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6.14.07, 1:43 PM
What is your very favorite thing to do on an extremely hot day? (To me, hot is anything over 71 degrees.) Yes friends, I'm trying to draw you out of your hidey-holes so you'll come play. No dirty tawk now....just clean fun.

I have a boring way to engage heat. I like to have a huge, sweaty glass of iced tea sitting beside me (extra ice please,) as I recline in my favorite chair and (SURPRISE!) reading a book. I hate fans or air conditioning blowing on me, but sometimes it just becomes necessary. If I'm forced to move and get the least bit sweaty I'm known to get cranky. Therefore my roomie has been known to jump over furniture just to do my bidding so I don't have to stir. That's it! Boring, I know. How about the rest of you?

Ta ta! TT

6.14.07, 3:02 PM
No dirty talk, eh? Well, then. I am AC spoiled. We both work from home most of the time and he really hates the heat and "heat" for him starts happening around 74F or so. That's when the AC goes on. I'm often more bundled up in the summer than the winter.:o

In a perfect world, hot days would be at the beach or a reasonable facsimile. Not apt to happen, though, so if it's hot and I'm not working, I'm probably reading. With iced coffee. Ah, sounds pretty good.

6.14.07, 3:17 PM
Hey there Annie! Been meaning to land somewhere to give you, Dr. Mike and Oda a thumbs up on the new format. The more I trot around looking at "stuff" the more I like it. Can we actually insert pictures or whatever in the body of our posts? Looks as though, from my limited knowledge of cyber stuff, y'all must have put an incrediable amount of time and effort into this project.

Ahhhhhh, your idea of a perfect world and mine would be the same.....if I lived anywhere near a beach. That would be ideal. However, the largest body of water near me is my bird bath, so, I must stand behind my first answer.

Thanks for stopping by and playing!

Ta ta! TT

6.14.07, 4:27 PM
There are times when I might settle for a birdbath ;)

Sure, you can add pictures pretty easily. Just click on the little yellow square in the header of the editor thing. That will pop up a little window that asks for the name/location of the picture. It will show the http:// part and you just fill in the rest.

6.14.07, 6:30 PM
http://C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\PICS\8-16-05

6.14.07, 7:27 PM
OK, the problem? It's got to be online already. So if you don't already have a place to keep your photos, you can set up a free Flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/), then you can link to them or post them directly.

If this makes no sense, please just say so. I'm not real good at explaining some things that should be easy.

6.15.07, 4:00 PM
Thank-a you so much Annie. I'm learning new stuff 'cause I'd never ever heard of Flickr. The world keeps spinning around me and I continue not to pay much attention.
You explain just fine, it's my grasp of the obvious I have difficulty with.

Lola Beedow
6.18.07, 10:06 AM
I love lakes and my choice in the heat would be to be by a beautiful lake surrounded by white birches and no motorboats.
It's nice to dream.

I have a free Photobucket account to store pics...all you do is click the yellow icon on the menu above where you type your post; the icon looks like a letter with a stamp on the top right hand corner. All you do is type in the URL where your photo is, i.e. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/lola/dodo/kakapo.jpg

6.21.07, 5:17 PM
Ahhhh, your dream place sounds heavenly to me, Lola! Thanks for the tips on posting a picture. I need to get a site set up in order to do it. By the by, please tell me that interesting looking....uhhhhhhh.....bird you show in your post isn't one of your pets! That is one very, VERY unusual looking something or other. Fowl? Mammal? Vegetable? Museum piece?
Ta ta! TT

Lola Beedow
6.22.07, 2:19 PM
When I first saw the creature I'm using as an avatar, I was intrigued and horrified at the same time, just like some people react when they see a dreadful car accident -- it's awful, but they cannot look away.

I love animals, but I don't think I'd want a beast like the one in my avatar in my house!

I thought it was a cat when I initially saw it, signing with his 'paw' like some of today's hens and roosters do* but I could be wrong...it isn't the most attractive animal, is it?!

On one or two other forums that I visit, I use a dodo bird. Perhaps I should have stuck with the dodo!

* The Chief and I called teenaged girls and boys hens and roosters. I don't know when this started, but the habit has stuck.

6.22.07, 5:16 PM
LOL, when I saw that bird, it reminded me of a question I want to ask over here...