View Full Version : What did ya all think of the musical ?

6.15.07, 11:30 PM
I rather enjoyed it. I was home sick today so the musical break was good for me.
I think Brittney has the best voice.. Well, Marcie is a real pro and can really belt it out.
But for the most part I think the kids did a good job.

6.20.07, 4:27 PM
Now that its over I have to say I really enjoyed it. Some of the kids looked like they were really having fun! I know Marcie did for sure. Some of the songs were really good and the dancing was fun to watch!

7.3.07, 10:28 PM
it was cute! can you high school musical the soap opera version???
you can soooooo tell that Marcie had so much fun ...i think she enjoyed it more than the kids...but all the kids did a great job