View Full Version : Knitters?

4.19.07, 12:23 PM
Just wondering if there are any other fellow knitters out there...or even crocheters!

Current project: A gigantic, black ribbed scarf that's wide enough to be wrapped around my head like a hood. :D

Other WIP: Orangina!

6.8.07, 10:48 PM
Hi Oda,

I love to knit and crochet. I've done scarfs, slippers and afghans mostly. This past winter I knit my first pair of socks... and then another... and now I'm an addict! I can't wait to do some more. I already informed everyone that next Christmas everyone is getting socks. I'd also like to attempt a sweater and some curtains. But since spring came I had to put the yarn away and work on my yard. There's just never enough time for hobbies.

Your post was from April so I assume you finished your scarf? What other things have you knitted?

6.9.07, 12:00 PM
Hiya TinaMarina!

Glad to see another knitter here! The scarf was complete just in time for the hot NC summer (I'm in NC for 4 months for a job). lol! I still have Orangina on the needles and not sure when I'll ever finish it. Right now it's a matter of time really. My work schedule just settled down so I'm hoping to pick the needles back up again.

I've knit just about everything from armbands to the rogue sweater. I can't wait for the summer knitty issue to come out! Should be any day now!

12.8.07, 2:51 PM
i have been a knitter for many years. now I am knitting socks for soldiers, an organization which has sent about 3000 socks to all branches of the military. sometimes the soldiers send back letters and pictures wearing their handmade socks and beanies
I continually crochet and knit for other local charities also and I am a member of a local ladies group who meet once a week.