View Full Version : Galen and Eric Martsolf move to DOOL

9.25.08, 5:33 PM
To read all about it, click here (http://www.coffeerooms.com/tv/news/whats-brewin-in-tv-thursday-925.html)

9.25.08, 9:15 PM
I gave up watching DOOL several years ago(I had watched for years), but may have to tune in again to check out Galen Gering. I Loved Galen's character of "Luis" on "Passions" and the romantic storyline of Luis&Sheridan...I would love to see him in another romantic storyline.

9.29.08, 10:10 AM
I am definitely interested in this...I just hope Galen's FBI/cop role on Days is more successful in crime solving than his Passions' character Luis was!

And Eric as a recast Brady has me intrigued...I really loved the Brady/Chloe pairing, and I was kind of mortified this year when I watched Days a few times only to find out that they had been ripped apart. Hopefully this will be an interesting storyline...and I am anticipating that Eric's Brady may be a really good character father/son pairing with John!