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7.28.08, 5:20 PM
I haven't watched in a couple of weeks and I don't see any reason to start again. This is show is so boring and they are missing some great angels.

They had a great chance to have Kiriakis/DiMera fued heat up and be a source of great drama. Instead they put Philip in charge and it digresses into a Chloe/Morgan (is that her name?) sex party and they put Victor in yet another coma. That poor man has spent more time in dibilating health situations than Hope has been kidnapped! And Stefano should be front and center on fighting with John for control of his empire. And where is Stefano? In a coma with Victor.

Marlena needs to do more than just walk around in her horrible "Chadwick's of Boston" clothes and cry for her old
John. Get some patients!

John - There's a lot to do here. I am getting tired of the Batman voice but still enjoying the nastiness. But nothing has happened to further his storyline either.

Why bring Steve and Kayla back only to have them become dopey baby-making morons?

The Sami/Lucas/EJ scenario is so utterly stupid and overdone I can't even comment on it. Lucas and Chloe? I'd rather see him have sex in an elevator with a chimp. It would be less disturbing. :anon2d:

These characters can leave any time they want:
Chloe, Max, Stephanie, CHELSEA!! Please, please, please get vampira off of this show and take her pedophile boyfriend with her.

Poor Abe and Lexie. Does anyone really care about them and little Mr.T? I think not.

Am I the only one who is this tired of the show?

7.28.08, 7:45 PM
Nope! I've not been watching religiously for about a month now. Same thing, day in and day out.

For one thing, I don't care about Max and his past enough to watch him pout and run off to Europe to find yet another dismal, boring character with no meaning to the show whatsoever. And I don't care to watch Uncle Max fiddle with his neice while the search is going on. (I don't care that they aren't blood relatives, it's just weird)

Steve and Kayla are so boring and I ff through all of their scenes too. Does Steve work? Or does he just walk around in his leather vest calling everyone one baby all the time? It worked in the 80's, but he's no longer cool.

Higley is once again turning Marlena into a wimp. I loved that she got her backbone back during the writer's strike, but, she's been de-boned once again.

Chelsea and Daniel....HA! That's all I can say.

So, you're not alone. There may be some here that totally disagree with us and they have a right to, but I was 3 years old when this show came on and have watched it from the time I was about 6. It's pitiful what it has once again become. I almost wish the writer's were still on strike and why on earth anyone would hire Dena Higley to write for them is a puzzlement.

7.28.08, 9:01 PM
I have also quit watching. I couldn't tell you what the heck is going on.
Im disgusted with the Sami/Ej storyline. Makes me ill to think of Lucas sleeping with Chloe.
Marlena has always been weak to me so thats not a change.
They could have kept Kayla and Patch off the show for all I care.
Max and Stef are a snore fest and sorry Max is cute but a horrible actor.
Chelsea I hated from the get and hooking her up with this disgusting older man BLAH
Sad to say until they fix this mess im not going to bother tuning in. Its wa wa wubzy for me lol

7.29.08, 8:02 AM
I turn the show on daily but I'm running so much to keep up with my great nephew (2), I miss alot. I never cared for Max or Stephanie. I can't stand his father. I totally agree about Abe, Lexie, and their kid. Steve and Kayla are so boring. I enjoyed the EJ, Sami, and Lucas storyline until the elevator sex. I'm getting sick of bad John. Right now the show is boring.

7.29.08, 5:05 PM
What the heck, i'll post here too. I've been watching since I'm about 5- so thats almost 29 years..ugh!

Back in the 80's and early 90's..the show was the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. But shortly after I moved to Florida 13 years ago- I stopped watching for a few years. Then I went back to watching and that's when they SORAS'd Belle/Shawn/Phillip and brought in Chloe. I watched on and off then stopped for a couple of years again until about 3 years ago- the job I started working at has a TV in the kitchen and we watch it at 1pm together.

Honestly, I could care less if I watch it or not. Yesterday's show was just outrageous. Poor Victor is right....how they keep throwing that poor man into a damn coma is beyond belief, but then to have dumb Kate go in there KNOWING he could die any second now and tell him how their son was shot, I wanted to kill her myself.

As much as I don't care for Chelsea, I do wish they would at least give her a boyfriend that hasn't slept with either her mother or her grandmother!

Steve & Kayla...I was so excited to hear they were returning, and now I wonder why. Between them having a baby, and Bo & Hope having a baby...ive never seen so many middle aged couples having kids!

Kris- i'm 100% with you on the Max & Stephanie thing. I'm sorry- if they aren't blood, it doesnt matter, he grew up with her being his niece and she grew up with him being her uncle...and now they are in LOVE?! INCEST!!!

Morgan makes me want to hurl every time she opens her mouth. Chloe needs to disappear. I am starting to HATE Lucas. The only thing im liking these days is the thought of EJ being with Nicole. It's something different and somewhat refreshing- but we MUST get rid of creepy Trent. That man makes me want to hurl more than Morgan! Ick! Sami....I used to love her, she used to be a favorite, but now I just can't stand the thought of her crying anymore. Her annoying whiney voice sends shivers down my spine.

I say as horrible as it sounds, they need to think of a really good realistic story where Mrs. H dies. I love her to death- she always reminded me of my own grandmother, but I think a realistic story, of maybe alzheimers or something, might save the show. But then again, they try and do these realistic story lines with Autism, but then its brushed under the carpet for weeks at a time before you hear about it again.

And..they need to realize if they are going to Soras a child- please....STOP doing it where they make the child the same age as a child that's been on for years....i.e. Ciara and Theo. WTF?!

7.29.08, 5:39 PM
OMG! You want them to kill off Mrs. H? LOL! I don't think they'll ever do that. I doubt Francis Reed would want that. As it is they just wheel her out every Christmas to hang the ornaments. She was great on the island story. She'll probably just disappear up in the attic with Laura Horton.

7.29.08, 7:46 PM
I think Mickey lives in the same attic most of the time. Is Kevin Dobson still Mickey? I haven't seen him in ages.

7.30.08, 1:33 PM
Well it's not that I "want" them to kill the poor thing off....LOL...but they need something BIG to get this show back to being the show it once was!!! And whatever the heck they are doing now is certainly not working.

Yes Kris...somehow they went from a middle aged Mickey with John Clarke to a old man Mickey with John Ingle and now to a younger middle aged Mickey with Kevin Dobson. But we're not supposed to ever notice a thing, right? Total reverse SORAS with that one!!!

7.30.08, 1:36 PM
What happened to John Clarke?

7.30.08, 4:51 PM
I think he got tired of losing cases and he quit. Kevin Dobson is such a fine actor. I was hoping they'd give him a storyline with EJ since EJ is working for him. Honest Mickey and devious EJ could have a lot of friction there. Those writers just don't want a storyline for anyone over 18 anymore.

8.6.08, 12:29 PM
Ugh! I made the mistake of tuning in on my lunch hour yesterday. Another lame and useless character...Melanie, or whatever her name is. She's a red-headed Chelsea. Her voice is almost identical to Chelsea's. I think I'll watch Family Feud now when I have to take a later lunch.

8.6.08, 2:31 PM
LMAO! Melanie is the WORST character by far. And the actress portraying her is horrible! I swear it's the original Stephanie all over again. Must be something about red heads.

8.21.08, 10:26 PM
I record DAYS and usually FF through at least half if not more.
I think Sami needs to let go of both EJ and Lucas and be on her own for awhile, and hey, maybe she can get a job?! Lucas and Chloe, though not the best pair, at least pull him out of that perpetual triangle he's been in for how many years now? Max and Stephanie are disgusting, IMO. Incest.
Same with Chelsea and the doc old enough to be her father. Ewe. Steve needs to stop dressing like it's the 80's, and for that matter, why can't he have another surgery like he did in the 80's and get rid of that annoying patch? And is he going to keep living off his wife's money or will he get a job? I do like NuJohn, and did like Ava with him, for some reason unknown to me. But I could get used to this NuJohn courting Marlena and the two of them falling in love all over again, if only the writers would write it the right way! I miss Alice. I would love to see more of Mickey.
Nicole is back, and, I have to admit, this time around I have gotten to kind of like her, and I really like her with EJ. That said, though, the beginning of this week, we were subjected to a two-day film-noir fantasy of Nicole's. I hated those fantasy shows! I think I watched both days episodes within a 15-minute period. That was awful! Is that what the writers think we want to see? It was so stupid!
I was seriously considering breaking my habit of watching this drivel when I saw those episodes. But, I've been watching for over 30 years, and so I'll probably continue to FF through my tapes!

8.21.08, 11:34 PM
What was with that film noir stuff? I didn't watch either day because it just seemed so lame! I loved seeing the "old John" yesterday. It just melted my heart. Drake did an awesome job going between the two personalities. He's Emmy worthy this year!

8.22.08, 1:56 AM
I turned it on this week for the first time in at least a year, curious to see Stefano. Instead, it was the noir stuff and Marlena seemed to be arguing with herself while her alter ego was wearing what looked to be a $3.00 wig. Where is she? Clearly she should be in the psych ward somewhere.

Kevin D is Mickey? Is Maggie still there? She must look like his mom now.

Lucas and CHLOE are a couple?

It might be just weird enough to reel me back in. That's if I can figure out who anyone is.