View Full Version : Kevin Costner to Release a Country Album

9.30.08, 1:48 PM
Got this from TV Guide.com. Costner is about to release a country album with his band Modern West. Who knew he even had a band? I didn't. And apparently it's been around since before he was an actor, over 2 decades.

Its' scheduled to debut on November 11th but keep your ears open to the radio if you're interested because they'll start playing tunes from it this week.

9.30.08, 1:49 PM
Somebody stop him.

9.30.08, 1:51 PM
Seriously, he's out of control! Part of me can't wait to hear some of it....for the lols.

9.30.08, 1:53 PM
Any word on who else is in the band?

10.1.08, 8:51 PM
He actually sang with his band in a scene from his movie "Swing Vote"(which was good for some laughs) and he has been singing for awhile with his friends.