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9.3.08, 11:50 AM
I have a five year old who refuses to drink anything but soda, and I'm having an impossible time trying to ween her off and have her start eating/drinking more healthy, but it's so tough, I hate saying no or not letting her have what she wants, anyone have any tips??

9.3.08, 1:43 PM
Hi MsHannagin! I wish I had some insight for you. I was lucky with my kids (and it was only luck, nothing I did, I'm sure) and didn't really have any eating issues with them. Unless you count spells where the only thing they'd eat was PB&J.

My sister-in-law had one that was resistant to anything. They tried everything imaginable to get her eat and the bottom line, from her pediatrician was to ignore it as much as possible. He felt it was all about power and if you didn't make a big deal, it would resolve itself, since no kid will voluntarily starve themself.

With soda, if you don't have it in the house at all for a while, that might help. That may be hard on the adults in the family, but if it's your drink of choice, maybe you could stash it somewhere she can't see and not have it when she's around. My kids were apple juice addicts at that age, which was a problem too... lots of natural sugar= almost as bad for their teeth.

Oh, that's a thought. Maybe you can get her dentist to be the bad guy. Give him a heads up before a visit, get him to give her a mild 'soda rots your teeth' lecture?

Wish I was more help. My biggest food challenge was convincing my son not to steal the syrup from the fridge and suck on it. Ew! Had to bungee cord it shut for a month or so while he got the message.

9.3.08, 2:39 PM
How about water flavored with a sugar free drink mix?

9.4.08, 9:01 AM
Hi Ms.Hannigan,
You know in this case you just have to be the mom and say"NO". Soda is not anything a five year old needs to have. Think of her teeth and her health. Talk to him about nutrition. There are books out there who help you teach kids about healthy eating. I bet if you talk to him and explain why soda is no good he will understand.
My 5 year old grandson always tells me whats bad for you.Lol Water and milk are still the best for her.

9.5.08, 7:08 PM
that was of course supposed to be she and her. I did correct it before I posted it,but for some reason it didn't show up corrected. Sorry!

9.6.08, 1:54 AM
soda is addicting. but yah, everyone in the house may have to cut it out so she will not have that temptation any more.

9.8.08, 11:02 PM
You will have to ween her off because of the time frame your little one has been on the soda can cause headaches if you break her all at once. I suggest you start adding water to the soda until its basically water. I wish you luck

9.24.08, 3:20 PM
I tried that but my husband kept bring the soda back in.. But i did find a solution that works. My friend suggested i give her this new drink called wataah and she loves it.. at first I had to hide the soda but now she choses wataah over soda.. its great.. www.drinkwataah.com

4.20.09, 5:02 PM
I try not to have soda around the house because it makes me get used to not drinking it, whether it be me or others in the home.

Try chocolate milk or any other kind of flavors. Good luck!