View Full Version : HAPPY Birthday, Oda!

6.19.07, 12:41 PM
Even though the party was Sunday, I hope there's still a minute or two for celebrating today. Squeeze it in between South Pacific and the 'real' show if you can. And your mom says it's OK to stay up late, even on a school night.

Love you, sweetie!

PS- I'm resisting the urge to post beach party pics here (so far) :p

6.19.07, 2:16 PM
Thanks mom!
Sunday was a blast of course but still managing to find some fun today. We'll go out to a good dinner before work I hope. I'm thinking steak at the good ol' Outback! Weee!

6.19.07, 2:21 PM
LOL, well, don't get to carried away ;)

6.19.07, 3:10 PM
Happy, happy from South Africa.
Oh, and nice to meet you, daughter of Annie and Mike. :)

6.20.07, 11:57 AM
Blargh, I missed this. Happy Belated Oda!

6.20.07, 12:22 PM
Thanks gals!! It was a fabulously relaxing day...which I can't say for any other days so it was perfect! Now back to the grindstone with me!

6.20.07, 5:17 PM
OK, this is funny ... I thought Oda was a "virtual" person. Now I find out she's real!

6.21.07, 2:13 AM
LOL! Do I type like a robot? hahaha

6.21.07, 11:19 AM
I'm pretty sure she's real.
< ... glances around office that was once her bedroom and stiill has loads of Rystuff... recalls 36 hrs of labor... >
Yep. either she's real or I have bigger problems than I thought :D

6.22.07, 2:02 AM
LOL! Do I type like a robot? hahaha

Well, your picture is a little futuristic and I thought that maybe Annie & Dr. Mike created a persona to answer questions in the forum. Either I have a very active imagination, or I need to get out more. Or maybe both!

6.22.07, 2:03 AM
hehe, i love it! I shall now be odarobot. lol!