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9.9.08, 3:14 PM
I didn't tell many....but here's what I posted on the other boards I visit. I just haven't been on here much and I apologize...but all's fine!

I had my breast biopsy (that's what they call it..had the cyst removed) about 7:30...and into recovery in less than an hour and got back home about 11 AM. I was so surprized..I did not get nauseous at all...thank God for modern medicine. I always warn them..and they give me meds for nausea...but apparently the stuff works better now...because I usually get sick anyway..but I didn't this time. I got home and had a nice nap...and up and about a little..but I'm hurting..so laying back down and watch some TV for a while. All's fine. The doctor says he's pretty sure the cyst is benign..but he'll call tomorrow. I go back for a check up and get stitches out on Sept 18. No shower or bath for 48 hours..so will have to settle for a sponge bath. Got 7 moles removed too...2 under arm, 2 on neck and 3 on back. They don't hurt..just the boob hurts..lol. I'll be ok though. Got darvocet for pain..if I need it.

9.9.08, 6:29 PM
I haven't been here for awhile but this post title caught my eye in the recent post. So glad that you're OK. I had that done a few years back. I've been fine since. But I was soooo sick, I don't even want to talk about it.

Hope you get over this real quick and it might be a good idea to take that pill at least when you go to bed for the night. Hope you sleep well.

9.10.08, 9:43 AM
Thanks soapy for the well wishes. Oh..I was so glad the meds they gave me in my IV before the surgery kept me from being nauseous. I was so glad. Booby is tender this morning...ouch!! Taking my pills too.

9.10.08, 7:59 PM
Hi dragonmom,
That sounds so painful ouch. I do hope it heals up really fast. I am glad that the doctor thinks it's benign,but let us know what he says. I am sure you will be fine! You should have told us what you were going through.I am sure you were pretty worried.You know we will be there for you!
Now take it easy and I hope the pain is gonna stop soon!
Hugs to you!

9.11.08, 10:06 AM
Thanks coffenut. It was sort of a sudden thing..I didn't know I was gonna go through it either. I get these cysts..but the doctor has always aspirated them (taken out with a syringe..the fluid..etc) but this time it came back so quickly, that he said the only way to get rid of it..is to surgically remove it. So within two weeks, I had it done. I'm a bit sore today..but it's better. Thanks for the well wishes though. Haven't got the results back yet..it's routine to send it off. The doctor is pretty certain it's benign..not cancer.

9.11.08, 11:08 AM
Dragsy I was praying for you I realized you were having surgery because I was one you told. Thank God it went well for you and your only feeling a little sore! I pray it is begnine and all comes back well! Keep me posted OK? I went through a biopsy years ago but mine wasn't so pleasant but I was begnine as well thank goodness. But I now have to have Mammo's more often. But now with me losing yet another job I will have to wait! GRRR! Oh well I'm hanging in there! Take care!:)

9.11.08, 2:17 PM
Hey everyone. Got a call from the doctor..and all's fine. It was benign..no cancer!! AMEN. I felt like all would be ok...but hearing it from the doctor..with him confirming it..I feel relieved. Just thought I'd let everyone know!

9.12.08, 8:27 AM
Yeah! I am so happy for you that everything is alright. I hope you are all back to normal real soon and that the pain is gone soon! Take care!

9.13.08, 11:52 PM
Im glad you are ok and I so happy the results are good!!!!! (((hugs)))

9.14.08, 8:53 PM
Still tender in one spot..but just going to take time to heal.

9.14.08, 11:08 PM
Glad to hear you are doing OK...I've always had small cysts in my breasts...I get my annual mammogram. Recently had a basel cell removed from my leg...I've had several skin cancers removed and have to be very careful in the sun, using sunscreen and wearing a hat.

9.16.08, 11:34 AM
Hey Dragonmom- I am new to this section of the boards but saw your post and wanted to chime in. I had the exact same thing done 6 years ago. I was pregnant with my first child at the time, but the doctor wanted to remove it just in case. Lucky for you you were able to get meds- not for me though since I was pregnant!! Anyway- glad to hear all is good for you, as it was for me too..phew! Breast cancer does run in my family so it was very scary for me, I was only 27 years old at the time.

9.18.08, 2:13 PM
Dragsy so glad your OK and the results came back well! I'm so glad to hear it! I pray all of your recovery will be soon and you'll have less soreness! Hang in there girl friend!:)

9.25.08, 3:27 PM
My booby still isn't healed all the way. got the stitches out..but there's a hole still that hasn't healed. It's tender..no fun! The doctor reassured me it would heal though. Just wish it would hurry up!

9.29.08, 4:38 PM
Hope it heals soon! And doesn't have more complications while your gone! Take care!:pumpkin2s: