View Full Version : Hurricane Ike

9.14.08, 8:55 PM
We didn't have it that bad here where we live. Got some wind and some rain..but not that bad. Today was a steady drizzling rain..till this evening. It's stopped for now.

9.14.08, 9:41 PM
I'm so glad you're ok. Its always good not to lose power. I sure feel for the folks in Texas that have no power and then won't have any for another week or two.

9.14.08, 11:11 PM
Glad to know that all is well in your area. I'm visiting my daughter in Austin TX right now and we didnt even get any rain. But the pics from the coast look bad! My hubby back in Indy says the bad weather moved up there with rain and high winds.

9.15.08, 11:54 PM
Yes...heard from my inlaws..and they lost their electricity. They live near Dayton Ohio..and other friends in Ohio and Indiana lost power too. Very big winds!!!

9.16.08, 11:37 AM
Ack..being without power stinks. We went through Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004- both we lost power for about 2 weeks, a little less with Jeanne. Then in 2005, we had Wilma and only lost power for a few days thank goodness. It stinks when you lose power in FL of all places- its so darn hot!! But at least during Wilma, it was late October, so she brought a nice coooooool breeze for a couple of days. My kids and I were actually sleeping with the windows open for circulation and winter PJs after that one!

9.16.08, 6:43 PM
Yeah...well, Louisiana is the same(that's where I live)...usually so hot and humid. Ike has brought a bit cooler temps. In the 70's today.

9.18.08, 2:12 PM
Well Dragsy just glad the storms have past. I welcome cooler weather, but then I am use to it here! LOL:p Any ways glad things are better for everyone!:)

9.25.08, 3:28 PM
Things have cooled off some..which is nice. But the hurricanes brought mosquitos big time!! They'll eat you alive!!

9.29.08, 4:36 PM
Sorry your having troubles with the mosquito's! Hang in there!:winkq: