View Full Version : Cane/Chloe/Lily

7.30.08, 8:25 AM
I've been having fun with this storyline recently. Chloe is the girl you so love to hate and I've been so proud of our Lily of late - she's really stood up for herself and I love how she's not buying into Chloe's lies. And Cane, well, Cane's just hot! :winkq:
I haven't been reading any spoilers about what's gonna happen, though I sense this pregnancy thing is really gonna throw a wrench in Lily and Cane's relationship. Whadduya think?

7.30.08, 6:35 PM
I don't care about Cane or Lily, I just want Chloe to do her job and break them up

8.4.08, 4:29 PM
Yeah, they are often not billed as a fan-favorite, especially on the boards! But that's what I like about this storyline - I think it makes them more interesting as a couple and def more entertaining to watch. Chloe is certainly breathing some life into them - and I think she's so out-there it's fun seeing what she'll do next...

8.12.08, 12:48 PM
The problem with Lame is that they needed a Chloe in the first place. Soearly in their relationship. & people already liking Chloe over Lily.

8.14.08, 12:36 PM
I still don't trust that Cane is Jill's son. And how did Chloe get a DNA match? I'm hoping we'll see it in a flashback somewhere down the line. And could Cane's DNA ever show he's NOT a Chancellor?

Chloe really does dig in on that last nerve, doesn't she? I think I'd rather see her lose the baby and then carry on as though she's still pregnant. She's starting to remind me of Nurse Sheila!