chair.” Pilar says, “Don't say that. You didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “How do you know?” Pilar replies, “Because you are my son, you couldn't kill.” Luis looks at each of them, “Just remember what I said, okay. We're all suspects. If anyone asks you questions, don't volunteer information. I'm going for a walk. I'll see you later.”

On the island, Liz angrily yells, “You are such a bastard. What you did to me is unforgivable. The only reason I agreed to meet you here was to tell you that I'm leaving. You got your wish. But I won't forget what you did to me. I'll never forget.” Doc reappears behind her, “Why are you yelling?” Liz asks, “What?” Doc asks, “Who are you talking to? You were your way inside to get coffee and all of a sudden you stopped dead and started yelling at somebody, someone I can't see.” Liz replies, “I was remembering an argument I had with someone but it was more than just a memory. It was like I was right back there.” Doc says, “There you go. That is what it is talking about.” Liz asks, “What?” Doc looks to the sky, “The power of the triangle. It made your memory so vivid, it is like you were reliving it. The triangle transported you back.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-03.jpg)
Liz looks at him, “Well I hope it never happens again.” Doc looks up at the sky and states, “Well, it could be that it will. And not only to you and the other folks on this island but people all over the world. The triangle is going to drum up all kinds of memories, good and bad. And the after effects could be horrifying.”

In Antonio's bedroom, Sheridan smiles at Luis, “I missed you so much. Make love to me again, make love to me like you used to.” Antonio stops kissing her neck and really looks at her, “Great. She's sleepwalking.” Sheridan repeats, “Make love to me. Make love to me now.” Antonio thinks, “I can't wake her up. Come here, Diana. I just want to sit next to you and hold you.” Sheridan leans on his chest, “I'm happy, so very happy.” Antonio wonders, “What has such a hold over you? Your amnesia. Who is it that you love so much?” Luis walks through the front door of Sheridan's cottage and into the living room, “Sheridan and I were so happy here.” He immediately has a flashback of toasting Sheridan before the ET engagement party, then he remembers them kissing after “I love those feet”. Luis smiles at the thought of those special memories of Sheridan, “Why can't I let you go? Why can't I let you go?” He sits on the couch in thought. Luis stands and walks around the living room, “Where are you? Where did you go? I miss you so much. Where are you?” On Antonio's bed, Sheridan sits up and answers Luis, “I'm here. Right here.” She smiles and tries to crawl of the bed. Antonio tries to stop her, “Get some sleep, Diana.” She smiles and says to Luis, “I have missed you. I have missed you so much. So much.” Antonio pulls her back toward him, “It will be all right. Just try to relax.”

In the hallway, Liz listens at the door to Antonio's room, “It's Diana, what is going on? She is crying.” Doc says, “I knew this would happen.” Liz asks, “What do you mean you knew?” Doc replies, “Diana being in Brian’s room. If you are holding out any hope of getting him back, you can't just stand around. You have to do something and fast. You can't let them bond anymore.” Liz scolds him, “Stop. She's crying. It doesn't necessarily mean that she's bonding. Something is wrong.” She knocks on the door, then opens the door. She and Doc see Sheridan on Antonio's bed crying. Antonio explains, “She's sleep walking again.” Sheridan stares ahead, “I missed you so much.” Doc states, “She's reliving something from her past.” Sheridan begs, “Come to me.” Doc amends his statement, “Not so much reliving as creating something in her present that's based in the past.” Antonio says, “It's pretty strange. She came in here and asked me to make love to her.” Liz exclaims, “What?” Antonio replies, “Yeah. She said, make love to me like you used to.” Doc nods, “Yes, I was right. She's remembering her lover. She is remembering her past in her subconscious. She is so desperate to return to her previous life she is creating that reality in her present.” Antonio doesn't want to hear it, “I don't know. It sounds like a bit of a stretch.” Doc continues to try to explain, “She's creating a reunion with her lover in the here and now. The power of the triangle.”

Sitting on the bed Sheridan says again, “I missed you so much.” At the cottage, Luis lights a candle on the fireplace mantle.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-04.jpg)
He has a flashback of Sheridan lighting the candle, then kissing him, “I missed you so much.” The candle in Antonio's room suddenly lights, Sheridan seeing it, smiles and says, “You are here. I knew you would come for me.” Her smile is so bright now as she watches the candle's flame, “You came for me. You're here.” She smiles and moves slightly toward the candle.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-05.jpg)
Antonio asks, “What is happening?” Doc repeats, “The power of the triangle. She must think her lover has come for her.” Antonio says, “No, it doesn't make sense.” Liz asks, “Why not, Brian?” He replies, “Because, Liz, Diana said before that the man she loved, she said he was dead. Now how can he have come back for her?” At the cottage, Luis tells himself, “How many times are you going to do this Luis? You have to find some way to let her go. Get Sheridan out of your head.” He thinks, then turns to the candle, and blows it out, “Yeah, that should work.” At the same time, the candle in Antonio's room goes out. Watching the candle, Liz says in disbelief, “It is like someone blew it out.” Doc says, “The triangle.” Antonio nixes their opinions, “No. I lit the candle earlier it just didn't go out all the way so that's why it re lit itself.” Doc disagrees, “I don't think so.” Antonio insists, “Listen, there is nothing strange about it. It was the breeze that's all. I felt it, I heard the curtain rustle.” Sheridan cries out, “No. Don't leave. I'll come with you.” She jumps off the bed and runs out of the room. Antonio also gets up and calls out to her, “Diana. Diana.” Antonio follows her. Doc explains, “She is going after her lover. She has to find him.” Liz and Doc also run after Sheridan and Antonio.

At the Crane pool house, Luis walks out of the changing room in a swim suit with a robe over it. He walks over to put his hand into the water and says, “Julian Crane would have a fit if he knew I was swimming in his pool. Oh, well. He's never going to know.” The lights go off, “Must be a fuse.” As he looks up at the sky though the windows, he sees dancing colored lights and comments, “Wow. Those are some strange lights, must be a storm coming. All right. Got to get her out of your head, man. Just got to stop thinking. Sheridan, good swim should help.” He dives into the pool and begins swimming laps. On the island, Antonio, Liz and Doc are chasing Sheridan on the beach. Antonio calls her name. Liz suddenly stops, “Wait? What was that?” Antonio asks, “What?” Liz looks up, “In the sky, the lights.” Dock replies, “They are symbols of the power of Bermuda triangle. Who knows how far they will reach tonight?” Antonio calls for Diana again. Liz asks, “Where could she be?” Antonio says, “Got to find her.” As she runs across the beach, Sheridan shouts, “Wait. I'm coming. I'll meet you.” She jumps into the water and swims toward Luis, “I'm coming. Wait for me. I'm here. I'm here.” She smiles as she swims. In the Crane pool, Luis stops swimming, turns to look at the other end of the pool. He sees Sheridan who has been transported there. Luis calls her name. On the island, Antonio asks, “Where could she have gone?” Liz stops searching, “Brian, look, footprints.” He runs to the water's edge to search for her, calling her name. At the Crane pool, Luis and Sheridan begin to swim toward each other. When they are together, in awe, Luis says, “I can't believe it's you.” They smile and lovingly touch each other. Sheridan cries, “I found you.” They longingly touch and passionately kiss.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-11.jpg)
As they are kissing, they are transported out of the pool and into the ocean. A maid walks into the pool house, “I thought the pool was shut down for the week but I thought I heard somebody in here.” Not seeing anyone she thinks, “But if somebody is swimming, why would the lights be out?” She sees Luis' robe on the chair and is confused, “I don't get it. I know I heard somebody in the pool. Where did they go?” Out in the ocean, Luis asks, “How did we get here? What's going on?” Sheridan smiles, “I don't know that or why. All that matters is that we are together again.” She throws her arms around him. He holds her close to him. They smile and alternately hug and kiss each other. They are overjoyed!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-12.jpg)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the wonderful Shuis screen caps.

11.29.08, 1:02 AM
Arriving at the Crane pool house, Theresa calls, “Luis?” The maid asks, “Who's there?” Theresa replies, “Theresa. Is that you, Penny?” The maid answers, “Yes.” Theresa asks, “Why is it so dark in here?” Penny replies, “I don't think the lights are working.” Theresa explains, “I'm looking for my brother, Luis, and someone said they saw him heading here to the pool. Have you seen him?” Penny replies, “No. But I heard somebody in the pool. At least I thought I did. But when I came in to check, there was nobody swimming. There was just this robe and towel on the chair.” Theresa looks around, “Hmm.” A loud splash is heard and they see a ripple in the pool causing Theresa to say, “I thought you said that there was nobody here.” Penny looks confused, “I didn't think there was.” Theresa looks at the lights that are seen through the windows of the pool house, “Oh, those lights are really strange. What's going on?”

On the beach on St. Lisa's Briantonio calls, “Diana! Diana!” Liz comments, “This is downright weird.” Doc replies, “The power of the Bermuda triangle is almost unimaginable. It's obviously affected Diana.” Liz says, “Yeah, made her crazy -- swimming out to sea?” Doc replies, “Maybe she's trying to reach her dead lover.” Liz asks, “How, by killing herself?” Doc says, “Thinking she'll meet up with him in the world beyond.” Briantonio says, “There's no way I'm going to let her die.” He runs off toward the water. Liz calls after him, “Brian! Come back, Brian!” She is going to run after him but Doc stops her, “Don't do it, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “But he's about to go out to sea ...” Doc replies, “First of all, Brian's a strong swimmer. Second, it'll be just about impossible find Diana...” Liz says, “Well, maybe...” Doc continues, “Much less get her back to shore.” Liz replies, “Maybe I can help him.” Doc asks, “Are you sure you want to?” Liz asks, “What?” Doc shrugs, “If Diana weren't to come back, then you and Brian might have a chance at being together.” Liz looks shocked, “Doc, that's terrible. I can't believe you would say that. I am going to help him!” Doc replies, “I'm just looking out for your interests, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “You know, I think the triangle has fried your brain. I'm going after him.” She runs off to the ocean. Doc looks up at the sky, “The triangle's powers are unfathomable tonight. Dimensions, time -- there'll be no barriers. Anything can happen. All levels of consciousness and creation -- even the underworld -- they'll all have access to one another.”

In the ocean off St. Lisa's, Luis and Sheridan cling together as she smiles, “Thank God I finally found you.” Luis touches her hair, “I can't believe it's you.” They kiss.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-01.jpg)
Sheridan says, “I've missed you so much.” Luis frowns, “Me, too. But I was just swimming in your family's pool, and now I'm here!” Sheridan exclaims, “Yes. Yes.” Luis asks, “Where's here?” Sheridan smiles, “Who cares? All that matters is that we're finally together again.” She kisses him as she hugs him close.

In the Crane pool house, Theresa asks, “I didn't imagine it, did I, Penny? There was a splash down there. Somebody dove in.” Penny nods, “I heard it, too, Theresa. I just wish the lights were working.” The maid walks over to the light switch and tries to turn the lights on but they don't come on, “There must be a fuse blown or something. Listen, I'll go call maintenance and see if I can get them to fix it.” Theresa looks up at the lights in the sky, “Ok. I've never seen anything like this.” She leans over and picks something up, “This is Luis' wallet. Well, then he was here. Where did he go?” She kneels at the side of the pool and calls, “Luis! He wouldn't just go off and leave his wallet. What if he hurt himself, he fell in the pool, and i just can't see him? Oh, my -- luis! Are you ok? Luis! Oh, where did he go?”

In the ocean, Luis looks into Sheridan's eyes and smiles, “You're actually in my arms. It's really you.” Touching and holding each other Sheridan smiles up at Luis, “It feels so good to have you hold me, your body next to mine.” Luis says in a low voice, “God, how I missed you. Where have you been?” She looks up at Luis, “I'm finally where I belong -- with you, my love.” He kisses her hand while holding her close, then kisses her again.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-02.jpg)
Swimming toward Sheridan, Briantonio calls her name, followed by Liz swimming after Antonio and calling his name. He turns back to her, “Liz, what are you doing out here? The last thing I need is to worry about getting two people back to shore.” Treading water she replies, “Listen, I swim every bit as well as you do. And Diana's my friend, too.” Briantonio says, “Look, look, look. Wait a minute -- there. Isn't that ...” Liz finishes his sentence, “Diana.” He asks, “Is that someone with her?” Liz replies, “Looks like a guy, but I can't make out his face.” Brian angrily declares, “If he's hurting her, I swear -- Diana. Diana? Diana!” Hearing Briantonio calling her, Sheridan looks behind her and says, “He's here.” Swimming toward her, Briantonio calls her name again. Luis asks, “What?” Looking worried, Sheridan says, “He's coming for me.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-05.jpg)
Luis asks, “Who is?” Briantonio yells for Diana again. Theresa calls out for Luis! Hearing her, Luis looks around and says, “Someone's calling my name.” Sheridan says, “I don't hear anything.” At the edge of the Crane pool, Theresa calls again, “Luis! Come on, someone get the lights back on. Luis! Are you there? Luis! Luis!” At the same time, Antonio is calling Diana. Then Theresa calls out again for Luis. On the shore on the island, Doc looks up at the lights dancing in the sky, “So much is happening. The power of the triangle is intense. Who knows what could happen? Maybe Diana's found her lost lover. But if she has, it might mean the triangle could take them both. They might end up dead and together?”

Theresa calls again for Luis. Briantonio calls out, “Diana, I'm coming!” Looking behind her, Sheridan says, “They're coming.” Luis asks, “Who?” A very scared Sheridan says, “No. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to go back.” Luis assures her, “You don't have to leave me. We're together now, all right? We're going to be together forever.” He smiles as he holds her.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-03.jpg)
Theresa can be heard calling Luis once again. Luis looks around, “Who's calling me?” Sheridan caresses his face, “It's no one.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-04.jpg)
Luis asks, “Can't you hear them?” With her hands on his face, Sheridan begs, “No, please don't leave me.” Theresa asks,, “Why haven't the lights come on? If it's only a blown fuse, maintenance should've fixed it by now. Luis. Luis!” A splash is heard as Theresa looks into the pool, “There he is ...” Luis appears in the pool but quickly disappears again. Theresa calls out, “At least I thought. Luis? Luis!” Hank arrives and asks, “What's all the yelling? Theresa, was that you shouting? What's going on? Why is it so dark in here?” Theresa replies, “The maid thinks it's a blown fuse, Hank. She went to talk to maintenance.” Hank says, “It sounded like you were calling for Luis.” Theresa nods, “I was. I thought I saw him just -- just a moment ago when those lights got brighter. I guess I was wrong. I've called to him several times, but he hasn't answered.” Hank explains, “Pilar called me. She said that he's still upset about Sheridan's death, and she wanted me to come down and talk to him.” Theresa tells him, “Well, I found his wallet and a towel.” Hank says, “Well, then, he can't be far.” Theresa frowns, “I'm really worried about him, Hank. I mean, he was upset earlier.” Hank asks, “About Sheridan?” Theresa replies, “Yeah, I mean, he loved her so much and she was taken away from him so suddenly. You know, I have prayed for a miracle every night, wishing that somehow Sheridan would come back to him.” Hank says, “I wish we could have a miracle, Theresa. I just don't see how it's possible.” Theresa says, “God. I was so sure that I saw Luis.” Hank tells her, “Listen, I'm going to go check on the fuse myself.” Theresa exclaims in disbelief, “No. No, this can't be.” She sees Sheridan and Luis in the pool before they disappear again. Hank asks, “What? What'd you see, Theresa? What's wrong?”

In the ocean Briantonio calls out for Diana again. He grabs Sheridan's arm, “Diana, I've got you. It's ok.” Sheridan tries to pull away from him, “Oh, leave me alone! Let me go!” At the Crane pool Theresa tells Hank, “I saw Luis in the pool, and he was holding Sheridan.” Hank exclaims, “What?” Appearing in the pool suddenly, Luis yells, “No. What's happening?” Seeing Luis, Hank says, “I don't know what's going on, but we got to get him out of there.” He pulls off his shirt and jumps into the pool and pulls Luis' arm, saying, “Come on, Buddy. We got to get you out. Come on.” Luis yells, “Stop it! Let go!” In the ocean, Brian pulls Sheridan's arm, “I'm getting you back to shore, Diana.” She suddenly disappears. In the pool Hank says, “Come on, Luis. We got to get you out of here.” An annoyed Luis yells, “Hank, let go!” Hank tugs on Luis' arm, “Come on, Buddy.” Luis yells, “Hank...” Hank tells him, “Come on. I'm worried about you. Come on!” Luis disappears from the pool. Hank exclaims, “I can feel him, but I can't see him!” Touching Sheridan in the ocean now, Luis says, “We're being pulled apart!” Trying to hold onto Luis, Sheridan cries, “Don't let me go! Please, don't let me go!”

In the pool, Hank tries to pull Luis with him, “Don't fight me, Luis. Come on.” Luis yells, “Let me go, Hank!” In the ocean Briantonio says, “It's all right.” Sheridan cries, “Let me go!” Hank calls, “Come on, Luis. Come on.” As Sheridan disappears from Luis' sight, he asks, “Where'd you go?” Sheridan begs, “Don't leave me!” Hank says, “Come on, Luis.” Briantonio calls Diana. Sheridan and Luis are back together again. Luis asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan begs him, “No, don't leave me! Please don't leave me!” Luis yells, “No! Sheridan!” Luis continues to try to hold onto Sheridan while Hank tugs on him, “Come on, Luis!” Luis yells, “Hank, let go of me!” In the ocean, Liz asks, “Brian, what's wrong?” Briantonio looks back at her and yells, “I don't know. It's like she was holding on to someone and didn't want to let go. It's strange. Maybe it was the weird light, but it seemed like Diana disappeared a couple of times -- more than a couple of times.” Liz asks, “What do you mean, "disappeared"? Like underwater?” Briantonio replies, “I had ahold of her arm, but I couldn't see her anymore.” A rather confused Liz just says his name, “Brian.” Briantonio turns to Sheridan, “Diana, come on. I've got ahold of you. I'll take you in to shore. Can you swim? Come on, I'll take you. Come on.” A devastated Sheridan replies, “It doesn't matter.” Treading water, Liz asks, “Is it possible Doc was right? Are there strange forces operating tonight?”

At the Crane pool house, Theresa puts a towel around Luis, “Here. Sit down. Are you ok, Luis?” Luis sits in a chair near the pool, “I had her in my arms. Did you see?” Theresa sits ion the arm of the chair and puts her arm around Luis, “See who?” Luis replies, “Sheridan -- I had her and I lost her. I lost her all over again.” He looks so devastated, so lost. Theresa and Hank look at each other in disbelief. Luis tries to explain, “Sheridan was in my arms. But it was strange. It wasn't here.” Theresa asks, “What do you mean, not here?” Luis replies, “The water was warm. There were waves.” The lights suddenly come back on. Theresa exclaims, “Finally.” Hank says, “The maid must've gotten ahold of those maintenance guys.” Luis looks from one to the other, “You guys, I was with Sheridan. She was in my arms. I held her. I -- what, is there something that you're not telling me?” Theresa says, “Luis -- earlier, when the lights were flickering, I thought just for a moment that -- that I saw you in the pool with Sheridan.” An excited Luis exclaims, “Yes! Yeah, I was in the pool with Sheridan, both here and there.” Hank looks at him worriedly, “Look now, Buddy. She's not there. Nobody is.” Luis looks sad again, “Right. I'm losing my mind.” Hank shakes his head, “Actually, no.” Luis asks, “There's something else you're not telling me?” Hank replies, “When I was pulling you over to the side of the pool, something happened that I can't explain. I had a good grip on you, but then you -- you disappeared. But I could still feel you. It was still like I was holding you.” Luis nods, “Yes. I was both here and there. There was -- the water -- salt water! It was the ocean!” Hank says, “Listen, Buddy...” Luis interrupts him, “It was the ocean.” Hank tells Luis, “This is getting beyond weird now. You're talking about traveling across space. And since that can't happen, we got to think of a logical explanation for all this.” Luis looks up at him, “Yeah, tell me.” Hank replies, “Well -- well, the lights, the reflection off the water. Maybe it blinded me for a couple seconds to you, you know?” Theresa asks, “Hank, what about what I saw, ok? Luis and -- and Sheridan in the water together.” Hank says, “Yeah, but right before you saw them, you said that you prayed for a miracle, prayed that Sheridan would return to Luis.” Theresa asks, “Are you saying it was all in my mind, wishful thinking?” Hank says, “I'm just saying that maybe your mind was playing tricks on you. You know, you just wanted them to be together so much that...” Theresa finishes, “That I imagined them together.” Luis insists, “No, I was with Sheridan. I didn't imagine it.” Theresa says, “I know how terribly you miss her. But she can't come back, Luis. She's gone.” Luis replies, “I know. But then why do I keep having these visions? And why did you see me with her?” Hank replies, “Look, I'm no shrink, but -- but maybe it's because Theresa wanted to be with the person she loves, too. Losing Ethan hurt you badly, Theresa. Maybe seeing your brother with the woman he loves was the way that your subconscious was dealing with your own pain.” Theresa thinks, “It's possible, I suppose.” Hank apologizes, “I'm sorry to bring up something so painful, but I just want us to look at this in a logical way.” Theresa says, “Well, I think Luis needs to rest. He needs to get out of here.” Hank says, “Yeah. Come on, Buddy. Let's go.” He pats Luis on the shoulder. They all stand and walk to the door. Luis stops and looks at the pool and asks, “Where are you, Sheridan? Where are you?”

Back on the shore on the island, Sheridan murmurs, “Gone.” Briantonio says, “Come on, you're back to shore now. Just sit down.” Sheridan stares off in the distance and says, “He's gone.” Doc asks, “What happened?” Briantonio replies, “I don't know. I was trying to pull her in, and she kept fighting me. It was like she was trying to hold on to somebody or something.” Doc says, “I knew it. The Bermuda triangle -- it was the triangle.” Brian looks at him, “Doc, why don't you give it a rest, ok?” Doc says, “I'll bet Diana made contact with her dead lover on the other side.” Brian says, “Diana, come on. Let's take you inside and get you dry and warm. Come on.” Briantonio, Liz and Sheridan head back to the hotel while Doc stands in place, “If only John Edward were here.” He runs to catch up with the others.

Arriving at Sheridan's cottage, Theresa says, “I'm not sure this is a -- a good idea, Luis.” Hank agrees, “I'm with Theresa on that.” Dressed in his uniform again, Luis walks into the living room and says, “I need to be here. I still feel Sheridan's presence. I just want to be where our love was the strongest, ok?” Luis walks over to stand in front of the fireplace while Theresa and Hank wait. Ethan and Gwen walk out of the bedroom with boxes of Sheridan's clothes to sort.

Back in Sheridan's room at the hotel, Liz arrives with towels and blanket, “Is she still cold?” Looking at Sheridan lying in her bed, Briantonio says, “And wet.” Liz says, “These will warm her up.” Brian tells Sheridan, “You're going to be fine, Diana.” Sheridan begins to come around, “Where...”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-07.jpg)
Briantonio says, “I think she's coming to.” Sheridan asks, “What's going on?” Liz tells her, “You just relax, ok?” Sheridan asks, “Why am I all wet?” Brian explains, “You were sleepwalking again.” Sheridan exclaims, “Again?” Doc explains, “It was the power of the triangle.” Liz scolds, “Enough with that.” Sheridan asks, “Power?” Brian informs her, “You went into the ocean.” Sheridan asks, “I did?” Brian asks, “You don't remember?” She replies, “No.” Liz asks, “Can you remember anything, Diana?” Sheridan says, “No, I can't.” Liz explains, “When you were in the water, it was like you were clinging to someone and you didn't want to be pulled away.” Sheridan asks, “Clinging to someone?” Liz nods and asks, “Is anything coming back?” Sheridan smiles as she remembers Luis, “My lover. I was with my dead lover.” Sheridan smiles brightly as Briantonio looks annoyed. Liz and Doc look at each other.

At the cottage, Luis walks over to Ethan and Gwen, “Those are Sheridan's clothes.” Gwen nods, Yeah.” Luis asks, “What are you doing with them?” Ethan explains, “We're doing what she wanted.” Luis asks, “What are you talking about?” Ethan explains, “Her estate lawyer called and -- about auctioning off her clothes for charity.” Luis takes the box from Ethan and sits with it on the couch, “No, you can't sell her clothes. No, you can't.” Ethan says, “Luis, look, I miss Sheridan, too. Look, I think maybe you're right. This isn't a good time.” Gwen places the box in her hands next to Luis on the couch, “Yeah. This can wait, Luis. Of course it can.” Hank steps in, “Look, Luis had a pretty rough night.” Ethan nods, “Yeah, I can see he has.” He and Gwen leave the cottage as Luis looks through the box. He looks so lost as he pulls a black dress from the first box, “It's the same dress that Sheridan wore to the party at the youth center.” Holding up another dress, Luis smiles, “I remember the night that Sheridan wore this dress.” He has a flashback of him in a white dinner jacket and Sheridan in the black dress at her cottage.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-11.jpg)
He was telling her how beautiful she looked and she told him that he looked great, too. They kissed. As the flashback ends, Luis whispers, “Can't believe I'll never see her wear it again.” He exhales deeply.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-12.jpg)

In Sheridan's room in the hotel, Briantonio demands, “Tell me about it. Tell me what you remember.” Sheridan replies, “It's all fuzzy. I just remember being with him in the water. That's all I can remember.” Liz tells the guys, “You know, I think we should get out of here, let Diana get some rest. I'll help you get out of these wet things and into something warm.” Briantonio asks Doc, “Can you stay, too, Doc, and examine her, make sure she's ok? Thanks.” He leaves the room. Doc walks over to Sheridan's bedside, “Well, let's see what we've got in the way of a pulse.” Sheridan says, “I have to remember.” At the cottage, Luis looks out the window and remembers kissing Sheridan, “Why do I keep seeing her, Hank? It's like she's out there somewhere, alive. Why can't I find her?” In Sheridan's room, Doc announces, “Pulse is good and strong.” Luis walks through the balcony and stands in the open doorway smiling at her. Sheridan sits up smiling from ear to ear and says, “It's you.” Liz and Doc both look toward the door but can't see the face of the man standing there in his white dinner jacket, but Sheridan can see him looking so incredibly handsome and sexy in that white dinner jacket. They smile at each other but neither moves.

To be continued...

Thanks again to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

11.29.08, 9:34 PM
In Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits on the couch looking through boxes of Sheridan's clothes. As he holds one of her dresses and thinks about her, he sadly asks, “I know Sheridan's dead, Hank. I saw her body cremated before my own eyes. So why do I keep seeing her alive everywhere I go?” Hank replies, “You loved her, Luis. It takes time.” Luis tries to explain, “It's more than that. It's like at the pool tonight on the Crane estate -- it's like I wasn't even in the pool at all. The water was salty. It was like the ocean. That's where I found Sheridan. That's where I held her.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-01.jpg)
Hank says, “I still think it was your mind playing tricks on you.” Luis looks up with those sad eyes, “Yeah. It must have been. I still feel so close to Sheridan.” He remembers dancing with Sheridan then says, “I just feel so close. Sheridan -- it feels like I can reach out and touch her.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-02.jpg)

In her room in Liz's hotel on the island, Sheridan smiles, “You're here. You came for me.” Standing in the open balcony doorway, Luis smiles his sexy smile, “Of course I did. I'm never going to let you out of my sight again.” He looks so handsome and so HOTT in his white dinner jacket. Coming back into the room, Briantonio asks, “Hey, what's going on? Diana's been through a lot tonight. She needs her rest.” Doc puts his hands up to stop Antonio from getting any closer to Sheridan. Antonio stops and looks toward the open door and exclaims, “Oh, my God!”

Still sitting on her bed, Sheridan's smile can't possibly be any bigger as she and Luis just stare at each other and smile. Sheridan looks so beautiful and so very happy as she says, “It's true. You're really here.” She gets out of bed and stands before Luis in the open doorway. Briantonio asks, “Who is that?” Liz watches Sheridan, “I don't know.” Doc replies, “I do.” Since they can only see a man in a white dinner jacket standing in the doorway through the sheer gauzy curtains that are blowing in the breeze, Liz asks, “What do you mean? Can you see his face?” Doc replies, “I don't need to. It's just as I've been saying all night. The confluence of the aurora Borealis and the power of the Bermuda triangle have suspended the usual rules of time and space.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-07.jpg)
Liz looks confused, “Doc, you lost me.” Briantonio says, “Come on, Doc. This is serious.” Doc replies, “I'm dead serious. You're looking at Diana's lost lover.” Briantonio says, “That's impossible. We all know he's dead.” Doc replies, “Well, if that's so, then he's come back from the great beyond to get her.” A wide-eyed Liz exclaims, “God in heaven.” Walking toward Luis, Sheridan smiles, “I hoped, I prayed, and -- no, I think I always knew that you would come back for me.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Hank tries to comfort Luis, “It's got to get better with time, Luis.” Still holding Sheridan's dress, Luis says, “That is what they say, isn't it? Did Theresa go talk to Ethan?” They talk a bit about how bad they feel for Theresa seeing Ethan there at the cottage until Luis asks Hank to go check on her for him. After Hank leaves, Luis says to himself, “What I'd give for one more night with you.” The lights go off and Sheridan appears near the fireplace. She walks over to stand in front of Luis. They smile as he asks, “What's going on?” In Sheridan's room on the island, Briantonio angrily says, “Who the hell does he think he is, breaking into Diana's room? Nobody's going to hurt her as long as I'm around.” Liz stops him from going to Sheridan, “Brian, she doesn't look very afraid to me.” But Briantonio insists, “Yeah, she's been through a lot tonight. She doesn't even know what's going on, but I do. I'm about to toss this guy out on his ear. What the -- where'd he go?” Doc pulls him back, “Forget it, Brian. This is a battle you can't fight with fists.” Liz asks, “But where did he go? I mean, I didn't see him leave.” Doc replies, “That's because he didn't. He's still here. I can't see him either, but look at Diana. She can.” Luis holds his hand out to Sheridan, “Shall we?” Sheridan smiles, “I thought you'd never ask.” She walks into his waiting arms and they dance. As Liz, Doc, and Briantonio watch Sheridan dancing on the balcony, Doc asks, “Did you see that?” Liz asks, “What was it?” Doc replies, “Another meteor shower. I've never seen the sky like that. No wonder.” Briantonio asks, “Who does she think she's dancing with?” Liz looks over at him and says sarcastically, “I think you know the answer to that, Brian.” Sheridan and Luis are happily dancing on the balcony of Sheridan's island bedroom as well as in her cottage in Harmony. Shuis smile as they dance until Luis brings her hand to his lips and kisses it. So sexy!!!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-08.jpg)

Watching Sheridan dance on her balcony, Briantonio decides, “She must be sleepwalking. I've got to wake her up.” Doc stops him, “It's not sleepwalking, Brian. She's in her lover's arms. I hate to think what it would do to her subconscious to rip her from him so abruptly.” Brian tries another approach, “Yeah, but it can't be good for her.” Doc replies and tells him exactly how things are, “How can you say that when she's so obviously happy? What Diana and this man had when they were together must have been very powerful to reach all the way across the great beyond -- even with the help of the stars and the triangle.”

At the cottage, Luis asks, “How'd you get here?” Sheridan whispers, “Shh. No talking.” She begins to fade at the cottage, so Luis yells, “No. Please don't leave.” As Luis begins to fade on the island balcony, Sheridan cries, “No. It can't be. No, don't go! Please, no!” Briantonio asks, “What's happening?” Doc replies, “She must be losing her connection to her dead lover.” Liz asks, “But why? What makes her able to see him one second and not be able to the next?” Doc says, “I can't answer that.” Sheridan begs, “Please, don't go! Please!” At the cottage Luis yells again with tears in his eyes, “Don't leave. Come back, Sheridan! I can't bear to lose you again! Sheridan!” As Sheridan fades away Luis yells, “Dear God, no, I -- I can't lose her again. Sheridan? Sheridan, come back! Sheridan. Sheridan! Come back!” On her balcony, Sheridan cries, “Please, no. Please, don't leave! I want to be with you. Oh. Come back to me. Please come back to me. Oh. Oh.” She faints and Antonio catches her before she can fall on the floor. He carries her back into her room and lays her on the bed, then calls for Doc, “Doc, do something. I can't stand to see her like this.” Doc replies, “I wish I could help her. She's devastated by losing the connection to her dead lover. There's nothing I can do. She'll be better in the morning after a good night's sleep.” At her bedside, Briantonio says, “It's going to be ok, Diana. It's going to be all right.” Sheridan tosses and cries out, “Please.” Doc says, “See? I told you the galaxy possessed strange powers. Even we saw Diana's lost lover.” Briantonio shakes his head, “Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.” Liz doesn't agree with him, “Brian, the man in the white dinner jacket -- no, we didn't see his face, but he was in here.” Briantonio tries to explain it away, “Look, I know that's what it looked like, but the lights were flickering on and off. Come on, it could have been an optical illusion playing a trick on us by the weird way that the curtains were moving. I don't know.” Liz looks at him, “Look, I don't think so, Brian. I don't understand everything that's going on, but you got to admit we've seen some pretty strange sights tonight. I mean, it's obvious Diana saw the man she loved in the ocean. And then she sees him here, again?” Briantonio refuses to believe that, “It just doesn't make any sense.” Liz tells him, “Maybe you just don't want to believe because the way you feel about Diana. I mean, like it or not, she's in love with someone else.” Briantonio snaps, “Yeah, and she doesn't even remember his name when she's in a conscious state.” Liz supplies, “She has amnesia. She's trying to remember. She just can't.” Brian shrugs, “But the man she was in love with is dead, Liz.” Liz counters, “Not in her heart, he isn't. Come on, Brian. Be honest with yourself, if not with me. Now, how do you fight the kind of love we've witnessed tonight?” Antonio looks down at a sleeping Sheridan. (Yeah, Liz, you tell him!) Liz asks again, “Hey, you're the guy with all the answers. How do you wage a battle against Diana's memories of her former lover?” Doc stops her, “Let him be, Liz. He doesn't know.” Brian tells Liz, “I have an answer. I just don't know if you want to hear it. I'll fight Diana's old memories by giving her new ones with me. I'll fill her life up with love and joy -- so much that she'll never want to revisit her past. And she'll be so happy with me that she won't even want to.”

Doc walks to Sheridan's bedside, takes her pulse, and covers her up. She stirs and in her sleep calls out, “Help. If you can hear me, help me. Please, help me.” At the cottage, Luis stands at the window looking out at the lights, “Sheridan, where are you? How do I get you back?” Coming through the front door, Hank asks, “Who are you talking to?” Luis replies, “Sheridan. She was just here, Hank.” Hank looks surprised, “What -- you mean, like in the pool?” Luis nods and quietly says, “She was just here in the cottage. I held her. We danced! Hank, we danced like were never going to stop.” Hank worriedly says, “Listen, man, you need to get some shut-eye. You're fried.” Luis insists, “Hank, I'm not even tired! I'm wide awake. I want to find her. Hank, I think it's got something to do with these -- these lights out here.” Hank looks up at the sky as Luis has been doing and asks, “What, do you mean, like that aurora Borealis thing that's going on outside?” Luis replies softly, “Whatever it is, I think it's got something to do with how I can feel and touch Sheridan tonight. I got to take advantage of this feeling, Hank.” Hank begins, “Luis...” Luis hears Sheridan's voice calling, “Please, can you hear me?” Luis turns to Hank, “Did you hear that? It's her!” Hank asks, “What?” Luis silences him. Luis looks around, “Maybe I am losing my mind. Now I'm hearing her voice in my head.” Hank tells him, “You're not losing your mind. You just miss her.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, it's one thing to miss her, and it's a whole other deal to think that she's still alive.” Hank asks, “Is that what you think?” Luis admits, “Yeah. I don't know how to explain it, but I do. And I'm going to find her.” He walks back to the window and once again looks up at the lights in the sky.

Still standing at the window watching the lights, Luis tries to explain, “I know this doesn't make sense, Buddy. I could swear that Sheridan's somewhere out there, calling to me.” Hank tells him, “I wish I knew what to say, Luis.” Luis turns to look at Hank, “There's nothing to say. Now it's just that I've got this feeling, I've got this chance tonight, a chance to meet up with Sheridan, and if I don't use it, I'll never see her again.” He turns back to watch the lights. In her room on the island, Sheridan tosses on her bed. Antonio comes back and sits beside her. She turns in the other direction on her pillow and Luis' face appears on screen and we are treated to another amazing split screen picture of the two of them face to face.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-12.jpg)
Wow! They are so beautiful together!

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for today's screen caps.

12.2.08, 12:36 AM
In the living room of Sheridan's cottage, Luis stands at the window watching the colorful lights dancing in the night sky. He smiles, “What a weird night. Hank, I have this feeling if I don't connect with Sheridan tonight then I'm going to lose her again.” He walks back into the room to sit on the arm of they chair. Hank asks, “How can you lose her again? She's dead. She's gone.” Luis looks at his friend, “What are you talking about? You saw what happened tonight? I went for a swim in the Crane's pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was in the water with me. We swam into each other's arms.” Luis flashes back to them swimming in the Crane pool.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/012902-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=012902-11.jpg)
He smiles again, “The next thing I knew we were some place in the ocean. Some place warm, tropical feeling.” He remembers being with Sheridan in the ocean.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-03.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-04.jpg)
Then he saddens with the next memory, “And we were pulled away from each other.” Luis continues, “Sheridan disappeared. And I was back in the Crane's pool. Not long after that, we were dancing together here in the cottage, that was some place else, too, I think. Balcony with roses. Both times I could touch her, I would feel her.” He smiles remembering holding her in his arms has they danced.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-08.jpg)
Hank says, “Your mind is playing tricks on you.” Luis stands and shouts, “Hank, that is bull and you know it. Both you and Theresa were there, you saw what happened. You said that I was there one minute and gone the next. You even said you were trying to pull me out of the water and you felt something holding me and you didn't know what it was. It was Sheridan, Hank. I am sure of it.” Hank shrugs, “Look, I don't have all of the answers.” Luis insists, “Well, I do. Hank, I held Sheridan in my arms not once but twice tonight. I don't know how. Somehow, I have got to find her, Hank. I have to find her because if I don't, someone or some thing is going to take her away from me forever.” Luis walks back to the window to watch the lights in the sky.

In Sheridan's room in Liz's hotel, Liz stands with her arms folded over her chest, “Brian, you may be head over heels in love with Diana but you got to admit that her connection to her past lover is incredible.” Sitting on the side of Sheridan's bed, Antonio replies, “I think my love for Diana is strong enough to beat any ghost or whatever it was we saw. Right now, all I'm concerned about is making sure that Diana is all right.” He stands and looks down at the sleeping Sheridan. Doc says, “I bet my stethoscope the happenings are tied to the Bermuda triangle exerting unusual power. Diana is somehow being pulled across the dimensions of time and space to connect with her dead lover.” Liz looks confused, “Doc, I just don't follow...” Sheridan pushes up on her elbows and looks at the trio assembled in her room, “Doc is right. I was with my dead lover earlier and I have to get back to him now, tonight.” Walking back to her bedside, Antonio says, “I didn't realize you woke up.” Sheridan sits up in her bed and replies, “I just did. I heard Doc talking and he's right.” She smiles lovingly, “I was with my lover twice tonight, once in the ocean and once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.” Antonio looks skeptically at her, “When you say you were with your lover -- what do you mean exactly?” She smiles, “I was in his arms. I could feel him. I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. I mean, my lover is out there waiting for me. And I have to get back to him, we have to be together.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis continues to watch the lights through the window, “I have to get back with Sheridan somehow. Maybe all this weird atmosphere stuff has caused me to have a connection with Sheridan.” Standing behind Luis, Hank asks, “You think there's some sort of weird cosmic thing going on out there? You never used to believe in that stuff.” Luis walks over to the chair to pick up his coat, “Hank, we have seen a lot of stuff in the past few years. I have seen stuff I never thought could have existed before, something had to put me and Sheridan together. Now I touched her, I felt her skin against mine. I feel like we could be together again. We could pick up right where we left off if we just make one more connection.” Hank frowns, “I just don't see how that's possible.” Luis exhales, “Well, I don't either. Wait a minute. I just got an idea, Hank.” He walks to the front door and leaves. Hank follows.

In Sheridan's room on the island, Doc exclaims, “You were with your dead lover tonight, incredible!” Sheridan smiles, “Yes. First we were in the ocean and then we were here in the room dancing together. It was real. I know it was.” Liz confirms, “We did see the man in the white dinner jacket.” Antonio reminds her, “You said you remember him dying in your arms.” Sheridan says, “I still do. Look, I can't even begin to explain what happened tonight. All I know is that we were together and I could feel his love, a love for each other. It was so strong. It was so passionate.” She speaks so passionately. Doc states a possibility, “Maybe this man didn't die in your arms. Maybe he was saved and you just don't remember. And that's why you your love is using the power of the triangle to draw you back together.” Sheridan smiles with the new possibility, “Yes. Maybe Doc is right. Maybe the powers of the triangle are bringing us back together.” Her face falls, “No. No. It can't be. I remember him dying in my arms. If he had been saved, I would have remembered that. I have memories of other happy times. I mean, that would have been the happiest of all.” Doc shrugs, “It makes sense.” Liz adds, “As much as any of it does.” Sheridan replies adamantly, “I don't know what is going on but whatever it is, it is extremely powerful. I have to use that power somehow to get back to him. I have to.”

At the gazebo on the Crane grounds, Luis tells Hank, “Sheridan with me earlier in the Crane pool and at the Sheridan's cottage. Both of those places have wonderful memories for us.” Hank says, “Yeah, so.” Luis smiles, “This place is special, too. Maybe even the most special. This is where I asked Sheridan to marry me.” Hank says, “I still don't know where you are going with this.” Luis explains, “Hank, I figure whatever force it is that is bringing us together, it is going to be strongest in the place that is special for us. Like here.” He looks toward the sky. Hank looks up, too, “It makes sense. If any of this makes sense.” Looking toward the sky, Luis points out, “Hank, look. That strange light is getting brighter.” Hank says, “So it is.” In a low voice, Luis comments, “This could be my last chance to connect to Sheridan. The last one. Sheridan. Sheridan.” Luis stands watching the lights and calling Sheridan's name.

In Sheridan's room on the island, Doc states, “Diana, I know how much finding out about your past might mean for you. There might be a clue in your meetings or whatever they were with your dead lover.” Antonio asks, “How so, Doc?” Doc asks, “Did you speak to him? Do you remember him calling you by your real name?” Sitting up in her bed, Sheridan replies, “We did talk but I don't remember him ever saying my name.” Doc then asks, “What about you, Diana? Did you call him by name?” She thinks before she replies, “I don't think either of us said the other's name.” Doc tells her, “If you could remember if he said your name, then we could find out who you really are. Knowing your name would change your life forever.” Liz agrees, “He's right, Diana. Think. Think hard.” Sheridan frowns as she tries her best to remember her encounters with Luis.

Standing in the gazebo looking up at the sky, Luis shouts, “Sheridan, I know you're out there somewhere. Please come back.” Hank says, “Luis, don't do this.” Luis replies, “Hank, it is okay. It's okay.” He then whispers, “I know I can connect with Sheridan. Sheridan, Sheridan, where are you? Please come back to me. Where are you?”

In her room, Sheridan asks herself, “What did my lover say to me when we were together?” Luis' voice is heard, “Where are you my love?” Sheridan perks up and asks, “Did you all hear that?” Antonio asks, “Hear what?” Sheridan smiles, “My lover. It was his voice. He's calling out to me.” Luis' voice calls out again, “Where are you my love? Tell me where you are.” Brian looks upset as Sheridan smiles her reply, “I'm here, my darling. I knew you would come back for me.” She looks around and smiles happily.
Standing in the gazebo looking at the sky, Luis whispers his plea for Sheridan to come back, “Come back to me, Sweetheart. Please come back to me.” Hank worries, “Luis, you can't keep doing this.” Luis scolds, “Shh. I have to try. The lights are so bright. I think maybe the power is getting stronger, whatever force that brought Sheridan back to me, bring her back to me again.” Luis then whispers, “Where are you Sheridan? Where are you my love?” In her room, Sheridan replies, “I am here.” Liz comments to Doc, “She must hear someone calling her.” Doc leans closer to Liz and replies, “Her dead lover maybe.” At the gazebo, Luis smiles, “Come back to me, please, come back to me.” In her room, Sheridan gets out of bed, “I'm coming my love. I'm coming.” Antonio asks, “Where is she going?” Doc replies, “Sorry, Brian but I think Diana is looking for her long lost lover.” Luis whispers, “If you can hear me, come back. Please come back.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm coming my love, wait for me.” She begins to walk toward the door. Luis is looking toward the sky and Sheridan is walking toward him. They face each other for a beautiful split screen of the lovers.

To be continued...

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12.3.08, 12:33 AM
At the gazebo on the Crane grounds while he stands looking up at the dancing lights in the sky, Luis whispers, “Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.” A skeptical Hank begs, “Come on, Luis. You're scaring me now.” Luis smiles, “Hank, I was with Sheridan. I held her in my arms. She was as real as you and I are. Hank, look at the lights, they're getting brighter. Whatever force it is that brought me and Sheridan together must be getting stronger.” Hank asks, “You're saying that those lights brought you and Sheridan together?” Luis sighs, “I don't know. I don't know, Hank. Hank, I came to this gazebo to connect with Sheridan. This is a special place for us. It is where I proposed to Sheridan.” Hank deadpans, “I know but Sheridan's dead.” Luis turns toward Hank and yells, “She's not dead. Hank, she is alive and if I don't connect with her tonight someone or something is going to pull her and I apart forever.” Hank says, “Okay. Calm down. You go ahead, see if you can connect with her. I'm going to go get the car. When I get back hopefully you're ready to go.” Hank leaves the gazebo. Luis concentrates on the sky and willing Sheridan to come back to him. He whispers, “Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.”

On the island, Sheridan walks out of her room and down the hallway. Following her at a distance, Antonio tells the others, “There's no way I'm letting her go back to the ocean, no matter what you say, Doc.” Doc says, “She is being pulled back by her dead lover, part of her is being pulled into another dimension, another time.” Reaching the end of one hallway, Sheridan smiles as she sees Luis standing there in his white dinner jacket smiling at her. She exclaims, “It's you. You're here.” Luis calls, “Come back to me, my love. Come to me, my love.” Sheridan says, “I'm coming.” Luis begins to back down the hallway and begins to fade. Sheridan pleads, “No, wait, I'm coming. Don't go.” Doc informs them, “I think she sees her dead lover again. I think she's ready to crossover to him.” Antonio says, “I've got to stop her. I can't let this happen. Diana!” He starts to run after her but Doc stops him, “Brian, don't. You could do serious damage if you pull her out of her trance.” Liz asks, “Brian, what are you afraid of? Do you think she could actually crossover to her dead lover?” Looking worried, Antonio replies, “When I was in the ocean it was as if someone was holding on to her and she was holding on to them. That is why it took me so long to get her back to the beach. Another thing, when I was holding her, it was as if she disappeared.” Liz asks, “Disappeared?” Antonio continues, “Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth. One minute, I could feel her in my arms and the next minute I could see all but I could still feel her.” Doc says, “It doesn't sound crazy at all. It's the power of the triangle.” Antonio asks, “Wait a minute, Doc. Are you saying she could disappear and reunite with her lover, is that it?” Doc replies, “The connection between Diana and her lover is enormous. And the power of the triangle is helping them be together.” The three friends walk to the end of the hall so they can continue to watch Sheridan.

Sheridan repeats, “I'm right here. I'm coming. Wait for me.” She continues walking down the hall. At the gazebo, Luis calls, “Come back to me, my love. Where are you? Please come back to me.” He turns and smiles, “It's you.” Then adds in a disappointed voice, “Oh, Hank, I thought...” Hank asks, “You thought you were seeing Sheridan again, right?” Luis nods, “Well, she still feels so close by. Hank. When I heard you back there I just thought that...” Hank informs Luis, “I couldn't get the car. There was a delivery truck blocking it so I came back to tell you.” Luis whispers, “Oh.” Hank asks, “So, are you ready to go?” Luis begins, “Hank...” Hank continues for him, “Luis, I know you are trying to reconnect with Sheridan but I don't think it is going to happen.”
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Luis insists, “It has already happened twice. First at the Crane pool and then Sheridan's cottage. Hank, Sheridan and I were together.” Hank asks, “How can you be together? She's dead. Whatever you saw was your imagination. Visions brought on by your incredible need to see her again.” Luis shouts, “Hank, they weren't visions. Don't you remember what happened when you were trying to drag me to the edge of the pool? I disappeared.” Hank begins, “That could have been the lights playing tricks...” Luis interrupts, “Hank, it wasn't a trick. It was real.” He lowers his voice, “Hank, our love is breaking through the barrier, whatever it is trying to keep us apart. I know if I keep believing and if I keep calling to Sheridan, she's going to come back, Hank. I know it. Sheridan is going to come back.” He exhales.

On the island, Sheridan walks toward the beach, closely followed by the 3 island misfits. Doc says, “Diana almost disappeared and then she suddenly came back to herself.” Antonio asks, “What is happening, Doc?” Doc replies, “I told you. She's been being pull back to her dead lover into some other dimension.” Antonio says, “I can't let that happen, I have to stop her.” He starts to run but Liz stops him, “Brian, if you care about her, let her go.” He replies, “I don't know if I can. I don't know what I would do if I lost her.” Liz asks, “Would you deny her this happiness, being with the man she loves? She obviously can't forget him. Could you put your feelings above Diana's?” Sheridan continues on her walk toward the love of her life, Luis. Liz asks again, “Could you really be happy keeping Diana from the man she loves?” After thinking a minute, Antonio replies, “Well, you're right. I can't deny Diana the chance to be with the man she loves even if it means giving up my own happiness. I'm going to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself.” As soon as Antonio leaves, Doc tells Liz, “Talking Brian into letting Diana go was a brilliant move. If she does disappear and stays gone maybe you and Brian can get back together.” Liz looks upset with Doc, “That's not why I said it. I would never manipulate Brian that way.” She walks after Antonio. Standing next to Liz, Antonio asks, “What is happening? Is she about to crossover to her lover?”

At the gazebo Luis stares at the lights in the sky and points out, “Hank, the lights. I think I am about to be connected with Sheridan again. Come back to me, my love. Come back.” Hank gives in, “Luis, I hope it happens. I really do.” Luis confidently replies, “It will, you'll see.” Hank says, “Okay. But I'm going to check on the car and see if it is still blocked.” A distracted Luis says, “Yeah, go ahead.” Hank asks, “If I come back with the car, will you let me take you home then?” Luis looks at him, “Hank, when you come back I'm going to be with Sheridan, okay.” Hank says, “I hope so. I'll be back in a few.” He leaves the gazebo as Luis continues to call Sheridan, “ My love, come back to me. Please. I need you. I'm here.” Luis turns to see Sheridan walking near the entrance to the gazebo and he smiles, “My love, you've come back.”

On the island, Doc catches up with Antonio and Liz who are watching Sheridan walk toward Luis, “What's happening?” Antonio tells him, “She's fading, Doc. She fades out and then she comes back.” Doc says, “The power of the Bermuda triangle is getting stronger, focusing.” At the gazebo, Luis smiles at Sheridan, “I'm here. Come to me.” Doc comments, “She's fading. She's not long for this dimension.” Luis watches Sheridan, “That's right. I'm here. Come to me.” Sheridan sees him and smiles, “I'm coming to you, my love. Wait for me.” As Sheridan fades away, Antonio shouts, “Diana! Where are you? Diana, answer me. Where are you?” At the gazebo Luis asks, “Where are you? I can't lose you now, you were almost here. I saw you. I think I saw you but -- you're trying to break through to me. Where did you go?” He runs to the entrance of the gazebo looking for her and turns suddenly and returns to the gazebo when he sees her standing there. She smiles as she calls out, “I'm right here.” Sheridan and Luis walk toward each other, smiling Luis says, “It's really you. Are you really here?” They are now face to face, touching each other. Sheridan replies, “Yes, I'm here. I'm here.” He touches her, caresses her arms as he says, “It is you. You're real.” Sheridan smiles and tells him, “I love you so much. I missed you.” Luis smiles and passionately says, “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.” Their lips meet in a sweet but passionate kiss.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020402-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020402-11.jpg)

On the island, Antonio stands beside Liz and Doc on the beach, “I can't believe it. I can't find Diana anywhere. She's disappeared.” Liz says, “She's crossed over, Brian. She rejoined her lover.” Antonio replies, “No.” Then he adds, “I hope she's happy. Just like the woman of my -- just let the woman of my dreams go back to her first love. I'll never see her again.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020502-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020502-03.jpg)

At the gazebo, Sheridan and Luis are kissing and holding each other when Luis exclaims again, “I still can't believe it's you. It's really you.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm really here, right where I belong.” Luis smiles, “I don't know how this happened and I don't care. I'm never going to let you go again. I know how to make sure of it.” He takes the handcuffs from his belt and cuffs them together. He grins, “Now nothing is ever going to tear us apart. Nothing.” He bends down and captures her lips again. They revel in the joy of being together again, smiling, kissing and hugging so happily.
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To be continued...

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12.4.08, 1:28 AM
On the island, Antonio scours the hotel grounds and comments, “She has to be here some place. Diana!” Liz pleads with him, “Brian, come on. Let's go back inside.” Antonio refuses, “No. Not until I find her.” Doc says, “She's not here. She's with her lover.” Antonio says, “That's impossible. She thinks he's dead.” Doc replies, “Like I said the powers of the Bermuda triangle are in full force tonight. Anything, even that which seems impossible, can happen. Time, space, every dimension can be crossed, broken through.” Seeing the look on Antonio's face, Liz says, “Doc, ease up on that for a second.” Doc explains quite passionately, “Diana was remembering her lover tonight, her memories were so strong and she was so desperate that using the power of the Bermuda triangle as a catalyst she somehow crossed over and found a way to join him.” As Antonio looks at the sky, Liz stands next to him and exclaims, “For God's sake.” Doc continues, “Diana found him when she went out in the ocean and again on her balcony, she danced with him. This time, now, it seems like much more.” Still looking at the sky, Antonio says, “If you're right, the powers of the triangle are that strong, capable of crossing all barriers, she must have crossed over to be with the man she loves. If that's true, she went back to be with him, I'll never see her again.”

At the gazebo, Luis places his handcuffs on both his and Sheridan's wrists. He smiles as he holds up their hands to see the cuffs. Luis grins, “There. Now you can't get away. Nothing can ever separate us again.” Sheridan breathlessly whispers, “I've missed you. Hold me. Never let me go.” Luis embraces her, “Never. Nothing can ever come between us again. We're locked together now, nothing can ever come between us. Nothing.” Luis bends down and captures her lips as his hand gently clasps her neck and hair.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020502-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020502-04.jpg)
Slowly ending the kiss, Luis exclaims, “This is real.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes.” Luis smiles so happily, “I still can't believe this is actually happening. I have imagined this moment so many times. I would see you, hear the voice, and feel your presence. It always seemed so real. It was always my mind playing tricks on me, wishful thinking. Not this time. This is no illusion. It's you.” In a soft voice, Sheridan simply replies, “Yes.” Luis is overjoyed and smiles, “I can smell your hair, feel your skin, it's you. It's really you.” He kisses her so passionately. When the kiss ends, Sheridan replies, “Yes. I'm with you, the man I love. You don't know how deeply I've missed you. I've longed to feel your arms around me again.” She turns in his arms so that he now stands behind her. Luis asks, “I know it is really you but tell me how this can be happening. How is it that you came back to me? I want to know. Tell me, I need to know how this can be happening.”

On the island, Antonio says, “I'm not giving up hope, no way. If Diana can crossover to another dimension to hook up with this man from her past then it has to be possible for her to cross back.” Doc states, “Anything is possible as long as the power remains this forceful.” Antonio asks, “Then she can come back?” Doc replies, “It is not for me to say.” Antonio tells the others, “We've got a connection, Diana and I. Maybe it was not as strong as what she had with this other man but it was growing. So I think right now I need to focus on that connection.” Liz asks, “How do you mean, Brian?” He replies, “I'm going to see if it can't help pull Diana back to me. I'm not giving up on her. I haven't really lost her. I don't believe that. No, I can't have.” He insists, “Diana can come back. She will.” Standing with Doc, Liz asks, “Doc, do you really think she can cross back over even if she has gone to her lover?” Doc replies, “Anything is possible but right now we're still not even sure where she's actually gone.” Liz asks, “What do you mean?” Doc asks in return, “Did Diana go back to her former life where this man is living? Or if he's dead, did she somehow find a way to crossover to him on the other side?” Antonio says, “No. I don't believe that. I'm not giving up hope. I am not leaving here until I find her.” Liz asks again, “Doc, what do you really think?” Doc shrugs, “It's hard to say or even make a guess. Nothing is as it seems tonight.”

Sheridan stands in Luis' arms. He asks, “I wanted you to come back to me. Did God answer my prayers? The miracle that I asked for. How is this all possible?” Standing behind her, he kisses the crown of her head. Sheridan replies, “All I know is that I'm here in your arms.” Luis smiles, “Right where you belong.” Sheridan says, “I am going to stay forever.” Luis grins, “Forever.” He holds her close from behind and plants a sweet kisses on her temple.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020502-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020502-08.jpg)
Sheridan smiles, “Yes. Nothing else matters since I've returned to you, my true love, my soul mate.” Luis holds her close to his body as he asks, “Where have you returned from? Tell me where you have been this whole time.” He turns her around in his arms and asks again, “All this time you have been gone, where were you... some place we have been before?” Looking up at Luis, Sheridan smiles, “A place unlike any other. Everything about it was so soft, air, the feel of the ground beneath my feet, the smells were sweet. It was all so peaceful.” Luis comments, “It sounds like paradise.” Sheridan says slowly, “It was. Beautiful, perfect, a place where no one has a past.” Luis asks, “Where was it?” Sheridan frowns, “I don't know.” Luis then asks, “What was it called?” She replies, “I don't know. I'm not sure.” She looks worried because she doesn't know the answers. Luis reassures her, “It's okay. We'll talk about it later.” Sheridan replies rather mechanically, “Yes, later.” Concerned about her, Luis asks, “Are you okay? It is like you are in a trance or something? Sleep walking?” As Luis looks searchingly at Sheridan, Luis begins thinking, “Maybe she's really dead. She's talking about heaven just now. Is that where she has been? Has she come back to me from heaven?” He smiles and holds her hands in his while trying to make sense of it all.

Dressed in her robe, Liz finds Antonio on the beach. She brings him a shirt, “It's getting nippy out here. We don't want you catching cold.” Putting on the shirt, Antonio says, “All I can think, feel and hear is Diana.” Standing behind him, Liz says, “Brian, you know I hate to bring you down but there is a possibility, a very real possibility that Diana might not come back. You got to be ready to accept that.” Antonio replies, “But she is coming back, Liz, I can feel it.” Liz says, “Like I said before, even with her amnesia, she still remembers the love she has with that other man.” Antonio says, “I know.” Liz reminds him, “He's still very much in her heart and their love was so powerful that even though Diana has lost so much of her life, she doesn't even know who she is, she still clings to her love for him.” Antonio says, “I understand that.” Liz adds, “Well, Brian, it is not just some ordinary love. It is one of those once in a lifetime passions that can transcend time and space.” When she sees his face, she apologizes, “Brian, I really didn't mean to be so insensitive.” Antonio says, “No, you're just telling me what you think I needed to hear.” She walks away from her. Walking over to him, Liz says, “It's because I care for you. I don't want to see you get hurt.” He turns back to face her, “You're right, I am going about this the total wrong way. I want Diana to come back to me more than anything else in this world. I can't force it. I can't will it to happen. It wouldn't be right.” Liz quietly says, “No.” He continues, “I'm just going to have to leave it up to those forces that made it possible for her to reunite with the man from the past.” Liz agrees, “Whatever happens, happens.” Antonio says, “Whatever happens. But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up hope. It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop praying for her to come back to me. But when she comes back to me, I want it to be because she wants to come back. I want her to come back to me free and clear. Her feelings come first, her happiness comes first, my feelings, everything else it comes second. I just want her to know how much I love her and will take care of her when she comes back. Her happiness is with this other man then so be it. I'll accept it. But if her happiness is with me, I swear to you I will never let her go again, not ever.”

At the gazebo, Luis stands facing Sheridan, caressing her arms and thinking to himself, “Could she have come back from heaven? She's not completely alive but she's breathing normally. I can feel her heart beat. So this has to be some kind of trance but how do I bring her out of it?” Aloud, he asks Sheridan, “Hey, do you remember how we used to dance?” She asks, “Dance?” He smiles and explains, “Yeah. We used to love to dance with each other.” She says in a rather mechanical voice, “I don't remember.” Luis smiles, “All right. Let me show you, okay.” He takes her into his arms and begins to dance around the gazebo. While they dance, she has a flashback of them dancing. She looks stunned, “I remember.” Luis smiles happily, “You remember.” Sheridan smiles, “It was wonderful. Everything was wonderful when I was with you.” Luis smiles and whispers huskily, “I love you. I love you so much.” She replies, “I love you.” He kisses her passionately. As the kiss ends, Luis demands, “Look at me.” She says, “Yes.” Luis tells her, “No. Really look at me.” Sheridan sighs, “This is just like all my dreams, only so much better because it is real.” Luis asks, “You know where you are right now?” She smiles, “I'm with the man I love, in his arms again.” A worried Luis pulls her into his arms and holds her ever so tightly.

On the beach on the island, Doc rejoins the other island misfits, “Up in the hotel, the lights are starting to flicker, grow dimmer.” Antonio asks, “What does that mean?” Doc replies, “Power of the Bermuda triangle is fading out. It is almost over.” Antonio asks, “What is? Spell it out, would you, Doc?” He replies, “When the lights go out, the power will die and things will go back to normal.” Antonio looks at him and asks, “Normal. So does that mean that Diana will be back?” Doc replies, “It means whatever side Diana is on when the light goes out it is the side she will stay in forever. If she is not here by the time the lights go out completely she'll never be back.”

In the gazebo clinging to Luis, Sheridan says, “I never want to leave your arms.” Holding both of her hands in his, Luis smiles, “Don't worry. I'm never letting you go. Not after I waited so long, I'm never letting you go. Hey, what do you say we go over to the hospital, have you checked out. Come on. Let's just make sure everything is okay.” He tugs her arm but she stops him, “No, no hospital, not now. I just want to be in your arms. That's all I need. To know that I am with the man I love, to know I am with him forever.” Luis looks at the handcuffs and assures her, “No matter what, you are staying with me.” Luis pulls her into his arms again and holds her tight. On the island, looking at the lights, Liz points out, “They're almost out.” Also looking toward the sky, Antonio says, “I love you, Diana. Come back to me, please.” In the gazebo, Luis and Sheridan continue kissing.

To be continued...

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12.5.08, 1:23 AM
At the gazebo as Luis holds her hands, Sheridan says softly, “I love you so much.” Luis smiles into her eyes, “I love you, too. With all my heart.” Sheridan says so sincerely, “I never want to leave your arms. I want to stay with you forever.” Luis tells her confidently, “Don't worry, you will. A miracle brought you back to me and now that you are finally back, nothing is ever going to take you away from me again.” They smile into each other's eyes.

On the island, the three misfits stand together on the hotel patio looking at the sky when Liz comments, “The lights are getting dimmer.” Doc adds, “The power of the triangle is fading fast.” Liz says, “So, the strange event, whatever it was, is almost over.” Doc informs, “Whatever side Diana is on when the lights go out is the side she'll stay on.” Liz begins, “But if she's not back before the lights go out completely...” Doc nods, “Diana will be gone for good.” Antonio hears that and begs, “Please, God, no. Please Diana come back to me. Please.”

At the gazebo, Sheridan pleads, “Hold me. Never let me go.” Luis assures her, “I won't, my love. I won't.” He pulls her into his arms. She lays her head on his shoulder as he holds her close to his heart. At the same time, on the island, Antonio begs, “Please, my love, come back to me.”
Luis kisses her shoulder, then looks up at the sky. He comments, “The strange lights are almost completely out.” Looking up into his face, Sheridan softly pleads, “Hold me tighter. I need to feel that I'm safe, that nothing can take me away from you.” Luis smiles, “Don't worry. You always will be. Now that we're together and always going to be together, it will be wonder and perfect, the way it should be.” Sheridan's smile grows brighter as she dreams of that possibility, “Wonderful, perfect. The two of us together like this forever and always.” They kiss with such a gentleness. As the kiss ends, Luis looks up at the night sky and says, “Those strange lights are really almost out now. It will be dark soon.” Sheridan says, “I don't care so long as I'm with you.” Luis replies, “You will be. You will always be with me.” He leans down and captures her lips again.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020402-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020402-11.jpg)

On the island, Antonio says, “It's out of my hands now. Whether or not Diana comes back is up to the powers that took her away. If I could bring her back, I wouldn't. I want her to come back here because she wants to be here with me.” Doc pulls Liz off to one side and whispers, “I think this could be your chance, Liz. All I'm saying is that if Diana didn't make it back, I think you and Brian could be together again. He's more open now. He's more ready to commit to a relationship after falling in love with Diana.” Liz looks at him, “Doc, I'm not so sure. You know what Brian and I had was nothing compared to the love he feels with Diana. I am afraid if he loses her now, he might never recover and he'll shut down completely.” Antonio asks, “What is happening to the lights?” Walking back toward Antonio, Doc replies, “I guess whatever we were witness to is about to be over.” Antonio yells, “No. No, Diana! Diana! Diana didn't come back. I've lost her. I've lost her forever, she's gone.”

At the gazebo, Luis looks toward the sky, then back at Sheridan. An elated Luis proclaims, “The lights are gone and you are still here with me. We're still together.” His smile grows wider. Sheridan pleads, “Promise me we always will be together.” Luis smiles, “I promise you I will not let anything take you from me again. What is that?” Luis indicates the colorful lights that are dancing in the night sky. Sheridan asks, “What is happening?” Luis looks up again and replies, “I don't know. Maybe heaven and earth are celebrating us being back together again.” Sheridan adds, “The two of us.” Luis smiles, “Yeah. Why this is happening is beyond me but it is happening and it is real. We're together again. We will be forever.” Sheridan smiles and repeats, “Forever.” Luis grins as he looks at the lights in the sky which look like a huge fireworks display. Luis happily says, “It is a celebration of our love, our ever lasting love.” As he watches those lights, Sheridan fades away.

On the island and feeling sorry for himself, Antonio says again, “I lost Diana forever.” Liz touches his arm, “I'm sorry, Brian, I really am. I know what it is like to lose out on a love.” Antonio looks at her, “I guess I just have to accept it. Diana is not coming back.” Doc says, “Not necessarily.” Liz asks, “Why not?” Doc points to the sky, “Look.” Antonio asks, “What does it mean, Doc?” Doc replies, “It means whatever this is isn't over. The power of the triangle is back big time. Anything can happen. Look at that.” He points to a faint image of Sheridan. Antonio says, “Diana?” He asks, “What's going on?” Doc replies, “Diana, it looks like she is coming back.” Liz exclaims, “Unbelievable.” Doc says, “It is the triangle. I told you it is not over yet. Anything can still happen.” Liz asks, “Is it really Diana?” Doc replies, “Yes, it's her. She has not fully crossed over yet and that is why we are only seeing her image. Diana is caught between here and wherever she was with the man she loves.” As Antonio stares, he says, “Maybe my prayers are answered, she's coming back to me.” Doc urges him, “Go to her, Brian. Go to Diana. Take hold of her, fight to keep her here.” Antonio begins to go to her but stops. Liz asks, “What is it?” Antonio replies, “I won't force Diana to leave the man she loves. If she's happy with him, I want her to be happy. I can't make her leave.” Liz asks, “You love Diana enough to let her go?” Antonio in his usual flat monotone voice says, “Yes. It is up to fate to decide where Diana should be with him or with me. I love you, Diana. I love you.”

At the gazebo Luis smiles as he watches the light display in the sky, “The lights...” Luis' words fade away as he looks back at Sheridan and sees that she is fading away. She is upset and asks, “What is happening? I feel like I'm going away.” Luis is adamant, “No, I'm not going to let you leave.” She looks sad, “I want to stay with you.” Luis again assures her, “I won't let you go away. No.” He reaches out to hold onto her but his hand goes right through her. Both Sheridan and Luis are visibly upset. Sheridan says worriedly, “I feel myself leaving you. As if I'm going far away.” Luis pleads, “No, please, please don't leave me. (He looks up to the heavens and prays.) Please, God, please don't take her away from me. Help me. I'm begging you, please let us be together. I love her. Don't take her away from me. Just let us be together.” Sheridan tells him, “Even if we're not together, I will always love you. I will always love you.” Luis gives her some encouragement, “We're together. Can't you see we're together, I love you. I will always be with you wherever we go. Just don't let go.” She is fading in and out, “I can't hold on much longer.” Luis pleads, “Don't let go.” As she fades away, Sheridan requests, “Your name, I can't remember your name. Tell me your name.” A very concerned Luis replies, “Sheridan, it's me. Sheridan it's Luis.” Sheridan has disappeared. When Luis lifts his arm to look at the handcuffs, Sheridan's is empty, causing Luis to yell, “No. No. Sheridan! Sheridan!”

On the island, Sheridan begins to appear as she is asking Luis, “Tell me your name. I don't remember your name.” Liz says, “Diana's image is getting stronger.” Doc declares, “She's coming back.” Antonio urges, “Don't stop now. Diana.” Doc exclaims, “Amazing. She's back in the flesh.” Sheridan is still asking Luis, “What is your name? Tell me your name.” Antonio answers her, “It's me, Diana. It's Brian. You are going to be okay.” She asks one more time, “What is your name?” He replies again, “Brian.” Coming out of her trance, Sheridan looks around and asks, “How did I -- where am I?” She faints. Antonio catches her.

At the gazebo, Luis is pleading, “Come back to me. Come back.” Arriving at the gazebo, Hank call out, “Luis, did you see the sky just now? That was the most incredible fire work show I have ever seen.” Luis sadly says, “She's gone.” Hank asks, “Who?” Luis replies, “Sheridan was here, now she's gone again.” Hank exclaims, “What?” Luis looks like he has tears in his eyes as he explains, “Sheridan was here with me, Hank. I kissed her. She kissed me back. We talked. I held her in my arms. She was really -- Sheridan was here and she was real.” Hank says, “Luis, we have been through this before. Sheridan is dead. She couldn't have come back to you.” Luis pleads with him to believe him, “Hank, I'm telling you, Sheridan was here. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it either. I swear to God she was here.” Hank tries to humor him, “All right. Let's go get a beer, just something to help you relax. All right.” Luis turns to him, “No. There has to be a way to find her and bring her back.” Hank tells him, “That sounds crazy.” Luis gets an idea, “That's it. I think I know a way to find her and bring her back, Hank.”

At the Harmony observatory, Luis bursts into the main room, followed by Hank. A scientist asks, “Who are you? What do you want?” Luis explains, “Those lights in the sky, look, I need to know where they came from and how to get them back.” The man replies, “I am sorry, I can't answer your questions.” Luis asks, “You are a scientist, aren't you?” Hank tries to smooth things over, “Easy, Luis. I apologize for my friend being so intense. Anything you saw about those lights -- would be much appreciated.” An impatient Luis sarcastically demands, “Today would be nice.” The man replies, “As a matter of fact, I was just checking into that data when you burst in here. As far as I can tell, it has been over a century since something like that happened. It is as rare a phenomenon as it is strange.” Luis asks, “But when will it happen again? How can I get them back?” The scientist replies, “I told you I don't know. It is impossible to predict an event such as what happened tonight.” Luis hits a piece of equipment with his hand, “You got all this damn equipment. Everything, try.” The man asks, “Sir, what is your problem?” Luis replies angrily, “You. Right now you are my problem.” Hank steps between the two men, “Luis, let me handle this, okay.” Turning to the scientist, Hank says, “Here's the deal. Somehow during the time those lights were in the sky tonight, my friend feels that his fiancé returned to him.” Luis insists, “She did, Hank. Sheridan was here.” Hank continues, “My friend was engaged to a woman who died last summer but he feels that she was with him tonight and that her appearance was directly related to those lights in the sky.” The man says, “I'm sorry to disappoint your friend but what you're describing to me is a scientific impossibility.” Luis passionately insists, “To hell with science. I am telling you both that it happened. My fiancé came back to me. I was with her. Then those lights went out and she disappeared. Look, I'm not crazy, okay. There is a connection between Sheridan appearing and those lights. You need to find a way to get them back. That's the only way to get Sheridan back.” The man informs them, “I am a scientist. I am not a Hollywood special effects guru. I am sorry that I can't help you.” Luis yells, “You have got -- you have got all of this damn equipment. Just try. Try to get those lights back because I need to get Sheridan back. Now.” The man just stares at Luis as if he is insane.

In her room on the island, Sheridan wakes up, “Where am I?” Antonio tells her, “You are in your room on St. Lisa's.” Liz adds, “We are all here with you.” Doc tells her, “You are going to be just fine.” A confused Sheridan says, “I had the strangest dream that -- it didn't seem like a dream. It all felt so real.” Doc informs her, “It wasn't a dream. Diana, the powers of the Bermuda triangle have come into full force tonight, something that hasn't happened in over a hundred years. It can cause the impossible to happen and we think it did.” She says, “I don't understand.” Doc tells her, “From what we can gather, you crossed over to be with the man you love from your past.” Sheridan smiles, “That's exactly what happened. I was with my fiancé. You are saying that it wasn't a dream?” Doc assures her, “No. It was real.” Sheridan is happily crying, “Oh my God. I was really in his arms. He really held me. We really talked about how much we had missed each other, how much we loved each other.” Liz asks, “Diana, do you think that you were in heaven?” A confused Sheridan says, “I don't know. Wherever it was, it was so beautiful. It was just perfect. Peaceful. Neither one of us wanted to let go of the other.” Antonio asks, “What finally happened?” Sheridan sadly tells them, “I could feel myself getting weak. I remember getting pulled away. I tried to hold on to him as he held me but no matter how tight we clung to each other, I just remember myself fading away. The next thing I knew I was back here on the island. I can't believe that I was in his arms and I couldn't remember his name. I asked him but I was gone before he could tell me. Now I'll never know.” Liz says, “I'm sorry, Diana. I really am but -- maybe you could go back to him.” Sheridan sits up in her bed and sadly says, “No, Liz. I don't think so. I think tonight was the last time I'll ever see him. I've lost him! I’ve lost the man I love!” She cries.

Sheridan is so sad, “It's over. My life with him is over. I will never see the man that I love again.” She lays down. Antonio tells the others, “I'll stay with Diana until she falls asleep.” On the other side of the room, Liz comments to Doc, “Poor Diana. The idea of not being with the man she loves is tearing her apart.” Doc adds, “Brian, too.” Liz asks, “Doc, is there any way that she could cross back over?” Doc shakes his head, “No. The lights have gone and the power they represented has past. It could be a century or more before something like tonight happens again. Diana is back and she is here to stay.” Across the room, Antonio whispers to a sleeping Sheridan, “Fate brought you back to me, so it must want us to be together. Sorry you are in so much pain. Losing the man from your past is hurting you so but I'm here to help you get past that pain by showing you how much that I love you and God willing you will love me, too. I love you, Diana. I love you.” He kisses a sleeping Sheridan on her forehead. As Sheridan dreams of Luis and asking him to hold her, she says out loud, “Hold me. Hold me.” Antonio hears her and climbs onto her bed to put his arm around her as she sleeps.

At the observatory, Hank tries to ease the situation, “You have to get a grip. He watches the sky and doesn't control it.” The scientist says, “At least one of you is lucid.” Hank explains, “My friend is hurting here. Give him a break.” He turns to Luis, “Luis, I am sorry that you are hurting over Sheridan but she is gone. Nothing can bring her back.” Luis insists, “Hank she was back. I held Sheridan in my arms. I felt that she was -- she was real.” He looks so sad. Luis turns and walks out of the observatory. When he reaches the grounds, he immediately looks to the sky and sadly says, “Sheridan, you were here. We were together. Now you're gone. She's gone forever.” He yells, “Sheridan. Sheridan!”

To be continued...

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12.9.08, 1:24 AM
On the island in the hotel hallway Liz runs into Antonio camped outside Sheridan's door, “How's she doing?” Antonio looks up from reading a book, “She's been quiet for a while. I think she dozed off.” Liz says, “I'm not surprised she's done in. It's been quite a night.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021402-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021402-04.jpg)
Antonio replies, “Yeah. It has been for us all.” He thinks back to what Sheridan said earlier about needing to be with the man she loves. Sheridan said, “I was with my lover twice tonight -- once in the ocean and then once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.” She was smiling as he asked, “When you say you were with your lover, what do you mean exactly?” She replied, “I was in his arms. I could feel him, I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. My – my love is out there waiting for me, and I have to get back to him. We have to be together.” She was so insistent causing Antonio to tell Liz, “Sometimes I wonder if Diana will ever be able to move on with her life. Even though she has amnesia, she's still in love with that man from her past.” Lying in her bed and thinking, “I still feel so close to him. Why can't I be with him again?”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits in the living room where he has a flashback of Sheridan coming to him in the gazebo...and of Sheridan leaving again. He is just devastated, as is Sheridan on St. Lisa's island. As the flashback ends, Luis sighs and Hank enters the living room, “I changed my mind about the coffee. I really think we should split.” Looking straight ahead, Luis replies, “Yeah. Why don't you go ahead. I'm fine here.” Hank throws up his hands, “Like hell you are. You're never going to get past Sheridan's death. You set up camp in her old cottage.” Luis smiles, “Hank, it's not about these four walls. Home, the Crane estate, everywhere I go, I see Sheridan now cause I know that she's still alive.” Hank is at a loss, “I don't know what to tell you, Buddy.” Luis answers, “Well, there's nothing to tell me because I'm going to find her.” Hank asks, “Where? In the Crane swimming pool? Up in the stars in another galaxy?” Luis says sincerely, “I don't know. I'm not giving up, all right? All I need is just a slim chance, a tiny clue. Once I have that, I'm going to chase it till I have her back.”

At the Book Cafe, Beth accepts several packages. She looks at each package and asks, “What is this? My God. It's from Sheridan.”

On the island, Liz tells Antonio, “Brian, it's late. I'm sure she'll sleep through the night.” He asks, “Yeah, but what if she wakes? What if she starts sleepwalking again?” Liz encourages, “Brian, you can't stand outside her door all night. Look, why don't I make us a cup of tea, and then you can turn in. Brian, I know you want to help her forget about her old love by showing her your own love but I don't think you're going to make much headway while she's sleeping.” Antonio says, “All right, you're right. Liz, do you hate me for caring about her the way that I do?” Looking a little shocked, Liz shakes her head, “Uh-uh. Brian, we've been through this already. Our relationship was over years ago.” He says, “Yes, I know. But I hurt you and I just want to make sure.” Liz asks, “Do you want the tea or not?” He replies, “Sure.” They walk off down the hall. In her room, Sheridan has a flashback of reuniting with Luis in the ocean. She gets out of her bed and walks out of her room and into the hallway just vacated by Antonio and Liz.

At the cottage, Luis stands and goes to the window again. He turns, “You're right. It is strange to be around Sheridan's things without her.” He paces, then stands in front of her desk and picks up a rose that had been pressed in a book along with a note from him. He remembers giving Sheridan roses last Valentine's Day.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021402-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021402-06.jpg)
He is lost in thought when Hank asks, “From you?” Luis smiles, “Last Valentine's Day.” Hank looks sympathetically at Luis, “She loved you as much as you loved her. It's no wonder you can't let her go.” Luis smiles, “There's no reason to let go. I'm going to find her, Hank.” Hank replies, “I know you wan to, but ...” Luis stops him, “I just need to keep looking. Eventually, I'm going to catch a break. I'm going to find her.” Luis phone rings. Luis ignores it so Hank asks, “You going to get that?” Luis sadly says, “I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.” Hank tells him, “I'll take care of it.” He walks back to the chair that holds Luis' coat and retrieves Luis' cell phone. He answers, “Hello?” On the other end Beth asks, “Who's this?” Hank identifies himself. Beth replies, “Oh, Hank. Hey, it's Beth. Is Luis there?” Hank informs her, “Yeah, but he's really tired right now. I don't know if this is a good time.” Beth says, “Listen, I wouldn't be calling so late if it weren't important. Where are you guys?” Hank replies, “We're at Sheridan's cottage, but...” Beth tells him, “Well, that's what I need to talk to him about -- Sheridan. I'll be right over, ok?” She hangs up but says to herself, “I hope you're ready for this, Luis.”

A short while later, a happy and smiling, Luis asks, “Well, what else did Beth say?” Hank patiently replies, “I told you three times. She said she had to talk to you tonight ... something about Sheridan. She's on her way.” Luis happily turns to Hank, “This could be it, Hank. This could be the piece of the puzzle that I've been looking for. Maybe Beth knows something that's going to lead me to Sheridan.”

Walking down the hallway of the hotel, Liz says, “Brian, you didn't finish your cup of tea.” Reaching Sheridan's door, Antonio comments, “That's funny. I know her door was shut.” He walks into her room and declares, “She's not here.” Liz calmly says, “You know, maybe she went down the hall.” Antonio says, “No, we would have seen her. Diana? Oh, no, Liz. What if she's sleepwalking again? What if she went back out into the ocean to see if she could find her lost lover? The current's way too strong tonight.” He runs off to the beach, followed by Liz. Standing at the water's edge, Sheridan says, “He's out there. The man I love is out there.” Hurrying along the beach Antonio calls, “Diana?” Next to him, Liz cries out, “There. There she is.” Antonio yells, “Diana, stop. What are you doing? I was worried about you when you weren't in you room.” Sheridan turns to them, “I'm fine, really.” Liz asks, “Is she sleepwalking again?” Sheridan replies, “No, Liz, I'm wide awake. Ok, it's sweet of the two of you to worry, but I know exactly where I am and why I'm here.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021402-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021402-08.jpg)
Antonio asks, “Well, you'd better tell us. You almost drowned tonight.” Sheridan replies, “I'm not going to go back in the water. I just wanted to be close to, close to the man I love. I think he's out here somewhere.” She smiles as she looks out to sea.

At the cottage, Luis paces impatiently, “What's keeping her? It's not that far from the Book Cafe.” He looks at his watch again. Looking up from reading a magazine, Hank says, “I don't even know if that's where she was calling from, but I'm sure she'll be along any minute.” Luis laughs, “She'd better be. I just know this is it, Hank.” Hank shakes his head, “You're doing it again. Getting your hopes up for no good reason.” Luis turns toward Hank and laughs sarcastically, “For no good reason? I saw Sheridan tonight, Hank...twice. I held her in my arms. And you say that that is no good reason? They weren't visions, Hank. Sheridan was real. She's alive. And maybe Beth could be the answer that I'm looking for.”

On the beach in St. Lisa's, in a very normal voice, Sheridan tells them, “Honestly, you two, I'm fine. So why don't you just go back to the hotel and I'll talk to you in the morning?” Liz turns to Antonio, “Brian?” With his arms folded over his chest, Antonio says, “Go on, Liz. I'll walk Diana back.” Liz walks off. Antonio turns to Sheridan, “Listen, Diana, I know that you feel a connection to this man that you loved. But what happened tonight was not real.” Sitting on a large rock, Sheridan says softly, “It was to me. I could feel his arms around me. I could even feel the stubble on his cheek.” Antonio reminds her, “That's impossible because you told me yourself that you remember him dying.” She passionately says, “What if I'm wrong? What if he's still alive?” Antonio asks, “Then why hasn't he come looking for you?” Sheridan looks out to sea, “I don't know the answer to that. Maybe he will. Maybe he's out there right now still looking for me.”

There is a knock on the door at the cottage and Luis runs to answer it. As he opens the door to Beth, he asks, “Where the hell have you been?” Beth looks at Hank, “I guess you told him.” Hank nods. A very anxious Luis pleads, “Just tell me, Beth. Just tell me everything that you know about Sheridan.” Pointing to the package in her hands, Beth tells him, “Luis, this came to the Book Cafe tonight. I thought you'd want to see it as soon as possible.” She hands the package to Luis.

On the beach on the island, Antonio looks at Sheridan, “I'm not trying to dash your hopes, but if he's still alive, wouldn't he have come looking for you? Or at least sent out a search party?” Sheridan raises her voice, “Maybe he's hurt and he couldn't. Maybe he tried and then something went wrong. Or maybe he's hit a dead end and he's desperately trying to find another clue. I mean, maybe even as we speak he's closer to finding me than I ever dreamed.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis looks down at the package placed in his hands, “I don't understand.” Beth says, “Just open it.” Luis takes the package to the desk and opens it. He exclaims, “Oh, my God. Sheridan.” He smiles happily!

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

Sorry to be absent for the last few nights but I had unexpected out of town guests, financial reports for a board meeting to complete, and homework and tests for my Block classes so I just didn't have any spare time to get my a summary completed. The next few weeks will be hectic here so if I am able to post a few a week, I will be doing good but will post as often as I am able.

12.10.08, 12:01 AM
On the beach on St. Lisa's island, Antonio walks closer to Sheridan, “Diana, I hate to see you so hopeful when there is no hope that your lover is out there.” Sheridan turns to look in his direction, “Look, I know it sounds crazy but I can feel it so strongly. He's out there and he's looking for me.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021502-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021502-03.jpg)
Antonio asks, “How can you say that? How can you trust your feelings? Just recently you were telling me he was dead and now you are convinced he's alive.” Sheridan speaks so passionately, “Look, yes, I know I said it sounds crazy. I am sure he's alive now. He's so close and soon he'll find a clue that will lead him back to me.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis holds the book that Beth brought to him and asks, “Beth, where did this come from?” She replies, “From Sheridan.” Luis turns to Hank, “What did I tell you, Hank? I told you I was going to find a clue.” He is so excited that he will find Sheridan, “Maybe this is a message from Sheridan, maybe this will lead me to her.”

On the island, Antonio again says, “Diana, I am not trying to dash your hopes but I don't want to see you cling to false hope.” Sheridan says softly but adamantly, “I appreciate what you're trying to do but I know it is not false hope. I was with my love tonight. I know it.” She smiles as she remembers the reunion with Luis in the ocean.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013002-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013002-02.jpg)
She gazes out to sea as she smiles and whispers, “He's out there. I know he is.”

At the cottage, Luis smiles, “Come on, you guys, this is a good thing.” He turns to Beth, “You said Sheridan sent it, didn't you?” Beth replies, “Yes but -- Luis, she sent this before she ...” Luis interrupts her, “She's not dead.” Beth looks uneasy, “Anyway, that's why I brought it.” Holding the book, Luis says again, “I don't understand.” Beth tells him, “She wanted you to have this if anything happened to her.” Luis holds the book close and looks at it again before he asks, “Sheridan wanted you to give me this book if anything happened to her.” Beth agrees, “That's right. If you open it you will see that it is a complete diary and scrap book of your relationship.” As Luis stands in the middle of the room, he waves his hands, “We had our whole lives together. Didn't she think we were going to be together forever?” He seems quite confused as Beth tries to explain, “I know she wanted that, Luis. But she had a feeling that she wouldn't be okay. I know that she hoped she was wrong.” Hank jumps in with, “But it turned out to be true.” Luis flips through the pages of the big book until Beth explains further, “You know, she came to me a few days before you were supposed to get married and she wanted me to help her find a book binder. She said she felt kind of funny asking me, you know, you and I used to be together but I told her that I would help her, of course. Well, it's this beautiful book now.” Luis shakes his head in confusion, “I still don't understand.” Beth replies again, “I told you, she had a feeling. She made me promise to give this to you if anything ever happened to her. I don't know as if she -- she knew she wasn't going to live much longer.”

On the island, Antonio says, “Diana, don't get upset. Let me play devil's advocate here.” She turns to face him and quietly replies, “All right.” Antonio asks, “Let's just say that you're wrong. Let's say that he's not out there. Then what happens?” Sheridan is so excited and so adamant, “If he is out there and after everything that happened tonight, after all of the memories that I have had of living a life with him, he has to be. A love like that can't just be over. It can't be. Every time I have tried to give up on my love, something has happened. I either have some kind of vision or I get some kind of sign.” A rose drifts to the shore and Sheridan bends down to pick it up, “Just like the rose my love gave me. You see, Brian, this is a sign. He's out there, I know he is.” She smiles as she stands at the water's edge holding the long stemmed red rose (a symbol of the love shared by Sheridan and Luis.) plucked from the sea.

Still looking through the pages of the scrapbook, Luis asks, “Sheridan made this book because she thought she was going to die?” Beth sighs, “I don't know that for sure. All I know for sure is that she made me promise to give this to you if something happened to her.” Standing behind her, Hank comments, “It sounds like she had one of those premonitions.” Beth replies, “Maybe. Anyway, the book just came from the book binder so I am keeping my promise, Luis.” Luis tells her, “She can't be dead. I was with her tonight. I held her in my arms.” Hank asks, “Luis, don't you think that if she was out there that she would have found a way back to you by now.” Luis insists, “Hank, she has. That is what tonight's all about.” Beth looks from Hank to Luis as she asks, “What happened tonight? I mean, what are you two talking about?” Luis replies, “I was in the Crane pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was there. She was in the pool with me. Then we were in the ocean. I'm telling you, she was as alive as you or I.” Beth is skeptical, “Wait a minute. You're telling me you actually held Sheridan in your arms first in the pool and then in the ocean.” Luis replies, “That's what happened.” Hank speaks up, “You know how crazy that sounds, don't you, Luis?” Luis raises his voice and walks around the room as he speaks, “I know. Look, I know that you two must think that my imagination is working overtime. But Sheridan...” He pulls his handcuffs off his belt, “How come I was able to put the handcuffs on her wrist? When I put them on her wrist, they closed. Now if she wasn't there, they wouldn't have locked.” Hank asks, “Where is she now?” Luis says softly, “I can't explain it. She was there, she faded. She was there. She disappeared.” Beth agrees with Hank, “Luis, it is pretty hard to believe, you know.” Luis tries to explain, “Yeah, I know. This is the damndest thing that has ever happened but I'm telling you it is how it happened.” Looking at a page in the book, Hank asks, “Titanic. Was that a special movie for the two of you?” Luis takes the book back from Hank before he replies, “No. We liked it but it wasn't special for us. It was another reason why that ad is in the book.” Beth asks, “What is the reason?” Standing in the middle of the room, Luis seems reluctant to tell them, “When Sheridan was a little girl she had a fortune teller at one of her birthday parties and the fortune teller told her she would be with...well, with me and that we had a past together.” Hank asks, “What do you mean a past?” Luis shrugs, “That we had previous lives together. Including one on the Titanic.” Beth asks, “So you and Sheridan were on the Titanic together?” Luis gives a low laugh, “Hey, that's what the fortune teller told Sheridan.” Hank chides, “Come on, Luis. I can't believe you bought into it.” Luis takes a seat on the couch and smiles remembering, “No, Sheridan believed it. You know, supposable we had quite a love affair aboard the Titanic. Sheridan told the story with such passion that actually remembered being there.” Luis has a flashback of dancing with Sheridan aboard the Titanic.

Standing in the cottage living room, Hank makes the comment, “According to Sheridan, the fortune teller said you two had been lovers in past lives.” Sitting on the couch and looking so sad, Luis replies, “That's what Sheridan said. She said that our love had reached over time but we would never find happiness, something would always keep us apart. We would always come up against these unbelievable obstacles.” Beth asks, “You mean like now?” Luis says in that husky voice, "Yeah. Like now.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for some of the screen caps.

12.11.08, 12:28 AM
On the beach on St. Lisa's island, Antonio tries to convince Sheridan that what she experienced tonight was not real, “Diana, I know you shared a deep love with someone from your past, a love so strong that, even though you have amnesia, you still remember his face.” Holding the long stemmed red rose, Sheridan smiles, “Yes.” Antonio continues, “But you don't remember his name, his identity.” Sheridan frowns, “No.” Antonio continues, “And I also know that your memory is conflicted. I mean, earlier you were saying that he was dead, and now all of a sudden you think he's alive.” She turns toward him, “Because of what happened tonight. Because of what I experienced.” Antonio corrects her, “Because you “think” that you were with him.” Sheridan adamantly replies, “I KNOW I was with him. He held me in his arms. I could feel his heartbeat!” Antonio says, “I'm sorry, I just don't see how that could happen if he's dead.” Sheridan raises her voice, “Look, I don't understand it, either. All I know is that I was with my love. And now I'm hoping that soon -- very soon -- we will reunite. Our love is pulling us back towards each other again. I can feel it.” She looks longingly out to sea.

At Sheridan's cottage in Harmony, Beth sits on the arm of a chair, “So this fortuneteller -- the one at Sheridan's birthday party -- that must have been a lot for a little girl to handle.” Luis replies, “Yeah. The fortuneteller told her that she would never be happy -- she would find the man she loves but never find happiness with him.” Beth nods, “That's just what happened. You and Sheridan were supposed to get married, and then you were just torn apart.”

On the island, Antonio is skeptical, “So, tell me again about tonight. Tell me how you were with your lover.” Sheridan replies, “I was in his arms. First we were in the ocean. Then we were in some sort of pool. There were lights. Strange lights.” Antonio says, “Yeah. Yeah, we saw those, too. Doc said it was the power of the Bermuda triangle and that the power of the triangle was so strong, that's what brought your dead lover back from beyond the grave and that's why you disappeared.” Taking that all in, Sheridan mumbles, “The triangle.” Antonio adds, “And he said that it pulled you two together, and because you were together, we thought you were dead, too.” Sheridan laughs, “Dead? No, we were very much alive.” Antonio shrugs, “Well, I've been around these islands for quite some time now, and I've heard a lot of strange stories that can be attributed to the triangle. But Doc -- he buys into that stuff. I don't.” Sheridan looks like she is deep in thought, “Triangle. Maybe that explains what happened before.” Antonio asks, “What are you talking about, before?” Looking at the rose, Sheridan replies, “I've had other visions of my love. They weren't like what happened tonight. They -- they weren't real. They were strange. They were -- no. You'll think I'm crazy.” Antonio quickly assures her, “No, I won't. Why don't you tell me?” Sheridan looks at the rose and continues, “Well, there were these visions -- dreams. They were actually like snapshots of past lives with my love.” Antonio prods, “Past lives?” Sheridan averts her eyes, “See? I knew you'd think I was crazy.” Antonio says, “No -- listen, I know you told me about dreams that you had about being on the Titanic with somebody...”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/Sheridan20Luis20Brian20on20titanic.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=Sheridan20Luis20Brian20on20titanic.jpg)
Sheridan enthusiastically replies, “No, but it was more that. I mean, it's almost like he and I have shared this love that has been flourishing throughout time.” Standing facing her, Antonio says, “I know a lot has happened to you tonight, Diana. But can you really accept any of this as reality? I mean, what if you say those things out loud -- that you were with your dead lover, that maybe you were in another time, another place, that you were with your dead lover in another lifetime? Now, none of that sounds real, now, does it?” Sheridan quietly replies, “Well, not when you list them like that, no.” He tries to convince her that she is wrong, “So, then, if it doesn't sound right, maybe it isn't. Maybe it's just your mind playing tricks on you.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits on the couch next to Beth, looking through the book of photos and memories, “Hmm. That was the first time that Sheridan and I swam in the Crane pool. We always laughed about how funny it would be if Julian found a Lopez-Fitzgerald in there.” Sitting on the arm of the chair, Hank comments, “It's kind of strange, don't you think, Luis?” Luis looks up at him and asks, “What's strange?” Hank replies, “All the memories that you're talking about, the things that you and Sheridan did together -- they are the same things that you were doing tonight when you thought Sheridan was with you.” Luis looks at some pictures, “Swimming. Dancing.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/013102-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=013102-02.jpg)
Hank explains, “I mean, don't you think it's just possible that maybe you were just trying to relive some of those happy moments? It was your grief or -- or your mind playing tricks on you. You were trying to recapture some of those good times.”

On the beach, Sheridan admits sadly, “I suppose that my mind could be playing tricks on me.” With his arms folded, Antonio says, “Good. That's all I wanted to hear. But now there's something that I want to tell you, something that you may not want to hear. If I don't say it, I'm going to be regretting it for the rest of my life.” Sheridan looks toward him questioningly.

At the cottage, Hank holds the book that Sheridan made, “I think Sheridan was trying to tell you something with this scrapbook.” He flips through a few more pages of the book until he sees the letter that she wrote to Luis, “Now I'm sure she was. Look at this -- a copy of Sheridan's letter, the one to her attorney, to be delivered to you in case she died.” Luis has a flashback of receiving the letter and telling Pilar that Sheridan wants him to move on, just find someone else. Hank sympathetically says, “I know this must be tough for you to look at.” Beth turns to Luis and says, “Listen, Luis, I hate to go, but I got to get back to the cafe. Ok?” Hank stops her, “Wait. We'll come with you. Luis needs to get out of here, clear his head.” He looks at Luis who is very quiet, then says, “How about we let you buy us a cup of coffee -- how's that?” Hank grins and Beth stands at the door, “You are on.” As all three put on their coats, Hank tells a very quiet Luis, “On the way over, I want you to think about that scrapbook. Why did Sheridan put that letter at the end of it? What was she trying to tell you? And what would she want you to do if she was still alive today?”

At the Book Cafe, Hank brings Luis a cup of coffee, “There you go.” Seated at one of the tables looking through the scrapbook, Luis tries to express his feelings, “The letter... I ...” Hank interrupts him, “Let's talk about that, Luis, and what Sheridan meant by this letter. I figure she put together this wonderful scrapbook for you because she wanted you to get on with your life. It's time, Buddy.” Luis continues to look at pictures of Sheridan and himself.

Standing on the beach, Antonio says, “I don't want it to seem like I'm not here for you, Diana, because I am. But I am not about to stand by and just watch you hurt yourself.” Sheridan looks confused, “Brian, what are you talking about?” He replies, “I'm going to put this as simply as possible. It's time for you to move on. That's what your lover would've wanted. So just move on, Diana.” Sheridan stares at him in shock.

(Seems as if both Hank and Antonio were trying way too hard to get Luis and Sheridan, respectively, to move on...mostly for selfish reasons. They were mean and too hard on both of those people they were supposed to care about.)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for some of the screen caps.

12.11.08, 10:50 PM
In the cave where Kay and company are holding Charity in a block of ice, Zombie Charity plans to kill Tabitha and Timmy. Tabby has come up with a way to stall Zombie, if not get them off the hook all together. As Zombie raises her hands to zap T & T, Tabitha shouts, “Wait a minute, Zombie. How can you cause chaos in Harmony if you don't know the history of the town and its people?” As Zombie holds up her copy of Hidden Passions, she says, “All right. I already told you I read your book. And the paperback has lots of new information like love letters and other interesting tidbits not previously included in the hard back version.” (LOL! They certainly knew how to advertise for themselves!) Tabby asks, “Love letters, how did love letters get into the paperback. Timmy?” Timmy explains, “The publisher called Timmy and wanted more information -- what was Timmy suppose to do?” He throws up his hands! Tabby asks, “Will you ever learn?” Zombie Charity says, “Actually, Timmy, I am very thankful to you for getting all of the information that I need.” Tabby looks back at Zombie, “Well, you may have read Hidden Passions but that doesn't mean that you know everything there is to know about the people of Harmony. You might be able to destroy Charity and Miguel but what about Luis and Sheridan?” Zombie snaps, “Old. Sheridan is on some island near Bermuda, can't remember a damn thing about herself. Luis is still clinging to the idea he is going to find her. And Luis’s brother, he's on the island with Sheridan falling madly in love with her.” Tabby smiles, “But that's the story in this lifetime. You will never be able to destroy their love if you don't know the whole story. You need to know how strong their love is and what you'll be up against if you want to cause them pain, you need to know about their past.” Zombie rolls her eyes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That stuff about them on the Titanic.” Tabby replies, “No. When they were lovers in ancient Egypt.”

Walking around Tabby, Zombie asks, “So, you mean to tell me that Sheridan and Luis had a past live in ancient Egypt?” Tabitha replies, “Sorry, their love is stretched across the centuries and I, Tabitha, have stopped it every time.” Zombie chides, “But they kept finding each other in other lifetimes.” Tabby replies, “Happiness? Every time they found each other I have torn them apart.” Zombie asks, “How?” Tabby acts nonchalant, “No, you will never know now, will you since you are going to kill me.” Zombie puts her finger on her lips in thought, “Well, maybe I’ll give you a break this one time. You tell me how you kept Luis and Sheridan apart in ancient Egypt.”

Conjuring up a big rock, Zombie Charity takes a seat, “So, tell me how you did it.” Tabitha asks, “How I did what?” Zombie charity frowns, “Don't you play games with me, Tabby. You said you'd tell me how you split apart Luis and Sheridan when they were lovers in ancient Egypt.” Tabitha smiles, “Oh, yes, so I did. All right, if you really want to learn something.” ZC says that she does so Tabby continues, “Well, actually, it was Antony and Cleopatra back then. Their love was so strong, so powerful, they could have ruled the world. Of course, I had to do something about it. I had to stop them. So ...” She begins to tell the story of Luis and Sheridan as Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Tabby was then known as Tabithia and Timmy as Timihious.

Tabithia is on her way to Cleopatra's chambers with the snake in a big basket when she stops to talk to Timithious, “Soldier Timithious, has Marc Antony arrived yet?” Timithious says no. Tabithia replies, “Good. I want you to delay him coming into the queen's chambers.” Timithious asks, “Why?” Tabithia demands, “Just do as I say, Timithious. Now, go.” He waits for Antony who arrives almost immediately. Timithious stops Antony before he can reach the queen's chambers, “My general, may Timithious have a word with you?” Marc Antony turns to look at Timithious, “Yes, but make it quick. I'm on my way to see my love, Cleopatra. Timithious, your queen means the world to me.” Timithious says to himself, “What is Tabithia up to now?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021502-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021502-08.jpg)

In her chambers, Cleopatra smiles, “I cannot wait for Marc Antony to arrive.” She glides around the room. Tabithia sighs, “So you keep saying, your Magnificence.” Cleopatra gushes, “He and I have a plan that will keep us together forever.” She laughs, then sighs as she take her seat. Tabithia opens the basket that she brought with her showing the snake inside, “I have a plan of my own, Cleopatra dear. The next time Marcus Antonius lays eyes on you, you'll be dead.”

In the cave, Tabitha continues to tell Zombie Charity the story of Sheridan and Luis in ancient Egypt, “The noblest Roman of them all, once or twice removed, was coming. So I had to get the queen of the Nile all snazzed up.” Modeling her new robe and headdress, Cleopatra asks, “Oh, Tabithia, how do I look?” Tabithia replies, “Like a goddess, Exalted One.” Cleopatra pretends to be angry, “I don't want that. I want to look mortal, desirable!” Tabithia assures her, “There's not a man alive who could resist your sensuality.” Cleopatra smiles, “It must be so. Soon Lord Antony and I will truly be free to love one another.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021502-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021502-10.jpg)
Tabithia asks, “How can that be, Majesty?” Cleopatra confides, “Well, since you are my most trusted servant, I'll let you in on my little secret. I'm going to renounce the throne -- just give it up. Antony and I are going away, just the two of us.” Tabithia asks astonished, “Just the two of you?” Cleopatra laughs, “Well, and a few hundred servants or so, and, of course, Antony will need his army, and the fleet, and the barge and my crew. Aside from that, it will just be the two of us.” There is a loud noise beyond the door causing Cleopatra to look around, “Could that be he? Oh, my Lord Antony. And here I am, still unprepared. You must keep him at bay until I'm ready, Tabithia.” Tabithia repeats, “At bay. At bay. Yes, your Divinity.”

In the entry courtyard, Timithious sits with Marc Antony on a low wall. Antony confides, “Well, what I feel for this woman, this goddess in human form, goes beyond love, Centurion.” Timithious replies, “Timithious is heartened to hear it, Marc Antony.” Marc Antony nods, “Hmm. And the sacrifice that she's willing to make -- to give up her throne ...” Timithious agrees with Antony, “Timithious thinks it must be as you say -- beyond what mortals think of as love.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/021502-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=021502-09.jpg)
As Tabithia enters the entry area to stall him, Marc Antony asks, “Hmm. And here is her handmaiden. Where is the mistress? Where is my Cleopatra?” Tabithia replies, “Soon, my Lord. She has not readied herself as yet. She longs to join you. She begs your patience. Should not be more than a few grains of sand before she's in your arms.” Marc Antony looks back at her, “Well, I'm an impatient man, but she is worth the wait.” He smiles slightly. Back inside Cleopatra's chambers, Tabithia says to herself, “You will never see her alive again, Marcus Antonius.”

In the cave, Zombie Charity asks, “So, what happened next?” Tabitha continues, “Listen and learn, my zombie friend.” In ancient Egypt, Marc Antony continues to sit and talk with Timithious, “Yes, life is empty without true love. But I trust that one day you will find yours.” Timithious looks across the courtyard at a smiling, dark-haired Charity and confides, “Timithious thinks he already has.” Marc Antony looks back to see the girl and laughs, “Could it be that someone's already captured your heart? She is a beauty, no doubt.” Timithious replies, “Timithious loves her so much. Perhaps one day he'll summon up the courage to ask for her hand.” Marc Antony replies, “Of course he will. A braver man I've never served in battle with. That maid will be yours one day, mark my word. What is keeping my true love?” He stands and walks toward Cleopatra's door. Staying behind, Timithious whispers, “Tabithia, please don't break up their great love. Please.”

In Cleopatra's chambers, Tabithia lifts the lid on the giant basket that contains the snake and says to herself, “How to time it so this bloody snake can sink its fangs into her Queen ship. That is the question.” Tabby and the cobra have an argument about how and when to strike the Queen. They argue back and forth until Tabithia closes the lid of the basket on the cobra and carries it over to stand next to Cleopatra. She asks, “Would your Magnificence care for a fig? They're very sweet, from the oasis at Giza.” Cleopatra stands and walks across the room, “Oh, Giza. Oh, yes. It was at Giza that I decided to give up the throne. That way Antony and I can live a life without conflict. Nothing in this world should ever get in the way of our love.” Tabithia follows Cleopatra with the basket, “Would my lady care for a honeyed drink to wash down her fig?” Cleopatra reaches into the basket and picks up a fig (no snake bite), “Oh, no. The fig will suffice. Oh. Mmm. Delicious. Thank you.” Tabithia talks to the snake, “I don't believe it. What happened? Why didn't you strike?” Cobra replies, “I can't just turn it off and on, you know. I have to feel it. I have to be in the moment. It has to be organic.” Tabithia picks up the snake and calls to Cleopatra, “Oh, sublime one?” Cleopatra gasps as she sees the cobra in Tabithia's hands. As Tabithia slaps the snake onto her neck, Cleopatra screams. Tabithia tells her, “It'll only hurt for a little while, Cleopatra.” Grasping her chest, Cleopatra asks, “Tabithia, why?” She falls to the floor gasping for breath. Tabithia replies, “Why? Because I can't let love flourish. I had to destroy your love. And the truth is you'll never find happiness -- not in this life or in any other. Tragedy will follow you always.”

Zombie Charity paces in the cave, “So that's it? You just jammed the cobra into her yourself? That's how you killed Sheridan -- or Cleopatra?” Tabitha tells her confidently, “You haven't heard the whole story yet. With these powerful lovers, there are always twists and turns. And it's how one handles one's self when a twist pops up that determines one's success. You have to react, think fast, and I've always been very good at that. Which is why, when it comes to spreading pain across the centuries, I've been a howling success.” She continues the story of ancient Egypt. Tabithia holds the snake and leans over Cleopatra on the floor, “R.I.P.” As he nears Cleopatra's chambers, Marc Antony calls out, “My patience is thinning, dear heart. I'm coming to claim you. It's time we were off. Our chariot awaits.” He enters the chamber, sees Cleopatra on the floor and rushes to her side. He caresses her cheek as he whispers, “My dearest heart. My dearest heart, what has befallen you?” In the cave Tabitha tells Charity, “I'm about to give you a stellar example of thinking on one's feet, thus being able to cause more pain than I had a right to cause. But to continue my story -- I hardly had time to savor Antony's pain before I had to start thinking fast.” Trying to revive her, Marc Antony whispers, “Cleopatra? Cleopatra, what befell you?” Cleopatra whispers to her true love, “It matters not. I'm dying. But before I shed these earthly bones, you must know how deeply I love you, will always love you throughout eternity.” Cleopatra gasps. Marc Antony pleads, “No, no. Cleopatra, don't leave me.” She coughs as he laments, “I can't go on without you.” Cleopatra says softly, lovingly, “You must. You must make a new life, find a new love.” Marc Antony insists, “No. There is only one love for me. Cleopatra, you are my only love.” Cleopatra whispers, “Good-bye, my darling. Good-bye.” She breathes her last breath. Kneeling next to her, Marc Antony cries, “No. Cleopatra, no! What is this?” He sees the snake fang marks on her chest. He jumps to his feet and faces Tabithia.

In the cave Tabby frowns as she remembers, “When I saw the look on his face and that wicked sword...” In ancient Egypt, Marc Antony stands in front of her with his sword drawn. He shouts as he cuts off the head of the snake. Marc Antony picks up the snake and throws it out of the chamber before standing in front of Tabithia to ask, “Tabithia, loyal servant, how did this happen?” Tabithia cries, “Oh. Woe is me, Lord Antony. I tried -- I tried to tell my mistress, to stop her, but she was determined to take her own life.” Marc Antony is shocked by that lie. Tabithia adds, “Oh, yes. She wanted to tell you, Illustrious One. Cleopatra loved you. But -- but to give up her throne -- it was too much.” He comments, “But I thought that's what we both wanted. Oh, God. What have I done?” He walks back to Cleopatra's side. After a while, he stands and pulls out his sword again, “I cannot go on. I cannot live without you.” Timithious yells, “No! Don't kill yourself, Marc Antony!” Antony stabs himself with his sword as Tabithia comments, “Too late.” As the story ends, Zombie Charity claps, “Telling Antony that Cleopatra committed suicide was pure genius, Tabitha.” Tabitha smiles, “One of my finer moments.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis (Antony and Cleopatra) screen caps.

12.17.08, 12:41 AM
Sitting at a table in the Book Cafe, Hank says, “Luis, Sheridan’s dead. She’s not coming back. You are going to have to move on. Find love again. If you won’t listen to me, read Sheridan’s letter again. She tells you herself what she wants you to do.” Still looking through the book of pictures and memories of Sheridan and himself, Luis smiles, “It would be different if she was dead, Hank, she’s alive. I saw her tonight in the ocean, in the cottage, at the gazebo. I held her in my arms and we talked, we kissed. Hank, it was a miracle.” Hank takes a sip of his coffee and insists, “It was your imagination. It didn’t happen. Luis, you want Sheridan back so much that you even had Theresa and I going there for a minute thinking we had seen you in the Crane swimming pool with her. It was in your mind. Your grief is playing tricks on you, making you think all kinds of crazy stuff.” Luis keeps shaking his head while Hank talks, then he replies, “As God is my witness, it happened, Hank.” Hank tries again to convince Luis that he is imagining everything, “Luis, you're a cop. Your life is not based on dreams and fantasies. It’s based on facts, cold hard realities and you are going to have to face yours before it’s too late. I got to go. I'll check in on you later.” Hank gets up from the table and leaves Luis alone. As he passes Beth, she tells him, “I'll keep an eye on him.” Hank thanks her and leaves the Book Cafe. At his table as he continues to look at the many pictures of Sheridan, Luis sighs, “ I don't think I am ever going to get over you, Sheridan.”

Sitting on the beach in St. Lisa's, Sheridan looks across the rocks and says, “Brian, isn’t it late to be working?” She walks over to where he is working on repairing a fish net, as he replies, “Might as well, I couldn’t sleep if I tried.” She asks, “What has you so upset?” Antonio stands, “I’m worried about you, Diana.” Sheridan asks, “About what you said to me earlier? Why did you say it? Why did you tell me to just forget about the man I love and move on?” He says, “Because you need to for your own good.” Sheridan shouts, “Well, I can’t. Don’t you get it? This man is my soul mate. He’s the love of my life. I just can’t move on, I can’t.” She begins to cry so he hugs her as she cries on his shoulder.

Hank arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard just as Pilar arrives with her arms full of grocery bags. Hank hurries to take some of the bags, “Let me help you get those inside. There.” Pilar thanks him. He says, “You shouldn’t be out alone at this time of the night. Whoever killed Julian Crane is still out on the loose.” Pilar replies, “I’m not afraid but I appreciate your help. It’s been a long day.” Hank says, “Tell me about it.” Pilar looks at him and asks, “What’s wrong?” Hank replies, “Nothing. Everything’s fine.” Pilar scolds, “Hank Bennett, I have known you since you were a boy, you are like one of my sons. I know when something is bothering you.” Hank corrects, “Someone.” Pilar asks, “It’s Luis, isn’t it?” Hank nods, “I don’t mean to upset you Pilar but I’m worried about him. Luis won’t let go of Sheridan. He’s convinced that she’s going to come back to him.” Pilar sighs, “I know. I know how much he misses her. He was so upset at the mansion earlier.” Hank tells her, “It’s more than that. He’s actually started to see visions of Sheridan.” Pilar asks concerned, “What?” Hank informs her, “He thinks he was with her tonight, several times, in fact. He is so adamant about it that he had Theresa and me convinced... almost.” Pilar shakes her head in disbelief, “Oh, dear God. I’m afraid it’s partly my fault. I encourage Luis to have hope, faith, that a miracle would bring Sheridan back to him and maybe I was wrong to suggest to pray for the impossible. Hank, ever since that phone call when Luis heard Sheridan and I heard Antonio, I just was so sure that my oldest son was coming home for Christmas. If God could bring Antonio back to me he could bring Sheridan back to Luis. And Antonio didn’t come home and neither did Sheridan and now Luis are and I are both hurting.” Hank sympathizes, “Sorry, Pilar.” Pilar prays, “God forgive me for trying to help my son. Maybe I should have never suggested that Sheridan would come back to him.”

At the Book Cafe, Beth arrives at Luis' table with more coffee, Luis looks up and says, “Thanks for the coffee and the book.” Beth takes a seat across from Luis, “You know, I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. I was just afraid it would add to your grief, you know, open old wounds which it has. I’m sorry, Luis, I really am.” Luis replies, “No, you did the right thing. This is what Sheridan wanted. I’m so honored to have it. This was hard, you know. Everyone is saying, 'Hey, Luis, move on, just let it go.' I can’t. Since I still have this hope that Sheridan’s going to come back to me.” He whispers, “Sometimes she feels so close like tonight. You know, I could have sworn that she and I were together. She was just as real as you or I and then Sheridan left me. I tried so hard to hold on to her. She left me I don’t even know what to think anymore. My head tells me one thing and my heart tells me another.” Luis sadly exhales. Beth says, “I wish there was something I could do.” Luis says, “Hey, I better go. It’s late. Thanks.” He gathers his things and puts his coat on as Beth watches. She wants to say something to him but only says, “Take care of yourself, okay.” He says he will. Beth adds, “It’s cold out there and you always forget to button up.” She begins to button his coat prompting Luis to say, “You always take care of me. Thanks. I'll see ya.” Beth says bye as she watches him leave.

On the island, Sheridan asks again, “Why did you tell me to forget about the man I love?” Antonio replies, “Because I love you. And I can’t stand to see you live with this kind of pain.” Sheridan says softly, “I can’t help the way I feel.” He replies, “Neither can I.” She begins, “Brian...” She turns away from him. He walks up behind her, “Diana, just hear me out. I know you feel like you and the man you loved had past lives together, that you were on the Titanic with each other and tonight you felt like you were reunited with him.” Sheridan turns to face him and says adamantly, “I was. I’m sure of it.” Antonio admits, “I admit that it did look like you were talking to someone in the ocean earlier and that I did have to struggle when I was pulling you back to shore because it felt like someone was holding on to you and didn’t want to let you go.” Sheridan smiles with excitement, “Because it was him. Don’t you see? He was holding on to me. The man I love wanted to keep me with him. It proves we it was real. The two of us were together not just once but several times, I mean, he held me in his arms. We talked. We kissed. That’s why I can’t let go, the connection is just too strong.” She smells her rose, “I know that it seems impossible but somehow our love has transcended through time and space to reunite us.” Antonio says, “I can’t deny that there were some really strange things happened tonight. The man you love is not coming back.” Sheridan says so sadly, “Don’t say that.” He tells her, “I don’t want to. Listen, Diana, I feel for you and I feel for the pain you suffered but he’s not coming back. I don’t think he’s going to come back ever.” She bursts into tears again.

As her crying lessens, Antonio tells her once again, “Holding onto memories of him and not being able to move on with your life, it’s keeping you from having that happiness that you deserve. If I was your lover I would search to the ends of the earth to find you but you have been here on this island for months. So it doesn’t look like he’s coming back for you.” Sheridan cries, “How can you say that after what happened tonight?” He replies, “I say that, I mean, I am talking about in a permanent physical sense.” Sheridan cries and stares out to sea as he continues, “I don’t think that he’s on this earth anymore or in this world. When I say that, I mean, I’m sorry. I don’t think he’s coming back. I don’t think that he can come back.”

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Hank talks with Pilar, “Luis needs to move on with his life. He can’t keep waiting for something that can’t happen. Sheridan is gone and it doesn’t mean he has to be alone.” Pilar interjects, “Beth?” Hank nods, “She still loves him, she always has.” Pilar adds, “A good girl, devoted to her frail mother and to God.” Hank adds, “She would like to rekindle the relationship they once had. I know that she hopes it works out this time.” Pilar nods, “You know, I always thought that Luis would marry Beth but he came to believe it was his responsibility to take care of the family. He put our well being ahead of his happiness. He told Beth that he felt it was wrong for them to get married when our family was in such dire straights. Poor Beth was broken hearted but she never stopped loving him because she knew he had done the right thing. No, Beth wouldn’t push him.” Hank says, “She loves him too much for that. I’m just saying that Luis has a chance at love again. He’s going to let it pass him by because of this fantasy that Sheridan is going to come back to him.” I really do believe that there was hope, that miracles happen especially at Christmas. But Antonio didn’t come home. I guess Sheridan must not be coming back either.” Hank prompts her, “Tell that to Luis. He'll listen if you tell him.” Coming through the back door, Luis asks, “Tell me what?”

Standing just inside the kitchen door, Luis asks again, “What is it that you want to tell me?” Hank picks up his coat and says, “ I'll leave so you can talk in private.” He walks out the door. Luis looks at Pilar, “It’s about Sheridan, isn’t it? About me believing that she’s coming back.” Pilar replies, “Yes, it is. I think it’s time that you accept the truth, that Sheridan is gone.” Luis looks at her oddly, “You were the one that kept encouraging me to believe in miracles. You are the one that said never give up hope that she was coming back.” Pilar replies, “I know. I’m sorry. I realize now that it was wrong to tell you that.” Luis asks, “Why? You have faith, you believe in miracles.” Pilar tells him, “Still, I realize that I gave you false hope, Luis, and you're hurting because of it, unable to move on with your life.” Luis turns around and wonders, “So where is this coming from? What made you change your mind?” She replies, “I have my reasons.” Luis demands to know, “What reasons?” Pilar tries to convince him, “Luis, there comes a time when you just need to let go and that time has come for you now.” Luis states emphatically, “Mama, Sheridan came back to me.” Pilar yells, “Luis! Luis, I don’t want to see you living your life in limbo letting your life pass you by as I have for more years than I care to remember. I held on to the hope that your father would come home one day and he hasn’t. Maybe I was wrong to wait for him. Maybe it was a mistake for me not to have remarried.” Luis is surprised, “Mama.” She says, “No, Luis, maybe if I had remarried you wouldn’t have felt responsible t, o take care of this family, you would have married Beth and had a family of your own.” Luis replies, “Then I would never have fallen in love with Sheridan. We were meant to be together. She is the love of my life.” Facing Luis, Pilar says softly, “I know but Sheridan’s gone. She’s not coming back.”

Antonio stands behind Sheridan and tells her again, “I don’t mean to be blunt, Diana, but you need to make a decision. Either you put the man you love and his memory to rest or keep on hoping for the impossible to happen. It is killing me to think that one day you might realize that your whole life has past you by, all of the happiness you could have had. I love you and you know that. I owe Liz money and I got offered a job on a fishing boat and if I take it then I’m going to have to be out at sea for six months.” Sheridan turns and looks up at him, “Six months?” He nods, “I need this job but I'll turn it down to stay here with you if you're willing to put this man that you love behind you.” She asks, “You would do that for me?” He lays it on a little thicker, “I can’t bear to watch you torture yourself like this.” She looks away as she is stunned. Antonio walks closer and takes her hand, “Diana, you know I love you. I’m willing not to take this job just to stay here and help you get through this.” (I am not sure why he felt the need to threaten her or even to tell her all of this. Yuck!!!) Sheridan softly says, “I can’t believe you would do that for me.” He tells her, “Whatever you want, whatever it takes. I mean, even if you were to find another man that you would fall in love with, it would be okay with me. I just want you to be happy.” (What a liar that man is!!!) He walks away but comes back to stand behind Sheridan to deliver his threat, “But you have to commit to making a decision to let this man go, put the memory of him behind you. That’s what he would want, Diana. He would want you to be happy, to live your life to the fullest. You know I love you and I want to be with you more than anything else in this world. For now, for me, I just can’t bear to watch you torture yourself anymore.” He walks a few feet away to let her think over his proposal/threat.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Pilar continues, “I have known Sheridan since she was a child. I know that she wouldn’t want you to be torturing yourself this way. She would want you to move on with your life and find love again. It would break her heart to know that her death has stopped you from moving on with your life.” Luis insists, “I don’t think that Sheridan’s dead. I think she’s alive and she’s out there somewhere.” Pilar stops and says, “All right. Then, if you really believe she came to you, then go to her. Talk to her about the confusion and the pain that you're feeling.” Luis frowns in confusion, “How am I supposed to go to her because I don’t know where she is.” Pilar wisely says, “You and Sheridan had a spiritual bond. You were soul mates in the truest sense. Try to reach her, Luis. Ask her what she wants you to do. But, Mijo, let your heart be open to her answer, my Son. Let your heart be open to the truth.” She reaches up and caresses his cheek. Luis smiles at her.

Pilar enters her bedroom, looks at a picture of Antonio and says, “My young, beautiful son, Antonio. I should take the same advice that I gave Luis about Sheridan, just move on with my life.” Seeing something on the floor, she bends to pick it up. As she holds up a medal, she gasps, “Our lady of Guadalupe. The same one that Antonio always wore. Antonio was here, he was here for Christmas after all. If he was here then maybe -- then maybe Sheridan was really with Luis.” She looks at the medal in awe.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Talk for storing these gorgeous NBC promo shots of Shuis as Antony and Cleopatra. Galen and McKenzie made such a beautiful couple, even as Marc Antony and Cleopatra! They are stunning in these pics!

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/mini-westmore_gering_0668_1.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=mini-westmore_gering_0668_1.jpg)
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Sitting on the beach on the island and watching Sheridan a few feet away, Antonio says, “I love you, Diana, I can’t stand to see you hurting like this.” Looking out to sea, Sheri dan cries, “What am I going to do? I still love you, I still feel connected to you. I can’t shake this feeling in my heart that we were together tonight. I wish you could be here with me right now. Maybe Brian is right, maybe you really are gone. I can’t stop feeling though that somehow, some way, there is a chance that you will actually come back to me. I just can’t imagine living without you. Going on without you, what should I do? What would you want me to do?”

Standing in his backyard and looking up to the heavens, Luis talks to the love of his life, “Sheridan, I hope you can hear me. Somehow if this finds its way to you, I love you so much. It is like we're two halves of a whole connected by our heart and soul. I just need to talk to you because I don’t know what else to do. You know, everyone is telling me that you're gone, and that you're not coming back, and that I need to get on with my life. I’m just not sure that I can do that unless I give up hope that you're coming back. Are you coming back? Because if you are, I will never give up hope. Sheridan, I know that you're out there somewhere so I’m begging you to please answer me. Please answer me, should I give up hope, my love, or is there a chance you will come back to me?” At the same time on the island, Sheridan asks, “Should I move on, my love? Is there a chance you will come back to me?” A beautiful split screen shows the most beautiful couple looking toward each other for the answers they so badly need.

On the island with Antonio standing behind a bush watching her, Sheridan looks out to sea and softly asks, “Are you out there? Can you hear me? Maybe Brian's right. Maybe everything that happened tonight was just in my mind and you aren't alive. Could I have wanted to be with you so badly that it was all just a fantasy? If only I knew what was true. Do I wait for you to come back? Do I accept that you died and move on? Please, if you can hear me, just let me know. Please let me know.” Standing in his backyard and looking up at the sky, as Beth stands at the gate listening to him, Luis pleads, too, “Sheridan, if you're out there, just -- just please give me a sign. I'm so confused about tonight. Being with you felt so real and -- everyone else is just telling me that I imagined it. Look, I would wait a thousand years if there's even a prayer that you're coming back to me. If you're not -- well, if you're not, I don't know what I'm going to do. Please, just tell me. Should I just let you go? Would someone please tell me?”

Standing on the beach at St. Lisa's, Sheridan wraps her arms around herself and softly asks, “Where are you? I just wish I could remember your name so that maybe I could find out what happened to pull us apart. Was it the accident that cost me my memory, or did you die in my arms long ago the way I seem to remember? But if you're dead, why do I keep seeing you? Why do I keep feeling your touch? Was our love that strong?” She has a flashback of dancing the tango with Luis in Bermuda and smiles at the memory, “How could I even ask? Of course it was.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/ShuisBermudaTango.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=ShuisBermudaTango.jpg)

Standing in his backyard, Luis sadly asks, “Just tell me, Sheridan, how do I let you go?” Standing at the gate, Beth makes a noise and Luis turns toward her, “Beth. What are you doing here?” Beth walks over to stand in front of him, “Luis, you just seemed so upset when you left the cafe. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.” As it looks like she will leave, Luis stops her, “No, no, stay. Hey -- I could use someone to talk to, anyway. If you don't mind.” Beth tells him, “Luis, you know I'm always here for you.” Luis smiles, “Yeah, I know. I'm just trying not to take advantage of that.” Beth frowns, “Maybe I shouldn't have brought you that album from Sheridan.” Luis says, “No, I was glad you did. Sheridan was on my mind, anyway.” Beth looks up at him and asks, “You really think you were with her earlier tonight?” Luis looks up at the sky again, “Yeah. At the Crane pool, at her cottage, at the gazebo. I held on to her so tight, but she faded away. My mother and Hank think I imagined the whole thing.” He looks down at Beth and sees the look on her face, he nods, “So do you. That's ok. You can tell me.” Beth hedges, “I really -- I don't know what to think, Luis. I mean, it's obvious that you still love her with all your heart.” Luis admits, “Yeah. I do. So, how do I just let Sheridan go?” A very passionate Luis asks, “How do you get over the greatest love that you've ever known?” Noticing the hurt look on Beth's face, he says, “I'm sorry. I'm a stupid jerk.” Beth looks up and says, “No. Don't be. I mean, come on. It's not exactly a secret how you felt about Sheridan.” Luis sits at the picnic table, “Yeah, but you and I...” Taking a seat at the picnic table across from him, Beth completes the thought, “Were a long time ago. It didn't work out. It's ancient history, Luis.” Luis looks down at his hands, “Yeah. I -- I really cared about you a lot. It's just that, you know, it didn't seem right to get married. My family needed my paycheck.” Beth smiles, “And then you met Sheridan and fell madly, deeply in love. You may not believe this, but I was glad when you found that kind of happiness with Sheridan, just as I'm genuinely sad for you now. It really kills me to see you in such pain.” Luis nods, “Well, thank you. Just thanks for being you.” Beth says, “It's what friends do for each other.” Luis exhales deeply, pauses, then says, “I just wish I knew what to do. You know, between the scrapbook that you gave me and the letter that I got from Sheridan's lawyer -- she told me to move on. I just wish it were that easy.” He looks back at Beth as she advises, “Look, I know that you've heard this before, but instead of trying to figure out what Sheridan would want, maybe you should ask yourself what you'd want her to do in the same situation.” Luis asks, “What do you mean?” Beth explains, “If you were the one who died, would you want Sheridan clinging to the hope that somehow, someday, you were just going to come back from the dead? Or would you want her to go on living, to find happiness again?” Luis shakes his head and gives her a subdued smile.

On the island, Antonio walks up to Sheridan sitting on a boulder and sits down next to her, “Hey. Are you ok?” Sheridan cries, “Yeah. I'm sorry, Brian. I forgot you were here.” He says, “Yeah, I kind of got that. It's all right.” Sheridan shakes her head, “No, it's not. You've been so patient with me ever since you dragged me out of the ocean, and I haven't behaved the least bit grateful.” Antonio tells her, “You don't owe me any apology.” Sheridan sniffles, “I owe you an apology and a lot more than that for trying to tell me the truth about the man I love.” He says, “I know how much you still want him to be alive.” She replies, “But if he were, he would've found me by now, just like you said.” He says again, “The last thing I wanted to do was dash your hopes, Diana. I...” Sniffling from all her crying, Sheridan says, “No, you're just trying to talk some sense into a stubborn woman who has seen and felt things that couldn't possibly be real.” Antonio tells her now, “Who's to say what's real? I mean, hey, maybe Doc was on to something when he was talking about the stars and the Bermuda triangle aligning tonight.” Sheridan softly says, “Maybe I just wanted the man I loved to be alive despite all evidence to the contrary. Why is it so hard for me to accept that I'll never be with him again?” As she begins to cry again and look at the ground, he replies, “That's easy. It's because you love him. I wish there was something that I could say to make you feel better. I don't know what. I guess the only thing that I can tell you is to listen to your heart.” She raises her voice, “Yeah, well, my heart's telling me the impossible. It's telling me that he's out there, trying to send me a message.” Sitting next to her he has an answer, “Ok, let's say that he is. Maybe he's telling you to forget him. Maybe he's telling you to move on with your life, that he can't come back to you. Maybe he's telling you just to move on and just remember his love.” Sheridan cries, “What if I don't want to be released from him? What if I want to love him forever?”

As Sheridan sits on the boulder and cries, Antonio rather angrily tells her, “You may want to spend the rest of your life missing this man, but who says that that's what he wants?” Sheridan says softly, “But if he loved me as much as I loved him...” He then says, “Well, then, first and foremost, he'd want you to be happy. I know that's what I'd want for you.” Sheridan sadly says, “I don't know. I just don't know.” Antonio tells her, “I don't have any of the answers, either. But, like I said, just listen to your heart. It'll help you find the answers.” He walks off again leaving Sheridan to cry, “I've been listening to my heart, but I don't understand what it's saying.” She pleads, “Please, if you can hear me, tell me what to do.” She looks so sad sitting on that boulder on the beach by herself.

At the picnic table in the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard, Luis clasps his hands together, “Ok. It's worth a shot. Ask myself what I'd want for her if the situation were reversed.” Beth nods, “You can't go wrong if you think that way. You guys loved each other so much.” Luis nods, “Yeah.” Beth stands, “Well, I'll be inside.” She leaves the backyard. Luis tries talking to his great love again, “Ok, Sheridan. If the situation were reversed, what would I want you to do? Would I want you to hang on to the hope that I was coming back, or would I want you to do whatever you needed to do to find happiness? Of course I'd want you to be happy.” He smiles as he continues, “Why does my heart keep telling me there's a second chance for us, that you're still out there somewhere, waiting for me to find you?” Luis sighs, shakes his head, then whispers, “Don't know if I can let you go, Sheridan. Just don't know if I can let you go.” Walking around the backyard, Luis sighs, “Beth's right. I can't be selfish. I've got do what I would want you to do if I were the one who died. I've got to accept that you're gone and you're not coming back.” He sighs again as he has some flashbacks and we see a Shuis montage consisting of the gazebo proposal, kissing in the robes on the balcony in Bermuda, the horse-drawn sleigh ride, dancing after dinner in Bermuda, the tango in Bermuda, the vault kiss, the romantic bubble bath, and the wedding in the park.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0200.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0200.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0017.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0017.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/marta91.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=marta91.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0011.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0011.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/5053ecb9.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=5053ecb9.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0112.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0112.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/013101-10.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=013101-10.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/33.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=33.jpg)
Still sitting on the big rock on the beach, Sheridan smiles after having the same flashbacks that Luis just had, “You sent me those wonderful memories, didn't you? I still don't understand. What are you trying to tell me?” She smiles and with a shaky voice asks, “Are you telling me not to give up? Because, if so, then I will wait forever. But if you want me to move on, then I'll try. Just let me know.” Sitting at the table again, Luis continues his talk with Sheridan, “I really do want what's best for you. Even if I never see you again, I will always love you with my whole heart.” He whispers, “Those angels with you are so lucky. I wish I was there, too.” Crying harder now, Sheridan says, “It's almost as though I can hear you. You're letting me go, aren't you? I miss you so much. But if that's what you want, then I'll release you, too.” Luis stands and smiles, “Be happy, Sheridan. Wherever you are, be happy.” Sheridan cries softly, “I hear you, my love. I hear you.” Again a beautiful split screen of Sheridan and Luis facing each other. I love those!

On St. Lisa's walking down the hall at the hotel, Antonio looks at a picture of Sheridan and him, “I know I could love you as much as he did, Diana. Just give us a chance.” He turns to see Sheridan walking down the hall to her room, head down and crying. He calls to her, “Hey. Are you ok?” She begins to cry harder and he takes her into her arms as she cries. In Harmony, Beth comes back to the yard bringing Luis a cup of coffee. As she places it on the table in front of him, she takes a seat at the table and asks, “Can I do anything?” Luis lets out a breath and with tears in his eyes he tells her, “I did it. I finally let Sheridan go. I just hope I did the right thing.” Poor Luis and Sheridan!

To be continued...

12.21.08, 12:24 AM
On the island of St. Lisa's in the hallway of Liz's hotel, Sheridan backs away from Antonio who has been comforting her as she cries about releasing the great love of her life. As she moves away, Antonio says, “I know how much pain you must be in, Diana. I mean, having to think about letting go of the love from your past, not knowing if it's the right thing to do.” Sheridan cries, “I have let go. God, it was so hard, though.” She turns away from him. He agrees, “I'm sure it was. I don't know if I could have done it.” Sheridan wipes the tears away and turns around to face him again, “You know what made it easier, though?” He asks, “What?” Hands on her hips, Sheridan says, “This is going to sound crazy.” He assures her, “Everything about love is crazy.” She gives a small smile, “Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, the only way that I could let go was I had this feeling that he let me go.” Antonio asks amazed, “He let you go?” Sheridan smiles again, “I could feel him give me permission to move on. It's almost as if I could hear his voice. It's over. The great love of my life is over.” She begins to cry again.

In his backyard, looks up at the sky and smiles, “I did it, Beth. I let Sheridan go.” She asks, “Are you all right?” Luis smiles, “You know, it's strange. I still feel a connection to her, like she was telling me to move on, too.” Walking over to stand next to Luis, Beth says, “I wish there was more I could do to help you.” Luis replies, “Well, you just being here is enough.” Beth says, “I'm glad.” Luis looks up at the sky again and whispers, “Yeah. She's really gone, isn't she? Yeah. She's gone. Forever.” He sadly looks down at the ground.

Walking into Sheridan's room, as she turns on the lights, Antonio says, “You know, Diana, I hate to see you in such pain.” Sheridan cries, “Yeah, I'm tired of the pain, too. “ She turns back to face him, “But he let me go. The great love of my life gave me permission to move on. You know, I could sense it. It was almost as though we were together again like we were earlier tonight. But how am I supposed to move on? How am I supposed to just forget about this great love?” Antonio very quietly says, “Diana, I know it's hard. But in time, it'll get easier. You'll move past the pain and you'll move on with your life.” She sadly replies, “I don't think so, Brian. I don't think enough time could ever pass to help me get over this pain.”

Looking toward Beth, Luis confides, “It's so strange, Beth. I kept thinking that Sheridan was alive even though there was evidence telling me she was dead. I mean, I'm a cop. There was solid evidence, her body was positively I.D.'d, she was cremated. I still kept thinking that she was alive.” Beth tells him, “Luis, that's a normal reaction when someone you love dies suddenly.” Luis sadly says, “I guess so. Maybe that's why Sheridan came back to me tonight. I kept thinking that she was coming to tell me she was alive, but maybe she was just telling me to move on, say good-bye.” He looks up at the sky again and sadly says, “Well, good-bye, Sheridan.”

Beth stands in front of Luis as he sits at the picnic table. She says, “Maybe you're right, Luis. I mean, that scrapbook that Sheridan put together for you, the letter that she sent -- maybe those things were her way of telling you from the grave, you know, to move on with your life.” Trying to figure it all out, Luis raises his voice, “But how did she know? We were planning our lives together. We were going to get married. How did she know we weren't going to be together forever?” Beth shakes her head, “I don't know. You know, I just keep thinking about that fortuneteller that was at her birthday party when she was a little girl and was telling her about her past lives.” Luis thinks, “Yeah, our past lives together -- how we were always meant to be together and something pulled us apart.” Beth comes up with an explanation, “Ok, I know this may be a stretch. But I read a lot about reincarnation, and when people come back to life again, it's sometimes to resolve something that wasn't resolved in a previous life. You and Sheridan have been locked in this cycle of coming back to earth, falling in love, and then seeing it end painfully.” Luis nods, “Yep. That's what the fortuneteller said was going to happen.” Beth smiles, “Has it occurred to you that you may have just released Sheridan from that painful cycle?” Luis replies, “No.” He gives a small smiles, “But I hope you're right. I hope wherever Sheridan is, she does find happiness, even if it's without me. I hope it's the truth. I hope Sheridan never suffers a broken heart again.” He looks to the sky again.

Sheridan walks to her dresser to get a tissue to blow her nose and dab at her tears. Antonio watches her, moves closer behind her and says, “You know, I don't think it'd probably help you right now, but I do think you're taking the first steps in healing a broken heart.” Crying harder now, Sheridan says, “I wish I could believe that. You know, I wonder if I'll ever be able to let go. And what happens if I move on with my life? My God, what happens if I start another relationship and the love of my life comes back? What am I supposed to do then?” He turns to face him with her hands out questioningly. She asks again, “I mean, what happens if I start another relationship and the love of my life comes back?” Antonio replies, “I don't think that's going to happen.” She asks sadly, “Because you think my lover is dead?” She walks across the room to stand with her back toward him. Behind her, he says, “I mean, otherwise, he would have come looking for you. I'm sorry, I...” (He is being such an insensitive jerk!) Sheridan says over her shoulder, not looking at him, “No, I understand. I mean, that's why I had to find a way to let go, to stop thinking that he was alive and that he would come back for me. Doesn't make it any easier, though.” He tells her, “Hey, look, this pain you're feeling -- it's not going to last. It will get easier, and you'll still remember your love. It -- it just won't hurt as much. I promise you.” She turns toward him and nods but begins to cry again. As she cries on Antonio's shoulder, he thinks, “And one day, hopefully you'll be open to my love. I'll make you forget all about this other man.” (But you never did make her forget!)

Luis looks up at the sky, “Well, I hope you're right. I hope Sheridan is free of her pain, that she finds happiness.” He suddenly stands and shouts, “What am I saying? This is crazy. What, I hope she finds happiness with some other man?” Beth stands, too, “Oh, God. That's not what I meant, Luis. Ok, what you have to do is just hope that she'll find happiness and peace wherever she is, even if you can't be together.” Luis sighs, takes a deep breath, “Oh. So you're saying that I need to accept that she's gone and she's not coming back and move on with my life?” Beth says, “Only you can do that, you know. Only you can release her so that she can move on and find happiness.” Luis smiles thinking of Sheridan, “Well, I want her to be happy. If I can believe that she's happy, then I can get by. You know, I can try and get on with my life without her, without her love. It's just painful. It's almost too painful to think of a future without her.” Beth says, “You know what, Luis? I was wrong.” Luis asks, “Huh?” Beth scolds, “Because you're not thinking of Sheridan. You're just thinking of yourself. And I'm sorry, but that's just really selfish.” Luis looks at her in surprise!

Sheridan pushes herself out of Antonio's arms, “Sorry, Brian. Sorry I dragged you through all this emotional pain. You've been so wonderful to listen.” He says, “I told you I'd be here. I always want to be here for you. But you have to make a decision and you have to stick to it. It's for your own good.” Sheridan sniffles, “I know.” Brian says, “If you decide to let go and you -- you know, you decide to let go of this man that you love and move on, you can't turn around.” She softly says, “I know. You're right.” He reminds her, “You can't keep clinging on to your past, you know. Can you do that, Diana? Can you really let go of the man you love?” She looks at him but can't answer.

Staring at Beth in disbelief, Luis asks, “I don't understand. Why are you calling me selfish?” Beth explains, “Because you keep ignoring what Sheridan has been trying to tell you to do, what she wants you to do. Ok, you said you can't bear to look into the future, and I understand how painful that must be. But if you want to honor Sheridan's memory, then you have to at least try to be happy.” Luis shakes his head, “You're right. That's what Sheridan would have wanted.” Beth smiles and Luis looks back at her with a slight smile.

Sheridan moves away from Antonio to sit on her bed but he follows, “Diana, I know how hard all of this has been for you. But I need to know -- do you think you can move on?” Avoiding looking at him, Sheridan sadly says, “I think I have to. Wherever my lover is -- whether he's alive or not -- I know we're not going to be together again. I'm not going to look back. I'm going to look ahead and think about my future.” She sounds resigned to the fact that she will never see Luis again. Antonio takes her hand and thinks to himself, “I hope I'm part of your future, Diana.”

As Beth walks toward the back gate to leave, Luis calls to her, “Thanks for listening. You're always there when I need you.” Beth tells him, “You know, I think you made the right decision. And somewhere out there, someone wonderful is waiting for you.” Luis gives a slight smile, “Yeah.” Beth kisses him on the cheek, “Well, good night.” Luis replies, “Good night.” As she walks off and he watches her leave, he says, “You really are wonderful, Beth.”

To be continued...

This is an adorable picture of Shuis watching the wedding in the park. They are so in love and are just adorable...
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As Luis sits at a table in the Book Cafe, Beth pours him a cup of coffee and informs him, “Luis, your order will be up in just a minute.” Luis looks up, “All right. Thanks.” Beth smiles, “You're welcome.” She walks off. Luis takes the handcuffs from his belt and thinks about seeing Sheridan in the gazebo the night before due to the Bermuda lights. He remembers handcuffing her to him in an attempt to keep her with him.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020402-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020402-12.jpg)
Then he remembers his confusion and hurt as she fades away.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/020502-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=020502-08.jpg)
Hank arrives and brings Luis out of his flashbacks, “How you doing, Buddy?” Luis looks up at him, “Hi, Hank.” Hank guesses, “You look about a million miles away. Let me guess. You were thinking about Sheridan again.” Luis smiles remembering Sheridan, “Yeah.” Hank scolds, “So, all that talk about finally getting over her and moving on with your life was just talk, right? You're never going to give up on her, are you? You're just going to keep living in the past, dreaming of something that can never be.” Luis looks sadly away.

Delivering a breakfast order to a table in Liz's cafe, Sheridan spills a glass of orange juice on the customer and apologizes, “I am so sorry.” The Man asks, “What's wrong with you?” Watching the scene unfold, Liz steps forward and says, “Diana, why don’t you get this nice man another glass of orange juice?” Sheridan says, “Yeah.” She goes off to get the new glass of juice as Liz again apologizes, “I’m so sorry, sir. She's -- she's new. Listen, of course breakfast will be on the house, and I’ll be glad to take care of the cost of having your pants cleaned.” The Man huffs, “I certainly hope so.” Following Sheridan to the counter, Liz asks, “Are you trying to run me out of business?” As she pours the juice, Sheridan apologizes to her, “Liz, I’m so sorry.” Joining them at the counter, Antonio comments, “Liz, she's obviously never waitressed before. Why don’t you give her a chance to get up to speed?” Liz replies, “Brian, it's obvious to me, too, that she's never waitressed, but I can’t give away free food.” Brian pleads, “Try not to be so hard on her, huh? I’ll pick up the guy's tab, ok?” Liz looks at him sternly, “And who's going to pick up your tab?” Sheridan leaves to deliver the orange juice. Watching her serving the man his juice, Antonio confides, “All right, you're right. I’ll talk to her, make sure she's more careful, ok? Right, Diana?” Arriving back at the counter, Sheridan replies, “Right. Liz, I’m going to be the best waitress you've ever had. I promise.” Liz looks from one to the other, “Ok, fine. Just try to be more careful.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, oh, I will. I promise. I swear.” Antonio says, “Thank you, Liz.” Sheridan smiles and adds another, “Thank you.”

At his table at the Book Cafe, Luis looks at Hank, “You're wrong, Hank. I’m not holding on to Sheridan or to what could have been.” Hank asks, “Then what are you doing? You sit around here in a daze half the time, staring into space, not living, not connecting with anyone or anything. Tell me, what the hell are you doing?” Luis passionately replies, “I am trying to get over losing the love of my life, for God's sake. And it's just -- it's taking a little longer than I expected. But I’m not going to wallow in grief and self-pity anymore. Theresa's suicide attempt last night was a wake-up call. You can’t hold on to something that's not meant to be.” Hank comments, “At least something good came out of her tragedy.” Luis sadly replies, “Yeah, well, thank God that she survived. Look, Hank, as much as it kills me to admit it, I know that Sheridan's gone. I just hope that, wherever she is, somebody's looking out for her.”

In the cafe on the island, Sheridan puts down a tray of dishes on the counter as Liz says, “Diana, I’m going to take a quick break. Why don’t you do the same? Just as long as you're back in time to set up for the lunch crowd.” Sheridan asks, “You sure?” Liz replies, “Yeah, go ahead. Put your feet up for a while.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok, well, I will be the first one back to work.” As she heads out, Antonio stops her, “Ok. Come with me.” Sheridan asks, “Where are we going?” He tells her, “It's a surprise.” They walk off together.

At the Book Cafe, Hank feels bad, “Listen, I’m sorry. I just hate to see you so unhappy, so alone.” Luis gives him a small smile, “Hank, don’t worry about me, all right? I’ll be fine. One of these days. Look, as much as it hurts me to let go, I know that it's time to move on.” Hank smiles, “Well, I’m glad to hear it, Buddy.” Luis sighs, “Yeah. I know it's time to move on. Question is where and with whom.” Of course, at that moment Beth arrives at the table and pours Luis another cup of coffee as she says, “You look like you could use a refill.” Hank sits back and watches them as Luis says, “Oh, yeah.”

On the beach on St. Lisa's, Sheridan takes a seat on the beach blanket that Antonio has spread out for them, “This is wonderful. Thank you.” Antonio smiles and sits also, “My pleasure.” As Sheridan looks out to see, she says, “I don’t know why I am so exhausted.” He answers, “Well, it's like you said -- the tension. And, besides, you've been working all morning. You have a right to be tired.” Sheridan sadly says, “I should have more stamina than this. I mean, I’m not sick, and the work isn’t that grueling.” He replies, “Yeah, but you've had a lot on your plate emotionally, and that takes its toll on anyone, right?” She sighs, “Yeah, I suppose you're right.” Antonio says, “You know I’m right. I mean, think about it -- that light from the Bermuda triangle appearing, disappearing, reappearing again, and you feeling as though you were transported somewhere with your lover?” She simply says, “Yeah.” He adds, “You got to be completely drained.” She says, “This is true. But I should be able to handle one morning of work. I must've had some sort of job before I lost my memory. I couldn’t have just sat around and done nothing all day.” He tells her, “You know what? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You've got a job. You're making a living.” With her head down, Sheridan softly replies, “I won’t for long if I keep messing up like I did this morning. And I’ve got to keep this job so I can earn my keep around here. You and Liz have been so wonderful -- giving me a place to live, food.” He assures her, “Hey -- Liz and I -- we're just doing something that anyone else would do for you.” Sheridan says, “Well, I’m grateful, anyway, and I want to contribute.” He smiles at her, “You are. So just relax, ok? Remember, you're supposed to be taking a break.” She smiles, “Yeah, I could use a siesta. But you know what? I got to set up for lunch, and I don’t want to be late. If I fall asleep, promise me you'll wake me up in time.” He says, “All right, I promise.” She says, “Thanks” , as she turns away from him to lay down on the blanket. Watching her sleep, Antonio whispers, “I love you, Diana.”

At the Book Cafe, Beth says, “I’m sorry your order's taking so long, Luis.” Looking up at her, Luis says, “It's ok. I’m in no hurry.” As Hank continues to watch the two of them, Beth says, “I’m glad.” Luis thanks her as she walks to another table. Hank looks across the table at Luis and says, “Gosh, Luis, maybe if you look around, you'll find someone to move on with.” Luis looks up, “Huh?” Hank urges Luis, “Come on. You got someone who's perfect right under your nose. She's ready and willing.” Luis says, “Beth.” Hank asks, “If you're truly ready to move on, why not move on with Beth?” Luis replies, “Because it really hurt Beth when I couldn’t marry her. I don’t want that to happen again.” Hank again asks, “Why should it? If you and Beth got together, the only thing that could come up and hurt her is if Sheridan came back. And we both know that's not going to happen.” Luis looks over at Beth but doesn't smile, then he looks back at Hank.

Sleeping on the beach on the island, Sheridan is having a dream of dancing with Luis on the Titanic as she sees Antonio watching her from the sidelines.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/ggf.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=ggf.jpg)
She wakes up and wonders, “That officer on the Titanic -- you know, he seemed so familiar. Could that really have been Brian? No, that's crazy.” She turns over on the blanket to find Antonio, “Brian? Oh, no. I overslept. Liz is going to kill me.” She hops up, picks up her shoes, and begins to run back to the hotel.

At the Book Cafe, Luis stands, “Anyway, I’m going to get down to the station house, Bro.” He picks up his coat and drapes it over his arm as Hank says, “All right, see you later.” Luis turns to leave as he says, “See you later.” Before he can move, Beth comes toward him with a tray containing his lunch bags, “Luis -- hey, don’t forget your lunch.” Luis turns back to face her, “Hey, thanks. Guess I forgot.” Beth smiles, “Yeah.” She hands him the tray as he says, “Yeah. You know, I’m lucky to have a friend like you.” Beth smiles, “No problem.” Luis smiles, “Well, thanks.” Beth replies, “Sure.” Luis turns to leave, “Good to see you.” Beth watches as Luis walks out the cafe, “Bye.”

Arriving at the island cafe, Sheridan runs into Liz just outside, “Oh, Liz -- oh, I fell asleep. I swear, I’ll never let it happen again, I promise.” Liz asks confused, “Never let what happen again?” Sheridan replies, “I’m late. I was supposed to set up for the lunch crowd.” The ladies open the door and see that everything has been taken care of and the guests look happy. Liz smiles, “It certainly looks like someone did.” Antonio greets them, “Well, hello, Ladies.” As he approaches, Liz smiles, “Brian. Never seen you in an apron before.” He gestures to the apron, “Well, it's me, don’t you think?” Sheridan unties the apron from his waist, “You're incredible. Give me that.” Liz whispers to her, “Diana – customers.” She looks up, “Yeah, I’ll be right there, Liz.” She smiles at Antonio, “Thank you. It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me -- at least that I can remember.” He replies, “Well, I hope it's the first in a long list of nice things that I can do for you.” Sheridan walks to a table to take an order as Antonio watches her and Liz watches both of them.

To be continued...

Sorry that I have not posted anything in a week or so but with the extra work we were trying to finish so we would be able to take off a couple of extra days and my classes for H&R Block, I just have had no time. Then last minute shopping, Christmas, then a bad cold that has lingered on for way too long has kept me away from the computer. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

1.3.09, 12:51 AM
On St. Lisa's island in the cafe of Liz's hotel, Sheridan smiles at the ladies as she goes to wait on their table, “Ah -- good evening, ladies.” One woman smiles, “Hello.” Sheridan smiles and asks, “May I take your order?” The woman says, “Indeed, you may.” Behind the bar, Liz and Antonio watch Sheridan as she works. Liz says, “I’m telling you, Brian, if Diana doesn’t do better during the dinner shift ...” Antonio tells her, “Relax, Liz. She will. She'll do better.” Liz doesn't look like she believes him, “She better. If not, I’m going to have to make a change.” At the table, the customer says, “Oh, that'll be delicious.” The woman with her adds, “If they make it right.” Sheridan smiles and writes down their drink order.

Luis walks through the door of the florist shop and the owner says, “Well, if it isn’t my favorite cop. It's good to see you, Luis.” Luis smiles, “Yeah, yeah. So -- it's been a while, huh?” The owner replies, “Hmm. I was sorry to hear about Sheridan.” Luis lowers his head, “Yeah.” The florist says, “You guys were so close to getting married and -- how many times did you come in here looking to pick up flowers for her?” Luis looks around, “Well, these are actually for another special woman in my life.” The man smiles, “Great. Glad to see you're moving on with your life.” Luis walks over to some bins of flowers and picks a spring bouquet, “Yeah. You know, I think I'll take these. This will work.” The man nods, “That's a great choice. The lady who gets those is going to be very impressed.” Walking through the shop's door, Hank teases Luis, “Hey, I thought I saw you come in here. Are those for who I think they are? You going to finally get over Sheridan and start a relationship with Beth?” Luis just looks at Hank, the annoyance, then looks away.

At the hotel island cafe, Sheridan delivers the drink order to her customers, “Ok. Here you go.” One of the women thanks her. As she backs away from the table, Sheridan smiles, “You're welcome.” As she continues backing up, she bumps into another couple, spilling their drinks on them, “Oh -- so sorry.” As she walks back to the bar, she asks, “Why am I so nervous? Because I’m stupid, clumsy, and totally inept.” She belittles herself as Antonio walks up behind her, “Hey, you're none of those things, and you know it.” Sheridan turns toward him, “Well, then, why can’t I do this, Brian? I mean, I want nothing more than to be a good waitress, to do a good job.” He says, “Because you're new at it. You just got to take it one step at a time.” She is so upset, “Ever since you rescued me, it's like there's nothing that I can do for myself, nothing that I can call my own.” He tells her, “Just quit being so hard on yourself, ok?” Upset about everything, Sheridan replies, “What I’m being is truthful. You know, all I want is to do something right. My amnesia's just taken so much away from me. I mean, my former life, my former love -- and my sense of well-being and confidence. You know, I need to just find one thing -- just one thing that I could take pride in, even if it is just waiting on tables.” Looking at her sympathetically, he asks, “This really means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” She looks away, “Look, I know it sounds silly. I feel that if I could just even be a competent waitress, then it would somehow validate me as a person.” Antonio replies, “No. No, I don’t think that sounds silly at all.” Sheridan casts her eyes downward and gives a small smile, “You know, I want to be someone who can contribute something, not somebody who just takes up space, has to be rescued on a daily basis.”

At the flower shop, Hank asks again, “So you going to tell me? Are those flowers for Beth or aren’t they?” Luis looks at him, “Hank, they're for my sister, ok? After what she tried to do to herself last night -- throwing herself in the ocean, trying to take her own life -- damn it, how could I let this happen?” Hank lets him know, “Hey, it's not your fault, Luis.” Luis says passionately, “But I still feel responsible. No, I should've been there for her. I -- I should have noticed the signs. But all I could do was think about Sheridan and grieve and feel sorry for myself. I forgot that my little sister has problems of her own, too. I should've been there for her. I should've looked out for her.” Hank assures him, “You can’t blame yourself for what Theresa did. All you can do is be there for her now.” Luis says sadly and thoughtfully, “That's what I plan on doing. I don’t want anything else bad happening to her.” Luis pulls out his wallet and pays for the flowers.

Behind the bar at the cafe, as she and Antonio dry glasses, Sheridan says, “Hey. Look, I know it's ridiculous to base my entire self-worth on a job, but this feeling that I just can’t do anything...” She is interrupted by the two women customers calling for her attention. Sheridan looks toward them and says, “Uh-oh. Trouble.” Antonio tells her, “Just take it easy, ok?” As she walks up to them, Sheridan asks, “Oh. Ladies, is something wrong?” The woman replies, “Well, actually, everything is wrong.” Her friend continues, “These aren’t the drinks we ordered.” Sheridan takes the drinks from them and bends down. The drinks spill on the table and run into the women's laps. They gasp as Sheridan apologizes, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I ...” As the ice runs onto her lap, they scream. Sheridan apologizes again. Walking up to Antonio behind the bar, Liz asks, “Did you see that?” He replies, “Yeah, no problem.” Liz is aghast, “Screwing up a drink order?” He continues to watch Sheridan, “Hey, we've all done it, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “It was two drinks.” He says, “It happens.” Liz huffs, “Not in my restaurant it doesn’t. I’m sorry, Brian. I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to have to fire her.” She turns to walk off but he stops her, “No, you can’t. You can’t fire Diana.” Looking him like he must have lost his mind, Liz asks, “No? Do you see those ladies? Do you see their faces? Do they look happy, Brian? No, they don’t, and that's a bad thing because they're here to scout the cafe.” Antonio asks, “What do you mean, "they're here to scout the cafe"?” Liz looks toward the ladies, “They're agents for several convention organizations. If they recommend the place, then I got it made. If not and they give me a thumbs down, I’m going to have a hard time keeping those doors open.” He chides, “Oh, come on, Liz. You'd never close this place.” Liz says sternly, “If it's a losing proposition, I’m going to have to.” He pleads, “Look, give Diana another chance. All she needs is a little more experience, that's all. Ok?” Liz gives in, “Ok. Fine. But it's against my better judgment.” He smiles, “Oh, you're the best, Liz.” She replies, “Either that or I’m a fool.” As Liz and Antonio watch, Sheridan continues to mix up food orders and spill food and drinks all over the cafe. She looks towards Liz and says, “I’m so sorry.” Standing behind the bar, Liz tells Antonio, “This is getting ugly.”

As Sheridan stands at the bar, Antonio walks up to her, “You look like you're getting the hang of it.” Sheridan exhales loudly and looks up at him, “I was a disaster.” At the lady agent's table, one of the women tells Liz, “Half my soup was in my saucer.” Her friend adds, “Not to mention the salad that ended up in my lap.” Liz soothes, “I am so terribly sorry.” At the bar, Sheridan says, “That's it, Brian. I am a bust as a waitress.” He says, “No, you are not. And you're not quitting, either.” As she looks past him, a man at one of the tables signals her for a drink. She looks at him and says, “Great. Yet another order I can screw up.” She walks toward the table to take his order. Later, several of the customers switch plates as soon as Sheridan delivers them to the wrong tables. LOL! Standing at the bar next to Antonio and watching the whole scene, Liz sighs, “Unless you can think of something really fast, Diana's career as a waitress is about to come to a screeching halt.” Antonio watches the scene and says, “Just give me a minute, Liz. I'll take care of everything, ok?”

Sitting on a bench outside the florist with their coffee, Hank tells Luis, “You can’t put it on yourself. Theresa's a grown woman.” Looking off into space, Luis replies, “Yeah. I’m still her big brother. Hank, I should have seen that she was in need, but I didn’t. I dropped the ball. She had no role model. And how is Theresa supposed to stay grounded in reality when her big brother is living in some sort of fantasy that his dead fiancée is magically appearing to him?” Hank tells him, “Well, you know what you got to do, my friend.” As he sadly looks down at his coffee, Luis replies, “Yeah, and I did -- accepted Sheridan's gone. She's not coming back. She's dead. She's not coming back.” He looks up at the Heavens again. Luis looks so lost.

To be continued...

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/0f3c54f0.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=0f3c54f0.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/3de2c768.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=3de2c768.jpg)