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8.6.08, 7:57 PM
Hi everyone. I have not logged on since 1/07. Been keeping up with Days pretty much by reading soaps.com updates & spoilers. Every once in awhile I catch an episode...
Anyway, I am so missing Dustin's commentary (SoapOperaFan.com). We never really got an explaination of what happened & where he went. Does anyone know? If not, does anyone know of any other good websites to catch up on Days?

8.7.08, 11:57 AM
I believe Dustin is taking a break for school...at least that's how I read it on his website.

I usually go to http://www.salemspectator.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5

to read all stuff on Days, it's the day ahead so if you don't want to read what happens, dont! LOL...but I hardly ever watch anymore, so I just read there to see if anything is even worth watching these days.

8.11.08, 12:51 PM
Thanks momof2boys17! :o
I can't believe how dead this chat site has gotten. :(
About as boring as Dayzzzz is getting again (and it was looking so promising too). :quivering:

8.11.08, 3:02 PM
That's because a lot of people are still on the old boards for some odd reason. I guess some people are just afraid of change. :confused:

8.13.08, 12:45 PM
And the show stinks. LOL! I miss really loving this show. By the time I ff all the Max/Stephanie stuff and Kayla/Steve snooze fest and Chelsea the human stomach turner I'm pretty much left with the opening and the end credits.

8.13.08, 1:19 PM

I'm still around the boards occasionally, but yes I gave up the site to finish school and move on into the real world. Hope to graduate in the fall and am teaching in the fall and hopefully in the spring.

As for Days, after 3 months of not watching Ijust started tuning in the last few days to see Stefano. I stopped basically because of Agent99's reasons lol.

8.14.08, 12:10 PM
Nice to hear from you Dustin. Your site just isn't the same without you. Good luck in all you do. We're all so proud of you! P.S. Are you at Salem U?

8.16.08, 4:14 PM
Hi Dustin,
Agent99 is right...your old site just isn't the same without you. I really miss your weekly commentary. I always looked forward to reading your weekly thoughts, even if I hadn't watched the show all week. I was really surprised that you never gave a formal goodbye to your faithful readers with an explaination of why you were leaving. I have to admit I was pretty dissapointed.
Oh well...good luck with your new ventures...