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7.17.08, 1:23 AM
Thanks to Bardgirl I am watching Passions on Youtube. :)

Can someone answer a quick question?

What do we know about Jaunita right now? Who is she and why does she hate Pilar?


7.20.08, 1:14 PM
What a difference a few days makes since all the Passions episodes are gone from YouTube thanks to some biatch Debbie. I was just watching Monday's episode the other day too. Years ago Pilar was friends with Juanita but that changed when her husband raped Pilar. She ended up killing him although they were never forthcoming with the details. I'm guessing there was a gun lying around and she grabbed it and shot him.

She called the cops and the cops ended up killing Juanita's kids so she blames Pilar for the death of her family and refuses to believe that her husband raped Pilar. I wouldn't blame her if she went after the cops since that was pretty evil killing innocent children but she isn't big on the logic thing. So she wants to wipe everyone out.

7.28.08, 12:02 AM

BTW, who is this Debbie person?

I thought they made the poster pull the episodes because some cable station was going to start showing Passions from the beginning.