View Full Version : Passions comes to DOOL

9.25.08, 5:30 PM
Well, a couple of the actors, at least. Read about it by clicking here (http://www.coffeerooms.com/tv/news/whats-brewin-in-tv-thursday-925.html)

9.27.08, 10:11 PM
I am really excited about this one. YEAH!!!!

Who do you think they will pair Galen with?

10.8.08, 6:46 PM
Sami, who else. Doesn't every man in Salem want to be with Sami? Sorry, but I just don't get it why they make her so "wanted", she's not all that afterall. Anyway, I did read it in "Soap Opera Digest" that Galen will be paired with Sami.

10.13.08, 9:58 PM
OMG I may have to tune back in to watch Eric. He is so sexy

11.13.08, 2:19 PM
Just turned DOOL on and saw Eric... ugh, what a stunner!

11.13.08, 3:31 PM

11.14.08, 8:17 PM
I saw yesterday's eppy with NuBrady. He's a looker. I'm so afraid of who they might pair him with. Nobody is available at the moment, but Chelsea...nooo ! I certainly hope they don't go that route. Who else is there for him? Stephanie??? and I'll die if it's Melanie.

11.18.08, 12:39 AM
I was thrilled when I heard about Eric and Galen showing up in Salem. Of course Galen playing a Fed made me wonder about how long Rafe will be around since Eric is a Brady his spot seems a little more secure. Okay I did want to smack him. Did I imagine things or did he imply that he wanted to try to make things work with Nicole?

11.19.08, 10:56 PM
I love Galen and I hope they keep him on DOOL, maybe hook him up with either Sami or maybe put a twist on things and hook him up with Stephanie. If they once put Chelsea and Daniel together why not Steph and Rafe. I hope they don't put Steph and Philip.