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Luis had finally arrived at 597 Mystic Court apartments in New York City after the long drive from his hometown Harmony. Luis did not want to leave his hometown, but he was recently transferred to NYPD.

After hours of unpacking his boxes out of his truck, he became hungry. Luis knocked on his neighbor’s door. A pretty brunette with hazel eyes answered the door.

“Hello I am Luis, your new neighbor.”

“Hi I am Britney. What can I do for you?”

“I am looking for the nearest restaurant.”

“There is one on the corner of Cocktail and Spruce.”

“Where is that because I recently moved here from Maine.”

“Duh,” she said while slapping her head with her hand, “Two blocks to the right.”

“Thank You Britney,” he said while flashing his Cheshire grin.

“Your Welcome,” she said while flashing him her crooked smile.


Luis arrived in front of Katherine’s Café, a small, but cozy building.

He walked inside to see not many people there. He checked his watch and it said noon, and then he wondered where everyone was. He walked to the back corner booth and sat down. A waitress with blond hair and green eyes walked up to the table.

“What can I get for you sir?”

Luis scanned the menu and picked the first thing that caught his attention.

“Eggs over easy and white toast set at a medium setting.”

The waitress left to give the cook the order. Within a half an hour the waitress came out with what was supposed to be his food.

“Excuse me waitress I asked for eggs over easy not scrambled and I wanted white toast not burnt.”

“So what am I suppose to do about it?” she said in an irritated voice.

Luis’s temper was getting to the best of him and he shouted, “Let me speak to the cook, and to the supervisor.”

The waitress said, “Well you are in luck the cook and the owner is the same person.”

The waitress yelled “Sheridan come here, customer for you!”

Luis watched a beautiful blond with baby blue eyes walk out.

“May I help you.” while flashing him her killer grin.

“Um um um you have good cooking,” he said while shoving a fork full of eggs in his mouth.

“Why thank you.” Sheridan walked back into the kitchen.

The waitress gave Luis a look and said, “Chicken.”

“Shut up.” He said while throwing a five-dollar bill on the table. He walked out and stared back at the kitchen door.

‘That was some BAD food, but a fine girl.’ He walked back in the direction of his apartment.


“David,” Sheridan said to her assistant, “I was never a believer of Love at First Sight until now.”

Chapter One

The next day Luis laid in bed thinking about the dream he had of the blond haired, blue eyed cook at the café.

Flashback of Dream

Luis and the woman sat down at the table surrounded by soft romantic music with candles surrounding the room. She was glowing from the moonlight with twinkles of light in her beautiful blue eyes. The beautiful fragrance of roses glistened in the air.

Luis stretched out his hand and asked, “Would you like to dance?”

“Why of course,” as she grabbed onto his hand.

Luis looked into the woman’s baby blue eyes and all that he could see was passion. He couldn’t let go of her; it was like he was traumatized. This woman was simply irresistible!

End of Flashback

‘Why can’t I stop thinking about her,’ Luis thought while getting out of bed, ‘I don’t even know her name. I need to see her again and talk to her.’


Luis walked in and sat at the same corner booth he sat during the previous day. The waitress came up to Luis.

“Can I get you anything?”

‘I should order something just so I can complain to the waitress and then I could ask to speak to the cook. That way I could start talking to her,’ Luis thought.

“Yes I would like the California Burger done medium!”

“I’ll go put your order in.”

Finally, the waitress left and all that he could think about was the beautiful woman coming out and talking to him.

After waiting 20 minutes the waitress finally came out. With her was a totally burnt burger.

“Here you go, can I get anything else for you?”

Luis was beginning to start his plan.

“Yes I would like to see the person who made this because I asked for medium and this is burnt.”

The waitress left to go get the cook. Was his plan going to work?

Chapter Two

The cook walked out and sure, it was the gorgeous blond haired, blue-eyed woman he fell in love with.

Sheridan walked out and saw that it was the man she fell in love with at first sight. All she could hope for was that the food was good, no great!

“Oh hello again, can I help you with anything?” Sheridan asked with her radiant smile.

“I just wanted you to know that the food is….delicious,” while taking a bite.

“Why thank you!” Sheridan said while starting to walk back to the kitchen.

“Wait!” Luis yelled, “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?”

Sheridan turned around, “That would be great,” and she sat down.

“My name is Luis.”


While shaking hands, they gave each other their Cheshire grin.

“I moved here from Harmony, Maine, I was transferred to NYPD.”

“Oh so you are a police officer.”

“Yes and I was looking for someone who could show me around New York,” Luis flashed his radiant smile.

“Oh really, well I guess I could show you around New York someday.” Sheridan grinned at Luis.

“Would you be able to do it tonight say 6:30?”

“Sure, that works, here is my address.”

“See you tonight Sheridan.”

“See ya tonight Luis,” while Sheridan walked to the kitchen.


Luis walked into his apartment and couldn’t wait for tonight. It was 5 o’clock and so he decided to get ready.

‘Sheridan is so beautiful!’

He walked in his bedroom to get changed. He took out a tight blue shirt that showed his every muscle.

‘I look damn good!’


‘What should I wear. I knew it isn’t a date, but he is so cute and I want to impress him.’

She took out a short red sundress with red heel shoes and she decided it would be perfect.


Luis walked out the door and then before going to Sheridan’s he stopped and bought a dozen of roses.

‘These are beautiful just like her.’
Luis walked up into Sheridan’s apartment building all the way to her room.


She was now putting on her make-up and doing her hair when she starting gazing away and thinking of a song.

(Jessica Simpson- Irresistible)

You know I don’t know what it is

But everything about you is so irresistible!

KNOCK KNOCK “Sheridan it’s Luis.”

There is no answer.

He’s Irresistible
Up close and personal.

“Sheridan are you ok?” KNOCK KNOCK

Irresistible to me!

Sheridan comes out of it.

“Luis just a second I was in the….bathroom.”

Sheridan opens the door.

‘Wow he is irresistible to me!’ checking him out.

“She is one beautiful woman,’ checking her out at the same time.

Chapter Three

“Wow. I never expected Central Park to be this big.” Luis said, excited as a little boy in a candy shop.

“Well, you get use to it. They say that if you sit by a certain fountain in this park all day, all of the people in New York City will walk by.” Sheridan rambled on, nervous from being with her new love. Sure, he didn’t know it, but he had her heart.

Luis looked at her amazed at how much she knew about the city. When she looked at his brown eyes, he smiled, a mile that lit up his face. Sheridan couldn’t help but not sigh at him. He was gorgeous.

“So where is this fountain?” Luis asked, noticing her sigh.

“It is just up the bend and a little ways down from it. Do you want to go see it?” Sheridan asked her face lighting up like a child on Christmas.

“I would love to.” He took her hand and held it in hers. It felt like sparks were flying and electricity was flowing through their veins. Who knew that with just a simple hold handing, they could feel such things.

Sheridan led him down the path, showing him the fountain.


“I am out of breath.” Luis said while finally reaching the top of the statue of liberty.

“I love the view from here. I’ve climbed it so many times that it doesn’t bother me.”

Luis, who finally caught his breath, looked out at the view. “You can see the sunset from here.” He noticed. The sun was setting against the ocean. It was the second most beautiful sight in front of him; the blond next to him was the first.

Luis looked over at Sheridan and noticed her lips. He wondered what it would be like to kiss her. Would it be as wonderful as his dreams he had been having ever since he had met her. Sheridan looked over at Luis and noticed him staring at her lips. He eyes then wondered to his lips. She then looked at Luis and noticed him looking at her. He slowly leaned forward. Just as their lips were about to touch, Sheridan whispered, “I am hungry. Would you like to get something to eat?”

Luis broke out of the moment and stepped back, giving each of them space.

“What did you say?” Luis was trying to cool himself down. Being next to, this beautiful blond was torture on his senses. ‘Why am I acting like this? I have never been like this before.’ Luis thought.

“I said would you like to get something to eat. I know this great place with the best food and dancing.” Sheridan smiled, her face radiating. Sure, she wanted him to kiss her, but it was too soon for that. She was hoping to end the date with the kiss.

“I guess. Just lead the way.” She started walking towards the stairs when Luis asked, “Can we take the elevator?” Sheridan smiled and nodded.


“This is the place with the best food and dancing?” Luis asked looking at the club; he was standing in front of.

“Well, yes. They have the best hamburgers in New York City. The music is rather loud, but I always have a good time when I am here.”

“OK” he said while they walked inside.


“See, What did I tell you? They have the best hamburgers.” Sheridan said while taking a bite.

“You were right.” Luis said while taking a bite. “You were right about the music. I am surprised that they don’t blow out a speaker.”

“They actually did once.” Sheridan said while laughing. Luis couldn’t help but not join in.

“Lets dance.” Luis said while noticing a slow song come on. Sheridan graciously took his hand that he held out for her. They went to the dance floor and swayed to the music. It felt to good to have his arms around her. Sheridan wished it could always be like this. The electricity going through her body was amazing. Luis felt it too.


Luis was walking Sheridan up to her door. “I had a great time today. Thanks for showing me around.”

“You are welcome.” Sheridan smiled. Luis was giddy with happiness and so was Sheridan.

“I hope to see you around. Good night.” Luis leaned over and kissed hr right cheek. Sheridan felt electricity in the area he just kissed. It wasn’t the kiss she was hoping for, but it was a start.

Sheridan whispered, “Good night,” as Luis walked away. She closed the door and waked to the couch throwing herself on it, sighing.

“Stupid Sheridan. He was going to kiss you at the statue, but NO you had to stop him. Now he thinks you are not interested.” She yelled at herself.

What would tomorrow bring?

Chapter Four

The room filled with passionate romance as Sheridan and Luis tangoed to the music. They felt alive and full of love that they never felt before. The song ending everyone on the dance floor disappeared, but them. Luis leaned over giving Sheridan butterfly kisses on her neck all the way up to her mouth.

“I want you,” Luis said while unbuttoning her shirt, kissing every exposed area.

“LUIS,” Sheridan moaned, “I want you too. Take me now Luis, now.”

Luis cupped her breasts with his hands and began kissing her breasts. He then slid down her skirt to see her black thong panties.

“Luis take me now,” she moaned.

Luis pulled down her panties and…..



Sheridan woke up.

‘Sheridan how could you think of Luis like that. You barely know him.’ She yelled to herself while rolling out of bed to answer the door.

She opened the door and there stood the most gorgeous guy ever.

“Luis, what are you doing here?” Sheridan asked surprisingly.

“I was wondering… if you would like… to have breakfast with me,” Luis asked while looking at her in just her robe, “ Did I wake you up, because I will come back at a different time?”

“No it’s fine you don’t have to leave. It is actually late to have breakfast, but I would love to have lunch with you. I just have to get dressed.” Sheridan said while letting him in, “It will just be a minute.”

‘Please, just a minute, I know how long it will be and I know it will be more than just a minute,’ Luis thought sarcastically while walking in.

An hour passed and she was finally ready. She came out in a short black dress.

‘Damn she’s sexy,’ Luis said while looking her over, “Where would you like to go?”

“I know this really great Chinese place. If it is alright for you?” Sheridan asked while flashing her radiant smile.

“That will be great. I love Chinese,” Luis spoke back while flashing his radiant smile.


“Thank you so much for lunch. I enjoyed it very much,” Sheridan said while stepping out of the elevator.

“You are welcome. I also had a great time,” Luis said while walking her to her door.

Sheridan was getting very steamy for she wanted Luis to kiss her passionately. Luis leaned over and….

Chapter Five

He leaned over and gave a little butterfly kiss on her right cheek. Luis stood up and saw Sheridan’s eyes closed. He knew the kiss effected her just as much as him.

“Sheridan,” he said laced with passion.

After Sheridan opened her eyes she saw Luis’s eyes full of desire. Luis saw Sheridan’s eyes change from surprise to the deep desire that he was sure that reflected in his eyes.

Luis leaned over again, but this time capturing her lips with hers in the hottest and passionate kiss.

The kiss got stronger and hotter. They were losing control.

As they were kissing Luis thought he was hearing someone calling his name over and over.

“Luis, Luis are you with us?” Sheridan yelled.

End Daydream

Luis looked around and saw that he was still in the Chinese restaurant.

“Sir, can I get you anything,” the waitress said.

Luis snapped out of it, “Oh, I am sorry. I would like the same as her.”

“Luis I had no idea you liked sushi,” Sheridan said surprised.

Luis shivered from inside. He didn’t want to say anything.

After talking for a while the sushi arrives.

Luis looked at it with disgust while he put a piece in his mouth, “This is delicious!”

“I know sushi is the best Chinese food.”

Luis then picked up a napkin to his mouth and spit out the sushi.

Time passed and the waitress brought the check. Luis stood up to leave when he spilled his glass and then tumbled the napkin to the floor reveling the sushi.

Sheridan looked up at Luis with a surprise look, “Luis!”

“I… can explain everything,” Luis said nervously, “I hate sushi.”

Luis said, “I had some things on my mind and I was not sure what was going on so I just ordered what you ordered.

“Well, Luis thank you for telling me the truth,” Sheridan said while flashing her radiant smile.


They walked back to Sheridan’s apartment. All that Luis could think about was the daydream he had earlier.

“I had a great time at lunch Luis,” Sheridan spoke while thinking if he was going to kiss her, “Thank you for taking me out.”

“You are welcome. I also had a great time.”

“Just remember one thing next time we have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.”

Luis looked at her with surprise.

“Never order sushi,” Sheridan said while laughing.

Luis laughed, “I will definitely make sure of that.”

That was it, the end of the date. Will Luis’s daydream come true?

Chapter Six

Luis leaned over and gave Sheridan a kiss on the cheek. He looked at her and saw in her eyes the desire of wanting more. Luis leaned over and their lips were about to touch…


The phone interrupted the kiss.

“I’ll be right back,” she said annoyed while walking to the phone, “Hello?”

“Hi Sheridan, this is David. I was wondering if you would come in, because it is really busy and the new chef can’t keep up.”

Sheridan looked over at Luis.

“I am going to go. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Luis said while shutting the door.

“Thanks a lot David!” Sheridan said angry.


“Luis was going to kiss me and you had to call,” Sheridan said, “ I guess I’ll come in now.

“I am really sorry Sheridan,” David said, “See you in a little bit.”


Luis walks into his apartment and turns on the lights. He looked very disappointed and was angry with himself for leaving so soon.

“How could you leave, Luis,” he shouted out loud with anger.

Luis walked to his bedroom grabbed his gym bag and walked to the door.

“I’ll just go to the gym, that should get my mind away from Sheridan,” Luis said while walking out the door.


Sheridan was driving to work when a song came on that reminded her of Luis.

(Jessica Simpson- Irresistible)

You know I don’t know what it is

But everything about you is so irresistible!

“Oh, Luis why did you have to go?” Sheridan said to herself.

He’s Irresistible
Up close and personal.

He’s Irresistible to me!


Luis walked into the locker room to get his workout outfit on. He removed his shirt and there was his huge biceps.

He walked out to a machine and pumped up his biceps. His biceps began to pump. You could see his biceps through his shirt. Sweat rolled down his chest.

“Hey Luis how are you?” a voice called out.

Luis turned around to see that it was Sam the Chief of Police.

“Hey Sam, I am doing good,” Luis said.

“So how did your date go with Sheridan. You were so excited when you left work yesterday.”

“Well let’s not go there!”

“Was it that bad?”

“It wasn’t the worst date I had. It is just that maybe if I stayed here and not go into another world during dinner it may have been better.”

Sam chuckled, “You are the only guy I know that would ever do that when on a date with a gorgeous woman.”

“It isn’t that funny!”


“Sheridan how did you do,” David said amazed.

Sheridan then looked down and she couldn’t believe what she saw. What happened and how did she do it.

“I don’t know!?”

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After watching the finale of Passions, I totally lost any ambition to finish this...Sorry! Anyone is welcome to continue this. Again Sorry!