View Full Version : Is anyone esle irritated by the woman in the Viagra comercial?

6.19.07, 5:41 PM
The story I'm referrring to is the one in which the man is interupted from washing his car because his horny wife wants him NOW! He figures a way to have the lawn sprinkler spray off the car so he can go be with his wife. Does anyone else see that woman as a controlling b**ch? She could have waited till her hubby finished taking care of his classic car which he probably treasures greatly. Or she could have offered to help him finish up explaining that the sooner the car job is done the sooner they could retreat to the bedroom. Her man would have probably been very flattered that she wanted him so badly and been very appreciative of her help. Instead we see a woman who is obviousy very accustomed to having her way and is the dominant person in that particular relationship. I realize that it is just a silly comercial and it is just trying to get the viewers attention so they will remember the product but it still does bug me. When I made a comment about that particualar ad my husband noticed and agreed with me.

It seems as though women on televison shows and comercials are always mean and controlling and the husbands are insensitive stupid slobs. There must be some politicaly correct rule for TV characters going on here.