View Full Version : Asa (spoiler )

6.14.07, 12:16 AM
Asa dies offscreen. No loving farewell for the old cowboy.
Returning for the funeral is:
Nathan Fillion ( Joey )
Dan Gauthier ( Kevin )
James DePaiva ( Max )
John Loprieno (Cord)

6.14.07, 1:55 PM
I suppose he is retiring. He had some serious health problems last year. I will miss the old coot !
Even tho he was a real manipulating bad a$$.. I always have liked Asa. I sure hope they give
him a real big send-off. He has been a major character on this show for decades.

6.15.07, 10:33 PM
I read in TV guide that they wanted to put Phil Carey on re-occurring status
and he quit. Hence the haste to kill him off.. off air.
Still gonna miss the old coot !

Lola Beedow
6.18.07, 11:22 AM
I'm going to miss the crusty old coot, too. I have a soft spot for ol' Asa.