View Full Version : Hello to all...been a while

9.25.08, 3:32 PM
I don't get in here as much as I'd want..sorry about that. But wanted to pop in and see how everyone's doing? Hubby and I will be going on a trip soon..leaving Sunday..Sept 28. and won't be home till Oct. 8 We are driving to Ohio to see Terry's mom, dad, brother, sister and families. Will be nice to get away and also the temps will be cool up there..which I'm looking forward to. Ours has cooled off some though..but theirs will be crisp..actual Fall temps! Hope everyone has been doing well.

9.25.08, 7:47 PM
Have a safe trip...I grew up in Ohio. I'm enjoying the beautiful Fall weather here in Indiana...great sunny breezy days. I just got back from a week in Texas visiting my daughter. What part of Ohio? The Hocking Hills are beautiful in the Fall.

9.26.08, 12:27 PM
What part of Texas were you in? We are going near Dayton Ohio...they live in Troy.

9.26.08, 3:38 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
Have a great trip! we went to see my sister during the summer and had a blast. We still got warm temps here too,but not as hot as it usual is around here. I hope you get a nice relief from the heat.
Have a fun and safe trip!

9.28.08, 12:28 AM
yeah..Claudia..you went to Nashville right? Glad you got to go. Well..I should be in bed by now..but right before I trip, I get like this and can't sleep. I'll be heading to bed soon..leaving out early tomorrow morning. Take care everyone!

9.29.08, 4:35 PM
Have a great time Dragsy! Sorry I missed you! Take care!;)