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6.12.07, 1:07 PM
Anyone else here into the movie/miniseries The Starter Wife?

Some ladies at my job were reading the book and loved it so I started in on the show and I am hooked! I think the show is great just what I need for the summer.

6.12.07, 11:01 PM
I'm watching it too. It seems like it's going to go in one direction, then takes a turn. I don't know how I feel about it yet. But I do think I'll keep watching to find out. Also, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of stuff on right now.

6.13.07, 4:08 PM
Do you know if they are running any repeats of this from the begining? I meant to watch it, but never added it to our DVR list.

6.13.07, 8:35 PM
I love Debra Messing. She is just great. Cant wait to see what happens Thurs,

6.14.07, 2:42 PM
Annie you should check out the website they have all the dates and times it will be on again if you missed it!

I am excited about seeing the brand new episode tonight!

6.14.07, 3:00 PM
Ooh, I'm glad I checked. It looks like it starts from the beginning today at 4PM Eastern, so maybe I'll catch up to you all by tonight.


6.14.07, 5:30 PM
Oh my... harsh! Divorce by cell phone?! (Watching part 1 now while working.)

6.15.07, 9:17 AM
Yeah Kenny is a piece of work! He really did a great job of making you dislike him. Did you catch up for last night episode? it was a good one.

6.15.07, 4:49 PM
From the NY Post- Page Six (http://www.nypost.com/seven/06142007/gossip/pagesix/pagesix.htm):

June 14, 2007 -- The author of "The Starter Wife" is getting a fresh start now that she and her starter husband have split. Novelist Gigi Levangie-Grazer and movie producer Brian Grazer are pulling the plug just three months shy of their 10th wedding anniversary.

6.18.07, 11:24 AM
I read that too, how unfortunate, I know they have been seperated before so at least they gave it a good try to work it out. I think its kind of ironic that the split is happening right in the middle of the series. I know she has a blog on the USA Starter wife site. I wonder if she will touch on any of it there.