View Full Version : The Worst Celeb CLothing Line Ever

7.15.08, 3:32 PM
I think this "honor" will stand for a while. And by "stand" I mean kneel. I give you Lindsay Lohan's new legging line, featuring Mr. President Leggings with quilted leather knee patches:


These can be yours for a mere $132.00. Dry clean only.

7.15.08, 8:21 PM
For crying out crap, those things are UGLY!
As a matter of fact, they are so ugly, we need a new word to describe exactly how ugly they are.

7.15.08, 8:42 PM
wow, um...no thanks.

7.16.08, 11:01 AM
Fugly doesn't cover these atrocities.
Maybe fugtrocious.
Lindsay is SUCH a train wreck.

7.22.08, 7:01 PM
What I wanna know, why does she need knee patches? ;) Okay, I'll get my mind out of the gutter. These things are hideous!

7.23.08, 2:48 PM
Mr. President leggings???? I'm sorry but that is HILARIOUS! If they were cheaper I'd get them just for the entertainment value. Oh Lindsay, please pull yourself together!

8.27.08, 6:36 PM
Indeed I do wonder about those knee pads . . . hmm Roller derby?