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9.30.08, 11:41 AM
Hi! Where is everyone at? Must have been a busy September for everyone, nobody posted a thing.

We had a great holiday in August on the bike. We were gone for 12 days and had some of everything for weather, but we managed. Saw lots of good friends and did some shopping, can't beat that. That is it for us for holidays for the year. Nothing now until next summer. Actually, Rick gets Christmas week off too, which is really nice. His office closes down for the week in lieu of all the overtime they work and they get paid for it.

We had our son's wedding on September 13 and it was georgous. The setting was spectacular, right by the ocean and the weather cooperated totally. There was about 25 people there, including the children, so it wasn't very large for it certainly was beautiful. This past Saturday they rented the firehall and had a party for all their friends that were not at the wedding so that was fun too.

Well, ladies, check in and let us know what you have been up to. It would be great to hear from everyone again.

Take care,

10.1.08, 8:56 PM
Congratulations on your son's wedding! It sounds beautiful...by the ocean...how romantic. I spent a week in September visiting my daughter in Austin, TX and the rest of the month working and trying to recover from the Flu(dont know why I had it so early). The past couple of days, I've been putting out Fall decorations(scarecrow and pumpkins in the yard and pots of Mums around). I love Fall...my favorite Season...the brisk, sunny days make it fun to be outside and the wonderful smells: spices and pumpkin pies and apples. And I like pulling on a warm soft sweater as I go out the door.

10.2.08, 11:06 AM
Sounds like a very nice wedding. I can imagine them walking bare foot on the beach. Were they barefoot??

Its a little on the chilly side this morning, 40s, but will warm up around lunch time. I still have my humming bird feeders out. Saw some yesterday. They will be gone soon, I'm sure. I'm leaving mine up for awhile to make sure others north will have something to eat on their way south. I will miss watching my little hummers. They have been such a joy this year. They really have put on a good "show" this year for me.

Guess its time to put away the bike too, huh Penny? Can't imagine you going thru the ice, snow on a bike.

I wonder where everyone is too. Some haven't been here all summmer. Do you think they have been on a "vacation" all summer? Or they may have found other boards. This is my secondary board so I'm not here all the time either. I do come in from time to time to read spoilers, see whats happening on the reality shows, and see if anyone showed up.

I do hope everyone is well.
Take care, CJ

PS...good to see Passionatic stop in. Welcome aboard!!!

10.5.08, 9:31 AM
pleased to hear about the wedding - sounds absolutely beautiful!
I'm here in France sitting by a fire (with a G&T!) this chilly October Sunday - family have been here for the last few weeks but the last one has gone today. I'm on my own for a couple of weeks - except for the animals - we now have 2 adorable bull calves to add to the menagerie of sheep, hens and ducks not forgetting Girly of course - my dog from a French rescue centre. I'd post some pics but how do I assign a url to my pics?
I'd love to see some pics from you guys - the pumpkins - fall gardens etc
Take care
Liz x

10.9.08, 12:35 PM
So good to hear from everyone. Liz, I don't know how to post urls so I can't help you. Maybe Annie could or go to the Pier and ask the question, they probably know how. It would be lovely to see some photos of your farm and everyones fall gardens. I just took all my pots down last weekend, now everything looks so bare. I should go out and buy a couple pots of mums. I am having a big Thanksgiving dinner on Monday so it would be nice to perk up the place a bit!

The bike will come off the road October 25th. We had it out last weekend and it was pretty cold. We figured next time we would have to wear our leathers cuz our legs got pretty cold just in our jeans. I was pretty bundled up top though, I wasn't gonna get cold!! I hate riding when I'm cold, it is no fun.

The kids didn't get married in bare feet. They got married in a gazebo on the waterfront. It was a beautiful location and the sun was just beaming down. It is a second marriage for both of them and it was perfect.

Well ladies, take care

10.11.08, 5:00 AM
Hey BSG!
Our new neighbours have a big bike and I have to say that compared to England the roads here are just perfect for biking - empty, beautiful countryside and generally very good condition! It is lovely here - very quiet and a bit like going back in time to an idealised past - like going back to childhood walks with my dad in the country!
I hope all is well with the newlyweds - you conjured a lovely picture with your description of the wedding.
I've been putting in daffodil bulbs and digging away at my vegetable garden (!) ready for the spring. I have big plans for the garden - I hope its going to feed us and provide some of the animals food! Soon I'll be planting fruit trees and bushes (if I can get the ground ready!)
Tkae care
Liz x

10.11.08, 5:21 AM
http://Picture URL

10.11.08, 5:22 AM
http://Picture URL

Blimey! Don't know whats going on here. I copied the BB code but nothing seems to be happening - anyways theres a few pics in my gallery.
Liz x

10.14.08, 2:12 PM
http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/7/7_2_209.gif (http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZUxdm082YYUS) Hi Penny, Hi Liz.........and to everyone else too.

Good to see some posting here. I've had computers troubles and couldn't get on for awhile, everything seems to be ok now.

So glad the wedding went well and the weather was perfect.

I don't and haven't even tried to do any smileys till yesterday. I noticed on my tool bar when I was having trouble getting on that I have something called smileycentral.........so I have been playing around with it. My dil set up my computer so she must have put it there. I know so little but I still learn all the time.

Take care all, CJ

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