View Full Version : Thoughts on Joe Biden as VP pick...

8.23.08, 6:48 PM
My initial response is one of disappointment. He certainly seems like a decent fellow, with a good family background,
smart and experienced. But, obviously voters werent too thrilled with him when he was running for President. And, Obama, for me, is a candidate of a new Generation, closing the chapters on the Baby Boomers and all their hang-ups. For me, Biden represents the "inside the Beltway" mentality. I was hoping for someone who would compliment Obama's call for change. And apparently he has a propensity for sticking his foot in his mouth. Sooo...I guess I will see how he does out on the Campaign Trail.

8.24.08, 6:53 AM
I was just relieved that Obama didn't pick Hilary.
Not the I "really" thought she would take second chair, but there was this nagging doubt in my head that she might, as a means to an end.