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8.17.08, 12:44 PM
Ok so OMG this is what I have been waiting for on Days a GREAT DRAMA and something fun to have happen. Everyone trapped in the hospital? EXCELLENT!! Stefano back? EXCELLENT!! I know people are sick of the Dimera's however nobody has come up with a better family or villain for this show ever. The Allimains were very close I mean my fav villain ever is Vivian but they wont bring her back. Stefano is a master!! Always for good stories. And to have Ana and Tony there too I love it. I dont really know their story but I absolutely love them on screen. They are addicting. Anyway I LOVED this last week very much!!

8.17.08, 5:01 PM
Stefano is always a big crowd pleaser. I love him. I thought Tony and Anna were finally interesting this week. I really like Tony being more dimensional. Now, let's get some good drama going between Stefano, John and Victor! And if Auntie Viv came back I'd be the first to applaud.

8.18.08, 2:23 AM
that would be great!!

8.18.08, 5:43 PM
Wait, Anna is back? Is it the "real" Anna?

Oh, Viv, now that would be something. Almost as fun as having Eugene show up. But wait, is Marlena still there?

8.18.08, 10:33 PM
It is the real Anna. And yes, Marlena is still there.