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7.21.08, 7:34 PM
We are back from our vacation.It was a blast! We had so much fun.It was so wonderful to see my sister and brother in law again.We all enjoyed our stay.I loved Nashville. We went to the Grand Ole Opry,the Parthenon,,Ryman Auditorium and the Museum of Country Music. It was amazing to see The Grand Ole Opry and think about how many stars have been there.
Most evenings we swam and sat by the pool and had BBQ's. My sister and I were a bit crazy. We have always been very close and we both like to be silly. My 16 year old son said"Oh no there is two of them, one nuttier than the other" Lol.
We took lots of pictures. As soon as Nick puts them on the computer I'll send some.
How is everybody else doing?

7.23.08, 11:01 PM
Welcome back Coffenut!! Im glad you guys had so much fun!! I am not a country music fan but I loved Nashville. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

7.26.08, 11:58 AM
Hey coffenut...so good to see you are back and had a good time. I'm sorry guys..I haven't been on here much lately. I'll try to do better. Glad you had a nice time with your sister and can't wait to see pictures!! Patrick was here for a visit..a short one, but we had a nice time. He was only in for four days. Time went quickly and we hated to see him leave. I cried as I always do! Paxie good to see you on here too!! I see we are all busy and not getting on here posting as much. Let's all try to do better ok? I miss the posts and chats.

8.25.08, 5:39 PM
welcome back, I don't think I was here before you left, but you seem fun!

8.25.08, 11:26 PM
Hi, MsHannagin

Nice to have you here! I haven't been on much..sorry about that.

9.5.08, 12:41 PM
Coffenut glad you had a blast with your sister! I want to do that with my sister too soon before winter sets in! I'm hoping to go and see her If I can when I know she is off etc. But for now I'm still working some. But this week has been crazy and less work. But I love Nashville. I've not been there since I was small and I have never gotten to see the grand ole opry but my dad told me it is awesome or he did. Any ways just glad you had a good time!

Dragsy your right we have all been way to busy to post. So I hope we can keep more in touch now that fall is here! Take care!:winkq: