View Full Version : Army Wives?

6.13.07, 3:19 PM
Is anyone watching this? I saw good reviews and added it to the DVR, but still haven't watched the 2 eps run so far. Worth it or should I just delete them? I'm never sure with Lifetime... could be good, could be way too sappy.

6.13.07, 6:38 PM
Hi Annie!
I'm liking Army Wives so far. I like the fact that there's an Army husband thrown into the mix, so we can see his side of the story too. I'd say, give it a try. You'll know after the first eppy if you want to continue watching or not.

6.13.07, 7:12 PM
Great! And thanks, KrisMich. I'll let you know what I think.

Oh, BTW, I meant to say thanks to you for the heads up about the Pier on my birthday :)