View Full Version : Hellboy II

7.22.08, 8:59 PM
I kind of liked this movie. When I saw the first Hellboy, I thought it was a stupid premise, but over time, the movie grew on me because of Ron Perlman's performance. He's charming as Hellboy.

So, for Hellboy II, I didn't expect much more and I guess I really didn't get much more, but I still kind of liked it. Again, Ron Perlman is charming in the role. He's by far the best part. I don't see why he loves Liz (Selma Blair plays the role in a very blah fashion for me), but I like his interactions with everyone else.

Plot? Something about saving the world from a mythical elf or something. Not really that important. Go for some popcorn and to watch RP and you can have a semi-enjoyable couple of hours.

7.23.08, 1:46 PM
I really can't wait to see this one. I loved the first one but I guess I'm pretty easy when it comes to films like this. So long as there's a fun story to follow, I'm all set. Definitely agree about Ron, he's really fantastic.

7.23.08, 10:57 PM
gonna see it tomorrow. Recap the first one last night so it can be fresh in my memory.