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8.19.08, 5:12 PM
I haven't been around much and looks like no one else has either. I had a dr. appt yesterday, and my meds have been decreased due to my weight loss..which is a good thing. Just got discouraged because I didn't get much notice on my weight loss from the doctor. No encouraging "way to go" or "keep up the good work"..that sort of thing. That kinda got me down..especially since I didn't lose weight this week, when I went to weigh in for my weight watcher's meeting. I gained 2 lbs last week and a fraction of a pound this week. But overall I've lost over 20 lbs since my last dr. visit..and you would think the doctor would notice..grrr. I was about to give up..and to say "heck with it"..but I went to my meeting last week and this week..and with encouragement from my one online weight watchers friend and other ones at the meetings...I'm gonna keep on going. I just have to pick myself up and dust myself off, and go for that other 10 lbs I want to lose. One pound at a time!!
Also I started over in my new dept at Wal-mart. Back in fabrics/crafts now..and I am loving it. I needed a change!! Hope this finds everyone doing well....keep in touch!;)

8.20.08, 9:25 AM
Wow, Congrats on the weight loss...thats terrific. I feel like I need to start exercising again, I feel sluggish all the time. And about your doctor, I feel that way too..the Doctors, I guess, are too busy and have too many people to think about, they never seem to take the time to get "personal" and ask you how things are going, what other concerns do you have, etc. Hope all is going well in your new department.

8.21.08, 1:53 PM
Thanks passionatic. Next thing is for me to start walking again. I have been feeling tired and listless lately myself. Things are going fine in my new dept at work

8.21.08, 5:45 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
You are doing great with your weight loss.Way to go and keep it up! It sucks that your doctor isn't very supportive . Shame on him! My nephrologist was so thrilled when I lost weight. He even asked me for tips on how to do it himself. Lol But he is a very rare doctor anyway. He makes you feel like you are his only patient. He takes his time and listens to you. He is always friendly,it's like going to see a good friend. I met him when I was in the hospital a few years ago and he told me to make an appointent with him when I got out. The day after I got home from the hospital he had his office call me and ask how I was doing and gave me the appointment.I just wish all doctors were like that.
Don't give up on it dragonmom,you are loosing weight for yourself,keep going.May I ask if your iron levels were tested too? I was thinking maybe the low iron levels might explain the tiredness.

8.25.08, 11:28 PM
Yeah..I have all that tested. I'm doing better this past week, thank goodness. Glad you have such a good doctor coffenut.