View Full Version : Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Photos

6.16.07, 3:53 PM

Above is a link to a photo slide show on Yahoo (all daytime shows, not just this soap). Most of the photos aren't very flattering. But I loved the dress on the actress who plays Marty.

Lola Beedow
6.18.07, 10:39 AM
I love the colour of Marty's dress:


Did you notice that Heather Tom (former Kelly) is a brunette now?


I think that Hilary B. Smith (Nora) looks lovely:


And last (and quite possibly least) here's Tessica:

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal on AMC) looks gorgeous, too.
Lisa Rinna looks very scary...:eek:

6.20.07, 4:21 PM
I love the color of Marty's dress. I just wish the dress was a bit "taller" (i.e. it rides a bit too low on her breasts).

Lola Beedow
6.22.07, 2:24 PM
I agree with you.

What do you think of some of the clothes that Marty wears on the show? I noticed on yesterday's show that she was wearing a dress that had a horizontal pattern on it and I thought it was unflattering. She's such an attractive woman, but that dress didn't really suit her, IMO.