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8.23.08, 5:06 PM
OMG, if i haven't said it enough but i am totally in love with Melanie Layton. She is more then just some partygirl from her podcast/web-cam. She wants people to see her for more then just some partygirl and that she has a brain. She wants to find someone to love her for what she is; hey i would because she is fun, beautiful, sexy.

Molly Burnett is a fantastic actress, wow and she has awesome brother/sister chemistry with Darin Brooks. I downloaded tuesday episode and WOW her chemistry with Shelley Hennig is just amazing. I am actually looking forward to a Stephanie and Melanie rivalry; brings drama.

Melanie Layton is more then just some partygirl; yea she loves to party but what 17 year old girl doesn't. She can be obnoxious and rude but she is sassy and doesn't like when people get up in her ****. Say what you will about Melanie but she is the best addition to days in a loooooooooooong while.

Melanie Layton is now my all-time favorite character, i just am in love with this character and of course i love the actress who portrays her; Molly Burnett. WOW, she is such an amazing a actress. If you think she has great chemistry with Darin brooks just wait till tuesday because she has such amazing chemistry with Shelley. They both work off each other well.

Melanie Layton is the future of days of our lives.

Now lets discuss what i want for her; I want her to fall in love with that Nick Fallon. I love these type of relationships, the bad girl meets the geek guy but i dont consider Nick a geek. Nick along with Daniel and Max are my favs MALE Characters.

Actually want to see a Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle because well Chelsea is the former IT girl, now Melanie is the IT girl now.

Days of our lives do needs a wild partygirl because Chelsea and Stephanie are now all goody goodies. I love them but Melanie Layton is on the top of my list. Melanie layton is my number 1 favorite character on days.

She is a partygirl, she is wild, she my be obnoxies and rude but deep down in her heart she cares for people. She may be a trouble maker but days needs them because Sami is too busy crying over Lucas or EJ, Morgan is too busy falling for Morgan, Chelsea is too busy with Daniel, Stephanie's in love with Max. Melanie loves to party but what girl doesn't. I seen some good in my girl from her podcast. She is truly hurting in the inside. She never had a real family or a whole family because i dont think she knows her mother, her father only keeps in contact by phone and sends her money. She just found out she has a brother today but she was shocked.

Melanie wants to be loved smile.gif I will love her, she is my girl. I will marry Molly Burnett, i love her and she loves me:).

MELANIE LAYTON is the best character on days of our lives. BRING ON MELANIE AND NICK:)

MICK Or Melick!!!! Molly Burnett is an amazing actress. SHE IS THE BEST ACTRESS ON THE SHOW. No vet can touch my molly.

oh and Molly Burnett is my future wife. I pretty much am going to marry Molly. She is my girl and i am totally in love with her http://boards.nbc.com/nbc/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

My Melanie is the best addition to days

first of off, you do not know how much i am enjoying this rivarly between these two. They are two of my all-time favorite characters but shelley and Molly have this chemistry together, wow. This rivarly between Steph and mel is so much fun to watch. I really love the chemistry between Shelley and Molly.

This rivarly is good comic relief but in the end i think Melanie and Stephanie will become really close. This is my speculation, something bad happens to Stephanie and it will be up to Melanie to save her or something bad happens to Melanie and it is up to Stephanie to save her.

This rivarly kinda reminds of brooke and peyton's fight on OTH but without the guy drama. Like Hilarie and Sophia, Shelley and molly just click together. IDK I am hoping for a stalker storyline for Melanie because she has a webcam/podcast and in the end melanie and stephanie take down the crazed stalker.

8.27.08, 11:46 AM
I must agree with you. I like Melanie too as she is so feisty. She is a very good actress and seems to show all the emotions. I guess she reminds me of the old Stephanie, right? I hope she comes home to Salem real soon and gets into the mix of things, possibly with Nick. Nick needs some stirring up, doesn't he? He is becoming a real old fuddy-duddy! Anyway the writers will have a wonderful passionate and articulate young woman to create interesting stories for.

8.27.08, 4:11 PM
I wish the make-up people weren't so heavy with the younger characters. I mean seriously, they look like drag queens and they're beautiful girls. Why so much? Let their natural beauty shine through a bit....:p

2.5.09, 1:02 AM
How old are you? This post is, by far, the biggest piece of dribble I have ever read.