View Full Version : Did I really see Neil today?

6.13.07, 6:29 PM
I watched a bit of the show today during lunch as Doug, Julie and Hope were remembering the night club. OMG the flashbacks....

I just want people to act like people again. To care for one another, the newbies are annoying but if they behaved like there were actually part of a family.....

6.13.07, 6:36 PM
Yep, you did! I got all nostalgic seeing him and Doug & Julie. I was really hoping that D&J would buy Doug's Place... sigh. The show was so much more fun back then. I'm back for the summer, or for as long as this story stays fun. I have no idea who some of the characters are... and I think the only time I saw Patch's daughter, she was a redhead. That was less than a year ago.

Do you know who is married to who right now? Are John & Marlena together? Is Kayla still around? Has Patch remembered anything yet or is he with someone else?