View Full Version : Pan's Labrynth

6.14.07, 11:58 PM
Holy COW I loved this film. Just rented it the other day with a couple friends and we were completely floored. Wasn't expecting it to be as dark as it was. Absolutely gorgeous on top of a heart wrenching story...

6.15.07, 3:41 PM
Adding it to the Netflix queue. Gypsy loved it, too, so it must be a must see with both of you recommending it.

(psst, did you get my PM?)

6.19.07, 3:51 PM
I saw it in the theaters. I never would have considered going to see it, but my fiance wanted to go, and Im glad he did. wonderful movie.

6.19.07, 4:24 PM
Subtitles, yes or no? I have a real mental block when it comes to subtitles, although this movie looks kind of cool.

6.19.07, 4:26 PM
yes subtitles. I guess Im the same way. Only other movie I ever saw that was all subtitles was the passion of the christ. but this is a fantastic movie, its going to be part of my DVD collection.

8.31.07, 2:31 AM
Sorry - But I Thought The Movie Was A Lousy Rip Off Of A Lot Of Other Flicks, (harry Potter And Narnia Just To Name Two). I Saw It On Cable The Other Night And Swore That I'd Never Watch It Again.
After Seeing The Coming Attractions I Expected A Much Better Film.

8.31.07, 10:51 AM
Well. each to thier own I guess. I went in with no expectations. never even saw a trailer for it. and Ive never seen Narnia, and only parts of any of the Harry Potter movies so I cant draw a comparison... I thought it was really good the way she lost herself totally in her imagination to escape what her life was.

11.14.07, 8:46 PM
saw and liked it, wouldn't suggest it for a small child, but the movie was cool tons of imagination and some good action in it my kind of movie. my friends and i got a little excited when the maid put the knife in the a$$holes mouth and sliced out. (he totally deserved)