View Full Version : Happy Birthday Annie!

6.11.07, 10:47 AM
Happy birthday mom! I hope you have a most wonderful and relaxing day! Love you!

6.11.07, 10:51 AM
Happy Birthday Annie!
Relax, enjoy and celebrate yourself.

6.11.07, 3:43 PM
Lekker verjaar, ou maat, lekker verjaar!!!
Lekker verjaar, ou maat, lekker verjaar!!!
Jyyyy, moooeeet, lekker verjaar, jyyyy moooeet lekker verjaar!
Lekker verjaar, ou maat, LEKKER VERJAAR!!!! :D

(roughly translates to: Happy Birthday, Annie!! Hope you have a great one, and many to come!!) :)

6.11.07, 9:51 PM
Happy Birthday Annie!!!

Hope all your wishes come true!!

6.12.07, 12:41 PM
Thank you all so much! It was a wonderful day, full break from work, partly induced by funky operating computer... random freeze-ups that my live-in computer guy hasn't quite nailed. He says my computer is the worst he's dealt with, ever since the beginning. Hmph!

I got the most beautiful sunflowers from Oda and her boy yesterday afternoon. Perfect! I've gotten lots of flowers over the years, but never sunflowers, really awesome! And they smell nice. I had no idea.

I will now drive everyone within earshoot crazy, singing Happy Birthday to myself in Afrikaans. Phonetically... ;) (hey, maybe that's what's wrong with my computer... rebelling against my singing...?)

6.12.07, 10:02 PM
And a west coast shout out for a happy year to follow what I hope was a very wonderful day.
hugs from l.a. ~j

6.19.07, 2:28 PM
It's music to my ears. And I love the accent, btw.
Hope it was a great day, Annie!