View Full Version : The Dark Knight

7.22.08, 9:54 PM
Wow...very dark, indeed. But I thought it was very good. Maggie Gyllenhaal was much better than Katie Holmes. Loved all the stuff with the Joker. Heath Ledger was awesome. I actually haven't liked him in most other things, but he stepped into this role with such abandon that he gave me chills. Very creepy, over-the-top and yet understated (in that it was not campy). What I liked best is that he was Batman's true counterpart--extremely smart and dedicated in his own way. A bit crazy, sure, but committed. It's a shame that HL's death will keep us from seeing more of that relationship.

The weakest part, for me, was Two Face. I liked the Harvey Dent stuff, but thought the ending with TF was at once too much and not enough. Not sure how to explain it, but they should have either done more or left it off.

Overall, I thought it was very, very good.