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6.16.07, 3:54 PM

Above is a link to a photo slide show on Yahoo (all daytime shows, not just this soap). Most of the photos aren't very flattering. However, there is a cute one of Juliet Mills with the little girl who plays Endora! The photo of Lindsay (Theresa) is wonderful. However, they list her as Lindsay Korman, not Lindsay Hartley ... please tell me she & Justin did not split!

6.17.07, 10:44 AM
No, Justin and Lindsay are fine!! He was there with her in another pic someone put up. She is gorgeous!! Loved seeing Juliet and Nicole too. Awww, Nicole is such a little princess!! They didn't list her name though, at WireImage. They thought she was Juliet's guest and not a little actress!!

Thanks for posting!!

6.20.07, 4:23 PM
<phew> Thanks! They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples. I love that she took his last name, even professionally! Glad to hear they are still on track.