View Full Version : Where's everybody at?

8.26.08, 9:43 AM
Hello and hope everyone's doing well. We all are just too busy I guess to visit in here as much as we use to. Just wanted to stop by and say howdy. I am doing fine. Check in..and let me know you are still alive..ha ha.

8.26.08, 10:40 AM
Hello and good morning...I'm getting ready to go to work.
I've missed 4 days of work due to a Sinus Infection...ugh, it was awful! Running a fever and my head hurt so bad! Just laid in bed, limp, for several days. I'm doing better now, but it seems to take longer & longer to get well, the older I get.

8.27.08, 12:30 AM
Oh..so sorry to hear you were sick. You must be better now huh?

8.27.08, 9:49 AM
Yep, I'm doing better now, but it sure takes awhile to get my strength back! How's work going? We are slow in the summer, but things are picking up now.

8.27.08, 12:17 PM
Hi dragonmom,
I am doing fine. I have been busy getting ready for back to school. With my daughter moving out again and back to college it was all a bit hectic.Now everybody is back in school. But last night my oldest son called and asked if we can help him move to his new apartment. Always something to do.Lol
Christopher loves Kindergarten. He gets to ride the school bus and is absolutely thrilled by that.Lol
Passionatic I hope you get to feeling real well again soon. being sick sucks especially during the summer.
I'll try to be in here more often now that everyone is back in school.

8.28.08, 10:46 PM
Hey everyone. Well...Hurrican Gustov might be hitting Louisiana by Monday or Tuesday..but things can change. Just hoping and praying for everyone's safety. We are in the central part of the state..but we have been known to have it bad. Just hope its not another Katrina that devastated N.O. and part of Mississippi, etc. It's wild in Wal-mart though..and that's just the locals here freaking out...buying all the batteries, kerosene, water, etc. We are expected to get a lot of evacuee's..and the motels everywhere are already booked up! Coffenut..so all your kiddos are back in school..and now moving your son? You are one busy woman! I don't know what it is about little ones..but they love riding the bus..but when they get older..they think it's awful..lol. Passion..hope you get your strength back soon.

8.29.08, 9:24 AM
Thanks for the good wishes, I am feeling a bit better.
Hang in there! Gosh, its crazy that the Hurricane might be headed right at Louisiana...I'll be watching the weather reports and hoping that you are OK.
Now...I'm heading off to work :)

8.29.08, 11:54 AM
Hey There I know you all thought I fell of the face of the earth right? LOL no it's been a crazy summer, working two jobs isn't easy! I'm doing fine. I'm only able to get in here today because I've been working a lot of evening shifts. Any ways things are going well. I'm doing fine. Dragsy stay safe OK? I worry about you my friend. Hope the hurricane isn't to bad and passes over you! Take care and keep in touch! :winkq:

8.29.08, 1:04 PM
Hey Dragonmom...I'm here, I'm alive...just super busy! Glad to hear everyone is still around :)

8.29.08, 6:27 PM
Hi Ms.Hannigan ,
Welcome to the Kaffeeklatsch. Usually we all get around here a lot more starting in the fall.
Dragonmom I hope you will be spared by the hurricane. Sounds like it's gonna be pretty bad.lets hope everybody will be safe !

8.31.08, 9:16 PM
Ms Hannigan..nice to see you! So far..so good..but Gustav might hit our area by noon, tomorrow..Monday Sept 1. If you don't see me on here..I might have lost power. I think that's what most are worried about in our area..losing electricity. We don't have to evacuate in our area.

8.31.08, 9:17 PM
p.s. Julie..I'm glad to see you on here! sure have missed you!!!!

9.2.08, 3:39 PM
Dragsy did you weather the storm? Was sure worried about all of you! Did you lose your electric? Well you might still be dealing with it. I hope all are safe and well! Take care!:confused: