View Full Version : I miss my Evian!!

6.16.07, 2:33 AM
I sure hope they find their way back to one another soon. Eve needs to forgive Julian already. And Jules needs his head examined. LOL. But hopefully, both of these things will happen one day soon. Until then though, I am missing my Evian badly!! :(:(:(

6.16.07, 8:09 AM
I hear you and back at you!!! I want Evian back on my screen and together again....Passions is not the same without this wonderful couple and we all know they will never be over each other...Time to end this new version of julian and bring back that romantic and wonderful man who loved Eve more than life itself and showed it!! Eve needs to find out what is wrong with Julian and try and help him. They truly love each other and belong together...

6.16.07, 10:11 AM
Well said!! ;):D

I don't mind if Julian keeps an edge, I just don't want him plotting murder and cheating on Eve. If he can be true to Eve, and powerful at CI at the same time, that would be a dream story. I want him to have a story, just not this kind of tale that doesn't make a bit of sense. He doesn't know which way is up half the time, and neither do the viewers!! Get me out of this Twilight Zone, and bring me back my Evian love!!