View Full Version : Working in a new dept. at work

8.3.08, 12:37 AM
As of today..I'm no longer a cashier..but working in fabrics/crafts. I could get called up front to run a register..only if there's someone else working with me back there..which isn't all the time. Things went smoothly and I think I'm gonna like it back there!! I needed a change. I hope everyone's doing well..sure miss everyone in here.

8.3.08, 9:22 PM
Congrats, sounds like a fun new area. I've worked at the same job in the Mall for 6 years now...it does get boring at times, but I'm not good at change, and there are always people of All Sorts coming thru the door :)

8.3.08, 11:18 PM
May I ask where you work?

8.4.08, 12:44 PM
Hi dragonmom,
I am glad you get to do something different. That is one department I would propably enjoy working in. Have fun!
I am doing fine. It's extremely hot here and we still don't have the pool open. Running into one problem after another. arghh.
Have a great day !

8.4.08, 4:18 PM
Good to see you coffenut. VERY HOT here too..and my mom got a new liner for her pool..and the pump fixed, and all's been fine on it this summer. Yeah..I believe I'm going to enjoy back there in fabrics/crafts. Some of the newer stores they aren't putting fabrics in ..and others they have taken it out..but I talked to one of the managers..and he said, it doesn't look like they will be taking it out of our store any time soon..too many unhappy if they do. We do good on sales in our fabrics. We'll see. But I will just enjoy it while I'm there!

8.5.08, 11:36 AM
I work at Bath&Body Works in our local Mall...it always smells good :)

8.5.08, 9:36 PM
Oh girl...that's one of my favorite stores!! (Bath and Body works) I go in there and spend way too much every time..so I have to stay away..LOL. I always treat myself and daughter at Christmas though.

8.5.08, 11:52 PM
it's nice to have a change like that - I hope you continue to like it!

8.7.08, 12:44 AM
thank you Paxie..thank you all. My second day back there..went well. I do believe I'm gonna really like it!

8.12.08, 11:12 PM
Glad to hear all is going well. BBW is a super place to shop during the Holidays :) We always have such pretty gift baskets.

8.13.08, 10:41 AM
Oh..Passion..I love it there..and the smells....aaaah. Heavenly. So far..my job back in fabrics/crafts is working out good!