View Full Version : OH OH .. we tried to warn Meg :D

6.20.07, 9:07 AM
Don't you wonder what torture Craig has in store for our dear Meg ?
Any guesses ?

6.20.07, 12:36 PM
Well, it kinda seemed yesterday like he's planning on kidnapping her. Other than that, what can he really do? make her walk on hot coals? shove toothpicks under her fingernails? sit her down and yell, "I'm REALLY mad at you!"?

If he still loves her and wants her despite being so angry/hurt/betrayed, he can try to make her love him. But my guess is he wants revenge. I guess the best he can do is make something bad happen to Paul and keep Meg locked up where she can't help him... and tell her it's all her fault, of course.

Is it weird that when Craig overheard Meg and Paul, I felt a tiny smidge of compassion for him? SB kinda overplayed the hurt a little I thought, but he's been running around town acting like a love-sick fool for so long that I just felt a little bad for him.

6.20.07, 8:09 PM
Do you think that Craig really loves Meg or is he just wanting to marry her to get back at Paul. This could Craigs' revenge to Paul cause remember when Rosanna ran from Craig and she was going straight to Paul.

6.21.07, 12:33 PM
Maybe I'm naive, but I bought Craig's whole "new man" thing. I think that's why he's going to be so dangerous now that he realizes how duplicitous Meg's been with him. He had Meg high up on a pedestal, and now he's very angry.

6.21.07, 2:07 PM
This is going to turn ugly real quick. Still can't get over Lucinda cheering this stuid thing on for her selfish
reasons. Something terrible will happen to Paul... Meg will be more tortured than she already is..
everyone will be mad at Lucinda.. OH wait until Barbara gets into the fray... EEK !