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8.6.08, 11:53 AM
Hi! Hard to believe that we are already in August. What has everyone been up to for the summer? We just got back from a week in Vegas. It was smokin' hot down there, but what do we expect for July, eh? Didn't see any shows but walked around the casinos that were new since we were last there and marveled at all the new building going on down there. Holy cow there is a lot of construction on the strip! We are leaving again on Friday on the bike for 12 days or so. We are traveling into the interior of the Province to see friends and then we have a place on a lake for 4 days. Then I think we will head into the States for a couple of days too, not too sure on that part. Hubby is just looking forward to being away on the bike. I was watching the weather forecast and, as on our two other bike trips we took, it is supposed to rain the first two travel days..... I think I am jinxed or something. I HATE riding in the rain and was hoping that as we are going in August, we would avoid it but it doesn't look like that is gonna happen.

My grandkids are doing super. The two oldest are camping with Mum and Dad right now at the lake which they love and I'll be babysitting the little one tonight while Mum and Dad go work out to apparently get it shape for their wedding on Sept. 13. Rhys is already nearly 14 lbs. He is such a good eater and gains weight so quickly. He looks exactly like his daddy, even has the same smile and exactly the same eyes. He is a doll. Our granddaughter starts school in September, hard to believe, but she is sure looking forward to it. She will be attending the same school her Mum and Dad both went to, cute.

We do have the wedding to look forward to. The kids will be getting married by the ocean, a beautiful resort called Ti-Na-Mara. We will be spending a couple of nights there and taking care of baby so Mum and Dad can have a bit of alone time.

Anyway... lets hear about summer fun so far. I hope everybody checks in and keeps us posted on what is going on.

Take care all, Penny

8.7.08, 7:01 PM
This summer is flying by. Our schools start in about 2 two, not sure the exact date. And I'm hoping to see some cooler weather by the ecd of this month. Its been really hot here. Can't even sit outside, feels like a oven.

My veggies is just about gone, you know tomatoes like to cool down below 70 deg at night. Its been so hot that the sun is blistering the plants. We are under a mandatory water restriction. No watering grass, gardens, decks, cars, flowers trees, filling swimming pools, sidewalks. All car washes are closed. Mmm, I wonder if the court house is watering their lawns.

So you're the regular motorcycle lady!!! I;m so glad that ya'll are off having some fun traveling around and seeing the sites. Whats the prettiest place you've been to? I saw a couple on a motorbike the other day. It was thunder&lightning and they had stopped under a bridge.

A beach wedding sounds so beautiful. Does everyone get to go barefoot? My best wishes to the kids getting married.

Not much going on here, either dh or me has doctors appointments every week sometimes two in one week. When does it slow down???

keep in touch, CJ

8.26.08, 11:23 AM
Well, we are back from our trip and had a great time. All kinds of riding weather from rain to 110f in Washington. No close calls on the bike which is a good thing! Sometimes other cars just don't see bikes for some reason. We spent the night in the cutest little town in Washington, just across the B.C. boarder, called Winthrop. It was at the foot of the Cascade mountains which we were going to ride through. It was totally western, the building facades, the boardwalks, everything. It was great!

Our weather hasn't been warm enough for water restrictions. We have a couple of nice weeks, then we get rain for some days... so goes our summer. So far I think July has been the best month. I'm just praying for sun the day of the wedding! Although they have a really large covered gazebo on the beach that everyone can fit under, it would certainly be nicer in the sun.

Anyway, not much else going on. Holidays are all done for the year, unfortunately.

Better run, take care

8.28.08, 7:48 PM
So glad you had a nice trip Penny. I will have to see if that western town has anything on You tube. I seem to spend a lot of time there. LOL!!! My way of traveling right now. I am still hoping to get up to the mountains before winter gets here. I would like to go to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg to see the Christmas lights this year too.

We did finaly get some much needed rain this week. Its rained everyday since Mon. WE got the side or remants(sp) of Fay. But now I am ready for some sun.

I forget when you said the wedding is , but keep me updated on it. I truly hope you have some nice weather for it.

Take care, CJ

9.3.08, 8:29 AM
Hello All
good to see some of you are still alive! I have finally gotten on-line in our new home in France! The major groundworks are now nearly done and one day soon we may even have a flushing toilet! Will catch up on all your news and post later from deepest rural France!
Liz x