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8.9.08, 1:38 AM
I haven't been able to see the show since it moved to Direct TV but I understand that it has ended.

So, in honor of the end of the show, I would love to hear what everyone thinks are the top 5 scenes of the show. They can be funny, sad, romantic or mean; what are your 5 favorite scenes?

Mine are:

Theresa pours paint over Ethan's head
Sheridan and Luis' first tango
Luis and Fancy finally make love
Luis and Sheridan in the cabin in . . . I forget where but is was really early in the series and it was snowing outside.
Tomato soup cake . . . . Just kidding, let me see . . . there have been so many great moments . . . I really miss the 4th of July scenes when the whole cast was involved.

What are your faves?


8.11.08, 12:07 PM
The first 2 years were the Best....any scenes with Sheridan&Luis had to be my favorites: especially their Tangos!
Also, Timmy & Julian drinking Martimmies together on the Prom Boat.

4.11.09, 10:07 PM
My utmost favorite scene was the Christmas Eve services when Sheridan comes to the church (after being buried alive in the coffin) after Luis says a prayer. Passions had many scenes, but that will be one most will remember.

Along with any of the Timmy and Julian scenes... they made the show enjoyable.

I still have my VHS tapes, and everynow and then I will pull them out when I'm cleaning and watch. I'll never part with them...too many great scenes.


4.11.09, 10:25 PM
Hi MzzJan :) I too can Not part with my tapes..and yes, that Christmas scene when Luis is praying for Sheridan's recovery and then she walks in wearing that white coat and looking like an angel and they embrace and Sheridan is crying and it is such an emotional scene, I still cry when I think of it. There were some lovely and romantic scenes in the early days...I never did understand why it took such a weird and bizarre direction in the later years, it didnt even seem like the same show.

4.11.09, 11:21 PM
Oh how I know! I have watched alot of soaps in my time, but this one caught my attention the first time I watched it. It was the day that Sheridan hit town, and Luis pulled her over and gave her a speeding ticket. Then he carted her off to jail. The look he gave her (smoky lusty sensual look from head to toe from behind..YOWZAAA) on of his looks, and that scene made me want to watch everyday. I started recording the episodes from then on. I've made sure I kept the meaningful (to me) episodes on tapes but the rest of the show...psssft...it's been erased. Not worth keeping...the "hell in a closet" was about as ridiculous as anything I've ever seen. I don't know how JERk got by with what he wrote.

Hey, I read where he had passed away. Or did I dream that?

Anyway...I met and made alot of friends on Coffeerooms when watching Passions, and I hosted all those parties in that room with everyone. Oh what good fun we all had.

4.12.09, 12:01 AM
Yep, JER passed on to the "soap" in the sky. Hopefully, Josh(Timmy) was there to greet him.
I remember those parties: NYE, SHUIS moments, Fun times :)